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NBA & NHL Update  

On this episode, we update you on the NBA & NHL seasons so far! Make sure to follow: @SantagatoStudio @VeteransMinimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @TimbotheTruth @Impy__ (2 Underscores) @Ndevito27 on twitter!

New York is Falling Apart!  

Light SB 51 chat: Immediately following the intro MLB Possible Rule Changes: 5:15 Spitball: 21:03 NBA Storylines: 29:20 Melo Trade Machine: 51:33 Make Sure to Follow: @SantagatoStudio @Veteransminimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @TimBoTheTruth @impy__ on twitter!

When Greatness Takes Over- SB 51 Recap  

2017 Super Bowl 51 Recap

2017 Super Bowl Preview  

2017 Super Bowl Preview by Veterans Minimum

The People's Podcast Pt 5  

On this episode, we take your questions from twitter and give you answers! Tweet us @VeteransMinimum to be featured in the next one.

The World's Game  

On this special edition episode, Nick & Boss are joined by Allen Strk to talk soccer.

The Super Team & NFL Conference Championship Preview  

On this episode, we created our "Super Team" with the remaining teams in the NFL Playoffs, SPITBALL, & preview the NFL Conference Championship games.

NBA News & NFL Divisional Round Preview  

On this episode, we do a segment on the NBA called "Worried or Excited?", SPITBALL, preview the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, & give our picks!

National Championship Game & NFL Playoffs  

On this episode, we talk about the national title game, SPITBALL, & Round 1 of the NFL Playoffs.

The 2016 Year In Review  

This is our 2016 Year In Review episode where we talk about the biggest let downs, key takeaways, athletes of the year, & more!

CFB Playoff & NFL Week 17  

On this episode, we talk about the CFB Playoff, Big injuries to starting quarterbacks, Week 17, & more!

Skipping Bowl Games & NFL Week 16  

On this episode, we talk about wether we agree with college players sitting out of bowl games or not. SPITBALL. Highlighting three games from the upcoming week & give you our picks.

The People's Podcast Pt 4  

This is our 4th ever People's Podcast where we take questions from twitter and answer them. We also talk about the upcoming NFL week & give our picks for Week 15.

MLB Winter Meetings & NFL Week 14  

On this episode, we discuss the winners & losers of the MLB Winter Meetings, SPITBALL, and NFL Week 14.

College Football Playoff & Week 13  

On this episode, we discuss the College Football Playoff, some NFL coach talk, SPITBALL, & preview games from Week 13.

The Thanksgiving Episode  

On this episode, we talk about the Thanksgiving Day games and MLB season awards.

Who's In & Who's Out?  

On this episode we talk about which teams will be in & out of the playoffs, SPITBALL, & we preview three games from Week 11.

NBA Overreactions/Hot Takes & NFL Week 10  

NBA Overreactions/Hot Takes (5:00) SPITBALL (18:00) Highlighting the best Week 10 matchups (25:00) PICKS (47:00)

Midseason Awards & NFL Week 9  

On this episode, we talk about the World Series, we give out midseason awards, & preview week 9 of the NFL.

A Whole Lotta Football  

On this episode, we talk about the World Series & previewing six games for Week 8.

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