User Error Podcast

User Error Podcast


Opinionated nice guys, exploring the bigger picture.


A Gift for Future Chris | User Error 7  

Our take on the Google Pixel and the best way to cook pizza.

A Perfectly Fine Gun | User Error 6  

Should Linux users expect sacrifices?

User Error Diamond Collection 1  

Outtakes from the first 5 episodes of User Error

Making it Stick | User Error 5  

Killing projects for new projects, working outside your comfort zone, and switching to Linux in a way that sticks.

Chicken Digiorn | User Error 4  

Geeky with hardware.

Sustainable Laziness | User Error 3  

How Focus, cutting back, and rethinking your project can save it.

Just Do It | User Error 2  

Chris and Noah's love for Linux and hate for Windows almost brings them to blows.

Meet the Beard | User Error 1  

Tiling Window managers, and picking up coding are our main topics this week.

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