This is Only a Test

This is Only a Test

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This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!


Episode 415 - The Mayor Returns - 9/7/17  

Heat waves, Dragon*Con, Burning Man, and PAX. What a weekend! The gang talks about how they spent our Labor Day holiday, Apple's upcoming product launch, shakeups in the Star Wars world, and speed-solving rubix cubes. Plus, supermassive black holes and what we've been testing!

Episode 414 - Who's Barb? - 8/31/17  

The gang talks the Game of Thrones finale, hope for Half Life 3 Closure, Echo multi room audio, the science behind the flooding in Houston, and the VR quest for the Crimson Cauldron.

Episode 413 - Tantric Science - 8/24/17  

The gang talks about how they watched the recent solar eclipse, Disney's rumored Netflix competitor, The Defenders miniseries, and VR Mario Kart. Plus, more Elon shower thoughts and the scientific answer to a horse-related oddity!

Episode 412 - Strange Car UX - 8/17/17  

Will joins us this week as we hear about Jeremy's latest train adventure across the country, discuss OpenAI's Dota 2 win, and debate the usefulness of Tesla's Model 3 dashboard. Plus, what's the deal with MoviePass, and the VR minute!

Episode 411 - LEGO Voltron Assemble - 8/10/17  

We record a little earlier this week to talk about Intel's new Core i9 processors, the first photo of Cable from Deadpool 2, that incredible Game of Thrones episode, and a phone accessory that will read Gameboy cartridges. Plus, self-driving car and science talk, and the VR minute!

Episode 410 - Unlock Autopilot - 8/3/17  

Jeremy's back from Pinburgh to regale us of tales of his pinball achievements, and we discuss what we've learned about the Tesla Model 3, Bitcoin's fork, and a rare Atari 2700. Plus, the VR minute and a Moment of Science!

Episode 409 - Farewell Flash - 7/27/17  

Norm's back from SDCC! He's joined by Kishore and special guest Annalee Newitz for a mega deep dive into their Comic-Con experiences, all the movies and TV trailers, behind the scenes of that crazy jetpack video, the end of Adobe Flash and MS Paint, and the science study that may end football.

Episode 408 - Artificial AI - 7/20/17  

Kishore and Jeremy are joined by Tested founder Will Smith to discuss all the news from Disney's D23, the return of Google Glass & Atari Consoles, space drones, mosquito hacking, and of course the VR Minute and what we've been testing!

Episode 407 - - 7/14/17  

Kishore's back this week to talk about his London trip, and we discuss the news coming out of D23, RED's $1200 smartphone, a set visit to War for Planet of the Apes, and Microsoft's AI computer vision tool. Plus, hagfish slime in a Moment of Science, and thoughts on recent pricing announcements for VR.

Episode 406 - Chicken Dinner - 7/6/17  

We're joined by guest Zach Radding to talk about prototyping hardware for startups, making cool stuff as a career, the internet obsession with PUBG, testing the Echo Show, and Tesla's production of the Model 3. Plus, Jeremy shares his impressions of the Glowforge laser cutter!

Episode 405 - 10 Years of iPhone - 6/29/17  

Where were you 10 years ago when the iPhone was first released? The gang looks back at a decade of the modern smartphone and discusses the SNES Classic, Vidcon, a crazy science GIF. Plus, the VR Minute!

Episode 404 - European Vacation - 6/22/17  

Jeremy and Kishore welcome Norm back to the podcast and catch him up on three weeks worth of tech news and discussion. We hear about some of Norm's favorite museum stops on his trip, talk about Uber's controversies, Amazon's big purchase, and the newest OnePlus phone. Plus, the VR Minute and a Moment of Science!

Episode 403 - E3 2017 - 6/15/17  

Jeremy and Kishore are joined by engineer & maker Zach Radding to discuss all the video game news from E3 2017, IKEA's journey to Mars, artificial intelligence vs Ms. Pac-Man, and the latest from Hollywood's Marvel & DC. Plus, all the VR news you can handle and a Moment of Science reveals the world's deadliest creature!

Episode 402 - Sup HomePod - 6/08/17  

Jeremy is joined by Patrick Norton and Tested producer Gunther Kirsch while we discuss a new breakthrough 3D printer, SpaceX and Tesla updates, the new Star Wars pinball game, and all the news from Apple's WWDC event. Plus the VR Minute, and Patrick's thoughts on playing Rocket League on an 8k monitor!

Episode 401 - Bridge Crew - 6/01/17  

Kishore and Jeremy are joined by Tested Founder Will Smith to discuss the newly released Star Trek VR title, Bridge Crew, the new "Essential" phone, a landmark Supreme Court ruling about printer ink, as well as the latest in Science news.

Episode 400 - Get'em Luke! - 5/25/17  

It's our 400th episode, which just happened to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. In this listener's choice episode, we each recount our first Star Wars memories, look back at some TIOAT moments, and of course dive into this week's pop culture, technology, and science news.

Episode 399A - Not Hot Dog - 5/19/17  

Due to "miscalculation", we're not quite at episode 400 yet! But this week, Kishore is back with Jeremy and Norm to share his thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, discuss all the announcements from Google I/O, and get hyped up on the science of moving trees. Plus, we disagree on opinions for the new Star Trek show and do a real-time test of Google's drawing recognition system.

Episode 399 - Goodbye Story Studio - 5/11/17  

Norm, Jeremy, and guest Sean meet up to talk about Amazon's new Echo Show smart assistant, disagree about Guardians of the Galaxy, and lament the closing of Oculus Story Studio. Plus, some breaking VR news while we podcast, and Sean's adventures at a 3D printing conference!

Episode 398 - First World "Solutions" - 5/4/17  

Happy belated May the 4th day! Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore check out some of the festivities celebrating the occasion online, recap Microsoft's Surface laptop announcement event, and dive into the practicalities of boring tunnels for self-driving cars. Plus, an important moment of science!

Episode 397 - Alexa's Fashion Advice - 4/27/17  

Back from Silicon Valley Comic Con and the March for Science, Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore recap the past week of pop culture and technology news in a lively chat. We talk about Amazon's new Echo, the Juicero disassembly, and Jurassic World casting news. Plus, Norm tries to get someone to care about the film Unbreakable.

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