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Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff


The Truth & Justice Podcast is listener driven show, devoted to the pursuit of truth and justice. Host, Bob Ruff, is currently investigating the Hae Min Lee murder case. Serial opened our minds to the case. The Undisclosed Podcast is digging deeply into the weeds, to expose the legal issues and misconduct involved. Bob and his listeners are kicking the doors in, and ensuring that everyone gets out safe. Bob is a Fire Chief, and uses his experience investigating arsons to find the truth. This innovative crowd source approach has proven to be an effective method of finding details in the case.


Ep. 240: Margie & Angela Follow-Up  

In this episode, Bob taps into the #truthandjusticearmy for feedback, theories and questions about the Margie Jackson interview and the new information about Angela Walker. There are a lot of exciting things happening right now. Stay tuned to the end of the show, for a big announcement.

Bonus 8:  Listener Call-Ins Tomorrow  

In this episode, Bob addresses the #Truth&JusticeArmy about a call-in episode to discuss both the Margie Interview and the Angela Walker episode through listener calls and social media. Call-ins will be tomorrow afternoon (10/19/16) from 12pm-1pm eastern time. The phone number to call is (269)-224-2833. Also, send short emails to be answered on the air to To share tweets to be read on the air use our Twitter handle @truthjusticepod with #Margie.

Ep. 239: Jealous Lover?  

In this episode, Bob follows up on the Margie interview. He gives us some new information that may help to clear up some questions that a lot of people had. Bob also begins an investigation into Angela Walker, and fills us in on the status of his open records request with the Smith County DA's Office.

Ep. 238: Margie Jackson  

In this episode, Bob continues the investigation into the murder of Elnora Griffin. This week, the investigation turns toward Ed's mother Margie.

Ep. 237: Listener Questions About Mosley  

In this episode, Bob reaches out to the #Truth&JusticeArmy to further discuss the Leonard Mosley interview. Bob answers questions, and digs deeper into Mosley's statements.

Bonus 7:  Listener Call-Ins Tomorrow  

In this short bonus, Bob is calling for listeners to call into the show to discuss the Leonard Mosley interview. Call-ins will be tomorrow evening (9/28/16) from 7pm-9pm eastern time. Ask questions, discuss theories, etc. The phone number to call is (269)-224-2833.

Ep. 236: The Interview  

In this episode, we hear the full interview with Leonard Mosley. Segment one features the full interview, and in segment two Bob breaks down the interview and gives his analysis.

Ep. 235: The Big Trip  

This week we travel along with Bob back to Tyler, Texas. We hear from some very interesting people. Experience this trip right along side Bob.

Ep. 234: Transparent  

In this episode, Bob takes us along on his journey where he has been attempting to obtain case files from the Smith County DA's office for over 5 months.

Ep. 233: The Ole Switcheroo  

In this episode, Bob finally discovers the full picture of how Kenny Snow came to be involved in Ed's case. We also find out just how close we came to having some key physical evidence tested, that could have completely changed the outcome of the case.

Ep. 232: Dynamite  

In this episode we hear from two jurors from Ed's second trial. Bob tells the story of how a man was convicted unanimously without a single piece of direct evidence tying him to the crime. Today's sponsor is MVMT Watches for 15% of your entire purchase

Ep. 231: #FreeEdAtes  

This episode is all about Ed, Kim, Kyra and Zachary. Bob expresses his feelings after meeting Ed and his family face to face for the first time. We hear directly from Ed and Kim in this episode.

Ep. 230:  It was a Fecal Matter  

In this episode, we hear from Ed's brother Kelvin Ates. We learn about the strange involvement that Kelvin had in Ed's trial. Bob also examines the defense's strategy and closing arguments. We find out how the State managed to convince 12 jurors that an innocent man was guilty.

Ep. 229:  Railroaded  

In this episode, Bob analyzes the investigation of the murder of Elnora Griffin. He takes a deep dive into what Detectives Waller, Hukill and McKay did do, and more importantly, what they DIDN'T do. The end result is a startling realization that the false imprisonment of Edward Ates was no accident. Todays Sponsors: Country Heat Workout - Contact Becky here for more info: - Use Promo Code: TRUTH Squarespace - Use Promo Code: TRUTHANDJUSTICE

Ep. 228: This Is Not Over  

In this episode, Bob updates listeners on the ruling in Kerry Max Cook's case. In the second segment, Bob continues to re-evaluate the Elnora Griffin crime scene after receiving listener feedback on last week's theories. Today's Sponsors: Shakeology - (click shop then Shakeology on the left) Four Athletics Apparel: (Promo Code: Truth for 15% off) Blue Apron - (first 3 meals free)

Nashville Meet & Greet Details  

This is just a very short, one minute bonus announcing the date, time and location of the Nashville fan meet up. The meet up will be on Sunday, July 31 at 4pm. The location is the Bearded Iris Brewery, located at 101 Van Buren Street in the Germantown area of Nashville.

Ep. 227:  Flash  

In this episode, Bob updates listeners on Kenny Snow's case, asks for listeners to begin a letter writing campaign to support Kerry Max Cook, and takes a deeper look at the Elnora Griffin crime scene. The new analysis connects the dots in the reconstruction of the crime scene. Bob also announces the launch of the new Truth & Justice Patreon page.

Ep. 226: The Ball's In Your Court  

In this episode, Bob breaks down the phone records of Elnora Griffin and proposes several theories that may explain the "I'm sitting here talking to Edward" phone call. The second segment features an interview that sheds a new light onto the Kerry Max Cook case.

Ep. 135/225: This Changes Everything  

In this episode, Bob begins with a breakdown of the judges ruling that resulted in Adnan's conviction being vacated. In the second segment, Bob explains the proceedings at the Kerry Max Cook actual innocence hearing. In the third segment, Bob gives a startling analysis of the Lynda Jo Edwards murder.

Ep. 224: Cubia  

In this episode, Bob breaks down the testimony of Cubia Jackson. Cubia had testified that Elnora had told her over the phone, on the night she was murdered, that she was "sitting her talking to Edward." Bob was able to make contact with Cubia to discuss her testimony. Also, Bob reveals more funny business in the DA's office.

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