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The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors! Created and hosted by Nelson W Pyles for five seasons, he is now the executive producer and 400 lb gorilla as new host Dan Foytik tears into season six with great voice and creativity as well as a new roster of cover artists. Dan is/was the only choice to take over hosting duties for the podcast and we're sure you're going to be scared...really scared. Now more than ever, go ahead...leave the lights on. Follow us on Twitter @wickedlibrary Interested authors, please contact us at and visit


Terror Returns: Two Tales  

For the Season 6 Finale, we present a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Jessica McHugh! "Take All Your Belongings" Riding the train is lonely when you don't march to the same drummer as everyone else. In this tale a young woman is shunned by all the other riders on the Red Line - for all the wrong reasons. "Tyler Returned" Deep loss, depression, and insanity can go hand in hand. But, what if the insane was actually possible? What if the ones we lost came back to us?

Tattershed Home  

When a man inherits a home willed to him by his mysterious uncle it appears to be a great stroke of luck, and he's excited to move in his family and give them a chance at an ideal life - there's even a tire swing. Many years later, the cycle repeats with a new family once again ready to move in for a better life. Listen along as we unravel the terrifying mystery that lurks within the walls of Tattershed Home.

Last Pass & Lights Out  

This week is a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Miracle Austin! Last Pass: When a man with an addiction learns a family secret, he might be in for more than he bargained for despite whether he believes or not. Lights Out: What if a fear of the dark is justified and the light that keeps it at bay is taken away?

Sweet & Sticky Sarah  

Money and privilege often allow one to operate with impunity, but for one well off Boston elite, things are about to get interesting. Reginald Early, Jr. is the heir apparent to taking over his father's company - a company that was also responsible for the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. But Reginald's arrogance and cruelty might interfere with those plans if he's not careful.

Dear Cousin Gavin  

Most families have secrets. But secrets always yearn to be known. Join us as we explore the dark secret of one family. A secret with roots that run deep-- a secret that refuses to stay buried.

The Taking of Leon Winchell  

When Leon spends a day at the Renaissance Faire drinking more than he should, strange things begin to happen. On a downward spiral for a while, has he hit bottom, or is there further to fall? Strange things are afoot in that little tent that seems bigger on the inside.

All of the Above  

Waking up after a long night of drinking, a man finds he has somehow acquired a very unique talent - he immediately knows anything he needs to know exactly when he needs to know it. The question is, why? And, more importantly, what is the price of this strange gift?

A Job's a Job  

Vince, the owner of a convenience store in a small New York town finds himself suddenly in need of a new night manager. The perfect applicant shows up, but what will happen if he hires him? And, what makes him such a good fit for the position?

The Screen Play  

A collaborative story written by Chuck Rakiecz with contributions from Cynthia Lowman, Mark Seeley, and Uhurina Swann. A fun and unnerving little story that takes place during a Twilight Zone Marathon leads to a strange encounter for Daniel Edward Dunnmire, III when he's joined by fictional versions of a few very well known writers interested in changing his destiny.

Christmassacre IV  

Gather round Kiddies, Christmassacre Storytime is about to begin! Today's Wicked Holiday episode features 6 Wicked tales! For this episode, we gathered together a collection of Vicious Victorian Tales, and even a Special Victorian Narrator. We hope you enjoy the Horrorday Fun! Please share the link and rate the show, and Merry Christmas From Dan, Nelson, Victoria, and Your Librarian!

Chistmassacre 3 - Encore  

Getting into the Horrorday Spirit yet? Let's do that with a look back at last Christmas with this delightfully dark encore of Christmassacre 2014 (X3). next week we'll have an all new episode for Christmas Eve that you will NOT want to miss! Until then, drink your Egg-nonica and settle in for a night by the fire.

Bad Shepherd  

Let's REWIND! From Season Two comes a remastered version of Lydia Peever's chilling tale "Bad Shepherd. In this week’s story, we meet Laurel; a sweet girl who grows up to be a “Demon Whisperer." This story is in the collection available on Amazon, Pray Lied Eve: Short Tales of the Untoward! SHOW NOTES:

Three Tales of Terror  

Let's REWIND! From Season One comes a story from Nancy Rosenberg England! We also drop two fresh scary short tales from Josef Matulich. Just for extra fun, our rewinds feature an opening that pays homage to classic shows from The Golden Age of Radio that inspired The Wicked Library.


Let's REWIND! You can never have too much Jessica McHugh! Dig this one we dug up from Season 2. This is the story that made your current host, Daniel Foytik a devoted listener and fan of the show. This Wicked, saucy, funny, naughty, gross, and scary as hell episode hits on so many points we can't help but love it. Enjoy a truly Wicked tale that goes in a direction you're not expecting. Pulled from a hidden shelf where the Librarian keeps his favorite episodes, and ready to spin, it's "Extraction." Just for extra fun, our rewinds feature an opening that pays homage to classic shows from The Golden Age of Radio that inspired The Wicked Library. Show Notes:

The Diplomat  

Let's REWIND! By popular demand, here is something you're sure to enjoy - a resurrected episode from Season One. As a treat for you all (including Nelson W. Pyles), we managed to find and remaster an old episode from Season One by Barbie Stoeckle. Enjoy a truly Wicked zombie tale that we thought we'd lost forever. Pulled from a deep crevice behind the Librarian's desk and ready to spin, it's "The Diplomat." Just for extra fun, this show features an opening and closing that pay homage to classic shows from The Golden Age of Radio that inspired The Wicked Library. SHOW NOTES:

Live Halloween Special 2015  

Today's episode features 7 wicked tales from the living and the dead. Recorded LIVE in front of a captive audience at Rickert and Beagle Books. Nelson W. Pyles returns to read 6 of the 7 tales. Happy Halloween! Full show notes at

Donna or Tara  

A story that takes place on an ill fated family road trip, this week's tale will make you realize even your worst road trips were never this bad. Deep int he desert, dark things await the Carter Family, from both without and within. A modern tale with traditional Native American elements interwoven, you'll find much to fear on this dark trip.

Glen Swift  

A trip through a remote part of Scotland proves to be a challenge for Don and Claire, a couple on an important trip. A truly terrifying tale, it asks if we really ever truly know another person - or ourselves - as well as we think we do.

Sealed With a Kiss  

Stranded in the Georgia countryside after his car breaks down, Air Force mechanic Kent Philips gets caught up in a storm of epic proportions. As he seeks and finds shelter from the storm, he meets a woman on the run from someone named Luke and what just might be the end of the world. Full Show Notes:

Hadleigh's Monster  

BONUS STORY: Do you remember the monster under your bed? Did you have a name for it? What would have happened if you whispered to it into the night? Meet Hadleigh's Monster. Be careful. It's hungry. Newsletter readers get our bonus stories a month before everyone else. Signup at

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