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This Damn World with Dom & Jenn is a long form conversational podcast with topics ranging from news, life, and all things creative. TDW aims to be the entertaining outlet for your dose of humor, education, and inspiration.


Long Live Batman!  

Today we talk about the Comey testimoney, the Death of Batman, and the reddit wheelchair.

Chipotle Hurt Me.  

Today we talk about White Terrorists in Portland, the 16 year old who stabbed her Uber driver to death, and Chipotle is still not so hot.

Fucking Fidgeting  

Aya's out and the boys are in, we talk Wonder Woman, and getting rant over.

Riffed Off  

TDW gets riffed off with Comedian Natasha Muse.

Drunk Fights  

If it walks like a duck, and talks to Russia all night long in their pjs, it must be Donald. We also talk drunk fights with your significant other, and the Romp(Him).

Lamb Sack  

This episode we chat about the artificial womb that spawned a lamb "Lamb Sack", Matt's trip and Coopers Hawk, and the Heineken commercial.

Cinco de White People  

Fyre Festival goes up in flames, Cinco De Mayo is successfully avoided, and Sandwich =  Stabbing in San Francisco.

Record Maker  

Aya and Dom talk to Jeffrey Hayes about board games and their therapeutic properties...and his upcoming attempt to set the world record for the longest rim job.

Power to the People  

Major power outages in SF, we are totes jelly about Matt's new gig, and Aya creates a dating profile for a friend.

Clowns be Scary  

We are talking Watercolors, the resurgence of the movie IT, and relationships.

Half Birthdays are for Snowflakes.  

Pepsi sucks? Half Birthdays Suck! But the movie the Wizard and the La Brea tarpits don't.

Getting Hairy, Comedy Roundtable 2  

Sam DiSalvo, Richard Sarvate, and Priyanka Wali joins the TDW crew to talk their perspectives on politics role in comedy, body hair, and the things that make us attractive.

Bull Jizz  

From the stay of execution for the ACA, to Matt's new pirate dog Nub, and Bull Jizz, literally everything gets covered.

Snarky with Jarky.  

Jake Arky talks, the mission shooter, tinder, cum guzzling grandmas, and how his new endeavors do not relate at all to those things.

Bridesmaids & Cancer  

 We discuss the good and bad of live feeds, looking at you Game of Thrones, Twosers dog, and International Womens Day.

Chad Spoils Everything.  

Chad (Damnit) Liffmann is back to talk, his inclusion to a secret society, the hot films of late, how soon is too soon to talk about movie spoilers, and a little politics. He tries hard-ish to convince Dom he is poised for a mayoral run.

Don't Treat Me Like A Bitch.  

People genuinely aren't pieces of shit, they just have piece of shit tendencies. Well Matt and Dom found the exception to that rule with an encounter they had dealing with a diva, of all the proportions, and MMA fighter.

Baby's First Grays.  

Getting older is tough.

Comedy Roundtable I  

Comedians Alexandria Love and Clay Newman stop by to show off...Thats all. These two were a bunch of shits and giggles its a good thing work is also fun because productivity goes out the window with these two.

Frumpy Bitch  

It's like watching a car accident, happen in slow motion.. There is nothing you can do about Betsy from the mid-west trying to ride that segue.

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