Unemployable with Brian Clark

Unemployable with Brian Clark


Unemployable provides actionable strategies for thousands of freelancers, consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs. Your host Brian Clark is an entrepreneur who's started eight successful businesses (you might know him as the founder of Copyblogger and the CEO of Rainmaker Digital), and he draws upon his own evolution from solo to CEO to deliver valuable lessons and impactful interviews. In addition, visit Unemployable.com to get the week's top resources for independent business people.


The State of Freelancing in 2017, with Emily Leach  

More than 55 million Americans are freelancers — a full 35 percent of our workforce, according to the 2016 Freelancing in America report. And contrary to enduring myths, it’s not because “they can’t find a job” — it’s a conscious choice based on freedom and empowerment. 79 percent of freelancers believe freelancing is a better... Listen to episode

How to Find Your Winning Difference  

It’s the bane of modern marketing. Any product can be replicated or reverse-engineered. Any service can be copied, leaving only execution as a true difference (which comes after the point of decision). In short, people see less difference between competing offers than ever, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not looking. Search engines and social... Listen to episode

Three Months of Vacation Thanks to Smart Business Design, With Sean D’Souza  

Owning your own business can lead to the lifestyle of your dreams, but only if you’re very intentional about it. Only you can decide what that dream looks like, and only you can implement it. That’s exactly what Sean D’Souza has done for himself. Instead of constantly trying to grow ever-higher revenue from his courses... Listen to episode

The Beauty of Recurring Revenue  

Just recently, Medium announced the intention to start charging a $5 monthly fee for an enhanced experience at the popular site. Also, Twitter is considering a subscription version of Tweetdeck geared toward marketers, brands, and other power users. Robert Bruce and I discuss whether these initiatives will succeed, and at what scale. What’s not in... Listen to episode

3 Conversion Optimization Tactics that Work, with Talia Wolf  

As digital marketers, we have websites to attract leads, customers, and clients to our businesses. So it makes sense that the more leads, customers, and clients we attract, the more money we make. Conversion optimization is simply a strategic process for increasing the effectiveness of your site at doing just that. Too often, though, we... Listen to episode

Content Marketing that Sells, with Marcus Sheridan  

There are plenty of self-proclaimed content marketing experts around these days. The only thing these experts have ever seemed to market, however, is themselves. That’s why it’s alway refreshing to chat with Marcus Sheridan. Like me, he cut his content marketing teeth in a traditional industry before beginning to teach it to others. This episode... Listen to episode

9 Daily Habits for Business Success  

Everyone loves a good listicle right? The entrepreneurial space is littered with 3 tips for this, 7 tactics for that, and of course the rock steady top 10 tips for “what have you.” An especially popular form of the genre is the expert round up. In this scenario, the article contains advice from a collection... Listen to episode

Designing Your Lifestyle with Entrepreneurism  

I was in Austin last week speaking at a conference, and I had an interesting conversation with one of the other speakers. It’s a guy I’ve known for years on the web writing circuit. He started off saying how he had always felt as if he’d missed out for not starting a high-powered “disruptive” startup,... Listen to episode

The Two Keys to Successful Delegation  

As I’ve repeatedly admitted, the inability to delegate earlier in my entrepreneurial journey was my achilles heel. I worked too hard, paid too little attention to my family, and generally wasn’t happy. The only saving grace I can muster is that it seems just about every independent business person goes through this. You either learn... Listen to episode

Are Automated Marketing Funnels a Fail?  

We ended last season with an Unemployable episode featuring Darren Rowse of Problogger, in which he and I lamented that the kind of human connection that fueled the early blogging movement seemed to be getting drowned out with tactics and technology. Then, I kicked off my return to Copyblogger with a call to go back... Listen to episode

Succeed by Serving an Audience, with Emily Thompson  

Emily Thompson is no stranger to the independent business life. She started off with an Etsy shop, and soon began helping other indie business people build their own platforms with web design and coaching. Emily is the founder of Indie Shopography, a design and strategy web studio, where she and her team develop websites for... Listen to episode

The State of Social Media Marketing, with Michael Stelzner  

Back in the early 2000s, social media was a very different thing. The term came out of the Web 2.0 movement, and the primary components were blogs. Around 2005-2006, blogging starting moving to a more commercial bent. And social media expanded to include social news sites like Digg and Delicious. Once Facebook and Twitter showed... Listen to episode

Creating a Productized Service, with Dan Norris  

A few weeks back, we looked at a process that you can use to transform your business. The example I gave was for a freelancer to “productize” an aspect of their services into a neatly packaged product with a defined scope and pricing. I also pointed out a benefit that goes beyond escaping the trap... Listen to episode

Answers to Smart Business Questions, with Chris Brogan  

This week, we’re shaking things up a bit. I took to Facebook and Twitter and asked for questions related to running and growing your business — and got a bunch of really good ones. Joining me to answer those questions is Chris Brogan, a New York Times bestselling author, professional speaker, longtime blogger, and CEO... Listen to episode

The Psychology of the Entrepreneur, with Sherry Walling  

What comes to mind when you think of an entrepreneur? Maybe it’s the gregarious and frenetic hustler, as personified by my friend Gary Vaynerchuk. That’s interesting, since the only thing Gary and I have in common is that we’re both serial entrepreneurs. Clearly, the types of personalities that support entrepreneurship run along a wide spectrum.... Listen to episode

A Crash Course in Copyright for Creators  

You might notice from the title of today’s episode that I have a thing for alliteration. That’s a copywriting technique, which is not what we’re talking about today. I say that because I see people confuse the two terms all the time. Just a couple of weeks ago on Facebook, someone asked for copywriting advice,... Listen to episode

Enhance Your Freelance, with Jennifer Bourn  

Attracting and working with clients can be challenging. Implement the right practices and processes, though, and you can design a stellar small business and lifestyle. That’s what Jennifer and Brian Bourn have done with their agency, Bourn Creative. They purposefully keep the operation small, and yet have set things up for both maximum profitability and... Listen to episode

Become an Expert Interviewer, with Andrew Warner  

Last week we talked about the power of positioning when it comes to starting a podcast. We also touched on how sponsorships can become just one of the lucrative sources of revenue that comes from growing your audience. But you’ve still got to create content, right? We may be overrun with interview-based podcasts, but there’s... Listen to episode

The Four-Step Process that Transforms Your Business (Without Knocking Yourself Out)  

Work on your business, not in it. You ve heard this advice over and over. It originated with the book The E Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, by Michael Gerber. Seems like smart advice. But it can be hard to execute, especially when you have a demanding client-based business.... Listen to episode

Start Your Successful Podcast in 2017, with Jon Nastor  

It’s been a year-and-a-half since I started Unemployable. And it’s just been recently that the show has started to take off. Many assume because the Copyblogger audience is so large that the show would be massively popular from day one. That’s not the case though — a different format and a different topic does not... Listen to episode

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