Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff

Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff


The Truth & Justice Podcast is listener driven show, devoted to the pursuit of truth and justice. Host, Bob Ruff, is currently investigating the Hae Min Lee murder case. Serial opened our minds to the case. The Undisclosed Podcast is digging deeply into the weeds, to expose the legal issues and misconduct involved. Bob and his listeners are kicking the doors in, and ensuring that everyone gets out safe. Bob is a Fire Chief, and uses his experience investigating arsons to find the truth. This innovative crowd source approach has proven to be an effective method of finding details in the case.


Follow-Up 304  

In this week's Friday Follow-Up, Bob and Mike answer listener questions about Keow's wounds and Bob's preliminary profile of the murder. Today's sponsor: to try it for free

Ep. 304: The 4th Dimension  

In this episode, Bob breaks down Medical Examiner Sheila Spotswood's autopsy report and trial testimony. We examine every detail of every wound, in order to create a profile of the crime scene and offender. Today's Sponsors: - for one free month - Use code TRUTH for a special offer.

Follow-Up 303  

In this Friday Follow-Up edition of Truth & Justice, Bob and Mike answer listener questions from emails, Facebook, Twitter and voicemail. Today's Sponsor: to try it for free

Ep. 303:  30 Pieces of Silver  

In this week's episode, Bob breaks down the tragic chain of events that led to the arrest and conviction of Jesse Eldridge for the murder of Mrs. Keow Gove. Today's Sponsors: to try it for free - Enter code truth for a special offer #FreeJesse #HerNameWas Keow #TruthandJusticeArmy

Follow-Up 302  

In this Friday Follow-Up, Bob and Mike address listener comments, questions in theories about episode 302. Today’s Sponsor: for 3 free meals with free shipping

Ep. 302: Jitt  

In this episode, Bob walks us through each step of Detective Kyle Royster's 18 month investigation into the murder of Keow Gove. Royster was the lead investigator in the case. New evidence, and leads are discovered along with some serious missteps in the investigation. Today's sponsor is - Use code TRUTH for special offer All music was written, composed and scored by

Follow-Up 301  

In this Friday Follow-Up episode, Bob and Mike field listener questions and dig deeper into the weeds of the Keow Gove murder case. We hear some new thoughts and theories, and Bob shares his hypothesis regarding the keys from episode 301. Today's Sponsor: Serial Killer Podcast

Ep. 301:  Murder On September  

In the Season 3 Premiere of Truth & Justice, Bob walks us through the story of Mrs. Keow Gove. Keow was brutally murdered in a south Dallas neighborhood in 1991. Today's Sponsors: Serial Killer Podcast -

Follow-Up 255  

In this episode, we say good-bye to the Ed Ates/Elnora Griffin case. Listeners ask lots of great questions, and we hear Bob call out the real killer on the airwaves. Sponsored by to try it for free

The Kalief Browder Story - Spike Exclusive  

Rabia, Colin, and Susan bring you a special crossover episode where they discuss Time: The Kalief Browder Story, an upcoming docuseries about the story of Kalief Browder. The series chronicles the life of a 16 year-old student from the Bronx who spent three years on Rikers Island without ever being convicted of a crime. The Undisclosed team is joined by fellow podcasting hosts Brooke Gittings of Actual Innocence, Bob Ruff of Truth & Justice, and Payne Lindsey of Up & Vanished. To learn more about the hosts/podcasts that were a part of this collaboration episode, please visit the following websites: Actual Innocence Podcast - Truth & Justice Podcast - Up & Vanished Podcast - Undisclosed Podcast -

Ep. 255:  I Come Home  

This is the Season 2 Finale. We hear from Ed, Kim, Kyra, Margie, Kelvin and Allison in this emotional episode. Episode 255 commemorates the passing of the baton from the Truth & Justice Army investigation on to Ed's attorney, Allison Clayton. Sponsors: Use code: TRUTH for 10% off Use code: TRUTH for special offer

Follow-Up 254  

The Friday Follow-Up episodes are a place for Bob and Mike to connect with the listeners. This is your chance to write it, tweet or call with your thoughts and theories. Today's Sponsors: Becky Ruff Faith & Fitness: email at Use promo code Truth for 15% off

Ep. 254: Elnora  

This week's episode is all about Elnora. Discover who Elnora really was. A daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a cousin and a friend. Please excuse the briefness of this episode. Bob was suffering from laryngitis, and Cubia Jackson cancelled her interview at the last minute. The episode is short, but it makes the point. This is about #justiceforelnora Today's sponsors: (one free audiobook) (free trial)

Follow-Up 253  

In this episode we hear from several listeners, including Brooke Gittings, host of the Actual Innocence Podcast. We also hear from Kenny Snow, as he addresses the Truth & Justice Army after receiving the devastating news about Bill Cole. Today's sponsors are: (first 3 meals free with free shipping) Enter code TRUTH for special offer

Ep. 253: Loose Ends  

In this episode, Bob ties up all of the loose ends in the Edward Ates Case. We hear updates about Francis Johnson and Kenny Snow.

Follow-Up 252  

In this week's Friday Follow-Up, Mike and Bob are joined by actor and producer, Jon Cryer. Jon and Jody finally put an end to the Unsolved Mysteries debate.

Ep. 252: Face to Face  

In this episode, Bob takes you along with him on his most recent trip to Texas. We hear from Francis Johnshon's relatives, Ed, Johnnie Pryor, and Monica Bush. Bob also reveals the biggest leap towards Ed's freedom that we've experienced to date. Sponsors: Code: Truth for 15% off for 3 free meals with free shipping #freeedates #episode252 #truthandjusticearmy

Follow-Up 251  

In this week's #FridayFollowUp, Bob and Mike connect with listeners to follow up on this week's #episode251 "Zero Possibility" Listen closely for new information that further destroys the State's theory of the case.

Ep. 251: Zero Possibility  

In this episode, Bob piles on with more newly discovered evidence that completely destroys the State's case against Edward Ates. We hear about an expert witness who testified at the first trial, but not the second. We also find out how Monica Bush proved Ed's innocence, just 36 hours after Elnora was killed. Offer Code: Justice Offer Code: Truth

LIVE From Dallas #episode250 #FridayFollowUp  

This episode was recorded live at the Dallas fan meet-up on 1/18. We hear from several listeners and special guests Allison Clayton of the Innocence Project of Texas, Kim and Kyra Ates.

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