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Tiny Fences: A Buffy Podcast

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Amanda's watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, Andrea's rewatching it for the umpteenth time, hilarity is sure to ensue.


601: Bargaining Part 1  

Buffy Lives! After a short trip to Pylea, we're back chatting about the season six premiere, Bargaining Pt 1. 

Things are a-changin' in the Buffyverse! We're on the UPN! Willow's the star of the ep! It's WAY darker! Giles is out of the main credits!

Angel Package: 219-222  

Amanda and Andrea welcome back Angel superfan Julia as they sit down to talk about the final four episodes of season two.

522: The Gift  

Are you ready for a couple hours of Amanda and Andrea talking about the season five finale, the 100th episode, the final episode of Buffy on the WB, 'The Gift'?!
If you are, we'll let you know that there are more songs than normal, surprisingly fewer tangents, and a whole lot of love for the way Joss brings everything together in this episode.
We also have a little sneak preview of one of the songs we've written for "Tiny Fences: The Musical!" (yes, we're going super-meta for OMwF)

521: Weight of the World  

Welcome to the penultimate episode of season five! It's a bit different from other 'before the finale' eps, in that it doesn't really ramp the action up. Instead we explore morality, humanity and the consequences of magic through a trip into Buffy's subconscious and the relationship between Glory and Ben.

Also, here are some links to a couple things we chat about:
Spoon Theory
Shades of Magic series 

520: Spiral  

We're nearing the end of season five, and as per usual we've hit the 'not great' episode of the final batch, 5x20 - Spiral.

Although, there are some nice character moments from the Scoobies, Amanda and Andrea talk about their MANY problems with the Knights of Byzantium, and how it brings down this whole episode.

Andrea brings up the parallels between Dawn and Ben that come about thanks to the massive exposition dump from the general of the Knights...(have we mentioned we don't like the knights?)

519. Tough Love  

We're talking about "Tough Love" today on the podcast. 

We spend most of the episode talking about the relationships between Buffy & Dawn, and Willow & Tara. (With a little Buffy/Giles on the side)

Amanda and Andrea chat about the interesting way in which some of the characters have matured, and how both of them felt the shift in the argument between Willow and Tara came out of left field. 

518: Intervention  

Amanda and Andrea welcome back guest Lauren to chat about robot Buffy, real Buffy's vision quest and the nature of love. As well as how much fun SMG must have had being robot Buffy and how happy we are that Spike's taken a turn back towards the side of good.

Also, warning: Do NOT listening to the beginning of this podcast while eating...weird tangent that doesn't mix well with food.


517: Forever  

Time to talk about "Forever." Buffy's still in shock, Dawn's lashing out and  all the Scoobies are still grieving the loss of Joyce. 

Amanda and Andrea chat about the slightly darker tone the show's taken, the vast difference between Tara and Willow's views on magic and how frustrated they are with Hank Summers. (plus how grateful they are for Angel in this episode)

516. The Body  

Prepare your emotions, today Amanda and Andrea are talking about one of the most beautiful, effective and devastating hours of TV, The Body

515: I Was Made to Love You  

Time for a rousing and occasionally rambling conversation about Buffy and her search for love. I know, you THINK this episode's about April, the sad robot girl, but it isn't, trust us. We also can't help but mention how much we love Xander this episode, he's ramped his lovableness up to 11 - especially when he's Puffy Xander. 

514: Crush  

Happy Valentine's Day! or Happy Single's Awareness Day! (depending whether you're Amanda or Andrea) 

However you choose to 'celebrate' today, why not spend an hour or so with the ladies of Tiny Fences as they chat about 'Crush'. 

513: Blood Ties  

It's mid-season revelation time in Sunnydale. Dawn and the Scoobies learn the truth about her and we, the audience, finally get new insight into the Ben/Glory relationship.



512: Checkpoint  

Yes, the Watcher's Council's back, and we learn HUGE new information about Glory, but the most important part of this episode, is possibly the greatest version of our theme song ever. 

Enjoy, and you're welcome ;)

511: Triangle  

Is it a "Triangle"? Or is it more of a line?

This week Amanda and Andrea discuss the animosity between Willow and Anya and how it comes to a bit of an unsatisfying head in episode 5x11.

510: Into the Woods  

Giles may be getting ready to celebrate Gurnenthar's Ascendance, but Andrea and Amanda are saying goodbye to Riley.
On top of trying to deconstruct the end of that relationship, there's also talk about Joyce's condition, and a lot about how much Xander's grown for the better.

Year In Review 2  

Amanda and Andrea sit down and review their 2016, which, overall, wasn't that bad, and look forward to 2017!

509: Listening to Fear  

Happy New Year! Here's 'Listening to Fear'! (I'm a poet and totally know it ;) )
Amanda and Andrea freely admit that the weird alien/demon aspect of this episode is not great, but it's not alone it's terribleness. There's the terrible way they deal with mental health issues and the all the ways the non-Scooby men drive the ladies up the wall.
However, to off-set that, everything surrounding the Summers women is fantastic, along with the very realistic representation of illness affects not just one person, but those around them as well.

508: Shadow  

It's the last episode before Christmas, we're clipless and Andrea sounds terrible, but we needed to talk about "Shadow"!

Joyce is in the hospital and we chat about how that affects not only Buffy and Dawn but their relationships with those around them, especially with all the secrets in this episode. There's some discussion about Buffy villains and where Glory fits into that pantheon. Also, to our chagrin,we can 't help but note that Riley has tipped into a frustratingly annoying territory.

Also, stick around to the very end to hear about something super amazing that Amanda did. 

507: Fool For Love  

Are you ready to listen to both Amanda and Andrea have revelations about Spike? Then you've come to the right place! 

It's an amazing character-driven episode that delves deep into Spike's history, and while Amanda finally 'gets' why everyone likes Spike, it's Andrea who's brain seems to have exploded the most in this episode. 

506: Family  

This week we welcome back the oft-mentioned Vanessa to the podcast as we finally learn more about Tara! 

On top of learning about Tara via her sadly one-note family, we also chat about how the Giles/Buffy relationship is stronger than ever and Spike's frustrated feelings.

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