Trappin Anonymous

Trappin Anonymous

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Trappin Anonymous Male Stripper Part 1 & 2  

Christylezz presents Trappin Anonymous SNZ 3 (Male Stripper Anonymous) on this episode you will get insides on the life of the male stripper from two complete different perspectives. All the questions you've wanted to know will be answered in this two part episode that shows you the clean side of the male strip club and also the underground. Listen as the stories will take you on a journey unlike none other. Don't forget to pick up the NEW Trappin t-shirts at

CO Anonymous  

@Christylezz talks with a correctional officer from NYC's Rikers island to get a sense of what a CO's job entails and also how difficult it can be. Listen as you can hear through the stories of how hard life could be not only for an inmate but for the people working in prison too. It's important to make yourself knowledgeable about what goes on so that something can possibly be down to help.

Trappin Anonymous HIV Anonymous  

@Christylezz Presents Trappin Anonymous (HIV Anonymous) unlike anything you've ever heard on podcasting, listen to the stories and first hand accounts of a person who is HIV positive. Educate yourself on ways to protect yourself and learn about some conversations you should have when meeting someone. In what may be one of our most serious and heartfelt conversations, enjoy Trappin Anonymous. T-shirts available at

Trappin Anonymous (Cheating anonymous) Part 2  

Trappin Anonymous (Cheating Anonymous)part 2 the male version, after many listeners asked for there to be they guy version of cheaters we said "why not". Grab some insight into the man perspective of cheating and what goes on mentally in and out their relationships. Enjoy the stories and learn from the lessons in them, do remember it's only entertainment so don't get caught cheating.

Trappin Anonymous (Cheating Anonymous)  

Trappin Anonymous BONUS episode (Cheating Anonymous) before SZN 3 gears up for the New Year take a look into the woman perspective of cheating. Things to look out for and lessons to learn when in a relationship and outside of one as well. Topic may be a bit controversial but in all there's always something to take away. Enjoy.

Stripper Anonymous  

@Christylezz presents Trappin Anonymous SZN 2 Finale (Stripper Anonymous) which is the final series of SZN 2. On this episode you get the first hand experience of a stripper and what it's like in the life of an exotic dancer. Listen as the stories a may be exactly or nothing like you thought the world would be in this money driven profession. SZN 3 will come out shortly, thank you for your patience and support. Use TrappinAnonymous.Com to contact me or via any of my social media outlets if you or someone you know has a story for Trappin Anonymous SZN 3.


@Christylezz presents Trappin Anonymous SZN 2 episode 2 Dominatrix Anonymous where we talk about the wild and very different life of a Dominatrix. You get a sense of what life is like or what drives people to possibly want to be dominated and ultimately what can make someone want to sexual dominate someone else. Have fun with the stories and leave comments, share and subscribe. Trappin Anonymous limited t shirts will be available for one more week at support! It's only entertainment please don't get me indicted.

Back Page Anonymous  

@Christylezz presents SZN 2 of Trappin Anonymous where this time we interview an escort from backpage. Some people may not know what backpage is but in this episode you will soon find out, insight on what drives a woman to become an escort through detailed stories will have you in shock! Support Trappin Anonymous T-shirts at & as always It's only entertainment, please don't get me indicted!

Drug Dealing Anonymous  

@Christylezz presents episode 4 of Trappin Anonymous (Drug Dealing Anonymous) where we sit down with a trapper unlike the others on this podcast series. Listen and learn about the drug game from the streets perspective and try to understand how a persons up bringing influences their life decisions. This is the last episode of Trappin Anonymous but if you're interested in more please comment, write me your ideas and some things you will like to see. With a big enough response who knows where we can take it! As always, its only entertainment, please don't get me indicted. Bless.

The Mental  

@Christylezz Presents Trappin Anonymous episode 3 (The Mental) on this episode we try to get into the mentality of the trapper. The way a trapper thinks, their outlook on what they're doing and ultimately the kind of burden this level of Trappin carries. This is episode 3 of 4 in this series and I hope you enjoy, leave comments and let me know some questions you may have for episode 4 on here and itunes. It's only entertainment, please don't get me indicted!

Trappin Episode 2 SEX  

@Christylezz presents Trappin Anonymous Episode 2 where we jump into Lady Trappin & watch the hustle of so many women that you probably see on a daily basis. We take a look into the mind of the lady in this "get money" word and the risks it takes to get the things you want and need in life. Do remember this is only entertainment and the stories do not necessarily reflect real life accounts but will be used to educate and keep a loved one off these streets. Bless.

@ChriStylezz Presents Trappin Anonymous (The OG) Episode 1  

Exclusive 4 episode podcast where I interview NYC's BIGGEST TRAPPERS. Every interview will be completely anonymous and we will be getting the high's & low's of trappin. Podcast will be for pure entertainment, so stories do not necessarily reflect actual real life accounts and will be used to educate the youth about the dangers of trappin. I hope you'll enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. It's my first project and I practically produced it in the trap so excuse the minor errors and listen for content. Bless.

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