Unemployable with Brian Clark

Unemployable with Brian Clark


Unemployable provides actionable strategies for thousands of freelancers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Your host Brian Clark is an entrepreneur who's started eight successful businesses (you might know him as the founder of Copyblogger and the CEO of Rainmaker Digital), and he draws upon his own evolution from solo to CEO to deliver valuable lessons and impactful interviews. In addition, visit Unemployable.com to get the week's top resources for independent business people.


Become an Expert Interviewer, with Andrew Warner  

Last week we talked about the power of positioning when it comes to starting a podcast. We also touched on how sponsorships can become just one of the lucrative sources of revenue that comes from growing your audience. But you’ve still got to create content, right? We may be overrun with interview-based podcasts, but there’s... Listen to episode

The Four-Step Process that Transforms Your Business (Without Knocking Yourself Out)  

Work on your business, not in it. You ve heard this advice over and over. It originated with the book The E Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, by Michael Gerber. Seems like smart advice. But it can be hard to execute, especially when you have a demanding client-based business.... Listen to episode

Start Your Successful Podcast in 2017, with Jon Nastor  

It’s been a year-and-a-half since I started Unemployable. And it’s just been recently that the show has started to take off. Many assume because the Copyblogger audience is so large that the show would be massively popular from day one. That’s not the case though — a different format and a different topic does not... Listen to episode

The ‘Pulp Fiction’ Technique for Engaging and Persuasive Content  

You’ve seen Pulp Fiction, right? It’s the classic 1994 black comedy crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film is highly stylized, presented out of chronological order, and filled with eclectic dialogue that reveals each character’s perspectives on various random subjects. And yes, it’s profane and violent. Pulp Fiction was nominated for seven... Listen to episode

Blogging is Back, with Darren Rowse  

In the beginning, there was blogging. And for businesses looking to build an audience that helped grow the bottom line, it was good. In fact, many of the leaders in the digital marketing space started as blogs and evolved into multi-million dollar businesses. I personally have immense gratitude for what Rainmaker Digital has been able... Listen to episode

Creating Online Courses to Level Up from Freelance, with Carrie Dils  

Many freelancers dream of the day that they’ll have sources of income other than from client work. Some hope to stop taking clients for good in favor of selling online training instead. Carrie Dils did just that. A long time web developer, Carrie adopted the WordPress platform to do client work as a freelancer. But... Listen to episode

Content Curation in an Age of Fake News, with Dave Pell  

It’s been almost two years since I started Further, my curated email newsletter about personal growth. And there’s no mistaking that the project was inspired by Dave Pell’s NextDraft. Content curation is all about becoming a trusted editorial source that finds the best information within a certain topic from amongst the valueless clickbait and mediocre... Listen to episode

Steal Like an Entrepreneur, with Austin Kleon  

The other day I was listening to the classic alternative channel on SiriusXM. Message of Love by the Pretenders was on. In the song, Chrissie Hynde sings: We are all of us in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars. Wait a minute … didn t Oscar Wilde say that in the... Listen to episode

It s Your Duty to Design the Life You Want, with David Kadavy  

Many people go out on their own in pursuit of the perfect lifestyle. Of course, “perfect” is entirely subjective. Maybe it s to become a digital nomad and travel the world. For others, it s the freedom to work from home and be closer to family. And still others are chasing audacious goals and world domination. All... Listen to episode

Host Your First Virtual Conference, with Bailey Richert  

Virtual conferences have been around for years. They provide the education of a live event, without the expense of travel, hotel, and other “real world” costs that live events bring. That’s the benefit to attendees. Entrepreneurs can use virtual conferences as a way to build or expand an audience, while also developing a membership product.... Listen to episode

Understanding the Brain Science Behind Effective Persuasion, with Roger Dooley  

The ancient Greeks — notably Aristotle — used anecdotal observation to nail much of what we know about persuasion. The fundamentals of the art haven t changed much in 2300 years, because human nature hasn t changed, even as the context in which we operate has changed dramatically. In the 20th century, social psychology took the ancient... Listen to episode

Create Your First WordPress Product, with Chris Lema  

In just over a decade, WordPress has become the most popular content management system on the web. And as with any hugely popular open source movement, there are plenty of for-profit companies providing premium themes, plugins, hosting, and support. Is it too late for you to get involved? Evidence suggests the contrary — that WordPress... Listen to episode

Tips for Crowdfunding a New Product (Or Your Entire Business), with Khierstyn Ross  

As you likely know, crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a project or venture by pulling contributions from a large number of people, usually online. In 2015 alone, crowdfunding generated an estimated over $34 billion (USD) worldwide. You may not know, however, that the first instance of online crowdfunding dates way back to... Listen to episode

How to Build a Business that Sets You Free, with Sol Orwell  

Startup, raise money, cash out, repeat. That s the narrative that Silicon Valley feeds you. Problem is, that approach is not only statistically rare, it s rarely successful. Most venture-backed companies fail, plain and simple. On the other hand, we have the narrative of the typical small business owner. Long hours for long years in order to... Listen to episode

SEO that Grows Your Business with John Jantsch  

Of all the components of a holistic online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (“SEO”) seems to mystify many the most. And it’s true that years back, the key to ranking well in Google was a form of dark art. That’s changed in recent years. Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter, and is more distinctly tuned in... Listen to episode

Building Your Virtual Team with Jess Ostroff  

As the leader of a virtual company of over 65 people located around the world, I wouldn t have it any other way. Of course, I had a lot of help from my partners getting to this point over the last 6 years. Nowadays, you have publications like the Harvard Business Review talking about virtual teams... Listen to episode

The Stoic Entrepreneur with Ryan Holiday  

We re all familiar with the stereotyping of Millennials. Like my own once-denigrated Generation X, “these kids today” are lazy and entitled, right? From my experience with the young people I know and work with, I m not buying it. And even if there s some truth to the generalization, a guy like Ryan Holiday blows that perception... Listen to episode

How to Find Your Next Big Thing  

Entrepreneurs and independent business people are always working on the next thing, often on the side while we maintain our current income. And as your mind begins to see the world in a more entrepreneurial way, you ll spot opportunity everywhere. A good problem to have, right? But we know that pure economic opportunity and even... Listen to episode

Lesson 10: Tech Components of This Email Marketing Strategy  

As promised, here’s a quick explanation of the technical components needed to execute the strategy we discussed over the previous 9 lessons, how the Rainmaker Platform allows you to do it all (and more), and in the alternative, how to assemble a WordPress site with industry-leading hosting, themes, and plugins.

Lesson 9: Five Copywriting Tips for Email Marketing  

Following directly on the heels of our lesson on inducing action, we talk about the skill that helps you make it happen – copywriting. You’ll understand why every business person should study copywriting, even if most should outsource the actual work. Plus, how to write subject lines that get your emails opened, and the trust... Listen to episode

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