A podcast for the schemers and dreamers. Identical twins Dave and Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell come up with true hustles and make billions so you don't have to.


71 Breaklace  

Dave is building shelves for trees. Jeff is accessorizing with breakfast. Mike is solving your body wash problem. The Nation then writes in and proves that are rich in spirit and rich in money. They have big ideas, folks. This episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve! Use offer code TWINS at checkout!

70 Shhh!  

Dave partners with the NSA. Jeff takes advantage of global warming. Mike slices beef in a delicious way. The Nation is filled with hustlers, per usual.

69 Shidder Shretter ft. Jon Gabrus  

Jon Gabrus enters the bear trap! Dave seasons your skin. Jeff is charging to skip the line. Jon is slicing up your poop. Mike is making it easy to be discrete. Then the nation weighs in with bravery and wit!


A dark day is here. Dave is improving murder suicides. Jeff is making toothpaste great again. Mike is oinking out NewBalance for profit. The Nation tries to heal. Fuck Donald Trump! He is a racist, misogynist, fascist pig. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve!

67 Basic Boards  

Dave is numbing your tongue. Jeff is changing the floor sweeping game. Mike is giving stock tips. The Nation is alive and hungry for that kik. This week's episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve!

66 Loaf Toppers  

Dave is haunting a train. Jeff is ending the embarrassment of getting "pantsed." Mike is selling the top of the loaf. The Nation is filled with genius.

65 Coolr  

Dave is non surgically improving your face. Jeff is 3-D printing your menu. Mike is making sure you know which friends are watching your favorite shows. And the Nation is scheming at levels we didn't know existed before.

64 Hashbags  

Dave is branding trash. Jeff is compacting trash. Mike is scaling back and fixing the phone charger. The nation brings us treasures as per usual.

63 My Little Spy Guy  

Dave is waking you up with water. Jeff is giving you stylish access to many toilets. Mike is spying on you. The Nation is rich in spirit, ideas, and hustle.

62 Mieces  

Dave is weighing your poop. Jeff is creating a next level ladder. Mike is sipping that board game cream. Then the Nation raises the bar for innovation. This week's episode was brought to you by the amazing folks at Adam and Eve!

61 Slimmers  

Dave is changing the way we see the world. Jeff is all about tickling. Mike is getting into the panda game. The Nation comes through in a time of need. Thanks to Adam and Eve for sponsoring this week’s episode!

60 OctVapious  

Dave is turning dieting upside down. Jeff is next level vaping. Mike is pirating on the high seas. The Nation never lets us down. The week's episode was brought to you by Hello Fresh!

59 The Toe Show  

Dave is microchipping children. Jeff is shorting litigation investment instruments. Mike is creating a step-by-step train hustle. The Nation submits hustles that will drop your jaw and fatten your wallet. Another instant classic.

58 Specyums  

Dave is submerging prisons. Jeff is cleaning your pubes. Mike is tasting colors. The Nation supplies us with the kinds of ideas that move markets and change industries. Get your investing hats on and get to the party.

57 Lendramat  

Dave is perfecting the hair cut. Jeff is hustling the suit and dry cleaning game. Mike is reinventing the cruise liner. The Nation is undefeated and looking for cash in all the right places.

56 MilliMeats  

Dave is helping you see. Jeff has a protein packed snack. Mike is keeping trendy heads fresh. The Nation brings some light to the darkness. Shoutout to Tidal's X No Limit Contest for sponsoring this week's episode!

55 Darted  

Dave is changing the face of marketing. Jeff is managing an Olympic handball team. Mike is making deodorant wipes. The Nation then somehow manages to bring mas fuego. This week's episode is sponsored by Casper!

54 Wundergarten  

Producer Nic steps into the bear trap for the first time. Jeff creates a taco bar. Mike remaps New York City on the cheap. The Nation comes correct. And a big shout out to our boy Davey for popping the question and taking the plunge!

53 Pennyworth  

Dave is burglarizing. Jeff is turning pennies into nickels. Mike is organizing a light saber fighting league. The Nation steps to the plate and brings billions. Shout out to our Patreon supporters!

52 Purifarter ft. Jake Hurwitz  

Dave is fixing your farts. Jeff is improving your circulation. Podfather Jake Hurwitz is renting out rooms for nappers. Mike updating the Clapper! The Nation is rising up as always. This is a heck of a show, just you wait. This week's episode was brought to you by Harry's Razors and Warby Parker!

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