The Zach Even - Esh STRONG Life Podcast

The Zach Even - Esh STRONG Life Podcast


The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh is about how you to Live a STRONG Life. Or, in layman's terms, how to kick a** and take names. Each episode covers topics such as strength and muscle building, being an entrepreneur, conquering obstacles in life and overall, living life on YOUR terms.


STRONG Life w/ Jim Steel | Be A Simple Man  

Pretty crazy, here we are with episode 100!

Jim Steel and I crush part 2 of our conversation and although we talk training others and self, lifting "back in the day" and strength & conditioning today.....

The essence of our conversation today revolved around being a "Simple Man". To say it's refreshing and inspiring to chat with Jim is an understatement.

This episode is a breath of fresh air!

Here are some of the topics we cover:

- Hunting, Fishing and Being a Dog Owner

- Lifting "Back in the Day" Compared to Training Athletes Today

- Simplicity in Life & handling Life's Obstacles 

- Parenting and being a Leader for Your Kids

- Reading GREAT Books & Seeing GREAT Photos & How They Can Change You

- Training athletes when the "functional training" craze started and staying the course as a Strength Coach

- Being a Simple Man

I also want to encourage you to get Jim's e books and print them out.

I printed them out and the stories of Jim's training and the times from youth until current day pulled me in. I was bummed out after finishing the book so I know you'll love Jim's book.

Connect with Jim here:

Also, check out - they are our first and only sponsor and I began using their equipment before I was at Lehigh. They sent me a bumper plate after speaking at a clinic and I've been fired up with their quality equipment and customer care.

Use code zach100 for a 10% discount.

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30 + Years Strength & Conditioning Advices w/  Jim Steel  

STRONG Life Episode 99 with UPenn Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Jim Steel! Jim brings 30+ years of strength & conditioning / training knowledge to the table as we talk his early years of training all the way to present day.

This episode was inspired after we spent endless hours rambling over training and life with John Welbourn & Tex from Power Athlete.

Our direction of conversation took 100 turns that night and I wanted to connect with Jim on some dialed in thoughts on coaching, training, injuries and overall sports performance. 

We will definitely need to crush a part 2 with Jim as his stories and experiences bring a unique angle that isn't found much nowadays.

Here's some of the Topics we cover:

- Jim's early influences and training experiences dating back to the 70s

- Finding mentors back in the day compared to what athletes see / don't in today's world

- How and why Jim began learning and implementing martial arts like Muay Thai into the training of all his athletes, both the male and female teams

- How Jim organizes his day as a Strength Coach working long hours

- How Jim trains the various sport teams at UPenn through a blend of highly advanced technology as well as auto regulation and real world experience

- How Jim trains today after surgeries and injuries and stills finds a way to make it happen

We'll dig further into training and more specifics with Jim's early powerlifting days and thoughts on coaching in the next episode.

You can connect with Jim and read / watch more of his information below:

Jim's Blog

Jim's Articles / Interviews on Starting Strength

Jim's YouTube

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Why Is Everyone Injured & Immobile VS Agile, Mobile & Hostile | Dr. Travis Jewett  

STRONG Life Podcast Episode 98 with Dr. Travis Jewett.

Our topic of conversation has been running through my mind for a LONG time:

Why Is Everyone Injured & Immobile VS Agile, Mobile & Hostile?

Dr. Travis Jewett is a SMART Dude, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Strength Coach. He is a family man and hails from Iowa, the land of Dan Gable.

This was 1 of the most enjoyable podcasts I've ever done. We tackle some awesome topics and answer some of my most burning questions.

- When did so many athletes get these locked up ankles, locked up hips and hunch backs?

The past 5 years we've seen a tremendous decline in athletic ability that has created the need for Strength Coaches to be 20 X Smarter than ever before.

It is a disaster zone out there people, worst than the Zombie Apocalypse! We've got weak kids running the streets everywhere!

Here are some other topics we cover:

- Squatting everyday

- The dangerous sh*t we see "Coaches" do and say in the gym that scares the hell out of us

- The serious issue with uneducated coaches who are in a position of working with athletes

- When do I get to the point with weak athletes when we finally say "FK it - it's time to put some weight on your back & stop babying you"

- When is it safe or NOT to press weights overhead?

- How can you start developing shoulder stability and rotator cuff strength?

There's LOTS more in this episode and you will love it. Dig in and get your learn on!

Connect with Travis on Twitter HERE

Read his book, 'Dad STRONG' HERE

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Strength Coach Career QnA, Life Purpose, Old School Strength & Injuries  

STRONG Life Ep. 97 is jam packed with QnA from topics ranging from business / careers as a Strength & Conditioning Coach all the way to the evolution I've experienced as a Coach and Lifter since 1989.

Here are some of the topics covered in this QnA style episode:

The Strength Coach Profession Running your own Warehouse Gym How I started training Why training the wrong way as an athlete hurt me both physically and psychologically How I handled injuries in my teens and 20s compared to what I know now about injuries, prehab and rehab How your Life Purpose can motivate you and drive you through even the toughest of times Life Lessons learned as a 11 year old bus boy and a tough environment How & why I am expanding locations of The Underground Strength Gym Why no one respects free information nowadays Mistakes Parents make when choosing strength & conditioning facilities The Mistake of giving your time away freely to the Wrong people

I cover much more in this episode so dig in and enjoy.

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Keep attacking life and punch your excuses in the face!

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The Art & Mindset of Successful Living  

STRONG Life Episode 96 is with Ed O'Keefe. Ed is a father of 7, a recent graduate of The SEALFit 50 hr KOKORO Camp and has started multiple companies and gone from $0 to 7 Figures.

Ed and I connected long ago when I purchased his Dentist Profits System and applied it to growing and marketing my gym.

In this episode Ed and I discuss the mindset & steps he took to go from Nursing School to being a multiple 7 figure business owner and most of all, a family man who crafts businesses around his family passion.

Here's just some of what we discuss:

- How Ed went from being a broke college student planning to be a Nurse until he came across 2 cassette tapes on mindset and success

- The mindset Ed has in learning from others, most specifically, learning from entrepreneurs who are disrupting markets and building 7 & 8 figure businesses

- The desire to walk 100 miles to learn from someone

- What are the 3 critical parts of every business that you need to maximize

- How to use "Time Collapsing" to 10 X multiply your learning and overall success

- How Ed sets up his day to create success around his rules and what he calls "non negotiables"

- Ed's thoughts on asking vs earning & how this can help you learn and connect with highly successful people and be in the Top 1%

- 1 key factor that helps you achieve greater life success & financial success

- Winning is easy. Here's why.....

This episode with Ed fired me up BIG time. I felt like I was listening to a Earle Nightingale success tape. Feeding your mind powerful information is a MUST if you want more success in your life.

This episode is going to require listening to again and again.

You will pull a new success tip each time you listen to this episode.

Listen in your car, Listen when outdoors walking and listen with pen and paper handy.

Here's how you can learn from Ed at the resources below:

Time Collapsing Book

The Time Collapsing Mega Conference

The Ed O'Keefe Show

KNOW Foods

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Muscle Building VS Fat Loss, Fatherhood & Strength Coach Advices  

STRONG Life Episode 95 is jam packed with Awesome information thanks to your Awesome Questions.

I pulled your questions from This Instagram Post.

Here are the Questions / Topics I covered:

When it comes to programming, do you recommend a 2,4 or 8 week blocks for high school athletes for movement progressions ?

Rambo or Commando?

Who's the most underrated out of the old school strength legends in your opinion?

What is your approach when dealing with athletes who have sport specific adaptations that may possibly hinder their everyday life activities but make their specific movements easier during competition?

An example that I constantly work with is, wrestlers with super tight lats, traps, and even pecs that have that rolled forward posture like a turtle shell.

My general rule of thumb has been "make them aware of the instability and only change it if it is causing them discomfort in everyday activity," let me know what your take would be. Thanks man. Love your motivational stuff too, brother.

You've mentioned that you're opening new locations. Do you know the where yet?

How often would you work on explosive power if it was a weak point for an athlete? Thanks for all your hard work and info
Garage Gym Gladiators QnA: Hustle Muscle + Business BOSS  

Episode 94 of The STRONG Life Podcast is a QnA pulled from STRONG Life Online Training Team: Garage Gym Gladiators.

In this episode we have some powerful training questions that bring to mind some CRAZY memories I have of training, life and business.

Prepare to get fired UP from these lessons and stories.

Here are the Questions / Topics Covered In This Episode:

- Getting people "in shape" without using a Barbell, only using bodyweight, sleds, sandbags and kettlebells

- Female Strength & Conditioning Tips & Why Girls MUST Train

- How to manage coaching groups of athletes with various training abilities and age groups

- Do you need a college degree to become a great Strength & Conditioning Coach? What is my own college experience and what do I attribute my success to?

- Getting better everyday and the mindset I bring to my OWN LIFE & why you need to learn and most of all, DO this.

- Stories of "Make the rep or die" - mindset needed to kick a-- and take names in the gym AND in life.

- Getting stronger but NOT getting leaner? Nutrition Tips and Guidelines to get lean and keep training MEAN.

- The mindset and business strategies I have as I embark on opening new Underground Strength Gym locations and how this mindset can help you, regardless of what your career goals are.

As always, the STRONG Life Podcast pulls no punches.

NO fads, NO gimmicks, Just Results.

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Strength Coach GREATNESS with AJ Roberts  

In STRONG Life Episode 93, AJ Roberts and I discuss how Strength Coaches can achieve all around Success.

And although we kick off the initial conversation with regards to financial success, it ALL comes full circle to The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

Some topics we discuss in this episode are:

- Why I stopped giving discounts for teams, founding members, etc.

- Why your skill set as a strength coach gives you the confidence (or lack of) to charge what you are worth

- Why the confidence to invest in yourself is 1 of the biggest reasons people are willing to invest in your coaching services or not

- The "Business Coach" who told me "Nobody gives a sh-t about those sandbags, kettlebells, bands and chains" and how it changed my attitude on Excellence as a Strength Coach

- How to get FREE knowledge from the library to build your knowledge and business

- Favorite Lessons learned from Spartan Up Podcast

- What 2 books do Zach & AJ highly recommend you to read and implement

- How to STOP wasting time on Facebook & START leveraging the power of sharing your message

- What is the difference in the amateur vs the pro according to Steven Pressfield

- What sticky note does AJ post on his desk to inspire him to change more lives and keep moving forward in ALL areas of life

This episode is ALL about The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

And although we speak directly to Strength Coaches, it is applicable to ANY and ALL areas of your life.

Enjoy this episode and please leave a 5 star review on iTunes HERE if you love what we do with The STRONG Life Podcast.

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ALL About Getting STRONG, Building Muscle & Getting Results  

In STRONG Life Ep 92, I answer your questions from Instagram.

This episode is ALL about Training, ALL About Getting STRONG, Building Muscle & Getting Results.

QnA style and being in a fired up mood, I deliver hard hitting throat punches with truths on training:

- Getting Results with odd objects such as sandbags, stones and tires? What is an effective way for a strongman lifter vs a sport athlete using odd objects?

- Results with Calisthenics and Bodyweight Training

- Working Around & Fixing up Injuries

- Thoughts on 5 x 5 training for beginner all the way to advanced lifters / athletes

- Olympic Weightlifting & High School Sports; How to Blend them together optimally

- Training Athletes In Season & How to Adjust their Training

- How do I implement "mental toughness" into the overall training plan of athletes at The Underground Strength Gym?

- How and Why you need to implement GPP Training & Overall Fitness when you're a Meathead Lifter

- Footwork and Agility for Wrestlers & thoughts on "sports specific" speed / agility training for athletes

Show Notes and Full List of Resources are at

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QnA: STRONG Books, STRONG Body & Strength Coach Business Knowledge  

STRONG Life Episode 91 is a QnA episode from

In this episode I answer questions on the following topics:

- Favorite Strength & Conditioning Books & What books I am currently Reading

- Building a STRONG Body

- Being a Savage in the Gym & Sports vs Playing it Safe

- Changing Your Training with Age

- Scientific Training vs The "Art of Training" & my experiences in training athletes

- Experimenting with Business & Marketing as a Strength Coach / Gym Owner

- Business Lessons I have learned from other Successful business owners

- The mindset I carry as a business owner that I believe leads to greater success

- Having an abundance mentality and why you must Go For It regarding your passion and ideas

- The BEST seminar you NEVER heard of & the lessons I learned from it

- Why I train groups vs 1 on 1 training and why I do NOT discount my membership rates

- How do I build athletes up through training, nutrition & mindset and what do I do if they do not follow through

- Favorite mobility tools I use

- Who has impacted my life the most when it comes to mindset?

- What's it like hanging out with Joe DeSena of SPARTAN Race?

Resources and show notes will be linked up at

Thank you!

Live The Code 365,

QnA: Strength Coach Gym Business, Training Large Groups of Athletes & Abundance Mentality  

STRONG Life Podcast Episode 90 QnA Style: Strength Coach Gym Business, Training Large Groups of Athletes & Abundance Mentality.

This episode gets more dialed in being the 2nd time I ran a Live Facebook QnA.

You can catch the Live QnA episodes by following me here:

Here are the topics and questions covered in this episode:

- Do weightlifting belts really work for safety / adding pounds to your max lifts?

- How I would train a large group of Football Players (30 athletes) in a small gym?

- What is better for fat loss? High reps Vs Low reps.

- How important is a structured training program vs constantly varied training?

- What are the best strategies for getting the word out about your training services / warehouse gym?

- What is best for Wrestlers / Grapplers / BJJ training? Is it free weights or bodyweight?

- The abundance mentality for success as a strength coach or any individual.

- What are my thoughts on discounts / groupon, etc for training athletes?

- A Funny story on Louie Simmons

- How I like to focus on Coaching which builds a better business.

Stay tuned for the next episode by keeping up with me on Instagram and Facebook Live where I most often take your questions for the STRONG Life Podcast.

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QnA: Strength Training, Injury Prevention & Simplifying Nutrition  

In STRONG Life Episode 89, I pulled the Audio from y first ever Facebook Live QnA.

This was awesome and I plan to do these on the regular so make sure you follow me at

This episode is ALL about simplicity.

I tackled a few questions then commonly get over complicated on the internet and in turn destroy your results.

I cover the following topics / questions in this episode:

- How to train girls vs boys in strength & conditioning?

- How do I implement injury prevention as well as how I work around injuries.

- My Thoughts on the over abundance of information nowadays and how I break things down and make them simple and effective.

- How to develop power & explosiveness

- How to get Lean and still eat for Performance

- The simple and effective approach I implement to train young athletes

- The new projects I am working on for strength coaches in business, training & lifestyle

Stand by for the next episode with more QnA and of course, follow me and be ready for the next opportunity to ask me questions!

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SPARTAN FIT w Joe DeSena By Punching Your Excuses In The Face  

 In episode 88 of The STRONG Life Podcast, Joe DeSena & I discuss some AWESOME topics centering around:

- Life & Business Lessons learned running Spartan Race Business as it keeps growing and evolving

- The standard of Excellence & why we need to stop apologizing for having high expectations of others and ourselves

- Having a Purpose In Life & how this will Drive you out of your darkest, toughest times!

- How often does Joe DeSena exercise and HOW does he workout, even when he's super busy like having endless meetings during a book launch? 

- Why overthinking your fitness, your life, your work, your business, etc is Holding you & I back from achieving BIG success!

- Joe and I discuss how inspiring & awesome The ORIGINAL Pioneer of Fitness & Success was, Jack LaLanne & his awesome wife Elaine. We discuss how Jack did many of his Toughest challenges in his 40s, 50s and 60s!

- The Kayak "Mishap" Incident That kicked my butt & how I turned a negative into an AWESOME experience using Spartan UP Lessons!

- How Joe ran his recent Spartan Race in Scotland while Also Carrying Weights (Farmer Walks) for 5 hours!

- We Answer some QnA as well from my Instagram on Success, Motivation, Business & Being SPARTAN!

Get Spartan Fit The Book HERE - This Book Will Punch Your Excuses In The Face!

See the full show with video and show notes here:

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How I Operate The Business & Training of The Underground Strength Gym  

Episode 87 of The STRONG Life Podcast was a loaded QnA covering the many facets of how I started, grew and currently run The Underground Strength Gym.

Some of the topics range from:

- Program design methods to the misconceptions of what you see on the internet.

- How I train different athletes in the same groups

- The misconception of "Optimal Training Methods"

- My Garage Gym Start Up & Why I succeeded in Business

- I Explain Why No one Respects FREE Information

- How I view social media & Why I even Use social media

- What "homework" do I give athletes to do when they are not training with us
to increase their performance

- My upbringing in Israel and how my family wound up in America and WHY my Grandparents influence me the most in this world

- Training Cross Country Runners both off season & in season

- Books & Resources I favor for jump training and plyometrics

- Top 5 Books I recommend and WHY I recommend them

- Post Workout Nutrition

This was a loaded QnA and it shows me that MANY of you want more and more business start up information.

Listen to the entire podcast as I mention a possible idea that I might follow through on IF the interest is there.

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Testosterone QnA with Ben Greenfield  

This is an "in between-isode", episode 86.5.

Ben Greenfield helps us out by answering your questions on Testosterone.

Here are some of the topics / questions answered by Ben on ALL things Testosterone:

- What Testosterone supplements are safe AND legal to boost testosterone levels?

- How does your iron level affect your Testosterone?

- How does alcohol affect your testosterone?

- What are the many things that can Negatively affect your Testsosterone?

- What do sleep pills do for your sleep and ultimately, your Testosterone?

- How to Maximize your performance & T Levels EVEN if you have a heavy work load and can only sleep 5-6 hours / night on weekdays?

- How shift workers can "trick" their body & circadian rhythm?

- How to maximize Testosterone naturally as you get older through Specific Nutrition & Specific Supplement Protocols?

- For the New Parent waking up every 2 - 3 hours at night for the baby, how can you maximize your sleep cycles AND improve your erratic sleep schedule?

- What supplements does Ben recommend to help you relax at night if you have trouble sleeping due to stress?

For ALL the resources Ben describes in this STRONG Life Podcast, please see his links below.

Here they all are, in the order in which they are mentioned in the audio:   MORE resources:   Ben's Book: Beyond Training   Ben's Podcast HERE on iTunes   ===========   To Support The STRONG Life Podcast, See The Resources Below:   Underground Strength Academy   Garage Gym Gladiators   The STRONG Life FREE Newsletter   The Underground Strength Coach Certification    
Joe DeSena On SPARTAN Parenting, Schools & Your Life Purpose  

In STRONG Life Podcast Episode 86 I sit down and chat with my buddy Joe DeSena, Founder of The Spartan Race.

We discuss many of the new lessons Joe has learned since moving to Asia last year.

Some topics we discuss are:

- SPARTAN Parenting Techniques to build strong, successful, tough kids who become successful adults

- Building a Spartan School & why kids (and this world) Need a different approach to conventional learning

- Why Your Life Purpose is critical to your overall health & well being (mind, body, spirit & life)

- Less Technology & More Living. Can we REALLY live with less technology?

- The Entrepreneurial Challenges we REALLY face & the Reality of Money + how it effects your Life

- The Russian Training System vs The American Training System

- How did Phys Ed class look for my Dad when he grew up in Romania as a kid and what can we learn from this?

- Discussion of "The Human Food Chain" and how it applies to the world

- How can Parents help their kids live a STRONG Life & ultimately, give their child the best opportunity to achieve "success"

Comment on the Blog to have a chance to WIN the BIG prize Joe announces at the end of the Podcast.


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Strength Coach Life & Times w/ Aaron Ausmus  

Aaron takes us through his journey as a high school athlete to a walk on athlete and then winning a D1 National Title as a shot putter.

- How he won his National title only a few days after Squatting 600 lbs!

- Aaron has Coached at some of the most prestigious D1 Universities and traveled from 1 place to the next, pushing his limits as a Coach and family man.

- Aaron tells us his lessons learned from 1 University to the next and now, still a Strength Coach, but not at The University level, Aaron is having the time of his life.

This podcast is inspiring to say the least!

Make sure you dig in and listen!

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Discipline to Succeed in Life, Business & Strength Training w/ Matt Vincent  

Episode 84 of The STRONG Life Podcast with Matt Vincent, a Highland Games World Champion.

We crush the QnA and discuss questions that address:

- training to boost your deadlift

- competing & always being ready to compete

- how to run a podcast

- having FUN in Life!

- blending sports training + lifting on the same day

- Discipline to keep attacking ALL areas of Life

I had a blast crushing this podcast with Matt.

Make sure you check out Matt's pages here:

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Strength In Life & Business, Matt Reynolds Will NOT Be Out Worked!  

STRONG Life Podcast 83 - Matt Reynolds Will NOT Be Outworked!

In this episode Matt & I discuss training as a powerlifter & strongmanas Matt is an Elite level Powerlifter and a PRO Strongman!

How was Matt juggling the running of his warehouse gyms AND teaching through the years And Finally, how he got OUT of teaching & full time into the gym business and TONS more!

This episode is loaded with knowledge bombs on training, lifestyle and business for gym / warehouse gym owners / strength coaches.

Listen up and take notes. Most of ALL, take ACTION!

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Power Cleans for Athletes Discussion w/ Travis Mash  

This is a short mini episode so Travis Mash and I connected and crushed an 18 minute conversation on the how and why behind using the power clean vs full clean for athletes.

The full article is on the blog with added videos and tips as well here:

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Thank you and keep Living the STRONG Life.


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