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NBA News & NFL Divisional Round Preview  

On this episode, we do a segment on the NBA called "Worried or Excited?", SPITBALL, preview the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, & give our picks!

National Championship Game & NFL Playoffs  

On this episode, we talk about the national title game, SPITBALL, & Round 1 of the NFL Playoffs.

The 2016 Year In Review  

This is our 2016 Year In Review episode where we talk about the biggest let downs, key takeaways, athletes of the year, & more!

CFB Playoff & NFL Week 17  

On this episode, we talk about the CFB Playoff, Big injuries to starting quarterbacks, Week 17, & more!

Skipping Bowl Games & NFL Week 16  

On this episode, we talk about wether we agree with college players sitting out of bowl games or not. SPITBALL. Highlighting three games from the upcoming week & give you our picks.

The People's Podcast Pt 4  

This is our 4th ever People's Podcast where we take questions from twitter and answer them. We also talk about the upcoming NFL week & give our picks for Week 15.

MLB Winter Meetings & NFL Week 14  

On this episode, we discuss the winners & losers of the MLB Winter Meetings, SPITBALL, and NFL Week 14.

College Football Playoff & Week 13  

On this episode, we discuss the College Football Playoff, some NFL coach talk, SPITBALL, & preview games from Week 13.

The Thanksgiving Episode  

On this episode, we talk about the Thanksgiving Day games and MLB season awards.

Who's In & Who's Out?  

On this episode we talk about which teams will be in & out of the playoffs, SPITBALL, & we preview three games from Week 11.

NBA Overreactions/Hot Takes & NFL Week 10  

NBA Overreactions/Hot Takes (5:00) SPITBALL (18:00) Highlighting the best Week 10 matchups (25:00) PICKS (47:00)

Midseason Awards & NFL Week 9  

On this episode, we talk about the World Series, we give out midseason awards, & preview week 9 of the NFL.

A Whole Lotta Football  

On this episode, we talk about the World Series & previewing six games for Week 8.

World Series Preview Special  

With the World Series starting Wednesday, Tim, Boss and special guest @Jason_Island from the @BRotoFantasyForum podcast breakdown each of the matchups, play a game of over/under, and give our World Series predictions. It's the best time of the year!

The Debate Episode  

On this episode, we discuss NFL Ratings, Dak vs Romo, SPITBALL, & our week 7 picks!

2016-17 NBA Season Preview  

This is our special edition NBA Preview show where we give you some thoughts, predications, and general info about the upcoming NBA Season. We're also joined by Tommy Dee from SNY to speak about the Knicks.

LCS Preview & NFL Week 6  

On this episode, we're talking about the MLB Playoffs, NFL Preview Week 6, SPITBALL, & give our picks.

MLB Playoffs & NFL Week 5  

On this episode, we're talking about Odell, MLB Playoffs, NFL Week 5 & more!

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly  

On this episode, we're introducing a new segment called The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, Breaking down some games from Week 4, and giving our picks!

The Football Funeral  

On this episode, we have a nice ceremony for all the players who were injured in Week 2, we preview the upcoming highlighted games, SPITBALL, & give out picks for Week 3.

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