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VLW is ResonanceFM’s female chat show. Its three lead presenters make their private conversations public.


Electric Indigo  

Ilia Rogatchevski, former guest and 6th Very Loose Women, interviews Electric Indigo, a musician, composer and DJ.

On not coming during sex  

We've spoken a lot about orgasms on VLW. But in this show we explore the opposite, sort of... We talk about not having orgasms. Kate Gould (, a PhD student, campaigner and writer tells us about her discoveries in looking at reporting around pink viagra and what it tells us about how female sexuality is viewed. Emma, Leo - and a surprising number of listeners - share their stories of what sex without orgasms means to them.

Yazidi women and girls  

We spoke to Roizin Khalil Hanjool, who made this petition: Roizin is a 19 year old living in Coventry. When she was 10 years old, she moved to the UK from Northern Iraq, where she grew up. At 17, she began speaking out about the fate of Yazidi women and girls kidnapped by Isis.

Trigger warning: references to genocide and rape.

Vivi Lachs and the Women and Music of The Yiddish East End  

VLW have an hour long show featuring Dr Vivi Lachs, Yiddish folk singer and historian of the Yiddish East End. We draw parallels with the issues Jewish women faced in London in the early 20th century that still affect women today; featuring music and poetry relating to immigration, poverty, sex work, exploitative working conditions and the pitfalls of marriage. With musical contributions from Kastsha'nes, Klezmer Klub and Polina Polina Shepherd and the Very Loose Women themselves.

The Psychopath Factory  

Theorist and writer Tristam Vivian Adams joins Leo and Katherine to discuss his book The Psychopath Factory: How Capitalism Organises Empathy, and how psychopathic behaviour and characteristics are rendered in filmic and televisual "femme fatales". Central to Tristam's writing is the argument that the modern, working world is conditioning our empathy to an alarming degree, whether in dialling up our empathetic response to excel at customer care or by putting empathy to one side in order to meet a quota or deadline. If you've ever told someone to have a nice day, and not meant it in the slightest, this is the episode for you.

Fast fashion  

Jo runs the website and will be taking part in Fashion Revolution, a week that aims to highlight the true cost of fashion. Emma, Leo, and Jo talk about where they buy clothes and how to avoid waste. Emma talks about a song she sang with Yiddish choir on textile workers in the early 20th century.

Plastic in the Oceans  

Lucy is a whale-enthusiast, and has been active around issues of plastic waste. She previews the documentary 'Plastic Ocean' at Whirled Cinema in South London on 13 February. Plus Jo, the founder of, and Helen from on their efforts to not buy any plastic.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder with Omari Eccleston-Brown  

Tutor and dancer Omari Eccleston-Brown joins Very Loose Women to share his personal story of living with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which he describes as a traumatising belief that you're abnormal and repulsive to others. BDD is estimated to affect 1 in 50 people. Although it has one of the highest suicide rates of any mental illness, it's still little understood. But Omari is raising awareness with a 365 day photo archive of his recovery. He's being open about his fears and inviting someone new - from friends and family to unsuspecting strangers - to snap his picture every day. Passionate about how dance and education can shape our relationships with our bodies, Omari is on a mission to help young people grow up with a positive body image. For more information on BBD Follow Omari's campaign on Instagram

Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A.  

VLW are joined by members Speaking of IMELDA, a direct action feminist performance group challenging the ongoing problem of I.M.E.L.D.A. - Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion. They use performance to campaign on abortion rights, with a focus on Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We discuss the shocking fact that women in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland do not have access to safe, legal abortions where they live, leading those who are in need of abortions to go to desperate lengths to access them. The archaic laws which create and maintain this situation are being challenged by the repeal the 8th campaign, which refers to an amendment which attempts to equate the life of the pregnant woman to that of an embryo / fetus. #repealthe8th YOUTUBE channel @speakofIMELDA

Adwoa Aboah and Gurls Talk  

Model Adwoa Aboah explains why she set up her online platform Gurls Talk as a space for women and girls to discuss their personal experiences, and explore what it means to be a girl in the 21st Century. With over 66,000 instagram followers, Adwoa uses the account to promote a healthy body image, explore female sexuality and raise awareness of mental health issues affecting young women. This year, she's talking Gurls Talk, and her own personal story of addiction, depression and recovery, into schools across the UK to get girls talking.

Women Speak Out about PTSD featuring Rosie Burnham  

VLW are joined by Florence Burton from the Women Speak Out project, and Rosie Burnham, a participant in the project. Rosie tells us about her experience speaking out on her struggles with PTSD. Contains descriptions of rape and sexual abuse. For more on Rosie's story and Women Speak Out visit and For more information on PTSD visit


Emma and Leo speak to friends and colleagues about phobias: fear of cotton wool, fear of time, fear of milk...

Megan Pickering - zinemaker and drummer in Clammy Hands  

Zinemaker and drummer Megan Pickering from the band "Clammy Hands" speaks about her zines - on topics ranging from frigidity to bullying, Buffy to Spare Rib. Featuring music from Nachthexen, NYE anecdotes and lies that our mums/mams have told us.

Calvin Decline, internationally acclaimed amateur male model  

VLW are joined by Ari Rice and their alter-ego, Calvin Decline, as they lead us into the world of toxic masculinity and an exploration of Drag Kinging. Featuring gripes, singing and contouring. TW/CW: discussion and airing of misogynistic jokes. Donald Trump.

Dorothy Hodgkin  

Luke and Liz Hodgkin chat to Emma and Leo about their mother, the Nobel prize winning British chemist, Dorothy Hodgkin, advancing the technique of x-ray crystallography, the only British woman ever to win a Nobel prize and Margaret Thatcher's tutor at Oxford.

Women Speak Out!  

Florence Burton leads a project called "Women Speak Out!" where she interviews women who have a social or a political message. Andrea spoke out in one of these videos about the impact her immigration status has had. Watch the videos here:

XANA - live looper  

VLW are joined by live looper and sound artist, Xana as they talk us through their musical influences and inspirations and perform some live freestyles of their own. Featuring the Prodigy, Whitetown and more.

Ilia Rogatchevski from Sebastian Melmoth  

VLW are joined by London-based sound artist Ilia Rogatchevski, who performs some of his greatest hits, explains to us what sound art actually is, and talks about his upcoming shows. For more information: @mlmthuberalles

Dr Eberle and women in Ancient Rome  

Dr Lisa Eberle, assistant professor at the University of Tübingen, joins Emma and Leo to talk about women in Ancient Rome. She explains how Roman women gained property rights and how the notion of love in marriage arose. Dr Eberle also reveals she has never attended a toga party. More on Dr Eberle here: and here

Historian of Hairdressing, Dr Seán Williams  

VLW are joined by Dr Seán Williams, discussing the changing role of the hairdresser and wigmaker over time, in society and as portrayed in the arts. Seán also combs through some hair raising hair scandals, and does a hair-reading on Trump and Clinton's rival hairstyles. Featuring topical tunes from Amanda Lepore and Morrissey, hair lingo, too many puns and an unexpected foray into the world of Adam Sandler. For more information, see: @WiggishHistory

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