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TigerBelly is a weekly podcast featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. This is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior. Disclaimer: It is not for the onion-skinned, baby-eared PC Brigade, or those with eternally bunched up panties.


Episode 104  

Episode 103: Awkwafina & The Race of Lyfe  

Nora is Clark Kent. Bobo blanks. Khaloko loves super gooky. We talk over-celebrations, spit shields, and JNCO jeans.

Recorded 07/31/2017

Episode 102: Foot Drizzles  

Bobo crunches plastic. Khaloko has a foot ritual. Gilbo is the next lover. George is a piece of wood. We talk farmer love, spa winners, and learned helplessness.

Episode 100: A Family Affair  

We take a look back at the beginning, the middle, and tie some loose ends. We make some unsuccessful phone calls (because all you muhfuckas stayed slept) and celebrate 100 hours of chaotic family love. Thank you for sticking around.

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Episode 99: Eddie Pepitone Hates Your Violence  

Eddie stops by to talk John Wick, Joe Pesci, Lorne Michaels, corporate wastelands, selling out, sitcom coolers, and how the outside is the new inside.

Episode 97: Ari Shaffir & The Chocolate Bar  

Ari and Bobby walk us through their stormy history. We talk jizz cleaners, closet peepholes, and psychological warfare. 

Episode 96: Theo Von & The Peace Meats  
Theo stops by to talk Columbus, ginger maggots, pharmacies in heaven, young mustaches, Filipino Grigio, chopstick legs, cocaine cartoons, and Chet from Slidell.   Check out Theo's Podcast "This Past Weekend"  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY155lJX6_wcTzyjW2sGB4sTT5ZkivwnN   Try out www.ziprecruiter.com/belly


Episode 95: Bob Bunyan and the Nest of Bees  

Bobo chops logs. Khaloko wants the booty. Gilbo is JoJo. We talk Wonder Woman, cosmetic stubble, and a Dream Powder Contest.

Episode 94: Andrew Santino & The Purry Gates  

Bobo does T-Rex arms. Santino is not a desk bitch. We talk favorite worst movies, blow up babies, and the Poway High School Hall of Fame.

Watch Andrew Santino's standup special "Home Field Advantage" and catch him on the new series "I'm Dying Up Here," both on Showtime.

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Episode 93: The Captain's Trajectory  

Bobo soaps and steams.

Koloko likes fancy eggs.

Gilbo bets his foreskin.

George is a toucan.

We talk gang wars, skin permeability, and cocktagons.

Episode 92: Brent Morin and the Whitecraft  

Brent's heart is on the mend.

Bobo has ping pong butt.

Koloko gives alleyway advice.

We talk Munchausen, tricknuts, and kissing Ed Sheeran.

Episode 91: Lemonade, Lemonide  

Slept King goes corporate.

Koloko misses the kisses.

We talk race wars, Goonies 2.0, and thirteen insect heads

Bonus Belly: Live Show  

This is our 2nd live show. Enjoy!

Recorded 04/27/17

Episode 90: Swallow for a Swallow  

Bobo runs into an old friend.

Khaloko's tears have dried.

Gilbo receives a threat.

We talk Mother's Day, nuclear preparedness, and water buffaloes.

Episode 89: Eric Stonestreet & the Six Point Five  

Eric and Bobby are the commercial kings of the past but only one man makes it to Parks BBQ's Wall of Fame. We talk Michael Bay, shallow caves, and how to be the engine, not the caboose.

Episode 88: Bryan Callen & The Act of Faith  

Bobo runs over a pedo. Bryan is awarded by the international council of comedic experts. We talk process of deletion, narcissism, and getting in the way of yourself.

Episode 87: Up in Da Club  

Bobo says sorry to Ronda.

Koloko creeps 52 weeks deep.

Gilbert is a hole.

We talk pyramid schemes, La Bamba, and an Asian MLK.

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Episode 86: Al Madrigal is Our Bossman  

Al and the captain talk about comedy beef, Mitchell's Brothers, mother in laws, and boardroom activity.

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