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Through The Wire

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Welcome to our podcast, Through The Wire! You may know me (KOT4Q) from Youtube where I have over 200,000. I created this podcast with a group of friends that love the game of basketball. Before we started the podcast we used to have great debates through a group chat, one day we just asked "Why don't we record this?" Through The Wire was born that day.


Is Vegas' NBA Over/Under Right?  

Through The Wire's big 4 give their opinions on Vegas' odds for each NBA team.



Youtuber; King of the Fourth Quarter launches a podcast with three of his closest friends. 

The ESPN and Sports Illustrated Top 100s Are INSANE  

One this episode of TTW the guys talk about the early success of the podcasts, the top 100 rankings from Sports illustrated and ESPN, and the newly released NBA 2K18.

Can The NBA Stop Tanking?  

On episode 2 of TTWire, the guys talk about whether or not the NBA can stop teams from tanking. They also talk about who is the best two way point guard in the league, Rudy Gobert vs Draymond Green, NBA 2K18, and Lamelo Ball.

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