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NBA Draft Recap & Would You Rather  

NBA Draft (05:00) Teams That Were Close (46:00) SPITBALL (58:30) Would You Rather (01:00:00)

2017 VM NBA Mock Draft  

The title of the episode is pretty self explanatory..

Can Jordan Beat A '90s Superteam?  

On this episode, we're talking about if a change of scenery actually effects your success, KD vs Lebron, SPITBALL, & Jordan vs the 90's Superteam we created.

Now THAT's An Argument  

On this episode, we're talking about the Finals, KD vs Lebron, & redrafting the 2011 NBA Draft.

It's The Finals!  

On this episode, we're talking about Bryce Harper, the Stanley Cup, CFL, & more!

2017 NBA Finals Preview  

On this episode, we're breaking down the upcoming NBA Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors & the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Will He Stay or Will He Go?  

On this episode, we talk about Odell missing OTAs, Manu's possible retirement, & more!

Inmates Run The Asylum...AGAIN!  

On this episode, we're talking about MLB Contenders/Pretenders & have a special guest on to talk about strength & conditioning.

Dealing With The Superstars  

On this episode, we're talking about the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, UFC 211, & more!

The Road To The UFC W/ Jared "Flash" Gordon  

Today we sat down with UFC Fighter Jared "Flash Gordon" to talk about his road to the UFC & his first UFC fight.

NFL Draft Recap & Round 2 Of The NBA Playoffs  

On this episode, we're recapping the NFL Draft, SPITBALL, & previewing the second round of the NBA playoffs.

The State Of Sports Media W/ Robin Lundberg  

On this episode, we're joined by former ESPN radio host Robin Lundberg to talk about the current state of sports media.

2017 Veterans Minimum NFL Mock Draft  

This is our 2017 NFL Mock Draft.

NBA Playoffs & The NYK Disaster  

On this episode, we're talking about the first round of the NBA Playoffs, SPITBALL, MLB Games ending in a tie, the Knicks, & more!

2017 NBA Playoff Preview  

On this episode, we're talking about the NBA MVP, COY, ROY, & previewing the NBA playoffs.

NHL Playoffs & UEFA Champions League Preview  

On this episode, Boss & Lamb are first joined by our friend Dylan to talk about the NHL Playoffs. We breakdown our teams & players to watch from the two conferences, who we got winning each conference, and who will hoist up Lord Stanley. The second half of the show (30:00), we're joined by a five time guest, Allen Strk to discuss the upcoming UCL draws & who we have advancing to the final four! Make sure to follow @VeteransMinimum @SantagatoStudio @Ndevito27 @LambVM10 @Dalibrandi @Allen_Strk

Changing The Game  

On this episode, we let the listeners know what changes we would make to the major sports to make them better & talk about players retiring.

Blackballin' & Basketballin'  

On this episode, we're discussing the Final 4, Kaepernick Drama, & the NBA resting players.

2017 MLB Season Preview  

This week the guys of VM are previewing the upcoming MLB season & giving you division winners, wild cards, & more!

The Money Or The Rings?  

Banter: Following Intro! NCAA Bracket Outlook: 4:10 Who's In-Who's Out?: 22:35 Spitball : 38:38 The Money Or The Rings?: 50:32 Make Sure To Follow: @SantagatoStudio @VeteransMinimum @JoeSantagato @LambVM10 @TimboTheTruth @Ndevito27 @impy__ (2 Underscores) @AlvarezNick9 on twitter!

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