Triathlete Training Podcast: Triathlon I Ironman I

Triathlete Training Podcast: Triathlon I Ironman I

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Triathlon training advice and interviews with expert guests. For triathletes, runners, cyclists and all endurance athletes.


TT074: Runner Preparing For First Sprint Triathlon  

Subscribe via iTunes Kate Maas of Switzerland is an experienced runner preparing for her first sprint triathlon.  It’s a 500 meter swim, 40k bike, and 5k run triathlon on June 20.  She’s done several marathons and an ultra, and while she’s had a desire to do a triathlon for a while, she didn’t start training […]

TT073: Talking Physical Health With Chris Kelly  

Subscribe via iTunes Chris Kelly, founder of, joins the show in a wide ranging discussion on health. Some of the topics we cover include: iron overload in men sleep cortisol levels diet      

TT072: Triathlon 2.0: Data Driven Performance Training w/Jim Vance  

Coach Jim Vance joins the podcast as a repeat guest to talk about his new book, Triathlon 2.0: Data-Driven Performance Training. Jim worked on this book for 4 years before it’s release in early 2016. It’s a detailed book for serious athletes willing to look at their training data and use it to improve.  Jim was […]

TT071: Oceanside 70.3 As First Half Ironman  

Weston Titus is a 6’5”, 225 pound, former basketball player who attempted his first 70.3 Half Ironman in Oceanside on April 2, 2016.  This episode includes an interview three days before the race and an interview 3 days after the race.   Part 1   He has completed five sprint triathlons but this will be […]

TT070: Mobility For Faster Performance, Alexander Technique, & Nasal Breathing w/George Dallam  

George Dallam returns to discuss his latest studies.  George was a popular guest on episodes 3, 4, and 25.  This time we talk about how mobility might improve running speed.  George is doing a study on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  FMS is a test of seven movements and a score is given based on results […]

TT069: 2016 Olympic Hopeful Joe Maloy  

Joe Maloy is currently 2nd in the point standings to qualify for the 2016 United States Men’s Olympic team. There is just one more qualifying race at which to earn points and that’s the ITU WTS event in Yokohama, Japan May 14. Joe, age 30, talks about his path in triathlon and his current training […]

TT068: Prison & Drugs To A 9:14 Ironman With Shane Niemeyer  

Shane Niemeyer’s life was not headed in the right direction.  He committed crimes and used drugs and spent time in jail and prison.  He tried suicide.  While in prison he read an article about Dave Scott and triathlon became his new passion. In his first year after release he did a half ironman and a […]

TT067: Don’t Make The Mistakes I Made/Career Triathlon Lessons  

Episode 67 includes a look back at the mistakes I made in my racing career.  I have mostly great memories of my racing career, but if I could have avoided the following mistakes I would have been more successful Not having an optimal peer group when I was younger Focusing on many types of racing: Ironman, […]

TT066: From Runner To Ironman Lake Placid in 12 Months  

Tiff Pfluger was a runner. She thought triathletes were crazy even as her husband got into the sport. She went to volunteer at race Ironman Lake Placid in 2014 and decided that maybe triathletes weren’t crazy. She signed up for Ironman Lake Placid the next day and did the race one year later. This is her […]

TT065: First Year Triathlete Daniel Fisher  

Daniel Fisher first got the idea to do a triathlon in 2014. In 2015 he signed up, and the New Jersey AC Sprint Duathlon was his first race. He is 29 years old and he was 258 pounds when he started.  Now he is hooked.  This podcast is the journey of his first year. “I […]

TT064: Ironman Canada 2015 With Hilary Spires  

First year triathlete Hilary Spires returns for an update on her first season. Her first triathlon was early in 2015, then she did a 70.3 on June 14, and Ironman Canada July 26.  She was very well prepared. Her original goal was to break 14 hours, then she changed it do breaking 13 hours.  It […]

TT063: Is Ironman Healthful & Other Triathlon Questions  

Age group triathlete Uri from Switzerland is the guest and he asks a wide range of questions related to triathlon.  Uri is a 40 year old triathlete in his first year of racing with plans to do his first Ironman in 2016. He asks if Ironman racing is good for you, how not to be overly […]

TT062: Hydration & Heat Prep From a Hot Ironman Lake Placid and Mont-Tremblant  

Canadian Allan MacKenzie recently completed Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Mont-Tremblant in hot conditions.  We talked about that experience and his heat and hydration questions following the race.  I answer his questions from my own knowledge, but I also add George Dallam’s answers.   George, a guest on episodes 3, 4, and 25,  is a […]

TT061: Journey From Beginner Triathlete to Professional  

Brad Williams is a first-year pro triathlete living in the UK.  He did his first triathlon in 2008 while serving in the Air Force in Korea. He was soon hooked. He hired a coach in 2011 and continued to progress with solid results. He earned his first prize money paycheck this year with a 6th place finish […]

TT060: Goal Setting & 10 Ironmans in 10 Days  

Gerry Duffy has completed 10 ironman distance triathlons in 10 days and also run 32 marathons in 32 days.  He’s also an author and public speaker.  A listener of the show recommended him as a guest and I’m thrilled we were able to connect. Before getting into endurance sports and public speaking he was a […]

TT059: Death Valley Expedition Run  

Will Laughlin makes his second appearance on the show and details his attempt at running across Death Valley and 180 miles in 3.5 days, which would be 1 day faster than his previous record. Several challenges came up during the journey as Will and his two running partners went for the record. Check out episode […]

TT058: Questions From a Sixth Year Triathlete  

Age group triathlete Erin Donovan is in her sixth year of racing and is preparing for a half ironman and the New York City Triathlon, an Olympic distance race.  I answer her questions and some of the topics covered include: Following up a half with an Olympic distance triathlon a few weeks later Heart rate […]

TT057: Ironman Pacing & Swimming With Jim Vance  

Coach Jim Vance returns to the show to discuss the results of a published study on pacing at Ironman Hawaii.  Jim also talks about his experience and experimentation as a high school swim coach where he successfully emphasizes dryland training, technique work, and lower volume. I also talk about my experience with Altra Shoes and my […]

TT056: Eric’s Ironman Triathlon Experiences  

This episode is all me (Eric).  I go over my lessons learned from 4 Ironmans: Ironman Hawaii in 1999, 2001, and 2003 and Ironman Wisconsin in 2004.  My times ranged from 9:19 to 10:43. I took detailed notes from a few of those races and I have current day thoughts on the mistakes I made. […]

TT054: Founder Ryan Cooper  

Ryan Cooper used his computer to try and predict time trial splits during the 2013 Tour de France.  His first go at it produced some very accurate results.  That project turned into a business at Cyclists using a power meter can use their power meter to help predict and guide race performance.  This is […]

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