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This Week Had Me Like

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Welcome to THIS WEEK HAD ME LIKE - a new podcast hosted by celebrity expert @OfficialSeanPenn (aka Caroline Goldfarb) where she brings an expert and a plebe to the roundtable to examine the week's most bizarre moments in pop culture.


Stand With Maggiano's (With Amina Munir & Jeff Stern)  

In this epic episode, Caroline talks to her BFFs Amina Munir and Jeff Stern about Miss Piggy's new endorsement deal, Tony Bennett's savagery, and, of course, Kristen Cavalleri's paper towel hustle.

Fireside Chat  

This week, Caroline just didn’t feel like talking about celebrities grasping for attention and endorsement deals. Instead, she addresses all of her favorite listeners from the heart, hoping to start a discussion and provide community for women, POC, Muslims, immigrants, non-binary bbs and anyone who feels endangered or scared by the prospect of Trump’s America.

Rock the Vote (With Mitchell Sunderland)  

In this episode, Caroline & her fave guest, Broadly's Mitchell Sunderland, discuss Howie Mandel's penis size, Cindy McCain's Instagram, & how good the D has to be to get ScarJo to open a French popcorn store.

Happy Oatober (With Eli Olsberg)  

This week, Caroline and comedian Eli Olsberg discuss a new line of paper towels designed by Alyssa Milano, Justin Bieber’s questionable Amsterdam disguise, and Katie Holmes’ new gig as the spokesperson for the oat industry.

Twitter Vicious (With Rightor Doyle & Holland Roden)  

This week Caroline talks with self-described sexpert Rightor Doyle and actress Holland Roden about Megan Fox's new business endeavor, Debra Messing's savage photo retouching, and an unmissable Kevin Bacon/Britney Spears collaboration.

Rita Ora And Mother Teresa (with Mitchell Sunderland And Matthew Hays)  

This week, Caroline invites Broadly writer and tea-spiller Mitchell Sunderland and sexy, hairy comedian Matthew Hays to discuss Michael Chiklis’ new rock album, Jeffrey Katzenberg at Burning Man, and Kirstie Alley’s deep love for Skrillex.

A Spectacular Honor (With Gabe Liedman & Armen Weitzman)  

Caroline invites famous actor Armen Weitzman and Gabe Liedman, the most posi comic around, to a fab live show. They talk about Jennifer Aniston's battle with Chronic Dry Eyes, Hailey Baldwin de-throning Rosie Statham as Ugg Ambassador, and the creative direction of Barbra Streisand's latest duet album.

Orlando Bloom's Windsock (With Sam Fishell)  

This week, Caroline and her old friend Sam Fishell discuss Orlando Bloom's gorgeous uncut penis, Nick Cannon's side hustle as the C.O.O. of RadioShack, and what could make The Rock call Vin Diesel a "candy ass."

Ibiza Babies (with Debby Ryan and Louis Virtel)  

This week, Caroline invites actress Debby Ryan and writer Louis Virtel to discuss Shaq's new career as a DJ, Gary Busey's Vine account, and Ariana Grande's flawless hair architecture.

Khloe vs. Chloe  

This week, Caroline invites showbiz heavyweight Jake Fogelnest and multi-hyphenate Tavi Gevinson to discuss Cher's feud with Kate Hudson's sweatpants company, Glenn Close slaying the national anthem, and Chex Mix's new spokesperson Nick Carter.

Carpe Diem (With Arielle Kebbel & Max Silvestri)  

In a patriotic episode, Caroline talks to comedian Max Silvestri and actress Arielle Kebbel about Ludacris's July 4 performance at Gitmo, why Kaley Cuoco's dog walker disrespected the American flag, and how much Candace Bergen's new painted bag enterprise is worth.

Pulling a Scott Disick (With Curly Velasquez)  

This week, Caroline is live from The Virgil with Buzzfeed’s Curly Velasquez. They discuss the intensity of Jared Leto’s Snapchat, why Carrie Underwood’s clothing line is sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and whether or not they wish Bella Thorne shared more with her fans about her recent colonoscopy.

Sneakernight (With Lindsey Weber & Max Ehrich)  

This week Caroline talks to actor/singer/dancer Max Ehrich and writer Lindsey Weber about important things. Like Megan Fox’s thoughts on string theory, if a baby raccoon is endangering Hilary Duff, and how JK Simmons put #oldmancranking on the map.

Kendra Wilkinson's & Dr. Drew's Music Careers (With Brittany Snow & Gabe Delahaye)  

In another perfect episode, Caroline consults Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect) and Gabe Delahaye (Videogum) on whether or not Mariah Carey is capable of writing a screenplay, Sharon Stone’s net worth, and the moral implications of Ashley Benson encouraging teens to wear Crocs to prom.

A Very Special Perez Christmas  

This week Caroline gets up close and personal with self-described “dinosaur of the internet” Perez Hilton. They chat the glam af Angry Birds Cannes premiere, Jon Bon Jovi’s bottled pasta sauce, Adrian Brody’s fish-themed art show “Hooked,” and the fact that Perez wishes he could literally carry a baby to term. Enjoy!

Stevie Wonder Blind Truthers (With Ian Harding & Max Winkler)  

This week on the podcast, Caroline talks Pamela Anderson’s new stand-up career and Nick Carter’s freaky celeb endorsement. In an all new #SPOTLIGHTBUTFORTHIS, Caroline and her guests Max Winkler (Ceremony) and Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars) investigate what could possibly be behind Andy Cohen’s confusing, basically abstract impressionist work with Excedrin for #themigrainexperience.

LIVE (With Sarah Ramos, Max Silvestri & Jon Perlman, M.D.)  

This week Caroline bestows Bella Thorne with the first ever Thirst Trap Achievement Award and asks famed plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Perlman what procedures we all need to get to look like Bella Hadid. Caroline and her guests Sarah Ramos (Parenthood) and Max Silvestri (Big Terrific) break down their trip to Au Fudge, Jessica Biel’s upscale Chuck E Cheese.

Italy's Got Spacey (With Jeffery Self & Faye Orlove)  

This week, Caroline questions Lady Gaga's dad's moral compass, looks at Jonathan Cheban's mom's Insta, and wonders if credit card debt caused Kevin Spacey to be a judge on Italy’s Got Talent. Along for the ride are YA novelist Jeffery Self (Drag Teen) and feminist internet artist Faye Orlove.

Lid Tints & LiLo’s Dubsmashes (with Demi Adejuyegbe and Matthew Bennett)  

This week our expert Matthew Bennett (Victorious) and plebe Demi Adejuyegbe (Gilmore Guys) join Caroline in a hot and heavy goss sesh where we answer all of your hard hitting celeb questions: Can Dr. Drew belt the National Anthem? Is McDreamy a whipped husband shilling his wife’s lid tints (also wtf is a lid tint?)? Why is Lilo dubsmashing her own movies? Would you sleep in Michelle Williams’ bedding line? All these answered and more on THIS WEEK HAD ME LIKE.

LIVE (with Esther Povitsky, Brendan Scannell & Lauren Collins)  

Yaaaass!! Our first live show! This week Caroline is LIVE from Bar Lubitsch in LA with returning expert Esther Povitsky and new plebe Brendan Scannell. They breakdown the truth behind Richard Simmon’s disappearance and the conspiracy that is Breyer’s Gelato Indulgences. With flawless celebrity guest Lauren Collins (aka Paige from Degrassi) and an apology (!!!) from SJP’s son Wilkie after their ongoing Instagram feud, this episode is lit AF. 

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