A podcast for the schemers and dreamers. Identical twins Dave and Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell come up with true hustles and make billions so you don't have to.


100 Garbo  

Dave is cooking garbage. Jeff is selling fancy furniture. Mike is putting braces on your face. The Nation has hustled its way to 100 episodes. Join the celebratory live stream on this Saturday at 12pm EST, no herbs allowed!

99 Slimy Dakos  

Dave is hacking with chargers. Jeff is creating tear-away blankets. Mike is upping your sock game. The Nation is repping us behind the bar and in the streets. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron!

98 The Poozle  

Dave is scheduling texts. Jeff is making yard puzzles. Mike is juicing up your outdoor umbrellas. This week Marty Michael drops by to get live beef'd -- or does he? Head over to our Patreon and find out?

97 TruMood  

Dave is farting into blankets. Jeff is flipping motorcycles. Mike is bringing mood to the smart light game. The Nation is hustling and grinding, you know how they do.

96 Poblano Boys  

Dave is scrolling. Jeff is weaponizing hot sauce. Mike is revolutionizing your travel mug. The women of the Nation are representing very hard and we're all better for it. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron!

95 Shmelmet  

Dave pitches a dongle. Jeff pitches a goo. Mike pitches a portable head shower. The Nation is committing grand larceny as well as chiming in for the ladies. See Marty? We have female fans!

94 Faraday Paint  

Dave is selling you leftovers. Jeff is dotting your avocados. Mike is blocking your cell-phone signal. The Nation is taking care of the ladies this week!

93 Uber Doucher  

Dave is pressuring Uber drivers to subscribe to the pod. Jeff is training a dance troupe. Mike is scanning your face and selling crime committing cyborgs. The Nation is full of non sense that's making you money. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron!

92 iGenda ft. Dave Rosenberg  

Bowl of Ice is here to stay. Dave guests and he pitches speaker for your sneaker. Jeff pitches an airline hustle. Mike schedules your perfect commute. This week the Nation takes it to big oil-- Check out our boy Keshav Krishna installing solar panels in the Himalayas! Show him some love- RIIISE UP!

91 Over Ice: The First Quadtendre ft. Bowl of Ice  

Special guest, a literal bowl of ice, joins us to replace Dave. Jeff pitches a squatty potty on the go. Nic pitches a gym on the Train. Mike pitches satellite bars. The Nation is all in every day. This episode was brought to you by Bowl of Ice!

90 Rocket ft. Jake Hurwitz  

Podfather Jake Hurwitz steps into the bear trap and delivers a motorcycle on demand. Dave creates a scented dream inducer? Jeff is squirting you in your sleep for money. Mike is secretly tracking your loved ones. The Nation makes a shelf for your weenie. This week's episode was brought to you by Blue Apron!

89 Infrayed Lazyer  

David gets Diss Tracked then pitches an AC for your chimney. Jeff pitches a temperature reader. Mike coats your throat. The Nation is pulling fire alarms and making money off of passover!

88 Condimints ft. David Rosenherb pt. 2  

Dave joins us again because his mother called and begged for an hour to 'keep him on the pod.' He pitched a pill to flavor your spit. Jeff invented a bomb, which also cooks stew. Mike is bringing custom foam to a wall near you. The Nation is changing the concert game and helping you avoid speeding tickets!

87 Gus Deserves Better ft. David Rosenherb pt. 1  

Jeff confronts recent allegations and starts a foundation to honor a pissed off Nation member, our boy Gus! Some herb we met named Dave pitches a decent idea. Wow, rare. Mike is profiting off of Jeff's mugshot! GO TO: for your Gus gear. The Nation is crushing souls as always. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron!

86 Pants or Shorts_ Live at SXSW  

Live from Austin Texas, Dave is sucking farts out of your butt. Jeff is helping you get dressed. Mike is elegantly calling you a coward! This show was pure magic. At one point Jeff pulled off a pair of full length jeans in one smooth velcro motion to reveal a pair of jean shorts underneath. What else could you possibly need to know?

85 NoseWear ft. Miles Felix  

Our Beatmaster Miles Felix drops by and helps with your butt. Jeff is keeping your nose warm. Mike is making people jealous for profit! The Nation is changing the game forever. Money is pouring, glasses are clinking, success is blanketing the land.

84 Long Time No See  

Dave is getting double furniture. Jeff is spraying on condoms. Mike is connecting with old friends. The boys are back and they are as scheming as ever. Then the Nation hits us with some classic scams. Shout out to our boy Will for tatting up! This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron!

83 Soap Stud  

Producer Nic steps into the bear trap and pitches a drone based shaming service. Jeff is cleaning your butt hole. Mike is concealing your identity and starting a movement. The Nation is running a raffle and padding your tushy.

82 Puff Cup ft. Amanda Ferri  

Amanda Ferri comes with two notebooks full of genius and she serves up a marshmallow cup. Jeff invents banana caps. Mike is going handsfree on his cellphone. The Nation is thick with disruption and flush with revenue. Join us at SXSW on March 11th for the Twinnovation Live show:

81 Rejacketable  

Big Poppa Plump, Dave Rosenberg returns, partially, from a conference room while at work, and he pitches self driving boats!? Jeff is deathly ill and literally just asking Dave for his insurance. Mike is coming strong with retractable sleeves. The Nation is filled with genius. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron ( And our great friends Adam & Eve ( offer code: TWINS

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