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Zig Ziglar is recognized as a world leader in Motivation & Inspiration who has reached and influenced over 250 million people through his best selling books, legendary presentations and timeless quotes. He is one of the most quoted leaders of all time. In The Ziglar Show, hosts Kevin Miller, Tom Ziglar (CEO & Proud son!) and special guests take messages from Zig and other inspiration leaders and drill down so you can utilize them to ‘Inspire True Performance’ in your life today!"


443: The beautiful challenge of personal responsibility – with Dan Miller  

Zig gives his story and Dan Miller helps us unpack the essence of overcoming vs being overcome. By life. By challenges. We dig into a drive, aspiration and the “DNA of desire”. This conversation really gets into the roots of why we do and don’t actually take action and make progress.

442: Determine your habits and why and succeed – with Tom Ziglar  

In this show, we interview…Tom Ziglar. CEO of Ziglar and leader of the legacy! We recently got an iTunes 5-star review that simply said…”More Tom”. So…we aim to deliver, and today, we are! Tom Ziglar has been CEO of Ziglar for a long time, but since Zig passed away 3 years ago, Tom’s impact has ramped up dramatically. Today we make him the focus. Who is Tom? How did he come to run the Ziglar empire, and why? And what does he see for all of us in the future? What is our hope, our opportunity? Our possibility? Then we dig into one of his favorite topics…habit. This show went deep and is a profound commentary on the status of hope, encouragement, and inspiration in today’s world. This show may be the primer you need to hear, before any other show. Thanks to Harry’s Razors and Lenovo for their support of this show.

Success, Goals, Attitude & Christmas!  

Tom Ziglar inspires our true performance by delivering some short, stout perspectives on Success, Goals and Attitude. Stand-alone value. For those who desire, he wraps up by sharing some amazing Ziglar Christmas gift packages!

441: Telling the truth in advance  

Ziglar does not believe in “fake it until you make it”. But we do believe in “telling the truth in advance”. One of Ziglar’s most popular messages and offerings is his Self-Talk cards. In this show, host Kevin Miller digs in with Tom Ziglar to question and encourage the use of this most powerful tool for reprogramming your brain for success. Get yours free at Thanks to and Lenovo for their support of this episode.  

440: Live your life, not theirs – with Rachel Cruze  

Rachel Cruze inspires our true performance by pointing out a primary reason we spend money we shouldn’t, and become controlled by it. What is it? Social status. In today’s culture there is something causing us to do this more than ever, and I would not have guessed what it was before reading her book. The culprit? Social Media. It’s not the bad buy, but the “highlight reel” is causing us to spend. So, what do we do about it? Listen to the show! Thanks so new sponsor Hello Fresh, and Braintree for their support of this episode of The Ziglar Show.  

439: Stop the anger  

In this message Zig expounds on the trajectory of anger and the necessity for us to understand it in others for what it so often is. It’s about them, not us. To rise above  it however, we must have a level of self-confidence and a self-protecting willingness to extend grace. Thank you so Salesforce and Lenovo for their support of this episode!  

438: Being Zig’s kid, the weird and good with Julie Ziglar Norman  

What can Zig teach you without speaking from a stage or a book? Let his youngest daughter tell you. He really was mortal, he wasn’t perfect, but the story is compelling. Plus get inspired by Julie’s message on “being the right person” as the key to your success. Thanks to Julie’s company, Prime Property Realty, for supporting this show. See what they have to offer you in investment values!

437: Do people like you? Really?  

Your capability on the job is maybe half your opportunity. Being liked is the other half. And if you are not well liked, you’ll lose an opportunity to those who technically, are inferior to you. Don’t let this happens. Zig talks to us today about the value of being liked, and literally gives us “10 Commandments of Human Relations!” Thanks to Salesforce for supporting this episode.  

436: Sell with a Story – Paul Smith  

Remember. You ARE in sales. If you want people to hear you, frame your message in a story. You don’t have to be or become a “storyteller”, you just simply utilize short (1-2 minute) stories to dramatically increase your success in communicating a message. This is an intriguing and highly actionable show with author and speaker and authority on story, Paul Smith. Thanks so Harry’s Razors and Salesforce for their support of this episode!

435: What you speak defines you  

None of us realize the gravity of this reality. What we speak…our statements, our responses, our conversations, define us to others. And thus, garner us respect and attraction, or disdain and distance. To varying degrees. This is BIG medicine folks. Listen to 8 minutes of Zig on stage, then we’ll hold some of his statements captive and as usual, break them down for better absorption! Thanks to for their support of this episode.  

434: Provide value, get paid – with Jeff Goins  

Jeff Goins “stumbled” upon success. Meaning, he had an education, a good job, a family…and a joy in writing. So he wrote. For his work, in blogs and more, till something happened. His wife got pregnant and would lose their second income. Then he got serious. He turned his joy of writing and the value he was providing people through it, to not only a second income but a dramatic income. How? Providing value. But not to everyone. Just those who he personally related to. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is. This is a must listen to show. Thanks to Salesforce for supporting this episode.

433:Who taught you how to communicate?  

Chances are 99%...nobody. You are a novice. At best. Even if you’re better than anyone you know. Zig gives us the keys to what effective communication is, and how to do it well. Thanks so Salesforce for their support of this episode.  

432: Fire your boss! But keep your job - with Aaron McHugh  

Aaron McHugh takes us on a journey from cultural self-preservation and conforming, to true, epic self-preservation. But it doesn’t mean quitting your job. His message frees you to have the control and joy in your work that you’ve always dreamed of. Or possibly, never dreamed was possible! Thanks to Harry’s Razors, Salesforce and Kabbage for their support of this episode.

431: Pay the price now to avoid the cost later  

Classic Zig gives us a 180 in this compelling message about the prices we pay today to avoid the far greater costs tomorrow. He frames it in a sales training message, but as you’ll hear in the show, we bring this incredibly valuable message directly home to your life. Mine too. Thanks to Performa Sleep and Kabbage for supporting this episode!

430: Revisited: Zig’s 15 qualities of a successful person!  

Forget “Keys To Success” and what you should DO. Zig gives us qualities for success and how you should BE, in order to have more success. This is the foundation and possibly what you’ve been missing in your quest!

429: Young, inspired and on fire  

Tom Ziglar brings us a new focus for Ziglar…inspiring today’s youth. He’s empowered two Ziglar leaders to lead an initiative to bring the Ziglar message of inspiration, motivation and massive personal transformation to today’s youth. If you ARE today’s youth, or you are parents or friends to today’s youth, you need to hear this…and pass it along! Thank you to Performa Sleep and Kabbage for supporting this episode of The Ziglar Show!  

428: Never start over and dance with fear  

In show 424 we heard from Zig Ziglar and discussed the health of responding vs reacting. I invited questions. We got some on that topic, but it also just generated a bunch of great questions on the real life issues we cover here on The Ziglar Show regarding, “How do I really…inspire my true performance? Me, in my life?” So from personal development to some business development, we cover some big issues. One I want to pull out really questioned the issue of “positive thinking” and always being optimistic. Is it just being stoic and unemotional and…an unrealistic robot or Pollyanna persona? Then folks, near the end of the show we get into the issue of work you love, working at your passions. That’s where the excerpt from the top of the show came from and I think it will shed light on the topic that will be very reassuring and freeing for most of you. Thanks to ZipRecruiter and Braintree for sponsoring this episode of The Ziglar Show  

427: How does your image affect your performance?  

And what should we do about it? Zig gives us a 10-minute message on the power of what others negatively say about us…that we agree with. Then what WE say to ourselves, that we agree with. Nobody has permission to minimize who we are, and we don’t have the right to agree with minimizing statements, as children of God. To walk this out however, we must be very countercultural. The human norm veers toward negative statements. We must combat and reverse this. Listen in as Zig inspires us toward…our True Performance!  

426:The Talented-Person Blind Spot – with Roy H Williams  

You have talent, and you’re probably somewhat blind to it. You minimize your talent and yourself. Which makes you…normal, according to Roy H Williams. On September 18, 2016 Roy sent out his weekly “Monday Morning Memo” and within moments of reading it, Ziglar Show host Kevin Miller contacted Roy’s camp and requested an interview as soon as possible. Days later it happened. Along with the topic at hand, they also took some majestic detours into personal and business branding, what humility actually is, and Roy’s take on following your passions. Thank you to ZipRecruiter for supporting this episode!

425: Blame! Who or what?  

Who or what is to blame? People and things DO happen to us. We are victims. As Tom Ziglar states in this show, feeling blame us often justified and makes all the sense in the world. We’ve often got every right to feel that way! But do we use the blame as an excuse to confine us? Or do we do the illogical thing and…let it go. And succeed…anyway?! Thanks to NerdWallet and ZipRecruiter for supporting this episode.  

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