Two-minute Time Lord: A Doctor Who Podcast

Two-minute Time Lord: A Doctor Who Podcast


Concentrated Commentary on the Worlds of Doctor Who


2MTL 408: Dan Starkey's Sontaran Stratagem  

Recorded at Long Island Who in November 2015, here's Strax himself: Dan Starkey! Dan talks about his journey from murderous soldier in "The Sontaran Stratagem" to the medical hero we have come to know and love and fear.

2MTL 407: Ace and Aro in Doctor Who  

Mikayla, one of the hosts of The Web of Queer (Twitter), provides a great guest commentary (clocking in at an increasingly rare ACTUAL TWO MINUTES) about what you may be inadvertently communicating when you discuss whether the Doctor is, or should be, asexual or aromantic.

2MTL 406: Chibnall Promoted  

Today the news broke that Steven Moffat's next series will be his last, and that Chris Chibnall is waiting in the wings…

2MTL 405: A Late Word About "The Husbands of River Song"  

The Management would like to apologize for the delay in this review. There was a holiday thing.

Speaking of holiday things, how about the last Christmas special?

2MTL 404: Series 9 in Review (Part Two with The Writers' Room)  

Thanks to the holidays, this huge Time Dilation edition of the podcast was almost literally 404. Thanks so much to Kyle Anderson and Erik Stadnik of Doctor Who: The Writers' Room for joining me for an in-depth (believe me, once they get wound up about "Sleep No More"…) examination of Series 9.

This podcast was recorded before [...]

2MTL 403: Series 9 in Review (Part One with Petra Mayer and Rachel Donner)  

Series 9 is over, and with it is Chip's fidelity to his podcast format: It's time for a series of longer Time Dilation episodes! First up, the first of two year-in-review episodes, this time with NPR's Petra Meyer and Hockey Feels co-host Rachel Donner.

2MTL 402: "Hell Bent" Reviewed  

Chip gets reflective as Doctor Who Series 9's year-long meditation on the dangers of emotional attachment comes to a close.

2MTL 401: "Heaven Sent" Reviewed  

After millions of years of chipping away at a diamond wall, getting zapped by a creature from nightmares, and crawling to a teleporter to restart the cycle, I've released a podcast about "Heaven Sent."

2MTL 400: "Face the Raven" Reviewed  

The 400th episode of 2MTL coincides with the swan song of one Clara Oswald (and Chip is blissfully unaware of spoilers or synopses for the next two episodes, so he's going to hold to that position for now). And as modern companion departures go, there's been no equal.

Check out Chip on The Incomparable Network's [...]

2MTL 399: "Sleep No More" Reviewed  

From Professor Rasmussen speaking to camera and the complete lack of opening titles to a barely present score and unusual "resolution" to the episode, "Sleep No More" broke all the rules of Doctor Who. Now I'm afraid it'll be harder to break them again.

2MTL 398: "The Zygon Inversion" Reviewed  

The last man on Earth to watch "The Zygon Inversion" finally watches "The Zygon Inversion."

2MTL 397: Throwing Shades  

Just over halfway through Series 9, some fans have come to terms with the Sonic Sunglasses, and some are totally over them. Steven Moffat wouldn't have it any other way.

2MTL 396: "The Zygon Invasion" Reviewed  

Your host's earlier fears about Osgood's fate and portrayal have been for the moment assuaged, and, oh by the way, this episode rocked.

2MTL 395: "The Woman Who Lived" Reviewed  

A belated look at Maisie Williams's second turn of the season, featuring gratuitous Rufus Hound Fu.

2MTL 394: "The Girl Who Died" Reviewed  

For a change, I'm not reserving judgment on a story until its conclusion airs. I'm praising a story because it's not finished yet.

2MTL 393: Ex-"Geek Girls"  

I really enjoyed "Before the Flood"–except for one thing that seems to be coming dangerously close to a trend in Doctor Who. And in this episode, as the Radio Times revealed, it was no accident.

2MTL 392: "Before the Flood" Reviewed  

Far beyond wishing everyone at home a Merry Christmas, Toby Whithouse's "Before the Flood" opens with the show's most Fourth Wall-breaking moment yet, revealing once again how subversive the Moffat Era really is.

2MTL 391: "Under the Lake" Reviewed  

Archetype, trope or formula? As we return to the "base under siege" style of Doctor Who storytelling, does writer Toby Whithouse do something fresh with it? And is it time for a serious talk about Clara?

2MTL 390: Reality Bomb Presents "Class Struggle"  

The universes are collapsing: Reality Bomb has invaded 2MTL to explore just what happened when the BBC made its much-hyped-on-social-media announcement about the new Doctor Who spinoff, Class. Written by Graeme Burk; performed by Graeme Burk, Chip Sudderth, Bill Evenson and Kim Rogers; lovingly balanced and tweaked by Alex Kennard.

2MTL 389: Addicted to Hate-watching  

Why do fans who don't like what's happening in Doctor Who keep watching?

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