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This Damn World with Dom & Jenn is a long form conversational podcast with topics ranging from news, life, and all things creative. TDW aims to be the entertaining outlet for your dose of humor, education, and inspiration.


Try Not To Be A Dick  

A simple lesson we could all stand to learn. Musician Emily Yates recently returned from the victory at Standing Rock, and she's got a lot to say. Hear her stories about helping to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline, putting a false positive spin on military affairs during her time in the Army, discovering the perks of a moon ceremony, and playing snarky folk songs on her ukulele. Keep listening after the sign-off for our new favorite song "Try Not to Be a Dick." For more, check out 

Behind the Wig.  

Why bitches gotta be so basic? TDW is joined by the fiercely magnificent Heklina, poster child of the ideal San Francisco star. Tune in for tales in the life of a drag queen, including but not limited to cruise performances, lovestruck stalkers, and unfortunate buffet butts. We also talk about the intent behind offensive stereotypes and how not to hijack other people's experiences (looking at you, bachelorettes). 

Post Black Friday Nonsense.  

Damn, it feels good to be grateful. TDW gives a big shout out to all the single moms and dads who are doing their best not only this holiday season but all throughout the year. We fangirl out over Fantastic Beasts and WestWorld, as well as discuss the impact of fake news and Castro's death. Keep an eye on our social media for ways to give back to the world. 

The Whole Booth And Nothing But The Booth.  

Hey, hey, hey! TDW is coming to you live from our booth at HellaCon 2 in Harmonic Brewing. We talk nervousness, when to fake confidence, facing your fears, hurricane insurance, and how to lean into what scares you. 

Renaissance Man  

Getting snarky with Arky. We sit down and work through our feelings over the election with Jake Arky, as well as hiding kids in the basement.

Basically Famous  

Please welcome to the stage... After months of flooding social media, TDW arrives at the long-awaited HellaCon 2. Dom and Jenn are joined by fantastic comedians Sam DiSalvo and Clay Newman. We talk BART incidents, see-something-say-something, coffee choices, the ideal level of rich, tattoos, creative justice, and how much Dom is a puss. 

The Birds & The Bees  

Your earholes are in for a treat. TDW is joined by Rachel Lark- musician, adventurer, and the creator of sex positive songs such as "Fuck My Toe" and "Warm, Bloody, and Tender." Tune in for tales of bee sting attacks, allergies, how to choose a pet, Bay Area shows, even MORE deadly things to fear in Australia, and truly phenomenal songs.

The Duchess of Horror  

Are you afraid of the dark? Halloween is fast approaching, and to celebrate the creepiest time of the year we have storyteller and horror enthusiast Kathleen Auterio at the mic, sending shivers and chills down your spook-loving spine. Hear tales of growing up in a haunted house, dark figures, Ouji board, unexplained experiences, and that one particular night on Dudley Rd. If you need something to soothe your mind after, check out her band, The Beast of England. 


TRIPLE DIGITS, Y'ALL! Thank you to everyone who made this milestone possible. For our anniversary, TDW talks scary situations in movie theaters, art shows, street food, housing ghosts, the Blue Angels, Hurricane Matthew, and more. #befuckinbetter  

Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam.  

Beat it, Becky; somebody else got the good hair now. Comedian Sam DiSalvo joins us in the studio to talk heritage, cheating, waxing, dating, cleaning, and, of course, what it's like to be a woman in comedy. You're going to be hearing from this dame again. Check out Sam's extensive comedic resume at   

Cohabitate With Your Mate.  

Livin' it up in sweet, sweet sin. Jenn recently took the big step and moved in with her boyfriend, and now there's a LOT to talk about. TDW covers the five stages of grief when moving, individuality within a relationship, marriage, drinking, cuckholding, and to pee or not to pee in front of your partner. We would LOVE to know your thoughts. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.  

Chrity Chrity Bang Bang  

Christy Osorio is back, y'all! On top of serving up those sweet, healthy juices at La Sombra, Christy is now the host of's "Conference Call with Chrity" where she takes calls and sets your Friday afternoon mood with some damn sexy tunes. TDW talks sex therapists, moving in the Bay Area, censoring yourself as a host, and the morality of deleting tweets once you reach fame. 

What's the Magic Word?  

Abracadabra, presto, voila! Bradmagic and Andrew Evans bring a little bit of magic to the studio, with stories of first performances and tricks goes wrong, as well the logic behind 'good' magic, and why you can't use it to meet girls. 

We Have the Technology.  

We live in a digital age. TDW talks credit card theft, the faces of 911 operators, and what3words, the new world addressing system that stretches all the way out to Mongolia. We also cover how to handle Amber Alerts and those pushy Greenpeace fundraisers on the street. 


Better late than never. TDW talks the effects of personal change, including weight loss, anxiety, cosmetic and life altering surgery, new ways of coping, and looking back on high school mistakes. 

Naughty Bawdy Language  

"I don't want to fuck the whole world." Sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour is coming in hot with a mouthful of steamy, kinky stories. Hear about organizing sex clubs, the variety of furries, losing virginities, and cock-wielding clowns. Check out her storytelling show, Bawdy Storytelling, live in San Francisco and Seattle. 

Scoot 'em Up  

Hands in the air! TDW talks two-wheeled rides with our good friend Barry, the owner of Scooter Centre near our studio. This wise-cracking antiques collector has a host of stories about shotguns traded, bones broken, loves lost, and dogs adored. 


Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. TDW talks space, aliens, and other theories with astronomy consultant Tim Debenedictus. Tim is the creator of the popular star-gazing app "Sky Safari."


There's a lot of lunacy in the world today. With all the chaos going on, people need a strong, genuine presence to guide them. Is anyone surprised to find it in the lovely Luna Malbroux? Comedienne, show host, and now journalist, Luna tells of her experience traveling to Atlanta to attend the funeral of Alton Sterling, a black man shot and killed by police. She met Sterling's family and even stood in as an usher when they needed extra hands. (And also experienced her first stalker situation.)

Baby Crusader  

Nobody puts Baby in an uncomfortable situation. Doula Sophi Scarnewman is standing up for newborns and the beautiful women who bring them into the world. On top of being pregnant, mothers have to worry about the rising number of C-sections, the shocking number of deaths in childbirth, bully doctors, complications- the list goes on and on. But luckily, there are doulas to help light the way.

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