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UK Wine Show

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The UK Wine Show is all about wine and the UK wine scene. We interview winemakers, consumers, wine bar owners, scientists, you name it, if it is about wine in the UK we will cover it. Almost all good wine from around the world washes up on these shores so we'll find out more about the people behind the wines that are making a splash.


The wines of Entre-Deux-Mers with Joel and Sandrine Duffau  

Chris meets Vignobles Joel Duffau in Moulon in the region of L'Entre-deux-Mers to the south east of Bordeaux.

Victoria Burt MW on WSET Level 3 Part 2  

We talk to Victoria Burt MW on changes to the WSET Level 3 Syllabus. A must listen for all those studying their Level 3.

Victoria Burt MW on WSET Level 3 Part 1  

Victoria Burt MW talks to us about the new WSET Level 3 syllabus which was introduced in August 2016.

Tourism and Bordeaux with Danea Pesarz  

We talk to Danea Pesarz of Planet Bordeaux about tourism in the Bordeaux region.

Generic Bordeaux Appellations with Frederic Roger from Planet Bordeaux  

Frederic Roger from Planet Bordeaux talks to us about the key Bordeaux appellations, the rules, the grapes and the wines.

Wine Car Boot with Ruth Spivey  

We talk to Ruth Spivey founder of Wine Car Boot, an exciting venture for independent wine shops to offer tastings and sell wine.

Wine Owners with Nick Martin  

We talk to Nick Martin about Wine Owners, a platform for wine lovers and collectors to manage and track their wine collections.

Bottlebooks with Jonathan Harclerode  

We discuss the concept and business of Bottlebooks from Jonathan Harclerode the Co-Founder and CEO.

Tony Edwards The Good News About Booze  

We talk to science writer Tony Edwards about his book The Good News About Booze, putting the case forward that alcohol in moderation can be good for you.

Find A Vino Wine App  

Find A Vino Wine App overview

Neil McGuigan on Ageing Wines  

Neil McGuigan of McGuigan Wines talks to us about aged Eden Valley Riesling and Barossa Valley Shiraz.

Rias Baixas wine region with Eva Minguez  

Eva Minguez is marketing manager for the Rias Baixas wine region in Spain. We talk about the region and its flagship grape, Albarino.

Wines of Uruguay with Carla Vertellotti  

Carla Vertellotti talks to us about wines from Uruguay

UK Wine Show 482 Koshu Wine with Yuka Ogasawara and Lynne Sherriff MW  

Yuka Ogasawara and Lynne Sherriff MW talk to us about the Koshu grape variety grown in Japan.

UK Wine Show 481 Japanese Wine with Yuka Ogasawara  

Yuka Ogasawara talks to us about wine grape varieties that are grown in Japan and the wine making regions.

Duncan Brown on Brown Brothers Unusual Grape Varieties  

Duncan Brown talks us through the Brown Brothers range and some of the unusual grape varieties they market.

Duncan Brown on Brown Brothers  

Duncan Brown tells us the history of Brown Brothers and their vineyards in Victoria and Tasmania.

The London Wine Fair with Will Broadfoot  

Marketing director Will Broadfoot talks to us about the London Wine Fair over the last 2 decades and how Olympia is starting to feel like home again.

The wines of London Cru with Gavin Monery  

We taste some of the London Cru range with winemaker Gavin Monery and discuss the process and equipment used to make the wines.

Gavin Monery on London Cru  

In Part 1 of our interview with London Cru we talk to winemaker Gavin Monery about the winery and how they source the grapes.

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