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TigerBelly is a weekly podcast featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. This is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior. Disclaimer: It is not for the onion-skinned, baby-eared PC Brigade, or those with eternally bunched up panties.


Episode 91: Lemonade, Lemonide  

Slept King goes corporate.

Koloko misses the kisses.

We talk race wars, Goonies 2.0, and thirteen insect heads

Bonus Belly: Live Show  

This is our 2nd live show. Enjoy!

Recorded 04/27/17

Episode 90: Swallow for a Swallow  

Bobo runs into an old friend.

Khaloko's tears have dried.

Gilbo receives a threat.

We talk Mother's Day, nuclear preparedness, and water buffaloes.

Episode 89: Eric Stonestreet & the Six Point Five  

Eric and Bobby are the commercial kings of the past but only one man makes it to Parks BBQ's Wall of Fame. We talk Michael Bay, shallow caves, and how to be the engine, not the caboose.

Episode 88: Bryan Callen & The Act of Faith  

Bobo runs over a pedo. Bryan is awarded by the international council of comedic experts. We talk process of deletion, narcissism, and getting in the way of yourself.

Episode 87: Up in Da Club  

Bobo says sorry to Ronda.

Koloko creeps 52 weeks deep.

Gilbert is a hole.

We talk pyramid schemes, La Bamba, and an Asian MLK.

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Episode 86: Al Madrigal is Our Bossman  

Al and the captain talk about comedy beef, Mitchell's Brothers, mother in laws, and boardroom activity.

Episode 85: Jordan Peele is our GOAT  

The great Jordan Peele joins us to talk about high elves, hateboxes, sea monkeys, resignation syndrome, evolved Asians, white protagonists, internment camps, sunken places, bronsons, brosnans, wishingtons, deep brotherly love, and reciprocity.

Episode 84: David So, the Human Grenade.  

Bobo is Wolfgang Kong.

David is daddy #2.

Koloko just wants to dance.

We talk stolen jokes, paved ways, and highways.

Episode 83: Snickers Trickers  

Steeby succumbs to a triple dare.

Bobby breaks bread with a stranger.

Koloko becomes the hired help.

We talk brain mapping, desert donkeys, and sweet little Dolly (RIP.

Episode 82: Fahim Anwar and the Toefingers  

Fahim is the king of Rite Aid. We talk pipe dreams, fleeting moments of stardom, and the beloved Lance (who belongs to the world.)

Watch Fahim's special now on Seeso

Episode 81: Moth in a Jar  

Bobo is Kang. 

Khaly is a frog mom.

We talk exoplanets, lack of context, and the nocturnal life.

Episode 80: Chris D'Elia and Toki the Dumdum  

Chris is a bright light with plenty of moths. Bobo is a dimmer light with some moths. We talk gameshow assassins, friendship etiquette, and what it means to have Facebook eyes.

Episode 79: Esther Ku and The Spectacle of Life  

We get wet around the eyes as we talk about loss, family strife, and the dos and dont's of giving a euology.

Episode 78: Twenty Five Percent  

Bobo dabs (tries to.)

Koloko gets an early vday gift.

Gilbo is Judas.

We talk prison escapes, underground bunkers, and a gay plot twist.

Little Belly Episode: Titty Juice Fever  

In this mini episode, tensions run high and the Captain and Mama air out some issues. We will return next week healthy, strong, with a vengeance. Thanks for your patience and love guys. We hope this is our first and last truncated show.

Episode 78: Titty Juice Fever  

This is a mini episode.

Bobo worries about plastic.

Koloko's got a mad mammary.

Gilbo is absent because he is a betrayer.

We talk bodies like Picasso, Pseudomonas, and blood farts.


Episode 77: The Slept King  

Bobo is the opposite of woke.

Khaloko calls out the king.

Gilbo gets throat punched by Jackie.

We talk Miss Universe, Almodovar, and a mainline to heaven.

Episode 76: The EmpERROR's Dick Cereal  

Bobby only eats Mexicans.

Khaloko wants to dry hump.

Gilbert gets the digits.

We talk tasty humans, Barron, and double cockblocking.

Episode 75: Ian Edwards is our #FFFL  

Ian and Bobo are almost lovers.

Khaloko has a Plan B.

We talk spa dates, Steve Harvey, and daytime muggings.

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