A podcast for the schemers and dreamers. Identical twins Dave and Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell come up with true hustles and make billions so you don't have to.


83 Soap Stud  

Producer Nic steps into the bear trap and pitches a drone based shaming service. Jeff is cleaning your butt hole. Mike is concealing your identity and starting a movement. The Nation is running a raffle and padding your tushy.

82 Puff Cup ft. Amanda Ferri  

Amanda Ferri comes with two notebooks full of genius and she serves up a marshmallow cup. Jeff invents banana caps. Mike is going handsfree on his cellphone. The Nation is thick with disruption and flush with revenue. Join us at SXSW on March 11th for the Twinnovation Live show:

81 Rejacketable  

Big Poppa Plump, Dave Rosenberg returns, partially, from a conference room while at work, and he pitches self driving boats!? Jeff is deathly ill and literally just asking Dave for his insurance. Mike is coming strong with retractable sleeves. The Nation is filled with genius. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron ( And our great friends Adam & Eve ( offer code: TWINS

80 My Little Phoney ft. Shockwave  

Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan drops by the bear trap and changes the floss game. Jeff is squeezing teabags. Mike is making sure your voice gets heard. Then the Nation helps you get your snack on after you get your rocks off. This week's episode is brought to you by Adam & Eve ( offer code: TWINS

79 Master Race ft. Streeter Seidell  

Streeter drops by and comes at us with the Master Race. Jeff is punning the game industry. Mike is dropping phones for profit. The Nation is so on point we cut ourselves and bleed all over the rug. This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Apron ( for 3 free meals! And Adam and Eve ( offer code: TWINS for insane savings!

78 Five Things feat. Casey Jost  

Our boy Casey Jost drops in and pops off. Dude is a savvy and prepared investor. Casey's theming a restaurant. Jeff is pushing pills. Mike is banking on a golden shower. The Nation is playing the weather. Get your money, get your, get your Oprah Money. This week's episode is sponsored by Blue Apron! Use our address for 3 free meals: (

77 Season 2 Premier  

We begin our new post-Dave chapter with a special guest: the wind beneath Mike's wings, Sarah Schneider. Sarah changes the guacamole game. Jeff revolutionizes glitter. Mike shakes up the sneaker industry. And the Nation proposes a product to help you pull of the perfect crime! This week's episode is brought to you by Adam & Eve!( offer code: TWINS

76 Dave's Last Episode  

Dave is leaving us forever. His final idea is a beer glass made from ice. Jeff is commissioning water colors. Mike is disrupting the casserole game. Hey Nation, suggest new Dave's for us! This week's episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve! ( Offer Code: TWINS

75 Wine Away  

Dave is geo-tracking murderers. Jeff is keeping your teeth wine free. Mike is syncing your mattress to your lights for optimal safety and comfort. The Nation hustles like it's their only job.

74 Scoovel  

Dave is putting a camera in your engagement ring case. Jeff is making aromatic fingernail polish. Mike is improving your snowman game. The Nation is innovating like never before.

73 Stretch Dong Strongs  

Dave is stretching your dong. Jeff is making sure you never take a test again. Mike is changing the cereal industry as we know it. The Nation brings even more heat to this hot af studio. This week’s episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve!

72 Hot Creamies  

Dave is heating up ice cream. Jeff is hustling christmas trees. Mike is hiding your family treasure. Then the Nation rises up. RIIIIIISES UP.

71 Breaklace  

Dave is building shelves for trees. Jeff is accessorizing with breakfast. Mike is solving your body wash problem. The Nation then writes in and proves that are rich in spirit and rich in money. They have big ideas, folks. This episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve! Use offer code TWINS at checkout!

70 Shhh!  

Dave partners with the NSA. Jeff takes advantage of global warming. Mike slices beef in a delicious way. The Nation is filled with hustlers, per usual.

69 Shidder Shretter ft. Jon Gabrus  

Jon Gabrus enters the bear trap! Dave seasons your skin. Jeff is charging to skip the line. Jon is slicing up your poop. Mike is making it easy to be discrete. Then the nation weighs in with bravery and wit!


A dark day is here. Dave is improving murder suicides. Jeff is making toothpaste great again. Mike is oinking out NewBalance for profit. The Nation tries to heal. Fuck Donald Trump! He is a racist, misogynist, fascist pig. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve!

67 Basic Boards  

Dave is numbing your tongue. Jeff is changing the floor sweeping game. Mike is giving stock tips. The Nation is alive and hungry for that kik. This week's episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve!

66 Loaf Toppers  

Dave is haunting a train. Jeff is ending the embarrassment of getting "pantsed." Mike is selling the top of the loaf. The Nation is filled with genius.

65 Coolr  

Dave is non surgically improving your face. Jeff is 3-D printing your menu. Mike is making sure you know which friends are watching your favorite shows. And the Nation is scheming at levels we didn't know existed before.

64 Hashbags  

Dave is branding trash. Jeff is compacting trash. Mike is scaling back and fixing the phone charger. The nation brings us treasures as per usual.

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