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JUST BEING EARNEST ( 09-07-17) Ern on the solo-tip! Talks it up for 30 mins!

Earnest is on the scene and ready to keep it active! Ern talks: Hiero Day, Hiero Day not really impressing, Ray Lewis, Lil B, Kaepernick, Nate Diaz getting 20-million, + much more!

THE SLY SHOW at 12:30PM ( 09-07-17)

Stuff happened.

The No Invite Podcast w/ B-Eazy Dat Dude and Jizzle the Mayor ( 09-07-17) Live from St Claire’s Cigar Shop in Pittsburg, California

Originally recorded for the main no invite pilot season this episode touches more on the Marijuana culture in California as well as new artist in the rap game. We got B Eazy Dat Dude Checking in and giving us his perspective as well as the usual suspect Jizzle The Mayor holding down for No Invite as he should. Recorded in the beautiful St. Claires Cigars lounge in Pittsburg California you start to get an idea what good weed and good conversation can do when done right.

P-WORLD RADIO w/ Montana Macks and Sly (09-06-17) Sly and Montana Macks kicking it, making announcements, talk: 9QuotaAwards, 49ers, Kaepernick, Pittsburg Life, + much more!

Sly and Montana Macks kicking it, making announcements, talk: 9QuotaAwards, 49ers, Kaepernick, Pittsburg Life, + much more!

THE SLY SHOW at 12:15PM ( 09-06-17) Sly kicking it on air for 2+ hours, Smoking Tree, Playing Musics and other fuckery tings

Sly kicking it on air, 2+ hours. yep.

THE SLY SHOW AT 7:25PM ( 09-05-17) Sly makes a few announcements, plays music in the mix, talks NFL 2017, among other fuckery tings!

Sly throws down a "solo" 60 min Podcast and talks about a few thangs! New Announcements pertaining to The Sly Show DJing parties, Buying Advertising on, and a few fuckery themed topics! Sly kept it all the way real towards the end where he talked about 2017-2018 NFL Season and how Kaepernick situation is complete racism. A lot of this show Sly was in the mix, and that playlist is below. Enjoy, fuckery kids.

Gucci Mane Feat Young Jeezy - Icy Trinidad James - All Gold Everything BOSSILERA - WAVY BABY FT. T-MILLZ E-40 - SLAPPIN WARREN G FT B-REAL - GET YOU DOWN Camron - Hey Lady N.O.R.E. ft Pharrell - Nothin' Nicki Minaj Feat Drake - Moment 4 Life ( MOBB DEEP - HAVING A PARTY ( Jermaine Dupri Feat Jay-Z - Money Ain't A Thang CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex BREADLEON - TURNT Bully Wiz - BOOM The Troggs - Wild Thing NEW YOUNG RADICALS - YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU GIVE

THE SLY SHOW w/ DJ MOTIVE ( 09-03-17) Sly and DJ Motive smoking trees and talking about random fuckery

Sly, DJ Motive and Lady E kicking it on a Sunday afternoon smoking trees and talking about random fuckery! they talk: Weed, Smoking Weed, Raw Papers, DJing parties, Booking The Sly Show to DJ your party, McGregor vs Mayweather, 49ers, Just Being Earnest, Mixes, DJ Motive's Top 5 Mixes of all-time + much more

THE SLY SHOW w/ COUSIN GABE ( 09-01-17) Sly and Cousin Gabe cruising down Nor Cal’s Highway 1 and do a Podcast

Sly and Cousin Gabe driving down Highway 1 and fuckery ensues..

THE SLY SHOW w/ COTTONMOUTH ( 08-31-17) Sly catches up w/ Cottonmouth and World Premiere his new single, “Factz!”

Sly catches up with San Francisco Rapper, "Cottonmouth" and they World Premiere his new single, "Facts." As these things usually go, an open-discussion was kicked off and Sly and Cotton talked about a slew of things, ranging from: Haters, Background checking the Haters, Colorado Culture, Hunting, Amsterdam, San Francisco Tap Water, Going back to the 80s, and music themed topics. Cottonmouth's new single, "Facts" will be available everywhere digitally, September 12th, 2017.

THE SLY SHOW w/ DIRTY ERN (08-31-17) Mayweather vs McGregor, Just Being Earnest, Lyrical Hip-Hop, Black Thought, Conor McGregor's future, Miami Dolphins + more!

Sly catches up with Dirty Ern and they talk: Mayweather vs McGregor, Conor McGregor's future, Boom Bap, Miami Dolphins, NFL, Sports, Titty's/Ass, + other fuckery

THE NO INVITE PODCAST with Blaze, Half, Breadleon, DJ Cali Beatz, Ice a Tone and Skeeteam PZ ( 08-31-17) Blaze and crew all the way Live from Lake County, California!!

Recorded on the scene at Drinx Bar & Grill in the city of Lake Port in Northern California. Fresh off the stage Blaze and Half take the after party to the office and chop it up with all the artist from The Hip Hop Show. Dj Cali Beatz, Breadleaon, Ice A Tone and Skeeteam Pz give us game on what they got going on. Blaze cant find some RAW papers and the cameo from hypeman of the year Geezy is hype to say the least.

JUST BEING EARNEST ( 08-31-17) Dirty Ern and Cleve talk: Mayweather-McGregor, Alt-Right, Drinking Champagne, Boom Bap, Black Thought, Roots Crew, C-BO, Being Catfished in the 90s

Dirty Ern and Cleve on the scene and throw down a funny, informative, entertaining 60-minute podcast! they talk: McGregor vs Mayweather, Alt Right, Protests, T-Pain, R-Kelly fuckery, C-BO being the Legend, Drinking Champagne, + other fuckery

THE SLY SHOW at 12:53AM (08-30-17) Houston Floods, McGregor vs Mayweather, Sly’s recent Hiatus, and a fat Keak Da Sneak Mixshow at the end!

Sly ain't been around this muthafucka for a while. Well, it's been like 12 days or something. He's been dealing with some drama, but he's back and came with a dope show! He talked: Houstin Floods, MCGregor Vs Mayweather, Cousin Gabe, and threw down a fat Keak Da Sneak mixshow at the end. all in all, good times, as Sly made his return to The Sly Show! Playlist to  Sly's Keak Da Sneak Set: Keak Da Sneak - Outside Ya Mamas House P.S.D. ft Mac Dre,Messy Marv & Keak Da Sneak - Hoes Keak Da Sneak ft Matt Blaque & Messy Marv - Nothin' Without You Keak Da Sneak/Keak Da Sneak - That Go Keak Da Sneak - Hi Volume Keak Da Sneak - Know What Im Talkin About Keak Da Sneak ft E-40 - T-Shirt, Jeans & Nikes 3X's Crazy - Keep It On The Real Louie Loc ft. Keak Da Sneak - Aint Nobody Rell Dert ft. Keak Da Sneak - Cut Back Keak Da Sneak, The Jacka, & Mickey Shiloh - Windows Keak Da Sneak ft Turf Talk - Don't Do It Bullys Wit Fullys ft. Keak Da Sneak - What It Do KEAK DA SNEAK - SNEAK COME OUT AT NIGHT Keak Da Sneak - Townbusiness Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphy Yay Remix Keak Da Sneak - On Citas E-40 ft. Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk - Muscle Cars Keak Da Sneak ft Turf Talk - 3 Freaks Keak Da Sneak - Here Comes Keak Da Sneak

(Crackle Tings: Curated By Lady E) Oldies, Lowrider Oldies, Sunday Oldies, The Fuzz, Ralphie Pagan, The Temprees, Earth Wind and Fire !@#$

1.I Love You For All Seasons- The Fuzz 2.Reasons- Earth Wind & Fire 3.Rene y rene – lo mucho que te quiero 4.So-war 5.Don't let the sun catch you crying-the mumy 6.Negrona- Ralphie Pagan 7.Sitting in the park- Billy Stewart 8.Trouble-Brenton Wood 9.The one who really loves you-Mary Wells 10.I'm so proud-the impressions 11.There is something on your mind-big jay McnNeely& band 12.Hypnotized- Linda Jones 13.You got me digging you- Roosevelt Matthews 14.Sho Nuff -Sly Slick and wicked 15. Love can be so wonderful- the temprees 16.What cha see is what cha get- the Dramatics 17. Be thankful for what you've got – William devaughn

THE SLY SHOW w/ MONTANA MACKS (08-25-17) McGregor vs Mayweather Predictions, Pittsburg Pirate Football, NFL, New Montana Macks Music Coming,

Sly and Montana kicking it on Friday Afternoon and talk: McGregor vs Mayweather, Predictions on the fight, Pittsburg High School Football, NFL, UFC, Pittsburg Ca Biz, No Invite Podcast w/ Blaze, DJ Motive Making Beats, Sly meeting The Jacka,

JUST BEING EARNEST (08-25-17) Ern on the Solo Tip! talks for 35 mins while Smoking Trees! “Being Woke,” Keak Da Sneak, McGregor vs Mayweather, Isaiah Thomas, Sly Show Fuckery, Read a Book,

Ern on the solo-tip! Talks it up, smokes some trees and talks about fuckery themed topics! Being Woke, Keak Da Sneak, Isiah Thomas, Black Lives Matter, Chris Brown, Reading Books, McGregor vs Mayweather, plus more!

The No Invite Podcast w/ Blaze and Chewy Loc ( 08-24-17) Blaze Talks w/ Chewy Loc about the P-World Underground Rap Scene!!

Recorded at Koncrete Jungle Studios Blaze catches up with CEO/Artist Chewy Loc as he gives us a brief break down on his history in the P world underground rap scene. It was hot as fuck but the conversations was cool. Smoke up and listen to this with ya side chick.

McGregor Vs Mayweather Handbook! Your Official Guide to Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Fight!

Over the past year Sly has had a collection of shows and the topic of "McGregor Vs Mayweather" has come up! With the fight going down this Saturday, we have compiled some of the best conversations with people who actually know what the fuck they're talking about! No matter who you think is gonna win, or who you want to win, soaking some dope perspective is important, and that's what this Mega-Podcast is! Enjoy! People featured on this Podcast: BRANE MIKEY MO SWEET FROM CAGE AGAINST ERN NITESH BLAZE COUSIN GABE

No Invite Podcast w/ Half and Blaze ( 08-17-17) Blaze speaks w/ Half about his origins in the Rap Game and being an Indy artist!

We back in the hood with Half CEO of Fam1rst Entertainment and Co host of the No Invite Podcast taps in and lets us know what exactly brought him to this rap game and what it is to be on his grind as an up and coming independent artist. The man of many hats stays busy and so do we. Blaze is high so dont mind him that what he does.

THE SLY SHOW w/ MIKEY MO ( 08-16-17) Miami, Eastcoast Latinas, Racism in Charlottesville, NFL, Kaepernick, Racism in Sports, Mikey's new single!

Sly and Mikey Mo get down on a almost 2 hour Podcast! They talk: Mikey's recent Miami Trip, Racism in Virginia, NFL, Racism in Sports, Kaepernick breakdown, Mikey meeting Willie Mays, PC vs Mac, Sly Hacking fools in 1996, plus much more! Great, informative and entertaining.

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