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VLW is ResonanceFM’s female chat show. Its three lead presenters make their private conversations public.


Drug Policy and Harm Reduction with Dr Henry Fisher  

VLW and Dr Henry Fisher, policy director at Volteface, discuss The Loop's pioneering drug testing service for festival goers. We talk drug policy, IR spectroscopy, harm reduction, wacky street names for drugs and more. For more information, please visit and


Jenny and Ilia join Very Loose Women Emma and Leo in the studio to discuss their favourite tv shows. This episode includes a mini-celebration from our favourite contributor, Phyllis!

Selfies with Selfie Aficionado Julia Brown  

VLW are joined by selfie aficionado Julia Brown, discussing everything you ever wanted to know about selfies. Touching on points such as when where and why do we take selfies? Are selfies empowering or embarrassing or both? Featuring mini celebrations of the week - including a contribution from superfan Phyllis.


VLW delve into the world of shame, embarrassment, cringe and humiliation and explore comparisons between how much shame they felt at school and how much young people feel today. Featuring discussions of Mizz, Mumford and Sons and Masturbation.

The beauty of herpes  

Helena Maratheftis, a designer and illustrator with a background in biology, joined Emma and Leo in the studio to speak about her visual representations of viruses on homeware - specifically, her "herpes mug". Biomedical researcher Leah Fitzsimmons gives an overview of what the herpes virus is. Finally, Esther, Emma's mum, a former herpes researcher, and a recipient of a herpes mug, shares her views on how pretty the herpes virus is. To buy a herpes mug, visit

The Feminist Library  

The Feminist Library in Elephant & Castle is under threat. Anna, a librarian at the library, takes Very Loose Women on a guided tour of the collection, explaining the history of the place, and picking out her favourite zines.

Life model Ruby Stevenson bares all!  

VLW interview Ruby Stevenson to talk about her experience as a life model. What do you do when you're on your period? How does it feel to pose naked in front of a room full of strangers? Were your family naturists? What's that about Leo's mum and a bunch of lavender? Find out the answers to all these questions and more.


If you have a dream about someone, especially a sex dream, should you tell them? Emma and Leo, with guest and sleep aficionado Harriet, discuss sleep. They relay some listeners' recurring dreams, sharing tips on getting to sleep and discussing dream etiquette.

with filmmaker Richard Roaf  

Activist and filmmaker Richard Roaf makes campaign films. He joins Leonore and Katherine in the ResonanceFM studio to talk about films and campaigns, Fight Club, and growing up in an eco-home.

Sex Workers' Opera  

VLW go to the theatre in this episode, featuring interviews with co-directors Siobhan Knox and Alex Etchart explaining the aims and work that goes into the incredible multimedia collaborative performance that is the Sex Workers' Opera. Moving, funny, vibrant and challenging, it is on at Pleasance Theatre until the 29th May so make sure you go and see it! @SexWorkersOpera

That time we met Ren from Petrol Girls!  

VLW are joined by activist and musician Ren Aldridge. We discuss the evolution of her band, Petrol Girls, and her activism around consent and also Calais. Featuring answers to the question: what's the least punk thing you've ever done? For more info check out: @Petrol_Girls

artist and zine-maker Rachael House  

South London artist, comics creator and punk fan Rachael House joins Emma and Leo in the studio to chat about her work - includes mentions of piñatas, pets, Peckham and patriarchy.

Dr Wisnom and extispicy  

Selena Wisnom, a doctor in Assyriology, joins Leo and Emma in the studio with some detailed knowledge of Ancient Mesopotamia and a load of photographs of dead Armenian sheep. Combining these two things, she practices "extispicy" to predict whether Donald Trump will rise to power.

Meera Amin's Bull and Dagger  

Meera Amin joins Very Loose Women in the studio to speak about founding the UK's first gender blending fashion label, Bull and Dagger.

Catching up with Jinjabrew  

VLW are joined by singer songwriter and friend Kyoko - Jinjabrew playing live in the studio, accompanied by Raz on cello. Kyoko talks us through the life of a musician and what inspires her to make music. To hear more from her check out

Interactive Show Part 3: Worst dates  

Very Loose Women present part 3 of their third annual interactive show in the pub. Featuring live audience participation, VLW and friends discuss their worst and weirdest dates.

Interactive show Part 2: What is a date?  

In this special edition, Emma, Katherine, and a room full of Very Loose Women listeners help Leo in her quest to find the answer to the question, "what is a date?"

Interactive Show Part 1: Valentine's Day  

Very Loose Women present part 1 of their third annual interactive show in the pub. Featuring live audience participation, VLW discuss their gripes, faux pas and Valentine's Days gone by.

App dating  

Katherine, Leo and Emma share their experiences of how different phone love and hook up apps have changed their social lives.

Charlie Lyne - filmmaker, film critic, teen movie aficionado  

Very Loose Women joined on tonight's show by film critic and filmmaker, Charlie Lyne. Discussing Charlie's work, including feature length films Beyond Clueless and Fear Itself, Very Loose Women reminisce about their own favourite teen movies.

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