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Ep 80 Dear President Trump: Women write to the Commander-in-Chief  

We never believed the day would come, but as President Trump is finally inaugurated some of our contributors had a few things to get off their chests. In a series of open letters to Trump, women including Una Mullally, Laura Kennedy, Stefanie Preissner, Ailbhe Smyth and Kathleen Harris took part in our our Dear President Trump episode. There was anger (obviously) but also well wishes and hope that their very worst fears would not be confirmed. In solidarity with the Women's March on Washington, The Women's Podcast will be marching in Dublin on Saturday with thousands of others. The march sets off from the Garden of Remembrance at noon on Saturday 21st of January. See you there.

Ep 79 Colm O'Gorman & Lynn Rosenthal at the Safe Ireland Summit  

In this episode we hear from two people about the abuse they faced and about how speaking out, although extremely difficult, changed the course of their lives and work: Lynn Rosenthal, who from 2009 to 2014 served as the first-ever White House Advisor on Violence Against Women and Colm O'Gorman who is now the director of Amnesty Ireland. They both spoke to the Safe Ireland Summit before Christmas and we are grateful to Sharon O'Halloran and Simone George of Safe Ireland for granting us access to their important gathering.

Ep 78 Women on the March with Jill Filipovic, Sarah Carey & Ailbhe Smyth  

On January 21st, the day after the inauguration of President Trump, an estimated 150,000 women are expected to march on Washington. Our host Kathy Sheridan talks to activist Ailbhe Smyth, American journalist Jill Filipovic and broadcaster Sarah Carey about why Trump has got women marching, about successful female-led protests through history and about how the ailing Democrat party need to mobilise as they face into four years of Trump.

EP 77 Louise O'Neill & Panti Bliss at the Safe Summit  

More from the Safe Ireland summit on domestic violence held in Dublin before Christmas. Louise O'Neill talks about why, by the age of 18, she had come to accept that being groped and touched was just the price you had to pay for moving through the world in a female body. And Rory O'Neill aka Panti Bliss explores the cultural 'rules' laid down to men and women. 'Our society decided women would be the peacocks. We gave them the tools of peacockery and insisted that they use them. At the same time our culture said to men: you are not allowed to use any of those tools. I say feck that. It's not fair on women or men'

EP 76 Women to Watch in 2017  

Who are the women to watch out for in 2017? From Selina Cartmell the new director of The Gate Theatre to Germany's Angela Merkel by way of a sharp right turn to France's Marine Le Pen, our panel look ahead to the women who will be making waves. Gathered around the table with host Kathy Sheridan are Senator Lynn Ruane, columnist and commentator Alison O'Connor, Irish Times Europe Correspondent Suzanne Lynch and columnist and playwright Hilary Fannin. Una Mullally talks to France Correspondent Lara Marlowe about the rise and rise of Le Pen. And with his inauguration only days away, we also look at the spectre of President Trump and the impact of his presidency on women in the months and years ahead.

Ep 75 Self Esteem 2017: Women reveal what they like about themselves  

New year, new you? How impractical not to mention predictable. But here's a radical notion - what about celebrating what is already great about you? We asked dozens of women a question: what do you like about yourself? From Amy Huberman to Marian Keyes, Louise O'Neill to Nancy Ashmawy, women of all ages and backgrounds told us about their best bits and the answers are as varied as the women themselves. At a time of the year when magazines and advertisements like to perpetuate the idea that we need to "fix" ourselves, we are looking on the bright side with a glass half full of self love. We hope this episode offers an uplifting, inspiring start to 2017. Happy New Year!

Ep 74 The best of The Women's Podcast 2016  

We had some cracking episodes in 2016 so we are sharing the best of the year with you here. Remember Caitlin Moran being hilarious with Una Mullally pre-Brexit? And Carina Fitzpatrick telling host Kathy Sheridan why she took her top off at Knockanstockan music festival? The podcast also features Claire Woods, the young woman who came in with baby Alexandra to talk about an unexpected pregnancy and her decision - after booking flights to the UK for an abortion - to have her baby. What a year it's been. Enjoy this Trump-free episode. Thanks for listening and we look forward to bringing you many more highlights in 2017.

Ep 73 Dubliners Women and Marino students go to Zambia  

Wrapping your presents? We've got a stunning soundtrack to make your seasonal tasks more enjoyable: The cast of Dubliners Women - which goes on tour around the country in 2017 - came in to perform an extract from their production which hones in on the rich female characters in Joyce's masterpiece. And Sorcha Pollak meets female students from Marino in Dublin who travelled to Zambia for a project on gender.

Ep 72: Marian Keyes, Sali Hughes & Women’s Aid Director Margaret Martin  

Marian Keyes interviewed beauty writer Sali Hughes about her book Pretty Iconic recently, at an event hosted by the Irish Times Magazine at House of Fraser in Dundrum Shopping Centre. The Women’s Podcast went along and we’ve got that chat in this episode for you. Kathy Sheridan also speaks to Women’s Aid Director Margaret Martin about their report on twenty years of ‘femicide’ and on what can be done about domestic violence services in this country.

EP 71 The Morning After Pill & a Feminist Future  

Emergency contraception is a reality for most women and yet new research shows there is still a stigma around accessing the morning after pill. Journalist Tanya Sweeney and Pharmacist Joanne Kissane talk to Róisín Ingle about the past, present and future of this important little pill. And in a post-Trump future, what is the role of feminists? Ailbhe Smyth , Brid Smith TD and more address young women at the National Women's Council FemFest event.

Ep 70 Eve Ensler, Urinary Incontinence & Herstory  

Eve Ensler is the Tony award winning writer and performer of The Vagina Monologues, which has been performed all over the world. The play inspired Ensler to launch V-Day, a global grassroots movement to stop violence against women and girls which to date has raised over 100m dollars. In a rousing address to the Safe Ireland Summit, she talks about why Donald Trump is not her president and outlines the positive effect on society of activism against domestic violence. Also in the podcast, Michelle Casey from Co Mayo tells Róisín Ingle about a new treatment for urinary incontinence, an issue many women struggle with. And our Herstory this week is Co Tyrone's Margaret Elizabeth Noble, later known as Sister Nivedita, who was the first western woman to be initiated into an Indian monastic order.

Ep 69 The moral case for abortion. Kathy Sheridan meets Ann Furedi  

For the past 13 years pro-choice activist Ann Furedi has been CEO of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service providing abortion services to women. She talked to host Kathy Sheridan about the view, set out in her book The Moral Case for Abortion, that true respect for human life and individual conscience demands that we respect a woman’s right to decide. While advocating the use of euphemism-free language around the issue - she talks about 'killing' and 'ending of life' - she also believes that a woman’s right to a termination has moral foundations. This fresh perspective on abortion will interest both pro- and anti-choice individuals and organisations.

Ep 68 Toxic Masculinity with Carlos Andrés Gómez and Beatrice Grimshaw's Herstory  

In this episode, presented by Kathy Sheridan, Carlos Andrés Gómez explores the negative influence of toxic masculinity. An award-winning writer and performer from New York City, he is the author of 'Man Up: Reimagining Modern Manhood', a memoir that seeks to challenge the limiting and destructive narrative handed down to males in society. In our latest Herstory, Rosita Boland tells the story of Beatrice Grimshaw who settled in the Pacific Islands where she farmed tobacco and wrote 40 books.

Ep 67 Olivia O'Leary, Striking Women & Pioneering Alexandrans  

In a powerful address Olivia O'Leary tells the Safe Ireland Summit about misogyny she experienced early on in her broadcasting career. Kathy Sheridan talks to the principal of Dublin school Alexandra College as they celebrate their 150th anniversary with a new book about high achieving past pupils. And Jennifer Ryan talks to women who protested on the Rosie Hackett bridge on Friday 25th January.

Ep 66 F**k The Patriarchy with Mona Eltahawy, Women in Kitchens + Herstory  

Mona Eltawahy is a feminist firebrand and author of Headscarves & Hymens who gave a rousing address on inequality, racism and Trump at the Safe Ireland Summit in Dublin: 'I start every talk with my declaration of faith ... Fuck the Patriarchy". Also in this episode we mark Irish Times Food Month with restaurant critic Catherine Cleary who talks to women chefs including Jess Murphy of Kai in Galway about inequality in the industry. And our Herstory is Irish designer Sybil Connolly, read as always by Rosita Boland.

Ep 65 Irish women in Canada, Men's Day & Hozier at the Safe Summit  

Supported by the Global Media Fund, Erin McGuire travelled to Canada to bring us back the stories of Irish women who have made new lives far from home. Saturday 19th of November is International Men's Day and Alan O'Neill from the White Ribbon campaign came in to tell us why the patriarchy harms men too. And in the first of a series of highlights from the Safe Ireland Summit held in Dublin, Wicklow singer Hozier sings Cherry Wine and talks to broadcaster Claire Byrne about why he got involved in the issue of domestic violence. Music Credits: Atlantean Twilight and Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod (, along with I Don’t See The Branches, I See The Leaves by Chris Zabriskie (, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons/org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Ep 64 Patti Smith, The Facts of Choice and Herstory  

In this episode, the original punk rocker and artist Patti Smith talks about art, life, family and her friend Robert Mapplethorpe. She was in Dublin to accept the Burke Medal for Contribution to Discourse at the Hist. society in Trinity College. She also recites the lyrics to her seminal song People Have the Power To an appreciative audience that included Bono and Glen Hansard. (Big thanks to the Hist for allowing us to record this special talk). Also in this ep: Jennifer Ryan brings us highlights from the 'Facts of Choice' event presented by Tara Flynn and Alison Spittle and our Herstory of the week is Lucy Wharton.

Ep`63 Emergency President-elect Donald Trump Podcast + Equal Pay  

It's been a rough few days. Maybe we should have seen it coming but we didn't. Cue the sirens: In this 'Emergency Episode' we discuss the emotional impact of both Trump's victory and Clinton's loss on women and minorities. With sharp analysis of the voting demographics of the election our panel is Irish Times political journalist Sarah Bardon, civil rights lawyer Professor Linda Hamilton Krieger, spoken word artist Clara-Rose Thornton and domestic violence activist Simone George. In a sometimes heated discussion they give host Kathy Sheridan their take on President-elect Trump. "He is a man who has boasted about sexually assaulting women and has alienated every minority you can think of". Plus: As Irish women start working for 'nothing' Sonya Lennon of Dress for Success discusses the Equal Pay Campaign. It's not just the sirens wailing on The Women's Podcast this week.

Ep 62 What's wrong with Hillary Clinton? Divorce & the Home, Dine in the Dark & Herstory  

In this episode, Una Mullally asks 'What's wrong with Hillary Clinton?' as Americans go to the polls. Kathy Sheridan talks to family law solicitor Ann O'Neill at The Irish Times Home and Design Theatre at the Ideal Home exhibition, about what happens to the family home when marriages break down. Jennifer Ryan speaks to blind woman Christina McCarthy about Dine in the Dark week and our Herstory is Margaret Bulkley, who lived her life as a man - Dr James Barry.

Ep 61 America's Election -  Una Mullally talks to women across the United States  

In this bonus edition of the podcast, Una Mullally talks to women from L.A to Texas, New York to Washington D.C about what has been an extraordinary election campaign. Covering the Trump Tapes, those eventful televised debates and everything in between, she finds out what female voters and commentators think of Trump and of Clinton and explores how it has been a crucial campaign for women in unexpected ways. The podcast features contributions from Irish comedian and author Maeve Higgins and from New York Times journalist Maureen Dowd.

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