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Toku Podcast

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A podcast thing from Holly & Kate about video games, TV, film, books and all things delicious, as well as more general stuff like X-Files fan fiction, ducks and our ~imagination~


#25 Hello! You could star in your own erotic fiction  

A very ill Holly and Kate talk about Stardew Valley, childhood crushes, unusual erotic fiction and butts. Remember to subscribe, rate and review and tell your best friends about us!


Holly and Kate celebrate Holly's birthday by talking about giant vaginas, wimpy roller coaster fun and their own mortality. Remember to rate, review and share with all the people.

#23 Hello! You'd make a great parent  

*SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1 OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY* Holly and Kate discuss how many people you can physically have sex with in 24 hours, who would make the best step dad out of the cast of Smash Bros, and Cotton Eye Joe.

#22 Hello! Your anecdotes aren't boring  

We're back! Holly and Kate return from a short hiatus by discussing games, films, snot and the life span of ostriches. Remember to rate and review to gain our eternal respect.


Kate and Holly talk about all things period in this special episode. No we don't mean full-stop periods, or historical periods, we mean blood coming out of a vagina as part of the menstrual cycle. YAY.

#20 Hello! You're spooky yet also friendly  

DELAYED SPOOK. Apologies for the delay and the sound quality (we're going to invest in a new mic- also Holly is a bumblebutt). This week Holly and Kate delve into the murky world of video game creepypasta and attempt to write their own. Remember to share Toku with your loved ones and to rate and review!

Toku #19: I bet you like Scotch Eggs  

Holly and Kate have SPECIAL GUESTS this week: it's the lovely boys from Bitsocket! When we started this podcast, they were really nice to us. After this episode, they might not be any more. Want to know why? Have a listen! Oh and we should probably mention that Bitsocket are AWARD-WINNING PODCASTERS NOW (GMAs, 2015, about 5 hours after we recorded) so we're totally gonna ride off the back of that one. (the audio quality is a bit weird on this one - apologies for all the microphone-bumping and echoeyness. We're noobs, you see, and we're working on it. One day we'll be able to record in a soundproof studio in the basement of our LA mansion. Be patient.)

#18 Hello! You're smile is like sunshine  

Holly and Kate definitely DID NOT record this at 12 am straight after episode 17- that DID NOT happen. Kate is in sunny Greece and they both get over excited by the fact it's October. Things get a little spooky...

#17 Hello! You're pleasant to talk to  

Holly and Kate discuss Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, raunchy robots and crisps Remember to rate and review, and follow us on ALL the social media @toku_podcast @nielsen_holly @hownottodraw

#16 Hello! That bacon looks succulent  

Holly and Kate discuss bagels, butt plugs and bacon! Don't forget to follow us on twitter (@toku_podcast @nielsen_holly @hownottodraw) and to rate and review us!

Toku #15: Hello! You have a great mug collection  

Holly and Kate talk about Mad Max the game, find their inner 1950's advertising executive and explore the world of obscure fetishes

Toku #14: Hello! Your cakes are so soft and moist  

Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray are doing a BAKE OFF-THEMED PODCAST this week, with special guest George Osborn from off of Gamerbake! We discuss toast sandwiches, poison cupcakes and baking Matthew McConaughey into a cake.

Toku #13: Hello! Your voice is like melty chocolate  

Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss mad old cartoons, the weird stuff we used to watch in the 90s, terrible company mottos and biscuits. Probably.

Toku #12: Hello! Your skin is so smooth and soft  

Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss sexy sex tips (use at your own risk), weird true facts, vagina teeth and all the things you can do with ice cream.


Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss women, for tonight is no ordinary night... it's LAYDEES NIGHT. Oh yes, it's laydees night. Oh what a night. Join us on a magical journey through time and space and the annals of history to talk about a few GOD DAMN BADASS WOMEN who deserve better. YAY!

Toku #10: Hello! Your accent is mesmerising  

Holly Nielsen, Kate Gray and ~SPECIAL GUEST~ Chris Scullion discuss E3, terrible films, their wrestling personas and an exciting challenge involving rather disgusting food.

Toku #9: Hello! You smell like freshly cut flowers  

Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss which Disney princess they resemble the most, public transport anecdotes and their new company ideas (#pringscits #somethingoldsomethingnewsomethingborrowedsomethingsegway). Drop us an email and tell us your best public transport anecdote:

Toku #8: Hello! You're cute, but also tough  

Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss sexy Sonic fan fiction, sad times on Miiverse, delicious MeatLiquor adventures and, er, porn. Sorry, mum.

Toku #7: Hello! You're probably our favourite listener.  

Holly and Kate discuss The Witcher 3, going to the United States, Playgirl's horrible headlines and biscuit superheroes. Apologies for the introduction. We had sweets in our mouths.

Toku #6: Hello! You smell like a delicious fruit salad  

Holly Nielsen and Kate Gray discuss squishy doll boobs, made-up games and the secret meaning behind baby names.

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