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Up For A Chat


Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when three international speakers, best-selling authors and celebrated business women get together and have a chat discussing issues on health, wellbeing, relationships and mindset? Well here’s your chance to hear a trio of professional specialists working with the guys on the Wellness Couch – and they’re up for a chat! These girls are about challenging the norm and challenging traditions. They believe tapping into one’s innate intelligence and using a common sense approach is what makes positive change. They are your professional reminders teaching new truths about health, discussing issues you have thought about – even issues you may not have thought about. Up For A Chat is not just facts, figures and status quo this podcast series is about thinking outside the square, doing things differently so that you can make a difference in your life, in your families life, and not become a sickness statistic mentally, emotionally and physically.


UC 238: Change your Brain, Change your life!  

If you listened to the podcast on the 20th June, 2017, you will know the Kim, Cyndi and Carren had a pretty OUT THERE conversation about the magic of Dr Joe Dispenza as Cyndi had just returned from his Progressive Course in Las Vegas! As a follow on from last week’s show, we thought we’d […]

UC 237: Changing The Habit of Being You  

Cyndi has just arrived back from the US very excited about doing a course with Dr Jo Dispenza. Carren is an avid follower and has interviewed Dr Jo. Kim has been doing Dr Jo’s meditations and the Up For A Chatters talk about the power of change, especially mind change. To heal, change careers, mend […]

UC 236: Curing Multiple Sclerosis with Sue Moore  

Sue works with Cyndi at Changing Habits, but she has an amazing story of being diagnosed with MS in 2014 and 9 months later being given the all clear including all brain lesions gone.  Sue decides that the treatment her neurologists lays out for her in the initial diagnosis is not good enough, so she […]

UC 235: Wellness Guy Damian Kristoff  

Wellness Guy Damian Kristoff on life, love, profession and his epic life journey from poverty to New Zealand TV icon and successful owner of Forage an epic breakfast food company as well as his life as a chiropractor.  The Up for A Chatters begin by declaring their undying love for this amazing man and ends […]

UC 234: Chewing the Fat with Nora Gedgaudis.  

Nora is the author of Primal Mind Primal Body a successful book that looks at the historical perspective of eating as our ancestors did.  Is it Paleo or is it high fat low carb.  Nora and Cyndi discuss the diets of cultures around the world, there is a lot about meat eating, so Carren is […]

UC 233: Break A Leg with Paula Gowland  

Listen in with the Up For A Chatters as they interview one of their incredible listeners, who in 2014 fell off her bed and broke her leg, and with a possible medical mistake ended up losing her leg.  Her story over the last 3 years is riveting, she is calm, relaxed and a force for […]

UC 232: Exceptional Life Blueprint with Marcus Pearce  

Exceptional Life Blueprint with Marcus Pearce, hang on to your hats, sit down, strap in, as you are in for one amazing ride about creating the life you want. It may surprise you that food and exercise are down the list a little. Marcus is an expert in teaching people about the principles of an […]

UC 231: Flashback Chat- Am I Really Making A Difference?  

Flashback Chat, we have had many requests to replay some of our Most Popular podcasts from the past. Am I Really Making A Difference?  Is it all worth it?  Before The Up For A Chat girls started recording this podcast, Kim looked at Carren and asked if she was OK.  Carren’s answer was, “Is this […]

UC 230: Your Body Has The Answer with Elizabeth Hughes  

Cyndi and Kim interview Elizabeth Hughes Kinesiologist, the interview covers how to improve your life through Kinesiology.  Elizabeth  has a degree in Psychology but found herself with health issues and was helped by Kinesiology which sent her down the path of healing.  Cyndi and Kim loved the fact that she used many modalities to heal […]

UC 229: Medicine For Your Spirit with Raylene Byrne  

This week the Up For a Chatters interview an amazing thinker who among many talents is a energy healer, meditation teacher, shamanic practitioner and earth guardian.  It’s a wild ride with Carren and Raylene down the rabbit hole, Kim and Cyndi sit back but an amazing feeling moves over both of them, one of peace, […]

UC 228: Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart  

“We like that girl she thinks like we do”, is what the Up For A Chatters think about this weeks guest. We live in a toxic environment and none knows it better thatn Alexx Stuart, she was not a well person and then discovered clean eating, detoxing her home and environment and has seen the […]

UC 227: Questions answered for our Listeners.  

The Up for A Chatters have been promising to answer questions from their listeners and finally they got down to it.  It’s amazing what a question brings up, it’s not as simple as a straight answer as their are many things to consider.  Carren, Kim and Cyndi talk about organic makeup, fertility, Paleo, Primal, Western […]

UC 226: Is the Universe Listening to You?  

Carren, Kim and Cyndi haven’t caught up for quite some time, Kim has had a major operation on her back and talks about the importance of self care not only during times of stress but everyday.  Carren has just completed her first Effortless Self Retreat and Cyndi has just come back from facilitating her Noosa […]

UC 225: Retreat Yourself.  

The concept of retreating to your own home with luxury organic products sent to you 4 times a year and creating a day to change your life is the brain child of Kate Williams.  Along with Kate Cyndi interviews Hannah Buttigieg of Food Intelligence, who is not only a nutritionist but a forensic drug and […]

UC 224: Flashback Chat- What Gets You Up In The Morning?  

Cyndi was at lunch with beach volley ball Olympic Gold Medalist Natalie Cook and they were discussing training and commitment to a sport. Natalie had spoke about her yoga teacher who got up every morning at 4.30am to practice yoga. Natalie asked her yoga teacher whether there was ever a morning that he did not […]

UC 223: Flashback Chat – How Your Fears Are A Platform For Greatness  

Flashback Chat, we have had many requests to replay some of our Most Popular podcasts from the past so today we are starting with Episode 15. Cyndi, Kim and Carren have just finished the Wellness Summit on the Gold Coast and they go on a road trip, listen in on their conversation that even astounds […]

UC 222: Recovering from MS with V Capaldi (Paleobosslady)  

Declutter, clear your life, change everything that you thought was right and start life over because it was a matter of life and death/disabled.  V is an inspiration, her life from social, highflying executive with everything at her feet but miserable and sick, to homeless, and the happiest and consciously living on purpose is the […]

UC 221: Self-care is not selfish – it’s essential!  

This week Kim is live from the Sunshine Coast hinterland and invites a group of beautiful women on her Elevation Retreat to talk openly about the challenges and joys of self care and self love. Topics delve further into motherhood, time management, self worth, relationships, topping our emotional tanks, role modeling and the power of […]

UC 220: Retreating – A must in todays fast pace life.  

Cyndi and Kim talk about the importance of nature and retreating from the everyday, we can either learn to retreat in our own homes or create a holiday or trek that takes us into a whole new world and way of thinking.  Cyndi and Kim have both completed the grueling 20km hike of NZ’s Tongariro […]

UC 219: Dr Margie Smith – Smart DNA  

Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics is the topic of this amazing interview with Dr Margie Smith co founder of SmartDNA.  Have you ever wondered if your DNA can tell you what foods you should eat, what exercise you can do, what drugs you can metabolise and what is that gene SNP called MTHFR.  Well listen in on […]

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