Tim and Sid

Tim and Sid


Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro debate the hot-button issues from the world of sports. They also talk about other stuff. Cool stuff.


Tim and Sid - January 13 - 5pm  

Tim and Sid recap Mark Shapiro's interview on the Jeff Blair Show, debate a potential Mayweather/McGregor fight, and Marshall Faulk joins the show to talk some NFL playoffs.

Tim and Sid - January 12 - 5-6:30pm  

January 12, 2017

Tim and Sid - January 11 - 5-7pm  

January 11, 2017

Tim and Sid - January 10  

The January 10th edition of Tim and Sid (no Sid)

Tim and Sid - January 9 - 5-6:30pm  

Patrik Laine got levelled; the Raptors got schooled; and the shirtless wonder got exposed. Wait, what?!

Tim and Sid - January 4  

Marshall Faulk, Nick Kypreos, Daren Millard

Tim and Sid - January 2 - 5pm  

A review of the 'Best Best of the Week of the Year'; NFL Network's Ian Rapoport discusses the NFL; SN's Chris Johnston talks the Leafs.

Tim and Sid - December 30 - 5-6:30pm  

It's another edition of the Year in Review!

Tim and Sid - December 29 - 5-6:30pm  

It's a year in review edition of Tim and Sid!

Tim and Sid - December 27 - 5pm  

Tim and Sid's Year in Review, with some of their funniest/best interviews of 2016!

Tim and Sid - December 23- 5pm  

Tim and Sid December 23

Tim and Sid - December 22 - 5pm  

Newsday's NFL columnist Bob Glauber talks the Giants visiting the Eagles tonight; SN writers Arden Zwelling & Ben Nicholson-Smith talk the Blue Jays; SN's Eric Engels talks the NHL action, including the Leafs tomorrow night.

Tim and Sid - December 21 - 5pm  

Elliotte Friedman on NHL headlines - Jon Heyman on Edwin Encarnacion & free-agency - Tim and Sid discuss if the Raps should take a chance on DeMarcus Cousins

Tim and Sid -December 20- 5pm  

Tim and Sid December 20

Tim and Sid - December 19 - 5-6:30pm  

Faizal Khamisa co-hosts - MMQBs - Plays of the Week - Chris Johnston of Sportsnet to talk Leafs

Tim and Sid - December 16- 5pm  

Sid and Faizal Khamisa are joined by Marshall Faulk to talk Week 15 in the NFL, and tee up Raptors/Hawks with Eric Smith!

Tim and Sid - December 15  

Adrian Wojnarowski, John Clayton

Tim and Sid - December 14  - 5pm  

Raptors offence is H-O-T; Sky is falling on HC @ Noon; Shi Davidi on latest with EE & Bautista; Willie Desjardins on the hot seat?; RIP Alan Thicke; 76ers development coach Alvin Williams on building a winner and the Raptors in one heckuva groove.

Tim and Sid - December 13  

Ken and Evanka co-host; Penny Oleksiak on winning Lou Marsh; Scott Russell & Sean Fitzgerald on Lou Marsh; Mark Spector on Oilers

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