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This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!


Episode 382 - The Soul of Brewing - 1/12/17  

We're back from CES! Norm gives Jeremy and Kishore the scoop on everything we saw there, including new virtual reality gear, a competitive laser cutter, and a home beer making machine. Plus, we discuss AT&T's latest price hikes, pinball news, and a moment of science that gets Kishore pissed off.

Episode 381 - Goodbye Bitcoin - 1/5/17  

It's the week of CES! And before Norm heads out to Las Vegas, we catch up on everyone's holidays, including Jeremy's cruise adventures and Kishore's trek to Joshua Tree. We also get the details on Jeremy's new Bolt, fiber internet in San Francisco, and the conclusion to our bitcoin adventure.

Episode 380 - Our Virtual Reality - 12/22/16  

For our last episode of This is Only a Test this year--we record entirely in virtual reality using BigScreen VR! Jeremy, Kishore, and Norm discuss Rogue One and share some of their favorite technology products, Tested video projects, and science stories of 2016. Have a great holiday, and we'll see you all in the new year!

Episode 379 - Extra Tickets Available - 12/15/16  

The gang is extra peppy today as we're giddy for the upcoming release of Rogue One, and discuss the deluge of new movie trailers released in the past week. On the tech side, we get stoked about Drone Racing broadcasts, a goggle-wearing parrot, and watching a movie together in virtual reality! (Find shownotes at

Episode 378 - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - 12/8/16  

This week, we hear about Kishore's trip to India and his testing of airline entertainment devices, discuss the demise of Pebble, and expand on our review of the new Oculus Touch controllers. Plus, Jeremy's mind gets blown when he hears about the idea of transcranial magnetic stimulation!

Episode 377 - Gravy for Days - 12/1/16  

We're back from the Thanksgiving holiday, packed full of turkey and no regrets. And we're joined by Will this week to chat about the holiday, black friday deals, two weeks of technology news, a bunch of gear we've been testing. It's an extra long episode!

Episode 376b - Blast from a Past Thanksgiving - 11/24/16  

We're all traveling this week, so please enjoy a vintage episode of This is Only a Test, featuring Will, Gary, and Norm from Thanksgiving 2012!

Episode 376 - How Holodecks Work - 11/17/16  

It's our final episode before the gang goes traveling for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We talk about iFixit's MacBook Pro teardown, disagree about Star Wars Clue, and discuss how holodecks works in the fiction of Star Trek. Plus, a packed moment of science!

Episode 375 - The Mourning After - 11/10/16  

Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore get together the morning after election day to look toward the future--one where an an artificial intelligence will be smart enough to beat a human player at StarCraft II.

Episode 374 - Live Show Recap - 11/3/16  

Everyone is exhausted after last week's massive torrent of news, and the gang recovers from a successful live show. Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore talk a bit about how the live show came together, autonomous car unknowns, our thoughts on Will's Foo VR technology, and more info about Apple's new MacBook Pros.

Episode 373 - Dongle Required - 10/27/16  

Norm and Jeremy record a duocast to catch up on this past week in technology news. It's been a busy week, from Tesla's autopilot announcement to Nintendo's new console, not to mention the big two unveils from Microsoft and Apple. We chat about Surface Studio, the new MacBooks, and our hopes and fears for each. Plus, did we mention we're putting on a live show this weekend?

Episode 372 - Apple Can't Do That - 10/20/16  

Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore plan an after-work hangout to read Guardians of the Galaxy comic books, but first, record a podcast about the latest Apple Mac event rumors, Tesla's Model 3 production schedule, Google Pixel reviews, and new Pinball machines. Plus, Norm continues to try to convince the guys to watch Westworld!

Episode 371 - Fireproof Baggage - 10/13/16  

Jeremy, Kishore, and Norm team up to discuss a what's going on in the world of technology, pop culture, and virtual reality. We recap the events and annoucements from New York Comic Con, the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer, Samsung's disastrous Note 7 recall, and the many problems with Siri. Plus, surprising VR news from Steam Dev Days!

Episode 370 - The VR Minutes - 10/6/16  

Norm and Jeremy record a special edition of This is Only a Test discussing a huge week of virtual reality news!

Episode 369 - The Restaurant on Musk 1 - 9/29/16  

Skepticism and optimism collide this week as Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore chat about new quadcopters, holographic displays, Elon Musk's Mars plan, and the use of technology in the Presidential debate. Plus, our hopes and fears for PSVR's launch and the upcoming Oculus Connect event.

Episode 368 - The Internet of Shoes - 9/22/16  

This week, we gather to dive deep into the camera annmouncements made at Photokina, discuss GoPro's along-awaited quadcopter, and ponder about the usefulness of Nike's upcoming self-lacing shoes. Plus, hopes and fear for new sci-fi shows including Star Trek and Westworld.

Episode 367 - Catching Norm Up - 9/15/16  

Norm's back! Jeremy and Kishore fill Norm in on what's happened in the worlds of pop culture, technology, science, and virtual reality over the past three weeks. We talk about the new iPhones, Samsung's Note 7 problems, Star Trek's 50th anniversary, sugar revelations, and hungry polar bears. And yes, an Arctic update!

Episode 366 - Headphone Jack RIP - 9/8/16  

Kishore & Jeremy are joined by Ars Technica Tech Culture Editor Annalee Newitz to discuss this week's Apple and Sony events, the SpaceX explosion and its ramifications, a newly discovered bizarre ant colony, and McDonald's cosplay. Plus, as always, the VR Minute and what we've been testing!

Episode 365 - True Trending Topics - 9/1/16  

Kishore & Jeremy are joined by Tested founder Will Smith to discuss the weeks high jinks in pop culture and technology, including the firing of the Facebook trending topics team, a Nest shakeup at Google, our hopes for next week's Apple & Sony events, and a fond farewell to Gene Wilder. Plus an extended Moment of Science segment and our thoughts on newly released VR titles in the VR Minute!

Episode 364 - More Ludicrous Than Ever - 8/25/16  

Kishore, Jeremy, and Patrick Norton discuss new Tesla announcements, self-driving UBERs in 2016, and sweet poetic justice involving a tech support scammer. Plus the VR Minute and a Moment of Science involving... a human head transplant?!

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