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Adam Tod Brown writes a weekly column called "The People vs. Adam Tod Brown" for the Internet comedy website Cracked.com. He uses that column to put forth all sorts of crazy opinions. Then, he comes on this show to defend those opinions. Each week he welcomes some of the funniest comics working today along with his various Cracked co-workers to join him in sticking up for some of the most despised people, places and things the world has to offer. New episode every Wednesday!



Adam welcomes Chet Wild and Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel to talk about the best protest songs of all-time. Listen to it!


New and improved! Now with only one intro! Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome comic Dave Waite to discuss some of the insane things rich people spend their money on. Listen to it now!

Where In the World (War III)  

Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome comic David Huntsberger to discuss the various spots around the world where a global war could conceivably break out next. Good times! Listen now!


Hey look! It's an extra special Tuesday edition of Unpopular Opinion! On this episode, Adam and Jess welcome comic Mo Mandel and musician/politician Danger Van Gorder to discuss some of the most shocking downfalls in entertainment history. Listen to it right now!

The Worst People On YouTube  

Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome comic Dani Fernandez to discuss the worst YouTube personalities of all-time. Give it a listen now!

An Episode About Something, Pt. 2  

Adam and Jeff welcome Chet Wild and Danger Van Gorder for a discussion about things to do to prepare for the resistance, but it quickly devolves into anger and tangents. As usual! Give it a listen now!

The House of Wax Remake Was Way Underrated  

Adam, Jeff, and Jess welcome comic Kyle Clark to discuss upcoming movie remakes we should all be excited about. Give it a listen now!

Time, Talent, Or Treasure  

Adam, Jeff and Jess talk about products you can buy today that are absolutely trying to kill you. Usually in the face. They try to kill you in the face. Also, who is Jess? Listen now!

An Episode About Something Pt. 1  

Adam and Jeff welcome comic Brian Dunkleman and '90s radio rock enthusiast Chet Wild to discuss weird ways celebrities got mixed up in huge political scandals. It's fantastic times. Give it a listen.

Outtakes - "Beans, Barilla, and British Accents"  

Hey look! It's a new thing we're doing! This episode features tons of outtakes from all of the various shows on the Unpops network. Head to unpops.com/shows for links to subscribe to free bi-weekly episodes of all our shows on iTunes. Or, even better, head to connectpal.com/unpopularopinion and sign up for our subscription service. It's just $4.99 per month, and it's worth every penny. Thanks! We love you!

The Frank Turner Show  

Adam, Jeff and Vanessa talk to singer/songwriter Frank Turner about his most recent tour, progress on his new album, Albuquerque and how much it sucks, and so much more. Give it a listen now!

Drone Skid Row  

Adam and Jeff welcome comic Travis Clark to discuss the myriad ways technology is being used against us these days.

Mostly About Snakes  

Adam welcomes comics Delanie Fischer and Danielle Soto to discuss something we hear way to rarely these days ... good news. Give it a listen right now!

Why Calexit Could Totally Happen  

Adam and Jeff welcome comic Lahna Turner and "Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week" co-host Chet Wild to discuss the future of California.

This Episode Is Broken  

Adam and Jeff welcome Josh Denny to discuss the history and future of isolationism in the United States. The tape breaks about halfway through. Adam finishes the show alone. Good times! Don't miss it!

Pretty Scary - "The Box"  

True crime writer Joan Renner joins Adam, Kari, and Caitlin to discuss one of the most notorious unsolved murders of all-time.

Old Movies  

On this episode, Adam and Jeff welcome the lovely and talented Danger Van Gorder to discuss some movies from the past that have become surprisingly relevant again today.

Get Lit! - Recap: This Perfect Day (Full Episode Preview)  

A free full episode preview of our subscription only show "Get Lit!" It's a monthly book club podcast hosted by Adam Tod Brown and Danger Van Gorder. Get all future episodes at https://www.connectpal.com/unpopularopinion

The South China Sea Situation  

On this episode, Adam and an especially mellow Quincy talk about the tense situation that's been unfolding in the South China Sea and how it could mean bad times for us all. Then, to lighten the mood, they finish the episode watching a Chinese game show. Give it a listen now!

The Least Anticipated Podcast Of the Week - "The Celebrity Drop-In Show"  

Adam and Chet start out with the intention of sharing some of their favorite music from years past. You know, because nothing good comes out in January. About halfway through a special guest joins the fray. Good times ensue. Listen to it now!

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