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The Money Or The Rings?  

Banter: Following Intro! NCAA Bracket Outlook: 4:10 Who's In-Who's Out?: 22:35 Spitball : 38:38 The Money Or The Rings?: 50:32 Make Sure To Follow: @SantagatoStudio @VeteransMinimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @TimboTheTruth @Ndevito27 @impy__ (2 Underscores) @AlvarezNick9 on twitter!

Veterans Minimum Jeopardy  

On this episode, we're playing Jeopardy VETERANS MINIMUM STYLE.

2017 NCAA Tournament Preview  

2017 NCAA Tournament Preview by Veterans Minimum

Free Agent Frenzy!  

On this episode, we're talking about the NFL Free Agency, Barcelona's big comeback, the NBA MVP, & more!

Let's Catch Up On Everything  

On this episode, we're talking about the Ball Brothers, Antonio Brown, KD, & more!

World Baseball Classic Preview Show  

On this special episode we preview the highly anticipated and fast approaching World Baseball Classic along with our favorites for this years tournament! Make Sure To Follow: @SantagatoStudio @VeteranMinimum @JoeSantagato @LAmbVM10 @Impy__ (2 Underscores!) @TimboTheTruth on twitter!

NBA Trade Deadline  

Our Weekend: Immediately Following Intro! NBA Trade Deadline Breakdown: 8:21 Spitball: 49:54 Revis Arrest- Are Athletes Targets In Public?: 54:02 Make Sure To Follow: @SantagatoStudio @VeteransMinimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @Impy__ (2 Underscores!) @Ndevito27 @TimboTheTruth on twitter!

NBA & NHL Update  

On this episode, we update you on the NBA & NHL seasons so far! Make sure to follow: @SantagatoStudio @VeteransMinimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @TimbotheTruth @Impy__ (2 Underscores) @Ndevito27 on twitter!

New York is Falling Apart!  

Light SB 51 chat: Immediately following the intro MLB Possible Rule Changes: 5:15 Spitball: 21:03 NBA Storylines: 29:20 Melo Trade Machine: 51:33 Make Sure to Follow: @SantagatoStudio @Veteransminimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @TimBoTheTruth @impy__ on twitter!

When Greatness Takes Over- SB 51 Recap  

2017 Super Bowl 51 Recap

2017 Super Bowl Preview  

2017 Super Bowl Preview by Veterans Minimum

The People's Podcast Pt 5  

On this episode, we take your questions from twitter and give you answers! Tweet us @VeteransMinimum to be featured in the next one.

The World's Game  

On this special edition episode, Nick & Boss are joined by Allen Strk to talk soccer.

The Super Team & NFL Conference Championship Preview  

On this episode, we created our "Super Team" with the remaining teams in the NFL Playoffs, SPITBALL, & preview the NFL Conference Championship games.

NBA News & NFL Divisional Round Preview  

On this episode, we do a segment on the NBA called "Worried or Excited?", SPITBALL, preview the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, & give our picks!

National Championship Game & NFL Playoffs  

On this episode, we talk about the national title game, SPITBALL, & Round 1 of the NFL Playoffs.

The 2016 Year In Review  

This is our 2016 Year In Review episode where we talk about the biggest let downs, key takeaways, athletes of the year, & more!

CFB Playoff & NFL Week 17  

On this episode, we talk about the CFB Playoff, Big injuries to starting quarterbacks, Week 17, & more!

Skipping Bowl Games & NFL Week 16  

On this episode, we talk about wether we agree with college players sitting out of bowl games or not. SPITBALL. Highlighting three games from the upcoming week & give you our picks.

The People's Podcast Pt 4  

This is our 4th ever People's Podcast where we take questions from twitter and answer them. We also talk about the upcoming NFL week & give our picks for Week 15.

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