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This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!


Episode 397 - Alexa's Fashion Advice - 4/27/17  

Back from Silicon Valley Comic Con and the March for Science, Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore recap the past week of pop culture and technology news in a lively chat. We talk about Amazon's new Echo, the Juicero disassembly, and Jurassic World casting news. Plus, Norm tries to get someone to care about the film Unbreakable.

Episode 396 - RIP NES Classic - 4/20/17  

We're joined by special guest Mike Mika, Chief Creative Officer at Other Ocean and the creator of #IDARB! Jeremy, Norm, and Mike talk about immersion in theme parks, high-tech juicers, the NES Classic, and the latest in VR demos and experiences.

Episode 395 - What's in a Whopper? - 4/13/17  

This week, we talk about Monsterpalooza, Star Wars Celebration, Burger King's shennanigans, and building an iPhone from recycled parts. It's two hours of technology, science, pinball, and testing updates! Plus, we catch Jeremy up on Thor and Hulk's roles in the the Marvel comic and cinematic universes.

Episode 394 - Jumping Between Realities - 4/6/17  

The core gang is all back this week to talk about April Fools day, Apple's Mac Pro mistakes, SpaceX's groundbreaking rocket launch, and testing the LG G6 smartphone. Plus, Norm shakes Jeremy and Kishore's grip in reality with shocking truths. Show notes here: show notes:

Episode 393 - Engage VPN - 3/31/17  

Patrick Norton joins us this week on This is Only a Test to talk about internet privacy, testing AMD's Ryzen CPUs, Samsung's Galaxy S8, and more! Plus, Jeremy watches Hamilton and we wonder if StarCraft needs an HD remake.

Episode 392 - Finding All Shrines - 3/23/17  

Norm, Jeremy, and guest Will gush over the new Zelda game this week as we're back in the Tested studio and recapping the latest in pop culture, technology, and VR news. Plus, we hear about Jeremy's experience in the Hall of Justice. Check out Will's new Foo episode at

Episode 391 - On Location in France - 3/16/17  

A very special on-location episode of This is Only a Test from France! Norm and Kishore are joined by Joey Fameli as the three talk about their trip to visit CERN and Large Hadron Collider experiments. But first, we have a bunch of pop culture news to go through!

Episode 390 - The Second Half of GDC - 3/9/17  

Jeremy's out on jury duty, so Will returns for a second week in a row to discuss what we saw on the rest of GDC week. We also break out our Nintendo Switches and gives some impressions on the console hardware and launch software.

Episode 389 - The First Half of GDC - 3/2/17  

An extra long episode this week as we're joined by Tested co-founder Will Smith to discuss all things GDC! We recap bizarre Oscars blunder, the Oculus demo day, and announcements for YouTube TV, Nvidia's GeForce 1080 Ti, and SpaceX's privately funded Moon mission. Plus, can hackers steal data from blinking hard drive lights?

Episode 388 - Drone Dunk Fail - 2/23/17  

Kishore cannot contain his excitement over Marvel's upcoming Infinity War, we discuss diminishing returns for smartphone upgrades, get duped by a YouTube comedy video, and roll our eyes over drone gimmicks. Plus, NASA's breaking news story and the VR minute!

Episode 387 - Speak Easy - 2/16/17  

With Jeremy and Kishore out this week, Norm gets a chance to chat with guest Steve Lin about classic arcades, emulator hardware, VR parks, and more. Plus, spoiler-free opinions on LEGO Batman and John Wick 2, as well as Norm's immersive theater experience.

Episode 386 - Halftime Drones - 2/9/17  

This week, we talk about the technology and pop culture of the Superbowl, including drones used during the halftime show and Kishore's chicken wing party. Two new Netflix show trailers get us excited, and we debate the future of tipping for car sharing services. Plus, the VR lawsuit ruling and rumors about Magic Leap.

Episode 385 - Coffee and Dayquil - 2/2/17  

Star Wars news! Star Trek apologetics! Peak smartphone! The science of game theory! You'll find all of that discussed in this week's episode of our technology podcast. Plus, we ponder what would happen if Elon Musk took over a city's transportation department.

Episode 384 - Dark Rides - 1/26/17  

Norm's back from vacation and can't stop talking about the technology of theme park rides. We also talk about the new Star Wars movie title, discuss how artificial intelligence could win at poker, and get angry in a Moment of Science. Plus, what's the best desktop screensaver of all time?

Episode 383 - Switch! - 1/19/17  

Kishore and Jeremy are joined by Steve Lin to discuss the Nintendo Switch announcements, Google's custom security chips, newfangled technological doctors offices, and Steve's epic trip to Japan. All this in addition to your Moment of Science, the VR Minute, and What We've Been Testing!

Episode 382 - The Soul of Brewing - 1/12/17  

We're back from CES! Norm gives Jeremy and Kishore the scoop on everything we saw there, including new virtual reality gear, a competitive laser cutter, and a home beer making machine. Plus, we discuss AT&T's latest price hikes, pinball news, and a moment of science that gets Kishore pissed off.

Episode 381 - Goodbye Bitcoin - 1/5/17  

It's the week of CES! And before Norm heads out to Las Vegas, we catch up on everyone's holidays, including Jeremy's cruise adventures and Kishore's trek to Joshua Tree. We also get the details on Jeremy's new Bolt, fiber internet in San Francisco, and the conclusion to our bitcoin adventure.

Episode 380 - Our Virtual Reality - 12/22/16  

For our last episode of This is Only a Test this year--we record entirely in virtual reality using BigScreen VR! Jeremy, Kishore, and Norm discuss Rogue One and share some of their favorite technology products, Tested video projects, and science stories of 2016. Have a great holiday, and we'll see you all in the new year!

Episode 379 - Extra Tickets Available - 12/15/16  

The gang is extra peppy today as we're giddy for the upcoming release of Rogue One, and discuss the deluge of new movie trailers released in the past week. On the tech side, we get stoked about Drone Racing broadcasts, a goggle-wearing parrot, and watching a movie together in virtual reality! (Find shownotes at

Episode 378 - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - 12/8/16  

This week, we hear about Kishore's trip to India and his testing of airline entertainment devices, discuss the demise of Pebble, and expand on our review of the new Oculus Touch controllers. Plus, Jeremy's mind gets blown when he hears about the idea of transcranial magnetic stimulation!

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