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Up and Vanished is an investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of Georgia beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead. The 11-year-old cold case is the largest case file in the history of Georgia. Follow along as host Payne Lindsey, a film director turned amateur investigator, examines old case evidence and re-interviews persons of interest. What happened to Tara Grinstead?


Important Announcement : Season 2  

www.UAVSeason2.com I want to thank all of the loyal listeners of Season 1 so far, on the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. After Episode 18 later this year, Season 1 will come to a close. I would love to continue this journey with another unsolved case, applying everything that I’ve learned from Tara’s case. I plan on making a Season 2 of Up and Vanished, on a new unsolved case. But in order to launch a successful new investigation its going take both time and money. And that’s where you come in. With your help, we can assemble the resources to tackle a new unsolved case right from the very beginning. If you'd like to pledge a donation towards a second season of Up and Vanished, you can do so on our Kickstarter page at www.UAVSeason2.com

Q&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 01.19.17  

Maurice answers some of your questions from the voicemail line. Today's Sponsor: www.MercuryInsurance.com

Episode 11 : There's Our Guy  

Payne tells the whole story behind this mysterious "George Harrison."

Case Evidence 01.09.17  

Today we have a special guest, the hosts of another investigative podcast called Accused. Amber and Amanda weigh in on Payne's investigation. Today's Sponsors: www.Harrys.com Promo Code: CE www.SleepNumber.com.com

Episode 10 : George Harrison  

We dive deeper into the latex glove and a new witness of the black truck emerges.

Q&A with Maurice Godwin 12.22.16  

Maurice Godwin answers some of your questions from the voicemail line with Payne Lindsey.

Episode 09 : The Glove  

A new person in Tara’s life is discovered and he tells us his story. After further investigation, we find some interesting information about that latex glove. Todays' Sponsor: Mercury Insurance

Case Evidence 12.12.16  

Case Evidence 12.12.16 Today's Sponsor: www.Harrys.com PROMO Code: CE

Episode 08 : In The Box  

We look a little deeper into the suicide theory and search for new names in the box. Today's Sponsors: www.MackWeldon.com PROMO CODE: UP www.Harrys.com PROMO CODE: UP

Case Evidence 11.28.16  

In this episode of Case Evidence, Payne answers calls from our listeners. Today's Sponsor: www.MackWeldon.com PROMO CODE: UP

Episode 07 : Phineas Gage  

We explore the man who committed suicide and left this mysterious note behind. Today's Sponsors: www.BlueApron.com/UpAndVanished www.MVMTwatches.com/UpAndVanished

Case Evidence 10.31.16  

Payne's answers questions from our listeners on our voicemail line. Today's Sponsor: www.BlueApron.com/UpAndVanished

Episode 06 : Suicide  

There's more than one suspicious person in this case, and it's time to explore them all. Today's Sponsor: www.BlueApron.com/UpAndVanished

Teaser for Episode 06  

A short sneak peak of Episode 06.

Case Evidence 10.17.16  

A forensic sketch artist for the GBI discusses the possibility of creating a composite nearly 11 years later.

Episode 05 : The Black Truck  

We explore an old lead from 2006 about a black truck seen in Tara's yard.

Case Evidence 10.03.16  

In our first episode of Case Evidence, we recap some important information regarding the house fire on Snapdragon Road.

Episode 04 : Snapdragon Road  

The biggest lead yet takes us underneath a home in Ocilla. We learn more about this mysterious fire on Snapdragon Road.

Teaser for Episode 04  

A new tip leads Payne to search underneath a house in Ocilla.

Episode 03 : The Alibi  

We talk to Anthony Vickers and learn about some new people in this case. Then, someone's alibi gets a thorough examination.

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