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This Feels Terrible

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Comedian and repeat relationship failure, Erin McGathy talks love, sex and all matters of heartbreak in the podcast version of her live show originally performed at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. Let's get terrible.


69 - Nice Cannes! Champagne? // Davey Reilly  

McGathy sits down with County Cavan born comedian, DAVEY REILLY to talk body dysmorphia, finding “the one” and the lasting psychological trauma of 90’s television show DINOSAURS. Erin still won’t let "Campfire, Pool, Buffet" go even though it works even less in Ireland and she has hot sauce on her sheets. Check thisfeelsterrible/facebook for corresponding links and pics to the episode. Advice questions to Subject line: "Terrible Advice" #McGathAttack

68 - Tara Flynn // Butt-Friends  

ERIN MCGATHY and Irish actor, author and comedian TARA FLYNN meet in a Georgian Hotel hallway to talk dating Irish vs. American men, emotionally prepping to see an ex and Ireland’s reproductive laws. Featuring a “love" song by JESS RONA. #McGathAttack

67 - The Return Of This Feels Terrible  

Divorced, living in Ireland, Erin McGathy relaunches her relationship podcast This Feels Terrible with a candid interview with her first boyfriend ever.

66 - Wedding Spectacular Part 2: Erin & Dan's Vows with Duncan Trussell, Matt Gourley and Jack Black  

In part 2 of This Feels Terrible's Wedding Spectacular you get to hear Erin McGathy and Dan Harmon's wedding ceremony! Officiated by Duncan Trussell, with music by Matt Gourley and Jack Black!

65 - Wedding Special: Part 1 feat. Dave Horwitz!  

This Feels Terrible returns from hiatus with a special miniseries all about Erin's wedding! In part one MC Dave Horwitz goes over the ceremony and some 90s kid sh_t.

64 - Emily Heller  

We welcome awesome stand up comedian Emily Heller to This Feels Terrible to talk thel TFT brand of relationship heart ache! MmmmMmm... sadness.

63 - Kevin Hainline  

Erin went to camp and met an Astronomer, Dr. Kevin Hainline, and apparently the only person worse to date then a comedian is a scientist.

62 - Live From Bridgetown '14 with Reggie Watts and Mary Van Note  

Live From Bridgetown '14 with Reggie Watts and Mary Van Note!

61 - JC Coccoli  

The hilarious JC Coccoli talks love and relationships over a few drinks on an all new This Feels Terrible!

60 - John Roy  

Don't Ever Change's John Roy shares his acceptance of being single with Erin McGathy on This Feels Terrible! McGath Attack!

59 - Chris Cope  

A controversial new This Feels Terrible with comedian Chris Cope.

58 - Mary Holland  

Erin's "girl crush" Mary Holland, a talented and upcoming comedic actress and performer, shares some of her college dating woes.

57- Guy Friends  

Erin McGathy brings together her core group of guy friends to discuss the dynamic of male and female platonic friendships.

56 - 2014 Resolutions  

Erin triumphantly returns, sick as hell, with the story of her recent engagement! Then she and Producer Dustin hash out their new year resoltuons

55 - Matt Braunger  

Erin McGathy gets caught up in listening to comedian Matt Braunger's dating woes and perspective of love in another stellar episode of This Feels Terrible.

54 - LIVE from UCB Theatre: Matt Bennett, Lindsay Ames and Dan Harmon  

Live from UCB Theatre it's This Feels Terrible, the Podcast! If you like this episode we have more live shows in our shop at

53 - Angela Trimbur  

Erin's longtime break up buddy Angela Trimbur (Freakdance, Dance Like Nobody's Watching) shares her sprite young tales of taste testing box after box of condoms... find out why in here!

52 - LIVE From the LA Podcast Festival with Chris Gore and Wayne Federman  

Rejoice! A live This Feels Terrible from the Los Angeles Podcast Festival is here and it is jam packed with great guests, audience questions and Erin's ex. Like the live show? Visit for more incredible This Feels Terrible episodes!

51 - Shadi Petosky  

Our first transgendered guest happens to be a prolific artist who helped Feral Audio get on its feet! PUNY Founder Shadi Petosky opens up to Erin McGathy about the trials and tribulations of transgenderism.

50 - Wayne Federman  

Wayne Federman and Erin McGathy join forces with some wonderful results. Wayne goes into how he used ventriloquism to seduce someone and opens up about his 3 loves, Erin makes sure to dissect them all.

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