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A show about a revolutionary mission for the pioneers, like you, who live it.


#1 Playing in the Company of Three (with Donna Hatasaki)  

After a few introductory remarks, Donna Hatasaki debuts The Young Life Podcast with a masterful discussion on prayer, including a compelling encouragement to sustain our mission with an engine of silence and solitude with God. We're @younglifepod on Twitter & Instagram. You can contribute to the show by joining our newsletter, where’ll you’ll be prompted to share your ideas/comments!

Start Making History (Forward Launch Series)  

What words will be Young Life ‘household names’ in 2022? Eric Scofield believes they will come from your local vision of the Forward movement. 

In the finale of the Forward podcast, Justin Ryder & Ben Battaglia (surprise co-host) discuss examples of areas and regions who rolled out Forward in their local context (1:00). Next, Eric Scofield (Chief Development Officer), Jamie Hanson (VP Development), and Paul Coty (VP NYC Initiative) discuss RWOK’s impact (6:40), development principles (9:18), locally crafting a vision for Young Life Forward (12:11), and give helpful tips on sharing that vision with potential partners in ministry (14:20). Ryder concludes the series to end (22:03).

Let’s Go — Forward. 

Gospel Astonishment (Forward Launch Series)  

After an intro by Susan Greene (Capernaum AD) regarding the growth in Capernaum, John Vicary (Executive VP U.S. Ministries) and Marty Caldwell (Executive VP Int. Ministries) begin to discuss the significance of the mission priority called “Growth” (3:25).  During the conversation, we are joined by Ashley Flowers (Associate Regional Director), and Sam Coleman (MC&U Divisional Coordinator) to discuss aspects of personal and ministry growth. Topics include the specific growth initiative (6:15), camping (7:36), growth in big cities (11:02), MC&U development (14:12), becoming a person who can facilitate growth (15:36), and Gospel astonishment to stay hungry (17:04). After visions in the event of Forward's success, each guest answers questions in a speed round (21:57).

Let's go — Forward.

Innovation Begins Where a Leader’s Heart Breaks (Forward Launch Series)  

“Young Life is and was innovation. That word best describes Young Life.” 

So began my conversation with Nkosi Sampindi, a Regional Director in Zimbabwe. Nkosi begins this episode noting the “everyday” things that make Young Life a radical innovation, as well as unique challenges that has kept Young Life in Africa on the cutting edge. Next, Josh Griffin (VP Strategy), Lindsey Patchell (VP YoungLives), and Scott Berg (Associate RD) join the show to discuss the Mission Priority, "Innovation." We discuss how Forward will engage our innovative team of staff and leaders worldwide (3:00), Innovation in Start-ups and other frontiers (5:42), YoungLives as an innovation (9:24), and how Forward will speed up the process of ‘why are they doing that?’ to ‘how could we not do that?’ (11:50). We also discuss an ideas incubator for Young Life (15:48), where to start when innovating (17:36), and answer one question in a short speed round (19:20).

Let’s go — Forward.

Take Your Seat at the Table (Forward Launch Series)  

In the third episode of Young Life’s Forward podcast, we discuss the mission priority “Together”, which details our diversity goals for the next 5 years. Ann Shackelton (SVP HR Mission Care & Enrich), BeBe Hobson (Chief Diversity Officer), and Carolyn Harrison (Metro Director) discuss realities for various staff who are underrepresented (1:47), including leaders of color, women, and differing abilities. They talk positive change (4:00), results if Forward is successful (5:13), and fears and misconceptions that might hold us back (7:44). Near the end, we talk about effeciency vs. effectiveness in working on a diverse team (14:43). Finally, each guest answers questions in a speed round (21:15). 

Let’s Go — Forward.

Discipleship is the Anchor (Forward Launch Series)  

In this episode, we discuss Forward’s mission priority, “Deeper in Christ”. After Derrica Barbee’s discipleship journey (1:30), our Senior Director of Discipleship, Lynn Brewer, joins the show (3:58). She talks about discipleship’s definition (4:22), how we’re doing as a mission (5:45), and how we’ll measure this intangible goal during Forward's 5 years (7:55). Next, Graham Wright recounts his good friend Casey’s story (12:03). Lynn dreams about Forward’s progress (16:08) and answers questions in a speed round (16:55). 

Let’s go — Forward.

It's Already Happening (Forward Launch Series)  

A movement has begun. Metro Director Justin Ryder sits down with Young Life’s President, Newt Crenshaw, to discuss the inaugural launch of “Young Life Forward” and the recent message he gave to 2017’s training attendees to officially launch the movement. We discuss the why’s behind Forward (2:39), what makes it different than other campaigns Young Life has undertaken (3:47), and the four mission priorities associated with the movement: Deeper in Christ (6:49), together (9:05), innovation (10:53), and growth (12:59). Next, Newt answers the question, “what if Forward succeeds?” (15:55).  Finally, we end with a speed round, which includes Newt’s favorite club song (19:39). Thanks for joining us, and subscribe to hear next week’s episode. 

Let’s go — Forward.

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