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Investigating things we simply don't have the answer to. Sometimes, you have to think a little sideways to come up with a solution.


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The Glasgow Effect  

Starting around the late 2000's studies began to surface talking about the unexplained below average life expectancy of the residents of Scotland. Why is this happening and what's causing it?

The Atlanta Ripper  

For two years in the early 20th century, the black community of Atlanta was terrorized by a serial killer whose crimes eerily resembled those of Jack the Ripper. The killer was never caught.

The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden  

In September of 2007, 14 year old Andrew Gosden slept in a bit, then left for school like any other day. After his parents had left for work, he returned home, drained his savings account and bought a one way ticket to London. He was never seen again.

Blair Adams  

Canadian Blair Adams' body was found on July 11th, 1996 in the parking lot of a hotel that was under construction in Knoxville Tennessee, wearing a ripped shirt and nothing else. Somewhere between $4-6k in US, Canadian, and German currency was spread on the ground around the body. No one knows why Blair was in Knoxville or who is responsible for his death.

Disappearance of the USS Cyclops  

On March 4, 1918, the US Navy ship Cyclops left Barbados to sail to Baltimore--and vanished without a trace.

Atacama Skeleton  

In 2003, a skeleton was found in an abandoned town in the Chilean desert of the Atacama. While this finding is not odd, the fact that the skeleton was just 6 inches (15 cm) long was. After DNA testing revealed the skeleton only shared 91% of it's DNA with humans, theories began to run wild as to what this skeleton belongs to.

Who tried to kill Bob Marley?  

In 1976 three gunmen came onto Bob Marley's estate at 56 Hope Road in Kingston Jamaica and opened fire. No one was killed but who sent them and why?

Death of Annie Börjesson  

In December 2005, the body of Annie Börjesson was found washed up on the beach at Prestwick, Scotland. Local police concluded that the death was suicide by drowning... but the evidence suggests something else.

Area 51 Broadcast Interruption  

On September 11, 1997, on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM show, a frantic caller claiming to be a recent employee at Area 51 made some startling revelations. A few minutes into the call, the Coast to Coast AM broadcast is mysteriously disrupted. Seventeen years later, a man calls a different show called Fade to Black, claiming to have made the whole thing up. Was the call really a hoax? And if so, what took out the broadcast?

Crash of South African Airlines flight 295  

In 1987 South African Airways flight 295 crashed into the ocean after reporting smoke on board. The aircraft was found a year and a half later on the ocean floor, fire was ruled to be the cause of the crash. What caused it to go down though? What started the fire?

Disappearance of Hale Boggs  

In 1972 Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich boarded a Cessna to fly from Anchorage, AK to Juneau. The plane never made it, and no wreckage was ever found. Was it an accident... or murder?

The Murder of Julia Wallace  

In 1930, William Wallace found his wife beaten to death upon his return home from a wild goose chase. He was charged with the murder, as police found his alibi to be lacking at best. Wallace maintained his innocence and the court of criminal appeals agreed- clearing him of any guilt. The "real" murderer of Julia Wallace has never been caught.

Danny Casolaro and The Octopus  

In 1991 Danny Casolaro supposedly committed suicide in his hotel room. He had been researching a cabal that he had started calling the Octopus. Did they knock him off or did he take his own life after realizing that he had been chasing smoke for over a year?


For generations people have been singing the tale of Frosty the Snowman- but who was he really? We investigate a few avenues that might turn this cold case into a damp spot.

Lost Treasures  

The Lost Galleon of Pearls, the Poverty Island Treasure, Lasseter's Reef—three fabled tales of fantastic wealth which was, er, kind of lost track of.

The White House Farm Murders  

Three generations of the Bamber family died in the family farmhouse in August 1985, in a case which came to be called the White House Farm Murders, one of the most notorious crimes in modern British history. Was it a murder/suicide? Or just straight-up murder? Thirty years later, the case is still controversial, and still unsolved.

Lake City Quiet Pills  

In 2009, u/2-6 posted on Reddit that u/ReligionOfPeace had passed away. It was later discovered that u/ReligionOfPeace, aka "Milo" owned the domain for a site called "That Old Guy's Image Hosting". But when another Reddit user innocuously checked the source code of the site, it launched one of Reddit's longest-lived unsolved mysteries.

Josh Gibson's Yankee Stadium Home Run  

Josh Gibson is remembered as one of the best and strongest hitters in the National Negro League. The stories say he hit one out of Yankee Stadium in 1930 or 1934. Is it possible to do that and if so did he really do it?

Who Finked on the Franks  

For two years Anne Frank & her family, and four other people, lived in hiding in rooms behind a business in Amsterdam--until one day in August 1944 when German and Dutch police showed up and arrested them. Who was the rat?

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