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Up For A Chat


Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when three international speakers, best-selling authors and celebrated business women get together and have a chat discussing issues on health, wellbeing, relationships and mindset? Well here’s your chance to hear a trio of professional specialists working with the guys on the Wellness Couch – and they’re up for a chat! These girls are about challenging the norm and challenging traditions. They believe tapping into one’s innate intelligence and using a common sense approach is what makes positive change. They are your professional reminders teaching new truths about health, discussing issues you have thought about – even issues you may not have thought about. Up For A Chat is not just facts, figures and status quo this podcast series is about thinking outside the square, doing things differently so that you can make a difference in your life, in your families life, and not become a sickness statistic mentally, emotionally and physically.


UC 225: Retreat Yourself.  

The concept of retreating to your own home with luxury organic products sent to you 4 times a year and creating a day to change your life is the brain child of Kate Williams.  Along with Kate Cyndi interviews Hannah Buttigieg of Food Intelligence, who is not only a nutritionist but a forensic drug and […]

UC 224: Flashback Chat- What Gets You Up In The Morning?  

Cyndi was at lunch with beach volley ball Olympic Gold Medalist Natalie Cook and they were discussing training and commitment to a sport. Natalie had spoke about her yoga teacher who got up every morning at 4.30am to practice yoga. Natalie asked her yoga teacher whether there was ever a morning that he did not […]

UC 223: Flashback Chat – How Your Fears Are A Platform For Greatness  

Flashback Chat, we have had many requests to replay some of our Most Popular podcasts from the past so today we are starting with Episode 15. Cyndi, Kim and Carren have just finished the Wellness Summit on the Gold Coast and they go on a road trip, listen in on their conversation that even astounds […]

UC 222: Recovering from MS with V Capaldi (Paleobosslady)  

Declutter, clear your life, change everything that you thought was right and start life over because it was a matter of life and death/disabled.  V is an inspiration, her life from social, highflying executive with everything at her feet but miserable and sick, to homeless, and the happiest and consciously living on purpose is the […]

UC 221: Self-care is not selfish – it’s essential!  

This week Kim is live from the Sunshine Coast hinterland and invites a group of beautiful women on her Elevation Retreat to talk openly about the challenges and joys of self care and self love. Topics delve further into motherhood, time management, self worth, relationships, topping our emotional tanks, role modeling and the power of […]

UC 220: Retreating – A must in todays fast pace life.  

Cyndi and Kim talk about the importance of nature and retreating from the everyday, we can either learn to retreat in our own homes or create a holiday or trek that takes us into a whole new world and way of thinking.  Cyndi and Kim have both completed the grueling 20km hike of NZ’s Tongariro […]

UC 219: Dr Margie Smith – Smart DNA  

Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics is the topic of this amazing interview with Dr Margie Smith co founder of SmartDNA.  Have you ever wondered if your DNA can tell you what foods you should eat, what exercise you can do, what drugs you can metabolise and what is that gene SNP called MTHFR.  Well listen in on […]

UC 218: A Day To Change Your Life.  

Cyndi and Carren begin the podcast talking about Carren’s event on the Sunshine Coast – The Effortless Self, it’s a game changer, its about thinking different, it’s about perceived realities in a whole new way, it’s about a day to change your life.  The conversation then changes to Cyndi’s upcoming Health Retreat in late March […]

UC 217: Ketosis in a Pill  

The Up For a Chatters tackle the trendy new diet – Keto Diet and the new supplement that promises ketogenesis.  Cyndi begins by explaining the term ketogenesis and the different energy systems in the body.  She then explains about exogenous ketones, which Kim reveals she has been taking.  The hour ends with a wonderful recipe […]

UC 216: Precision Medicine vs Imprecision Medicine  

Precision Medicine vs Imprecision Medicine; Up until recently much of medicine has been on a protocol basis, but enter genetic testing of not only the micro biome but a persons DNA and we begin to understand the individuality of humans and how one size does not necessarily fit all.  Cyndi interviews Sue Barron and Cara […]

UC 215: Business Success from Home with Rachel Bermingham  

Rachael is one of the partners behind the success of the 4 Ingredients Brand. She has worked with Cyndi and Kim on projects; including the best selling book Read My Lips and successful women’s business seminars on the Sunshine Coast. She marketed Wildly Wealthy Woman and took a conference of 4 people to one with […]

UC 214: Michelle Nielson – The Master Manifestor and author of Manifesting Matisse.  

The day Cyndi met Michelle changed her life forever, she learnt the 10 steps to manifesting and after reading Michelle’s book she acted on the steps and was stunned by the results.  That was 6 years ago when she began playing with manifesting but now takes the art seriously and a major part of her […]

UC 213: Kitchen Coaching with Ashley Jubinville  

Want to eat healthier, feel better, and enjoy cooking more?   Feeling overwhelmed with where to start or that it’s all too much to sort out in your busy schedule right now?  Enter, your Kitchen Coach, Ashley Jubinville.  Carren and Cyndi interview this inspirational woman who not only teaches Yoga but helps people create healthier pantries.

UC 212: Food Security and Feeding the World with Kelly Mc Jannet from Foodladder.  

Kelly McJannet at the age of 30 is one of the 2016 100 Women of Influence.  How does a young woman directly out of university decide that social enterprise is her calling.  Beginning her career with ‘one laptop per child Australia” and succeeding she decides to take on food security and feeding indigenous cultures by […]

UC 211: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. Part 2  

Last week the discussion was focused on; fear, mistakes, power, change, control and risks, and this week the chatters delve into the second half of the 13 Things mentally Strong People Don’t do including focusing on the past, resentment, being alone, expectations and the world owing you everything.

UC 210: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do – Part 1  

Carren Kim and Cyndi decide to discuss a very much shared article on social media written by Amy Morin. In this first of a two part chat they discuss; fear, mistakes, power, change, control and risks, its an hour of contemplation, etymology and the steps to become strong both mentally and physically.  An 35 minute […]

UC 209: Marketing Health with Michael Maidens  

Michael is the marketing brains behind the very successful book and information company – Hay House, amongst other great companies in Australia and world wide. He is the director and producer of the highly viewed documentary The Abundance Code and lives and works where he likes to spend his leisure.  Kim and Cyndi sit down […]

UC 208: NZ 2017 Retreat with the UFAC Girls – Zoe Sparks…  

Traveling New Zealand, October 2017, adventure, learning, culture, fun, friendship, challenge, fitness and life changing are all part of the Up For A Chat yearly travel plans.  Zoe Sparks is the travel organizer for the Up For A Chat yearly trips.  After organizing Peru, Zoe has now put together a trip not to be missed […]

UC 207: The Build Up To Christmas  

The podcast begins with Carren talking about how she manages christmas or any project or social get together.  It’s a message that resonates with both Kim and Cyndi, it’s also a message that brings peace and comfort when Christmas can some times be the exact opposite with some families. When the Up For A Chatters […]

UC 206: How to Handle a Health Crisis  

A close friend of Carren’s 20 year old son has just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Carren discusses how people deal with crisis and tools to help people in times of crisis.  Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, in this hour the discussion focuses on not only the conventional way of dealing with […]

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