This Is That from CBC Radio

This Is That from CBC Radio


This Is That is a current affairs program that doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing is off limits--politics, business, culture, justice, science, religion--if it is relevant to Canadians, we'll find out the "This" and the "That" of the story. Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring introduce you to the voices and stories that give this country character in this 100% improvised, satirical send-up of public radio.


Selfie Kid, Graffiti Counselor, Golf Course, Accidental Pianist  

A Calgary boy is suing his parents for posting embarrassing photos to social media. We meet Toronto’s new graffiti councilor. Why is a golf course in Ontario trying to become a national park? We hear the beautiful music of The Accidental Pianist

Nude Stamp, Visual Allergies, Water Taxi to Hawaii, Anthem Singers  

Canada Post releases a nude stamp in honour of Wreck Beach. We meet a university student with visual allergies. We find out why a Vancouver man tried to take a water taxi to Hawaii. We delve into the world of semi-professional national anthem singers.

Fake Ontario Trees, Teen Suit Trend, Unicycle Cop, Handmade Pharmaceuticals  

Why are fake trees being erected in Ontario Provincial Parks? We highlight the latest craze with teens: 3 piece suits. We talk to a cop who’s been banned from riding his unicycle on duty. And we head to the Moncton farmer’s market to sample some handmade

Ergonomic Senate, Woodchoppers, Anne of Green Moncton, Spa Boom Town  

The government wants to put standing desks in the Senate. Meet two Canadians that hand chop 80% of North America’s firewood. Moncton, NB is opening an Anne of Green Gables museum. Estevan, Saskatchewan wants to become a spa destination.

Toronto Black Bears, Self-taught Doctor, Bathroomless Condo, Canadian Invasion  

The City of Toronto is reintroducing black bears into the Don Valley. We meet Yukon’s self-taught doctor. We find out why a 35-storey condo doesn’t have any bathrooms. And we catch up with Canada’s answer to The Beatles - Johnny & the Apologies.

Canadian Driving Ban, Office Pool, Calgary Olympics, Jazz Boom  

Will Canadians no longer be able to drive in the US? We visit the world’s first Aquatic Work Environment. We revisit the Calgary Olympics. And we profile Canada’s most stable industry: Jazz.

American legislator wants Canadians banned from driving in USA  

During his interview with This is That, US legislator John Grumpart did not shy away from sharing his thoughts about why he believes Canadians should not be driving in the United States.

Creative Canadian company converts entire office into swimming pool  

Smart organizations understand that a fun work environment will enhance the performance of its employees. Deanlow Consulting has not only embraced this philosophy, they’ve taken it one step further.

Canadians react to Royal Canadian Mint to sell advertising space on currency  

We received a lot of feedback for a story we ran last week about the Canadian Mint selling advertising space on our currency. Here's what real Canadians had to say.

'88 Calgary Olympics Revisited  

Re-live the magic of the Calgary Olympics by listening to this archived interview which originally aired on This is That in 1988.

Career in Jazz music guarantees young Canadians financial stability  

The job market has never been tougher for young people. Every day the news is full of stories about highly educated millennials struggling to find work. However, one industry that is booming is Jazz.

Ads on money, Trudeau impersonator, Canada fails summer, American refugees  

The Royal Canadian Mint is selling ad space on money. We profile Canada’s best Justin Trudeau impersonator. The Government explains why the country failed at summer. We meet a man that’s smuggling thousands of Americans into Canada.

School Real Estate, Word Search Champion, Water Smugglers  

Vancouver School Board sells playground for huge profit, Canadian wins World Word Search Championships, CNE wants to introduce 'outfits', and we profile an underground ring of Canadian smuggling water into the USA.

Too Many Hobbies, Oldest Page, Irving Spence, Melting Man  

A Canadian economist says that our hobbies are hurting the economy. We meet Parliament Hill’s oldest page. Canadian author Irving Spence drops by to tell us about his new novel. And we got to the Burning Man of the North - Melting Man.

Pool Hall Teacher, Canadian David Bowie, Retiree Party, Hotdog Camp  

Edmonton teacher criticized for taking students to pool hall. We profile Canada's biggest glam rocker, Lou Rocketship. Why did 200 retirees trash a house in Brampton? We attend Camp Odoon: Canada's competitive eating camp.

Fireworks, Screen Time, Government Viral Video, Motivational Speaker  

Group wants Canada Day fireworks to happen in the afternoon. We profile a company that helps people addicted to their phones. The Government of Canada is producing a viral video. We meet two of Canada's hottest motivational speakers.

Singles Day, Tax Rap, Ontario Eggplant, Calgary LRT  

Is Family Day offensive to single people? The CRA is releasing a rap album. The Ontario Agriculture Minister is in hot water for talking bad about eggplant. The voice of the Calgary C-Train is fired.

Selfie Ban, Lullaby Writer, National Rehearsal Centre, Butterfingers  

(Repeat) An Ontario MPP is in hot water for taking selfies. We hang out with Canada’s most popular lullaby songwriter. We speak to a pundit who feels Canada needs a National Rehearsal Centre. Peter Oldring profiles the national ‘butterfingers’ community.

Montreal Hard Hats, MeatMe, 'Canadian' in Australia, Running of the Bulls  

(Repeat) A Montreal politician wants all citizens to wear hard hats. We profile a new app that lets you share meat. We find out why the term Canadian is offensive in Australia. Meet a man who wants to bring the ‘Running of the Bulls’ to Thunder Bay.

Neil Young, Busking Robot, Skipping Across Canada, Orchestra Dads  

(Repeat) A Hollywood movie claims Neil Young was born in California. Canadian inventor invents a busking robot. Ontario man is jumping rope across Canada. Are "Orchestra Dads" worse than "Hockey Moms"?

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