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Unreported World

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Unreported World is Channel 4's critically acclaimed foreign affairs series that offers an insight into the lives of people in some of the most neglected parts of the planet. The Unreported World Podcast presents an audio version of the weekly programme which you can watch on Channel 4 every Friday at 7:30 pm.


Brazil's Child Preachers (Series 2015 Episode 16)  

Child preachers in Brazil are attracting large crowds and becoming celebrities, as the country's fast-growing evangelical movement gains religious and political power.

30 Yeas A Slave (Series 2015 Episode 15)  

Marcel Theroux investigates the growing national scandal in South Korea of modern-day slaves, many of whom have learning difficulties and worked for years on a remote island chain.

Mafia Hunter (Series 2015 Episode 13)  

Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets the television journalist in Sicily who's risking his life to expose the Mafia bosses whose tentacles still reach far into almost every aspect of life.

Frontline Family Reunions (Series 2015 Episode 12)  

Reporter Morland Sanders meets the aid workers trying to reunite children and parents who are trapped on different sides of the frontline in the brutal civil war in South Sudan

The Girl Who Lost Her Face (Series 2015 Episode 11)  

Reporter Giles Duley visits a remarkable clinic for victims of acid attacks in Bangladesh, and follows one young victim as she rebuilds her life, and the inspirational team helping her

The Fight For Sight (Series 2015 Episode 10)  

In this uplifting episode, reporter Ade Adepitan meets medics in Malawi who perform 15-minute operations that allow blind people to see

China's Gay Shock Therapy (Series 2015 Episode 9)  

China's Gay Shock Therapy. Reporter Shaunagh Connaire and director Patrick Wells are in China to reveal how some hospitals use treatments including nausea-inducing drugs and electric shock therapy to ‘cure’ gay people.

Miss Crimea (Series 2015 Episode 8)  

Miss Crimea. In the disputed territory of Crimea, Marcel Theroux meets Tatar families worried about what Russian rule might bring and a young woman who hopes to become the first Tatar winner of Miss Crimea.

The Black Mambas: Saving the Rhino (Series 2015 Episode 7)  

The Black Mambas: Saving the Rhino. In South Africa, reporter Evan Williams and director Laura Warner meet the Black Mambas: the world's first all-female anti-poaching unit, who are battling to save the rhino from extinction

Generation Football (Series 2015 Episode 6)  

Generation Football. Ade Adepitan investigates unscrupulous agents preying on young footballers in Cameroon who are desperate to make a career playing for teams in Europe or the Middle East.

40 Years to Find My Family (Series 2015 Episode 5)  

40 Years to Find My Family. In Cambodia, Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets families torn apart by the Khmer Rouge genocide, who are now being reunited by reality TV.

Vaccination Wars (Series 2015 Episode 4)  

Vaccination Wars. Unreported World meets the health workers risking their lives to vaccinate children against polio in Pakistan, where the Taliban have issued a decree against vaccination.

Standing Up To Mugabe (Series 2015 Episode 3)  

Standing Up To Mugabe.Unreported World meets the brave - and very funny - comics risking their security by satirising Zimbabwe's politicians online

America's Cowboy Kids (Series 2015 Episode 2)  

America's Cowboy Kids. This action-packed, eye-opening episode visits Texas to meet the young children participating in what has been described as the world's most dangerous organised sport: bull-riding

The City That Beat ISIS (Series 2015 Episode 1)  

The City That Beat ISIS. A unique, devastating insight into the last days in the battle between Kurdish fighters and Isis for the Syrian town of Kobani

15 and Learning to Speak (Series 2014 Episode 16)  

15 and Learning to Speak. Unreported World follows the inspirational work of the sign language teachers transforming the lives of deaf children and adults in Uganda who have never been able to communicate until now.

Tripoli Burning (Series 2014 Episode 15)  

Tripoli Burning. Libya is so dangerous most foreigners have left. Embedded in Tripoli's fire station, reporters Seyi Rhodes and Laura Warner gained a vivid snapshot of life in a disintegrating country.

The Kids of Murder High (Series 2014 Episode 14)  

The Kids of Murder High. Ade Adepitan meets the inspirational head teacher in Honduras who's battling to give his pupils the best chance of survival in one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

India's Electric Dreams (Series 2014 Episode 13)  

India's Electric Dreams. Krishnan Guru-Murthy examines the Indian government's drive to provide electricity for every village in the country, and how it will affect the country's environment.

SIberia's Next Supermodels (Series 2014 Episode 12)  

Siberia's Next Supermodels.Unreported World meets some of the thousands of young Russian women moving to China to become models, but finding the work and conditions a lot harder than they had expected.

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