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Zig Ziglar is recognized as a world leader in Motivation & Inspiration who has reached and influenced over 250 million people through his best selling books, legendary presentations and timeless quotes. He is one of the most quoted leaders of all time. In The Ziglar Show, hosts Kevin Miller, Tom Ziglar (CEO & Proud son!) and special guests take messages from Zig and other inspiration leaders and drill down so you can utilize them to ‘Inspire True Performance’ in your life today!"


459: How to speak life  

Zig speaks today on the absolute truth of how we speak to and about others. What it does not only to them, but to us and those around us. This message steps on all our toes, but also offers and success action step we can begin immediately. This is a powerful self-audit. I (Kevin) took the message to the mirror, to my family, and already in an upcoming show. Get your notebook out and listen in. Thanks to Constant Contact, ZipRecruiter and Capterra for supporting this episode.

458: Home front lifting you up or dragging you down? – Mark Timm  

Mark Timm is here to talk…family. Your family is not neutral. It’s either a joy and glory in your life, or a burden and guilt. Mark Timm is the CEO of Ziglar Family and is laser focused on helping us all realize a thriving, not just surviving, family. It’s pure Ziglar: strong and healthy relationships, intentionality, goals and great habits. PLUS: You can join Ziglar Family and the 7-Day Challenge. 1) Text 7dayfamily to 44222, 2) Go to Thanks to Constant Contact, ZipRecruiter and Blue Apron for supporting this episode!

457: The power of personal accountability – John Miller  

John Miller, famed “QBQ!” author, takes us deep into the issue and opportunity of personal accountability. The Question Behind The Question has become a business and personal development classic because it gets to the core of success: ourselves. Our actions and behaviors and responsibility. It’s convicting and freeing! Thank you to Constant Contact, Capterra and ZipRecruiter for their support of this episode.

456: Number one way to help yourself  

Not just a catchy title, this is the core of Zig Ziglar’s philosophy for success. No matter who you are, no matter what you think you can or can’t do, no matter what you think you deserve or are capable of if you will stop trying to get and start working to give, you will find success. It’s an absolute truth. No gimmick, no trick, and no tactic. If you jump out a two story window onto the pavement, you will be direly hurt. Guaranteed. If you read Zig Ziglar’s “Self Talk” cards every day ( you will positively reprogram your brain. If you turn your focus to helping others succeed and get what they want, you will drastically increase your success. It’s an absolute.  Let’s talk some specifics on today’s show. Thanks to Constant Contact and ZipRecruiter for supporting this episode!

455: Q&A with Tom & Kevin  

This is the ever popular Q&A show with Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller. You’ll hear questions such as “how do you know when it's time for you to start your own business”, “What did Zig Ziglar do between his humble beginnings as a door to door salesman and his stage in front of millions? What’s the in-between story?” and “I’m graduating college, how do I figure out exactly what to pursue”. The Q&A shows with myself and Tom Ziglar continue to grow in popularity with our audience, so I grabbed Tom out of a weeklong Ziglar Legacy Certification event at Ziglar headquarters, to get on the mic with me for 40 minutes. We had some great questions, and though I feel I rushed to answer them…we only got through 3. But that’s OK, as chances are, you will resonate with them. We were answering individuals, but on questions that pertain to most everyone listening to the show. Join as and hear real stories and feedback from others like you who are striving to inspire their…true performance!

454: Threats to your self-image  

Zig Ziglar. On stage, and in a more intense mood than his somewhat jovial presentations. Why? He’s talking about self-image, a topic he was most passionate about it. In this message Zig’s focus is on some of the key things that cause a bad self-image. Thing is, we need to take audit of within ourselves, so we can correct them and succeed. This is a meaty show folks! Thanks to Constant Contact, Blue Apron and Princess Cruise Lines for their support of this episode! 

453: Ray Edwards – The copywriting formula you must follow to make sales  

Ray Edwards joins us today. He’s a renowned Communications Strategist, Copywriter, Author and Speaker. If you have any involvement in selling a product, service or message…or yourself, you really need to listen in. Most people commence to marketing, and skip over…the very thing that makes marketing efforts successful. All that effort to drive people to your offer, only to fail because the offer…does not connect.

452: The power of relationships at work  

Today we hear a message from the legend of motivation and inspiration, the champion of personal development, Zig Ziglar. Today he walks us through some stats and reality of success in the workplace being highly dependent on the value of our relationships…even eclipsing our mastery of the job. The great news is it’s something we can change, immediately! He hits on 4 topics: 1) the value of appreciating others, 2) treating everyone like a VIP, 3) expecting the best from others so you can get the best from them and 4) treating everyone with care and respect. But let me caution you here, this is not about being humanitarian of the year Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy. The point is teaching you how you can have far greater success in your life and work. And quite honestly, if you really pay attention to the message and then think about your own behavior, chances are you’ll recognize and have to admit that the qualities Zig is espousing here are not up to par in your life. But again, the great news is…you can address it now! You can take action today, and tomorrow and immediately begin increasing and securing your success. Thanks to Constant Contact, Pro Flowers and ZipRecruiter for their support of this episode.  

451: Q&A with Tom and Kevin  

We opened the door for questions and the Ziglar audience poured them in. In this show, we cover questions on establishing new habits, how to take personal retreats, dealing with unmotivated spouses and if it’s possible to pursue one’s dreams while having young kids! Thanks to Constant Contact and Pro Flowers for supporting this episode.

450: Master productivity, discipline and focus – John Lee Dumas  

John Lee Dumas set the podcast world on fire with his show, Entrepreneur on Fire, and his business success. Last year we discussed his “Freedom Journal” on goal setting and achieving. Now he has come out with a product, really as a result of requests from his audience. The question of, “Hey, to achieve my goals, I need to be more productive, more disciplined and have more focus.” These are strengths of Johns, so he didn’t just write a book, he crafted a journal to help you work through achieving success in these three areas; Productivity, Discipline, Focus. This was an intriguing, valuable and truly fun show. Thanks so Constant Contact, Blue Apron and Princess Cruise Lines for supporting this episode.

449: Inspired but alone  

Tom Ziglar & Kevin Miller answer real questions from podcast listeners. We have some tactical questions, and some deep, personal development questions today. Chances are 100% you’ll hear something that resonates, inspires, and equips you! Thanks to ZipRecruiter and Princess Cruise Lines for their support of this episode.  

448: A prospect for what you sell  

Your product, service, message and mission need a constant flow of the right people, “viable prospects”, getting exposure. Zig gives us a professional class on the topic, then we break down the high points. If you think you aren’t in sales…you’re listening to the wrong podcast. We all need this message, and will benefit from Zig’s counsel! Thanks to ZipRecruiter and Princess Cruise Lines for their support of this episode.

447: Revisited, Zig on increasing your hope!  

If hope, is not the most important factor of success, it is at least the first step and foundation. Without hope, we either don’t ever take action, or we take weak action that does not produce success. With hope, we achieve astounding things. So here you go, start your New Year off with the first step in your quest for success, however you define it. Thanks to Blue Apron and ZipRecruiter for supporting this episode!

446:  Rewrite your story with Owen Fitzpatrick  

Owen Fitzpatrick walks us through the tangible realities of changing our perspective and story from victim to overcomer. He shares as a psychologist, therapist and coach, but also from his own, hard story. His recent TEDx talk, “Mind Control: How to win the war in your head”, has had over 50,000 views in the first month, as he delivers and entertaining, yet poignant, 10-minute talk. This is foundational personal development for inspiring true performance.  

445: When should we accept “No”  

Zig tells his personal story of being rejected for his first sales position. When he finally got hired, he spent two and a half years…failing. Why did he keep pursuing this sales job when he was told he wasn’t qualified, he didn’t have any affinity for the product, and ultimately he proved them right by doing a poor job. Why did he continue? At face value, it’s hard to see that it was wise. We listen in, and then unpack it a bit. Thanks to Braintree for their support of this episode.

444: Q&A with Tom Ziglar & Kevin Miller  

You sent in questions on specific issues addressed in recent shows…and today we answer. Tom Ziglar and Show host Kevin Miller candidly respond to real questions from real people striving to inspire their true performance!  

443: The beautiful challenge of personal responsibility – with Dan Miller  

Zig gives his story and Dan Miller helps us unpack the essence of overcoming vs being overcome. By life. By challenges. We dig into a drive, aspiration and the “DNA of desire”. This conversation really gets into the roots of why we do and don’t actually take action and make progress.

442: Determine your habits and why and succeed – with Tom Ziglar  

In this show, we interview…Tom Ziglar. CEO of Ziglar and leader of the legacy! We recently got an iTunes 5-star review that simply said…”More Tom”. So…we aim to deliver, and today, we are! Tom Ziglar has been CEO of Ziglar for a long time, but since Zig passed away 3 years ago, Tom’s impact has ramped up dramatically. Today we make him the focus. Who is Tom? How did he come to run the Ziglar empire, and why? And what does he see for all of us in the future? What is our hope, our opportunity? Our possibility? Then we dig into one of his favorite topics…habit. This show went deep and is a profound commentary on the status of hope, encouragement, and inspiration in today’s world. This show may be the primer you need to hear, before any other show. Thanks to Harry’s Razors and Lenovo for their support of this show.

Success, Goals, Attitude & Christmas!  

Tom Ziglar inspires our true performance by delivering some short, stout perspectives on Success, Goals and Attitude. Stand-alone value. For those who desire, he wraps up by sharing some amazing Ziglar Christmas gift packages!

441: Telling the truth in advance  

Ziglar does not believe in “fake it until you make it”. But we do believe in “telling the truth in advance”. One of Ziglar’s most popular messages and offerings is his Self-Talk cards. In this show, host Kevin Miller digs in with Tom Ziglar to question and encourage the use of this most powerful tool for reprogramming your brain for success. Get yours free at Thanks to and Lenovo for their support of this episode.  

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