Tim and Sid

Tim and Sid


Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro debate the hot-button issues from the world of sports. They also talk about other stuff. Cool stuff.


Tim and Sid - February 24 -5pm  

Tim and Sid February 24 2017

Tim and Sid - February 23  

Doug Smith, Shawn McKenzie, John Shannon

Tim and Sid - February 22 - 5pm  

SN's Elliotte Friedman joins the show and talks the NHL trade deadline; The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski talks the NBA trade deadline (and the term 'Woj bomb'); Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello talks the Leafs thrilling 5-4 OT win over the Jets and any potential

Tim and Sid - February 21 - 5pm  

SN's own Shi Davidi joins the show from Dunedin to talk Blue Jays changes with Josh Donaldson temporarily on the shelf; Flames President Brian Burke talks Calgary's trade for Mark Stone; We get the latest on a busy night in the NHL.

Tim and Sid - February 20 - 5-6:30pm  

February 20, 2017

Tim and Sid - February 17 - 5pm  

T&S have former Raptors Alvin Williams live from New Orleans; Don Cherry talks Hometown Hockey, the trade rumblings around the NHL, as well as the Leafs; Best of the Week recap feat. Sid singing!

Tim and Sid - February 16 - 5pm  

Tim and Sid February 16 2017

Tim and Sid - February 14 - 5-6:30pm  

February 14, 2017

Tim and Sid -February 13- 5pm  

Tim and Sid February 13 2017

Tim and Sid - February 10th - 4pm  

Sid and Ken Reid tee up the world in sports for your Friday night

Tim and Sid - February 8th - 5pm  

Tim and Sid get you teed up for a full night of action in the world of sports

Tim and Sid - February 6  

Brian Billick, Butch Goring

Tim and Sid - February 3- 6pm  

Marshall Faulk, NFL Network; John Shannon, Sportsnet; Chris Johnston, NHL Insider; Ken Reid, Sportsnet.

Tim and Sid - February 2 - 5pm  

The Flames start the second half with a big win; The Raptors and Celtics may have had a rivalry begin; Sheriff LeBron shows up to end the tailspin.

Tim and Sid - February 1 - 5-7pm  

February 1, 2017

Tim and Sid - January 30- 5pm  

Tim and Sid are joined by Chris Pronger, Sam Cosentino, and Ben Volin from Super Bowl opening day in Houston.

Tim and Sid - January 27 - 5pm  

T&S talk the Raptors' five game losing streak and if they can snap it against the visiting Bucks; NFL Network Analyst Marshall Faulk talks the Super Bowl; NHL Commish Gary Bettman talks All-Star Weekend; T&S have a skills competition of their own.

Tim and Sid - January 26- 6pm  

Glenn Healy, NHL analyst; Joey Vendetta, Live Nation.

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