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Join Jim Smallman and his chums from comedy, music and wrestling as they discuss the month in, well, wrestling. From the most recent WWE PPV to as many tangents as they can dream up, it's positive wrestling chat; not just some dudes in a room saying what they don't like. Part of the Distraction Pieces Network.


TNJ Meets Session Moth Martina  

Jim had a chat via skype with the one and only Session Moth Martina ahead of her debut at PROGRESS this coming weekend. She's rapidly becoming a big name in wrestling after becoming a cult character in her native Ireland, and is really spreading her wings in 2017. It helps that she's both tremendously entertaining and a cracking human being to boot, so this is a really good chat. It also lets all the PROGRESS fans know what they're in for at the weekend... Support this podcast! Point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj, rate and review us on iTunes (and subscribe if you don't already!) and get involved on social media - tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw.

Episode 15: The Elimination Chamber Roundtable  

Jim is joined by TNJ all-stars Chris Brooker and Matt Richards in his front room to discuss the Smackdown brand PPV Elimination Chamber, which featured a rather popular conclusion (certainly to Jim at least). Features combined wrestler names, a large amount of chatter about the structure of the chamber and many, many bread jokes. TNJ is obviously nothing without you, dear listener, so here's some things you can do: Point new listeners at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj so they know how to subscribe and all that jazz. Get involved on Twitter by tweeting @jimsmallman and using #TuesdayNightJaw. And you know, keep it positive. This is meant to be a positive podcast! And remember, support everything on the Distraction Pieces network because it's all gravy. Well, it's all podcasts.

A Non Wrestling Fan's Perspective... With Mrs Smallman  

So this week Jim was meant to interview someone pretty cool but there were a few technical problems. As a joke, he went on Twitter and said he'd interview his wife about wrestling instead, as she's always the non-hardcore fan control that he mentions on nearly every roundtable (seriously, it's become a catchphrase). It was meant as a joke, but you guys sent in a load of questions and rather than not put a podcast out, Jim and Mrs S sat down after the baby had been put to bed and had a chat about wrestling, from both of their perspectives. The things she tolerates for that bloke... SUPPORT US! Rate, review, subscribe, all that. Point newbies at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj. Tweet @jimsmallman using the hashtag #TuesdayNightJaw. And get married, it's pretty rad.

Episode 14: The Royal Rumble Roundtable  

It's everyone's favourite PPV of the year! And the first major one too. Jim talks about the Royal Rumble (and NXT Takeover: San Antonio) with a TNJ Hall of Fame selection of guests: Scroobius Pip, Jimmy Havoc and Jon Briley. Its a good one! Get involved: point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj and tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

The Top Ten Royal Rumble Matches of All Time AND Jim Chooses His 30 Rumble Participants!  

Well, you know how Jim Loves a list... so this week, with the Royal Rumble rapidly approaching this weekend, our host makes not one but two lists - so make sure you play along at home by tweeting @jimsmallman and using #TuesdayNightJaw. First up, Jim chooses his 30 names for the Rumble. The rules? 10 names from Smackdown, 10 names from Raw (not including the men involved in the respective title matches this weekend), plus 6 names from NXT / 205 Live / WWEUKCT and 4 legends / surprise entrants. Then it's the usual list for a big PPV: The top ten matches from the past. A bit different with the Rumble, as Jim has chosen his top ten preliminary matches plus his favourite Rumble match of all time. The usual rules for the top ten though: You can't pick the same wrestler twice or use matches from the same PPV. Obviously the Rumble match is a bit different and can include anyone - as long as you don't break the rule about one match per show! Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and point newbies at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj. TNJ is delighted to be part of the awesome Distraction Pieces Network.

Jim Answers Your Questions: WWEUKCT, PROGRESS and More!  

Jim's a bit short on time this week after a MAMMOTH weekend of wrestling in the UK, from attending day one of the historic (and excellent) WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament to hosting PROGRESS Wrestling's first ever show in Birmingham on Sunday. WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS! With no time to do a full roundtable on the WWEUKCT, Jim answers a few of your questions (as tweeted to @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw). Questions such as "why were you wearing a suit on my TV screen on Saturday?" and "musical chairs with WHO?" are covered. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review this little podcast. Point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj as well! TNJ is proudly part of the awesome Distraction Pieces Network.

Episode 13: The NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 Roundtable  

NJPW has a massive show on January 4th every year, and we know loads of you watched Wrestle Kingdom 11. So did we! Jim got together in Manchester for a roundtable discussion of the biggest show in Japanese wrestling with Chris Brooker, Matthew Richards and Melanie Price. We discuss THAT main event, answer your questions, come up with knock-off wrestlers and make a fair few bread-related jokes. SUPPORT THIS PODCAST! Point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj, subscribe, rate and review us and get involved on Twitter: use #TuesdayNightJaw when tweeting @jimsmallman. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

TNJ Goes Backstage At PROGRESS To Review 2016  

2016 was a HUGE year for British Wrestling, so Jim had his recorder with him backstage at PROGRESS Wrestling's Unboxing Live last Friday. He has a brief chat about 2016 with various guests: PROGRESS Champion Pete Dunne, "The Villain" Marty Scurll, referee Marc "Paz" Parry, Bea Preistley, fellow promoters Glen Joseph and Jon Briley and a really interesting talk with the currently injured Mark Haskins. There will be a full roundtable coming soon for both WrestleKingdom and a huge review of 2016, but hopefully for now this can kick your 2017 off! Get involved: Point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj and use #TuesdayNightJaw on Twitter when tweeting @jimsmallman. TNJ is proud to be part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

TNJ Meets Johnny Saint  

It's a special TNJ this week as Jim travelled to visit the one and only Johnny Saint, who at 75 years old is still involved in wrestling and influencing the talent of the future. One of the greatest in-ring technicians of all time, Mr Saint is an absolute gentleman so this is a great chat with a World of Sport mainstay. Get involved: www.jimsmallman.com/tnj or tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Netwok.

Episode 12: The TLC Roundtable  

Jim gets together in Manchester with Chris Brooker, Matt Richards and wrestler Sam Bailey to discuss TLC. Includes body part puns, discussion of what to eat when watching a show and the usual ridiculous tangents. Get involved: Point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj and tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

Episode 11: The Survivor Series Roundtable  

Jim is joined by Scroobius Pip, Jimmy Havoc and James Musselwhite to discuss Survivor Series and NXT Takeover Toronto. It's a ruddy good one, this! Don't forget to get involved: @jimsmallman on Twitter and www.jimsmallman.com/tnj. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

The TNJ Guide to Wrestling Video Games  

With the Survivor Series / Takeover special coming up next week, Jim has a look at the history of wrestling video games. He talks you through his favourites, how things got started and some pretty sweet obscure rarities. If you're as nerdy as him then you'll get a kick out of this. GET INVOLVED: Tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw. Point people here to learn all about the podcast: www.jimsmallman.com/tnj. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

TNJ Meets Joe Coffey  

Jim had a chat via Skype with Scottish wrestling sensation and all-round good egg Joe Coffey ahead of ICW's huge Hydro show in Glasgow this weekend. They discuss dream matches, Joe's sporting background, wrestling in Japan and how mind-blowing it is for Joe to be wrestling Kurt Angle at the biggest independent wrestling show in Europe in forever. (Apologies for the sound quality and occasional interference from Jim's 3 month old son) Get involved with TNJ: Tweet @jimsmallman and use #TuesdayNightJaw and point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

The Top Ten Survivor Series Matches Of All Time  

It's a little late, but Jim chooses his top ten Survivor Series matches of all time... but of course, it's not that easy! There are rules to observe, IMPORTANT RULES THAT MUST NOT BE BROKEN! Thanks to a mental travel schedule, recorded in a Travelodge somewhere in Hampshire. We think. Get involved, tweet your top ten to @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the spiffing Distraction Pieces Network.

Episode #10: The Hell in a Cell Roundtable  

Jim is joined by Scroobius Pip, comedian Sam Pacelli and wrestler Pollyanna to discuss Hell in a Cell. Best cage matches, the rise of women's wrestling and talking about yourself in the third person are all discussed. Get involved: point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj and tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

TNJ Meets Trent Seven  

Jim has a great chat with Trent Seven, a man rightly getting great press for his work in PROGRESS, ICW, Chikara, Rev Pro and Fight Club Pro. They talk name origins, ambitions, bucket lists and quite a lot about beard maintenance. Get involved: share www.jimsmallman.com/tnj to spread the word, and use @jimsmallman and #TuesdayNightJaw on Twitter. TNJ is proud to be part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

Jim's October Q and A  

Every month or so Jim likes to take your questions about all things wrestling (and sometimes a few things outside of the graps). Here's October's selection of answers to your questions, the week that TNJ went over 100k downloads! Thanks for all your support! Send people to us: www.jimsmallman.com/tnj and get involved: @jimsmallman on Twitter, use #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

Episode #9: The No Mercy Roundtable  

After the latest Smackdown brand PPV, Jim got together with friend and journalist Kirsty Bosley to discuss No Mercy, as well as come up with wrestler themed films, answer your questions and loads more besides. Only two people so a tad shorter than the usual roundtable episodes! TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network. Spread the word: www.jimsmallman.com/tnj; or tweet @jimsmallman using #TuesdayNightJaw.

TNJ Meets Chris Ridgeway  

This week Jim had a chat with up and coming junior heavyweight Chris Ridgeway, who is already starting to make some big waves around the UK scene. They talk about influences, training and one of the worst sounding injuries ever.

Episode #8: The Clash Of Champions and PROGRESS Brixton Roundtable  

Jim is joined by Distraction Pieces Network head honcho Scroobius Pip, journalist Kirsty Bosley and presenter, ring announcer and former wrestler Matt Richards to discuss Clash of Champions and a fair bit of chat about PROGRESS's huge Brixton show over the weekend. WARNING. CONTAINS SPOILERS! Contains chat about some amazing wrestling on both sides of the pond and Dick and Dom. GET INVOLVED: Point people at www.jimsmallman.com/tnj, tweet @jimsmallman and use #TuesdayNightJaw. TNJ is proudly part of the Distraction Pieces Network.

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