Tiny Fences: A Buffy Podcast

Tiny Fences: A Buffy Podcast

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Amanda's watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, Andrea's rewatching it for the umpteenth time, hilarity is sure to ensue.


421: Primeval  

Amanda's confused, is this the finale? It feels like the finale. 

We chat about Adam and the Initiative and how they never quite worked as villains, and the reconciliation of the Scoobies. We also touch on the the sad state of affairs for Riley and the even sadder fate of Maggie Walsh. 

420: The Yoko Factor  

The WB would have us believe this episode is ALL about Angel being back in town and having a testosterone-off with Riley, but we know there's so much more going on!
Spike breaks up the team, and easily, it just takes a little needling here and there and all the lack of communication that's been building this season works in his favour. 

419: New Moon Rising  

Moon's in the title, must be werewolf time in Sunnydale again! 
Obviously, with Oz back in town, stirring up feelings for Willow, we talk A LOT about that (like, a lot) and how it relates to her relationship with Tara and the rest of the Scoobies.
However, we do dedicate a little time to being happy about Riley finally picking a (the right) side, lamenting Adam's lameness and arguing about the Initiative! 

418: Where the Wild Things Are  

Do you hate "Where the Wild Things Are"? US TOO! So much so that we could only find 45 minutes worth of things to talk about in this terrible, horrible, no-good episode. 
But we did add some Tiny Fences-style karaoke at the end to make up for it! 

417: Superstar  

We welcome back guest Lauren for a laugh-filled podcast for 'Superstar'!

While there's very little real development plot-wise this episode does show us that even when an ultimate authority shows up, Buffy's 'slayerness' eventually shines through. There's also, inevitably, a lot of shrimp talk. 

Angel 118-119: Five by Five & Sanctuary  

We complete our Faith trilogy (quadrology?) with John with a rare trip to Angel!

416: Who Are You?  

We continue our journey through the Faith/Buffy character study that are 415-416 with "Who Are You?"

415: This Year's Girl  

Faith's back! And so is one of our favourite guests, John! 

We have a lot of discussion about Faith, and how her actions are dictated by her upbringing, her feelings about Buffy, and not being the Slayer.

We also detour into how Xander and Willow seem to revert to high school versions of themselves at the mention of Faith.

Andrea can't help but note that even though Adam's the supposed big bad, he's dropped the second Faith's back in the picture. Everyone also reminisces about how much they miss the Mayor

414: Goodbye Iowa  

After break from recording Amanda and Andrea are back with a long(ish) episode to discuss "Goodbye Iowa"

Be forewarned, Riley haters there's a lot of praise heaped on Marc Blucas' performance in this episode. There's also a fair amount of Andrea being frustrated with Amanda's devil's advocacy for Forrest and Adam.

413: The I in Team  

"Wellll, that escalated quickly" That's how Amanda and Andrea feel about today's episode. 

The ladies get into a conversation of science vs magic and skepticism vs faith and how those two 'extremes' are represented in the Scoobies and the Initiative.

412: A New Man  

We welcome back Julia to round out the 'Ethan episodes' and discover that the theme of this episode is "Poor Giles!" (we say it MANY times)
Also, it's Buffy's birthday, and for the first time in YEARS, she gets to have an actual party where nothing terrible happens to her afterwards, Giles on the other hand...

411: Doomed  

In the aftermath of Hush, Buffy and Riley try to sort out their relationship, Spike pokes at Xander and Willow's place in the Scoobies and a *another* apocalypse tries to make itself known in Sunnydale

Please note, there's definitely an awkward moment where it becomes very apparent that Andrea's mouth moves faster than her brain...

410: Hush  

It's time for one of the all-time great episodes of Buffy: "Hush"!

409: Something Blue  

Ah, Something Blue, when the follies hit Sunnydale. 

We welcome back Alicen as a guest to talk about the ridiculousness that is this episode. We get some sweet Riley/Buffy moments, and some truly sad Willow moments.

Angel 108: I Will Remember You  

Your eyes aren't deceiving you! It's a Tiny Fences about an episode of Angel. Granted it IS the 'cross-over event' episode, where Buffy comes to L.A. (this is a Buffy podcast after all ;) )
It's an episode all about 'what ifs' for the star-crossed pair. Perhaps the most fun part of this episode is the fact that Amanda and Andrea clearly don't agree on a certain topic, but the discussion never breaks down into an argument.

408: Pangs  

Normally Thanksgiving's a time for food, family and fellowship, but this is Sunnydale! Buffy's attempt to put on the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for her friends is interrupted by vengeful spirits, sad vampires, Willow and Giles fighting, and the overwhelming feeling that she's being watched.

407: The Initiative  

It's time to find out more about those commandos who've been roaming UC Sunnydale! (and Spike's back too!) 


406: Wild at Heart  

The time has finally come to say goodbye to Oz. Amanda & Andrea delve into 4x06, Wild at Heart.

The ladies also have to extend "Five Minutes with Angel" to seven minutes for Sense and Sensitivity.

405: Beer Bad  

Ugh. It's time. 'Beer Bad', why are you so awful? Tune in as we try and decipher that very question.


404: Fear Itself  

It's Halloween at UC Sunnydale! What does that mean for the Scoobies? Why, haunted frats, costumes and comedy, of course!


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