This Feels Terrible

This Feels Terrible

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Comedian and repeat relationship failure, Erin McGathy talks love, sex and all matters of heartbreak in the podcast version of her live show originally performed at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. Let's get terrible.


88 - Alison Spittle  

Get comfortable for a cozy episode of This Feels Terrible with Irish Comedy Star, Alison Spittle. Erin and Alison talk about the difficulties of growing up in small town Ireland, body image issues and young love. Find Alison at Additional music by Timothy Cushing,

87 - Andrée Vermeulen  

Hindsight about past relationships is 20/20 when Erin and Andree (Angie Tribeca) discuss extremes they’ve gone to for past relationships.

86 - Scott Rodgers  

Erin ran into director, actor, comedian and Ex-fling Scott Rogers at a comedy festival. They talk about broken engagements, moving to another country, anxiety and they read their old Facebook messages from 2008 aloud and it's as mortifying as it sounds...

85 - Yusong Liu  

Lauded Feral Intern, Yusong Liu came to the studio to talk about relationships and to be manically lectured by "Ole McGathy" on how to journal properly this past summer and now you get to hear it! In an almost not-ever-released episode, Erin and Yusong talk about what it was like having Facebook as a young teen and facing the embarrassing documentation of one's youth.

84 - Barbara Gray  

Erin sits down for an extra chatty conversation in Burbank with comedian, Barbara Gray! They talk hangovers, Pocahontas, marionettes, CGI, Elmo, knitting circles, Northern Ireland, babies looking like dads, museum dates, diaries, naked butts and much much more. Follow @BabsGray on twitter and This Feels Terrible on Instagram!

83 - Jensen Karp  

Erin welcomes comedian and Author of Kanye West Owes Me $300 into the reveal-y chair to talk breakups, Erin's love of Judaism (yes, we know this isn't the first time) and what it's like succeeding and failing at such a young age. Check out Erin's Etsy shop Love You Loudly for all of your Valentine's Day needs and send your relationship advice questions to ... McGathAttack!

82 - Heber Hanly  

Description: In a very special, This Feels Terrible Christmas episode, Erin welcomes comedian, writer and friend Heber Hanly on the podcast as they chat about about love and Christmas in Dublin's Hairy Lemon Pub and continue recording as they wander around the city during it's most festive season and are harassed by drunk Dubliners out who are out for holiday pints.

81 - Ed Gamble  

Erin chats in a Scottish pub with British comedian, Ed Gamble (Conan, Almost Royal, Drunk History UK) discuss stuffed animal play, compare notes on their Edinburgh shows, may be so messy and all about Ed's BBC America show, Almost Royal. Erin also gives an 3AM update from Ireland following her recent trip back to LA.

80 - Julia Prescott  

Of the Everything's Coming Up Podcast, Julia Prescott shares her worst dating experiences and her recent engagement.

79 - Mary McGathy​  

It's Erin's Mema's 90th birthday and they sit down to talk dating during WWI, broken engagements, how to be happy and Erin shares a clip from an upcoming mini-sode with an Irish farmer.

78 - Chris Gethard  

Erin sat next to comedian Chris Gethard by coincidence on their flight into Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and struck up a friendship. Here they are on the last day of the festival, comisterating about the experience and what it’s like to mine personal experience for comedy. See Chris’s show Career Suicide presented by Judd Apatow this October in NYC! This week’s episode ends with a long personal update from Erin about feelings and roof cats.

Hey! It's Erin Checking In I'm So Sorry  

Erin checks in from her 30 month residency in Edinburgh with her longtime bestie and Lil Cutie Dave Horwtiz

77 - 2016 Tour: Portland with Hutch Harris and Erin Gibson  

This Feels Terrible 2016 tour continues into Portland with The Thermal's Hutch Harris and Throwing Shade's Erin Gibson!

76 - 2016 TOUR: Los Angeles with Mike Mitchell, Erin Whitehead and Wayne Federman  

This Feels Terrible 2016 begins with Doughboys' Mike Mitchell, Erin Whitehead and Wayne Federman! Find U.S dates at This episode is brought to you by Fullscreen--get your one month free trial today at!

75 - Andrea Farrell  

Erin chats it up with her friend and housemate, Irish comedian Andrea Farrell about first kisses, depression, sex noises and the not-so-many uses of free tampons. Buy tickets for This Feels Terrible: LIVE at This episode is brought to you by Fullscreen–get your free one-month trial at!

74 - Alexi Wasser  

Alexi Wasser joins a hungover Erin in conversation about Los Angeles icon Angelyne, Alexi's relationship with her famous photographer father and intuition versus the "internal spiral." Erin also shares the audio diary she recorded after she accidentally died her body blue. This Feels Terrible is on tour in July! For tickets, go to

73 - Peter C. Hayward  

Erin talks to the world's #1 Incest Mind-Control Erotica author and co-host of Erin's favorite new podcast, Being Honest With My Ex. ​

72 - John Luke Roberts  

Erin talks shop with British comedian, John Luke Roberts about his show Stdad-Up, a comedic solo-show with clowning about his dead dad. They discuss the practice of turning personal tragedy into artful comedy and what that means for everyone involved. (Also boobs at the end) Send mail: Erin McGathy 2658 Griffith Park Blvd #840 Los Angeles, CA, 90039 Visit // OfferCode: thisfeelsterrible

71 - Bec Hill  

Erin sits down with Australian comedian Bec Hill in her London flat to chat about Erin's long lost tight-fetish business, spiritual faith and how independence strengthens romance. Visit to join their rad wine club at a discount!

70 - Josie Long  

Josie Long, a writer and comedian from England, shares some of her many old diaries and more!

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