VREP Episode 82 | Keeping Up with the Sydneysiders with Adrien Byrne  

Join Matt and Adam for their discussion with Adrien Byrne, an Australian-Canadian with a keen interest in real estate who brings a unique perspective to the discussion surrounding the Vancouver market.

Adrien compares our market to the market in Sydney, arguing that a key difference in the perceived affordability of the two markets is the average income level of each city's residents.

VREP #81 | Rookie Mistakes Vancouver Real Estate Investors Make with Jon Lumer and Jeremy Rae  

Join Matt and Adam for another edition of the VREP Roundtable, featuring Vancouver New Condos team member Jon Lumer and New Westminster Realtor® extraordinaire Jeremy Rae.

This episode was recorded over a glass of The Fuzz Milkshake IPA from Bridge Brewing in North Vancouver.

VREP #80 | Big Data Makes Big Profits with Michael Ferreira  

Here it is! For Episode 80, Matt and Adam sit down with Michael Ferreira, the managing principal at Urban Analytics, for a chat about some common myths that are perpetuated in the Vancouver real estate market. 

This week also marks the first installment of our new segment, "Jon, Seth and the Hoi Polloi," where Jon Lumer and Seth hit the streets of Vancouver and chat with regular people about their thoughts on the market.

VREP #79 | Canadian Real Estate Market in Crisis? Checking in with Toronto & Andrew La Fleur  

Toronto Realtor® and fellow podcaster Andrew Lafleur from True Condos returns to VREP to tackle some of the negative media coverage the Canadian Real Estate market has seen in recent weeks. 

VREP #78 | How Owning a Home in Vancouver Could Land You in Jail with Michael Geller  

Matt and Adam welcome Architect and SFU Adjunct Professor Michael Geller to the podcast for a chat about the recently implemented City of Vancouver Vacant Homes Tax and other policy changes that could unwittingly affect homeowners in our city and across Canada.

VREP #77 | Should I Buy Now? With Jon Lumer and Ray Macklem  

Join Matt and Adam for a very special episode of the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast!

This week, we hold the premier VREP ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION ON REAL ESTATE, where the guys chat with fellow Realtor® and bowtie connoisseur Jon Lumer, answering some pointed fan-submitted questions over a local craft beer. 

You can also glean some valuable information about Canada's rising mortgage interest rates during a brief, but information-packed interview with local award-winning Mortgage Broker and VREP childhood friend Ray Macklem!

This is an episode you do not want to miss!

*apologies from the VREP team for the delay in uploading this week's episode! Brady D was busy having a baby and it's not like we had 9 months to prepare for it or anything...

VREP #76 | Negotiating Neighbourhoods with Tom Davidoff  

Long time recurring fan-favorite guest Tom Davidoff from the UBC Sauder School of Business returns to join Matt and Adam for an in-depth analysis of his recent op-ed in the Vancouver Sun, "Zoning for Dollars"

Tom critiques the City of Vancouver's tendency to negotiate community amenity contributions with developers behind closed doors.  He also offers some potential solutions to increase transparency in the development process and facilitate the inclusion of community groups and their interests within those talks.

VREP #75 | Why? Because it Sells with Terry O'Reilly  

Legendary marketing guru and career "Ad Man" Terry O'Reilly talks shop with Adam and Matt about marketing strategies, Realtor® faces, and his new book, “This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence.”

VREP #74 | We Built this City on Rock and Roll...and Careful Planning with Neal Lamontagne  

Adam and Matt sit down for a chat with City Planner Neal Lamontagne to find out what Vancouver is doing right and how it could improve Urban Planning within the region.

VREP #73 | So Fun City with Miss604  

Make the most of your summer with some hot tips on local events, restaurants, and neighborhoods from celebrity blogger Miss604.

VREP #72 | Concerning Chinatown with Beverly Ho and MP Jenny Kwan  

Matt and Adam chat with Vancouver East Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan and social activist Beverly Ho of the Chinatown Concern Group about the potential implications of the proposed redevelopment at 105 Keefer St and about the general community backlash against the project. 

VREP #71 | A Sure-Fire Way to Jump the Presale Queue with Donald Watson  

Realtor® Donald Watson walks us through the process of building a co-housing development.

VREP #70 | The Foreclosure Disclosure with Ken Pazder  

Ken Pazder of Pazder Law Corporation joins Matt and Adam for a look into the process, as well as the positives and negatives, of buying a foreclosure. 

VREP #69 | Anxious Wealth in Vancouver with John Osburg  

An insider's look at the factors driving China's new rich to invest their money in global real estate markets such as Vancouver, featuring Anthropologist and author John Osburg.

VREP #68 | The Minority Report with Tom Davidoff  

We check in with Associate Professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business Tom Davidoff for his thoughts on how yesterday's provincial election results will affect the Vancouver Real Estate Market.

VREP #67 | How to Leverage Project Marketing for Investment [short]  

Assignments and Presales got you down? Here's an alternative real estate investment strategy that you might be interested in.

VREP #66 | 8 Reasons Why Vancouver is the Place to Invest  

Are you concerned about the effect the BC Provincial Election will have on our local real estate market? Let Adam and Matt put your mind at ease with 8 reasons why Vancouver real estate will always be a good investment.

VREP #65 | Sell Paper to Make Paper [short]  

What are assignments and why are they such a contentious issue in the Vancouver Real Estate market discourse? Find out in this week's VREP short.

VREP #64 | David Eby has an Axe to Grind  

NDP housing critic David Eby takes a break from the campaign trail to chat with Matt and Adam about housing policies, real estate speculation, and electric guitars. 

VREP #63 | How to Search for a Home THE RIGHT WAY [short]  

Have you ever wondered how you can get a leg up on other homebuyers? Have a listen to this week's VREP short as Adam and Matt explain the right way to search for listings.

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