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VLW is ResonanceFM’s female chat show. Its three lead presenters make their private conversations public.


Calvin Decline, internationally acclaimed amateur male model  

VLW are joined by Ari Rice and their alter-ego, Calvin Decline, as they lead us into the world of toxic masculinity and an exploration of Drag Kinging. Featuring gripes, singing and contouring. TW/CW: discussion and airing of misogynistic jokes. Donald Trump.

Dorothy Hodgkin  

Luke and Liz Hodgkin chat to Emma and Leo about their mother, the Nobel prize winning British chemist, Dorothy Hodgkin, advancing the technique of x-ray crystallography, the only British woman ever to win a Nobel prize and Margaret Thatcher's tutor at Oxford.

Women Speak Out!  

Florence Burton leads a project called "Women Speak Out!" where she interviews women who have a social or a political message. Andrea spoke out in one of these videos about the impact her immigration status has had. Watch the videos here:

XANA - live looper  

VLW are joined by live looper and sound artist, Xana as they talk us through their musical influences and inspirations and perform some live freestyles of their own. Featuring the Prodigy, Whitetown and more.

Ilia Rogatchevski from Sebastian Melmoth  

VLW are joined by London-based sound artist Ilia Rogatchevski, who performs some of his greatest hits, explains to us what sound art actually is, and talks about his upcoming shows. For more information: @mlmthuberalles

Dr Eberle and women in Ancient Rome  

Dr Lisa Eberle, assistant professor at the University of Tübingen, joins Emma and Leo to talk about women in Ancient Rome. She explains how Roman women gained property rights and how the notion of love in marriage arose. Dr Eberle also reveals she has never attended a toga party. More on Dr Eberle here: and here

Historian of Hairdressing, Dr Seán Williams  

VLW are joined by Dr Seán Williams, discussing the changing role of the hairdresser and wigmaker over time, in society and as portrayed in the arts. Seán also combs through some hair raising hair scandals, and does a hair-reading on Trump and Clinton's rival hairstyles. Featuring topical tunes from Amanda Lepore and Morrissey, hair lingo, too many puns and an unexpected foray into the world of Adam Sandler. For more information, see: @WiggishHistory

Lilith Ai  

Musician Lilith Ai comes on the show to speak about her collective, Fight Like a Girl, and sings her latest single, Rude Grrrl.

The Women Are Boring Blog  

Leo chats to Catherine Connolly and Grace McDermott, founders of the blog Women are Boring. Their project, which aims to promote women's research, came to VLW's attention thanks to listener and academic Phyllis, who also contributes to this episode.

Coming of Age, featuring Jenny Gage, director of All this Panic  

VLW discuss coming of age, and what it means to be an adult. Featuring an interview with Jenny Gage, director of new coming of age documentary All this Panic.

BFI London Film Festival featuring Festival Director Clare Stewart  

Leo met Clare Stewart and found out about her journey from living in a small town in Australia with no cinema to being Festival Director at the BFI London Film Festival. Clare also explains how the festival is curated, and how attention is paid to addressing the lack of diversity in film- with this year's LFF shining a spotlight on directors from minority ethnicity backgrounds. Leo, Clare and Emma all talk about films that shaped their love of film, as well as sharing some celebrations of the week. And a bonus Bechdel quiz!

Volunteering around the refugee crisis  

Fiorella and Jonathan join Leo in the studio to talk about their experience volunteering. Jonathan volunteers for JCRAG, the Jersey Calais Refugee Aid Group which takes aid to Calais from Jersey's unique position, while Fiorella was part of a volunteer group in Paris which provided material aid and solidarity to refugees in Paris. They are quizzed on how they got involved with volunteering, and what these groups, operating in very different contexts, aim to do. More details on the Jersey Calais Refugee Group here:

Sisters Uncut on  

VLW talk to two sisters from Sisters Uncut, an anti-austerity group focusing on cuts to domestic violence services. Jumanah and Caroleen let us know what SIsters have been up to over the last year- discussing demos, successes and the exponential growth of the group. We all discuss how Sisters have made us feel- in meetings, on demos and in organising together as Sisters. Featuring music from Rihanna and Sister Sledge, discussion of period trackers and a cameo from La Roux!

DJ Bethany Rutter  

Bethany Rutter was the DJ at one of Leo and Emma's favourite London nights, Dancing on my Own, as well as the creator of the "fatshion" blog, Arched Eyebrow (

Penny Pepper, First in the World Somewhere  

Poet, activist, musician, journalist and punk, Penny Pepper, joins Very Loose Women to talk about her memoir First in the World Somewhere, the Paralympics and Unlimited Festival at Southbank. For more information please check out: @PenPep

Loud Women Fest  

Cassie Fox, the organiser of Loud Women Club and Loud Women Fest, speaks about running the nights and the festival. Singers Lilith Ai and Nia Wyn perform songs live in the studio. Loud Women on FB: Lilith Ai on FB: Nia Wyn on FB:

Drug Policy and Harm Reduction with Dr Henry Fisher  

VLW and Dr Henry Fisher, policy director at Volteface, discuss The Loop's pioneering drug testing service for festival goers. We talk drug policy, IR spectroscopy, harm reduction, wacky street names for drugs and more. For more information, please visit and


Jenny and Ilia join Very Loose Women Emma and Leo in the studio to discuss their favourite tv shows. This episode includes a mini-celebration from our favourite contributor, Phyllis!

Selfies with Selfie Aficionado Julia Brown  

VLW are joined by selfie aficionado Julia Brown, discussing everything you ever wanted to know about selfies. Touching on points such as when where and why do we take selfies? Are selfies empowering or embarrassing or both? Featuring mini celebrations of the week - including a contribution from superfan Phyllis.


VLW delve into the world of shame, embarrassment, cringe and humiliation and explore comparisons between how much shame they felt at school and how much young people feel today. Featuring discussions of Mizz, Mumford and Sons and Masturbation.

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