TV Club - Full program podcast

TV Club - Full program podcast


So much television, so little time! Join a weekly panel of industry insiders and critics for a deeper look at TV.


Small Screens and Westworld  

We look at Small Screens, a new publication of essays on contemporary Australian television that surveys the current landscape, and the myriad of change surrounding it.

What's the best episode of TV ever?  

We ask three prolific screenwriters to pick the 'best' episode of television, ever!

Doc Martin's new role and Rosehaven  

Martin Clunes is in Australia and he joins us in the studio to talk about his new documentary, Islands of Australia.

Deep Water + mental illness on screen  

We look at SBS' new crime series Deep Water, a drama set in modern day Bondi that takes us back to a dark and brutal time in Sydney's history.

The Wrong Girl gets it right  

With a quirky chick-lit novel by Zoe Foster-Blake as its canvas, a high-profile cast and a love story where career comes first for female lead Lily Woodward, we look at how The Wrong Girl gets things right!

Marking the 60th anniversary of television  

When television came to Australia, it challenged design, the way people ate and even the wool industry!

Australian classics remade for TV + Doctor Doctor  

Ian Collie talks about Doctor Doctor, which he has produced along with Claudia Karvan. The show follows disgraced heart surgeon Dr Hugh Knight, as he attempts to rebuild his life in a small country town, his hometown.

A look at the Aussie TV industry with director of The Code and producer of Blue Water Empire  

Shawn Seet is the director of Deep Water, a new crime thriller starring Noah Taylor and Yael Stone.

L.A. showrunner gives Australian TV a big boost  

A new TV and film script development program called Scripted Ink aims to change the way Australia funds and develops projects.

Clive James on his lifelong love of television  

Clive James looks back at his lifelong love of television and Russell T Davies' re-imagines a Shakespeare classic complete with ipads, fascists and a tinge of Doctor Who.

The Netflix nostalgia strategy: Stranger Things and The Get Down  

We analyse the cultural nostalgia featured in two big Netflix originals and Seven has been aiming for gold with its digital Olympic coverage, but will it made the podium?

Screen Futures Summit: Culture, Identity and Diversity on Screen  

Diversity on the small screen was a key theme at this year's Screen Futures Summit in Melbourne and we're featuring some of the discussions that took place.

Behind great TV you'll find great women  

Two powerhouses of the Australian television industry shed some light on how ideas grow from script to screen and how we can get more women involved behind and in front of the camera.

Roots remade and Thirteen thoughts  

We take a look at the ground-breaking 1977 mini-series Roots and how watching its upcoming remake may resonate with a modern audience.

Music and Television  

Jeff Russo began his music career in the American rock band Tonic, and now composes scores for film and television, most notably the critically acclaimed crime-anthology series, Fargo.

Music and Television  

This week we delve deep into the relationship between TV and music.

Reality TV  

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro is the co-creator of Stan's hit series Unreal, a show she pitched after working as a producer on the U.S. version of The Bachelor.

Election night, Offspring and The Kettering Incident reviewed  

Offspring is back, but without its original writers. Does it hold up?

The Kettering Incident and Barracuda  

In this episode we meet two new high-end Australian dramas.

Fargo's Noah Hawley, Orange is the New Black and Animal Kingdom remade for TV  

From the much celebrated creator of the TV show Fargo comes a new book called Before the Fall, a spine-tingling thriller that demonstrates Noah Hawley's storytelling skills transcend across mediums.

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