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Mark D'Arcy reflects on a month of momentous political events and discusses the state of the House of Lords with the outgoing Lords Speaker.


Susan Hulme reports from Westminster as MPs continue to grapple with "when and how" of leaving the European Union and peers raise concerns over the political situation in Turkey. The Education Secretary delays the introduction of a new funding formula for schools in England and there's a call in the Commons for a ban on the use of animal snares.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster on Theresa May's first Prime Minister's Questions in which Jeremy Corbyn challenges her decision to appoint Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. In turn, she taunts the Labour leader about the party's leadership issues. There's pressure on the Government to order a public inquiry into events at Orgreave in 1984 during the miners' strike and MPs seek reassurance for the people of Gibraltar, concerned about their future after the UK voted to leave the European Union.


Susan Hulme reports from Westminster on the new Chancellor Stephen Hammond's first Commons outing. Also in the programme: an update on the attempted coup in Turkey, and on the Committee corridor, MPs question the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, and take evidence on Vauxhall Zafira B fires. Editor: Rachel Byrne.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster as MPs debate the renewal of the UK's Trident nuclear missile system and MPs are told a security review is underway after the Nice attack. Peers question whether the Government can trigger the UK's withdrawal from the EU without parliament's approval and MPs question the amount of interest students pay on their loans.


Mark D'Arcy reports from Westminster.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster as MPs react to Theresa May's cabinet reshuffle and raise concerns over recent threats of violence, while peers call for action on hate crimes. The Commons continues its debate on the Chilcot report on the invasion of Iraq and the House of Lords hears renewed calls for EU nationals to be given the right to remain in the UK.


Susan Hulme reports from Westminster on David Cameron's last Prime Minister's Question Time. Also: MPs debate the Chilcot Report, Michael Gove makes perhaps his last appearance as Justice Secretary, and there's a warning that the decision to leave the EU is a body blow for the British steel industry. Editor: Rachel Byrne.


TIP: The Foreign Secretary says Britain is willing to hire trade negotiators from "wherever" it can in the world. The Governor of the Bank of England has issued a robust defence of his economic warnings before the referendum. And peers react to the Chilcot Report. Alicia McCarthy has the latest from Westminster.


Susan Hulme reports from Westminster.


Mark D'Arcy reports from Westminster.


The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond faces the questions of MPs over how much government planning was done in advance of the EU Referendum. Susan Hulme follows the session of the Foreign affairs committee. Also on the programme.: * Labour MPs question whether British agriculture is being properly safeguarded as Britain moves to leave the EU. * A Labour peer calls for a second referendum on Britain's EU membership. * The Leader of the Commons mocks Labour for its internal party difficulties at Westminster. * MPs talk about the abusive and hateful communications they've received via the internet.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster.


The after-shocks of the EU Referendum result continue to reverberate around Westminster. Susan Hulme reports on a series of strong speeches made in a House of Lords debate on the effects of the Referendum. Also on the programme: * The Minister placed in charge of the new 'Brexit Department' faces the questions of the Foreign Affairs committee. * A Conservative MP and 'Leave' campaigner claims migrants from the EU are putting excessive pressure on NHS services. * An Education Minister labels as 'destructive' and 'futile' a strike by teachers in England as part of their long-running pay dispute. * The problems at Southern Rail come under the microscope of the Transport committee.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster as the Chancellor confirms plans to cut business taxes and MPs raise concerns over the future for EU nationals in the UK after the referendum. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, faces MPs questions about anti-semitism in the Labour party, while the mass resignation of shadow ministers dominates question time in the Commons.


Mark D'Arcy reports from Westminster.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster as the Government delays a decision on airport expansion until "at least October" after a new Prime Minister is installed in Number 10. MPs line up to oppose plans to privatise the Land Registry for England and Wales. Peers urge action on obesity and call for changes in the way that allegations of historical sex abuse are investigated.


Susan Hulme reports from Westminster.


Sean Curran reports from Westminster.


The turbulence that's followed the referendum when Britain voted to withdraw from the EU has been reflected in the Commons. Susan Hulme hears the response of David Cameron to the victory for the Leave campaign and follows the reaction of MPs from around the House. Also on the programme: * The Bill known as the "snooper's charter" comes under more scrutiny. * There are mass resignations by members of the Shadow Cabinet...leading to cutting remarks from MPs on the Government side. * Peers debate what a British exit from the EU means.

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