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The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors! Created and hosted by Nelson W Pyles for five seasons, he is now the executive producer and 400 lb gorilla as new host Dan Foytik tears into season six with great voice and creativity as well as a new roster of cover artists. Dan is/was the only choice to take over hosting duties for the podcast and we're sure you're going to be scared...really scared. Now more than ever, go ahead...leave the lights on. Follow us on Twitter @wickedlibrary Interested authors, please contact us at and visit


TWL 715: The Journey  

Sim has struggled all his life to fit in -- a struggle to find peace and feel normal. When he finds himself on an unplanned, surreal journey he may finally find what he's been seeking.

Best S3: Always Something There to Remind Me  

When Cindy and her husband Randy start watching old home movies from his childhood, Randy begins to notice subtle differences between his memory and reality -- changes that become more apparent as they watch. Cindy tries to reassure Randy, but it soon becomes evident that reality and memory are not what they seem. Enjoy this creepy and twisted tale from Season Three as read by Nelson W. Pyles.

TWL 714: There Will Be Refreshments  

This dark, twisted, and entertaining tale is a wild ride into darkness. When Mark suffers a car accident, he is propelled into Hell and embarks on a journey that challenges and punishes him in ways he could never have expected. When offered a way out, he is determined to pursue it - even if it takes an eternity.

TWL 713: The Tyranny of Heaven  

In this dark tale, a resident of Hell relates the true story of Eden, The Fall, Satan, Lucifer, and God - and how Hell was once a paradise. A surprisingly Wicked tale for many reasons, this story is sure to give you a new perspective on the place Heaven has named Hell.

TWL 712: Your Lease has Expired  

When the vampire Jefferson Webster is asked by his former lover, Katherine, to provide a dead body for an important ritual, he decides to help - if for no other reason than to see her again. Much time has passed though, and things between the two are cold, and may not go as well as Jefferson hopes.

711: Five Deathly Tales  

This week we have five short deathly tales. Two of the five have previously been featured only in our newsletter, and one only our Patreon page. But, since the goal of The Wicked Library is always the promotion of the writers, artists, and composers, we wanted to share these handpicked tales with our entire audience. "One Hour" by Dene Bebbington | "A Lament from the Dying" by Keith McDuffee | "The Heart of a Madman" by Gwendolyn Kiste | "Playground Zero" by Jessica McHugh | "Last Steps" by Kelli Perkins More shorter tales like these will be featured in the future for Patreon supporters at on a one per month basis, but once we have enough collected for a full episode, we'll share them with everyone.

710: Southern Fried Horror  

In honor of Women in Horror Month, the Wicked Library delivers a show by the ladies! Thanks to Amber Collins, Cynthia Lowman, Lydia Peever, Eden Royce, Samantha Pleasant LeBas, and Jeanette Andromeda. Aside from this week's "The Wicked Colonel" artwork by Steven Matiko and a special appearance by the Librarian, the ladies have the run of the Library this week. Of course, every month features women in horror at the Wicked Library. "Hand of Glory" A woman has a unique way of getting information from a suspected killer despite his reluctance to cooperate. "Homegoing" A woman struggles to come to terms with her son's crimes.

709: Gator Bait  

"Indian Joe" bills himself as the World's Greatest Alligator Wrestler, but he has many secrets - including the fact that his name is actually Harry Gallager. When he meets up with a true Florida native named Wowakan, Harry is challenged in new ways, and may finally come to respect the animals he wrestles...if he lives.

708: Christmassacre V  

For the fifth year in a row, The Wicked Library brings you a frightful collection of tales to make you shiver from more than the cold! Enjoy 6 tales to wrap up your year in the most Wicked way possible. Stories: "Yuletide Ride" by Daniel Foytik, "Hark, The Herald" by Aaron Vlek, "The Clause" by Lane Lloyd, "Unc The Snowman" by S. L. Dixon, "Together this Time" by Samantha Pleasant LeBas, "The Dangers of December" by Immortal Alexander Merry Christmassacre!

707: Raison D'etre  

The Lift's Guide, Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes begins to question not only her existence but her purpose. Fortunately for her, there is someone else who can not only sympathize, but can help guide her through this particularly rough time in her unlife. In this first ever crossover, the worlds of The Lift and The Wicked Library collide in a surprisingly uplifting episode about choices. This episode is simulcast as episode S2E3 of The Lift. The version found here also includes an interview with the author.

706: The Road Man  

A man relates a story from his youth and how his encounters with a fearful mysterious stranger throughout his life has changed him.

705: Wickedly Bizarro  

This episode features 3 Tales from Madeleine Swann with one read by Guest Narrator, Jessica McHugh. How to Host a Dinner Party Without Awakening the Dark Ones: A practical guide on hosting a proper dinner party. An Unexpected Reunion: The best reunions are unexpected and come at the most unexpected times. Invite Ghosts and Earn Pounds: A woman and her boyfriend find a way to make some extra money by "hiring" ghosts to haunt their home.

704: 2016 LIVE Halloween Special  

For the second year in a row, The Wicked Library comes a-Live at Rickert & Beagle Books! Enjoy 6 tales read by 3 narrators, music by Darkmood, art by Jon Towers, and a special appearance by Your Librarian. Stories / Authors: "13" by Aaron Vlek, "The Ringer" by Lydia Peever, "One Wish for the Wishing Well" by Gwendolyn Kiste, "Grammy Digmarrow" by Brooke Warra, "Pennance" by Jon Grilz, "Sleep" by Immortal Alexander

703: Shadows  

In this Victorian tale, the lovely Isabella has two suitors interested in winning her hand. When she picks a favorite, to what lengths will the other go in order to win her over?

702: The Man in the Ambry  

A lonely girl writes letters to the creature residing in her family's ambry. Her parents don't believe the creature is real... until they start finding otherworldly objects in the girl's room.

701: Barry the Basement Bear  

A teen boy has a special bear from his childhood. A bear that will go out of it's way to keep the monsters at bay, but in doing so who is the real monster?

Wicked Library: S7 Teaser  

The Librarian has some news for you. The Wicked Library returns September 28, 2016. Go ahead...leave the lights on. www. Special thanks to our sponsor R0DE Microphones! The Wicked Library is recorded on R0DE Microphones.

Terror Returns: Two Tales  

For the Season 6 Finale, we present a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Jessica McHugh! "Take All Your Belongings" Riding the train is lonely when you don't march to the same drummer as everyone else. In this tale a young woman is shunned by all the other riders on the Red Line - for all the wrong reasons. "Tyler Returned" Deep loss, depression, and insanity can go hand in hand. But, what if the insane was actually possible? What if the ones we lost came back to us?

Tattershed Home  

When a man inherits a home willed to him by his mysterious uncle it appears to be a great stroke of luck, and he's excited to move in his family and give them a chance at an ideal life - there's even a tire swing. Many years later, the cycle repeats with a new family once again ready to move in for a better life. Listen along as we unravel the terrifying mystery that lurks within the walls of Tattershed Home.

Last Pass & Lights Out  

This week is a double feature, with two terrifying tales from Miracle Austin! Last Pass: When a man with an addiction learns a family secret, he might be in for more than he bargained for despite whether he believes or not. Lights Out: What if a fear of the dark is justified and the light that keeps it at bay is taken away?

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