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We know that there are certain times when it is hard for you to read Vice, for example when you are cycling or making love to your significant other. For those moments, we have created the Vice UK Podcast, a listeny kind of way to enjoy our take on what's going on in this fucked up country and the rest of the world.


Why Does Homophobia Persist In Schools?  

In this week's VICE podcast we talk about ACE schools, a network of evangelical Christian schools in the UK. We're joined by David Waldock, who attended an ACE school in the 1990s. He talks about what it was like to be an LGBT student at a school that teaches homosexuality is a learned behaviour. We also discuss homophobia in British secondary schools and a potential LGBT role model in London's newly named night czar.

How Has Britain Been Affected By The Rise Of Donald Trump?  

Regardless of who wins, Donald Trump's US Presidential candidacy will change the world: emboldening far-right parties in the UK, changing people's approach to dealing with "the truth", and encouraging strong man leaders around the world. With eight days to go until we find out who's going to be the next President of America, we talk about what Trump means for global attitudes to torture, immigration and the media. We're joined by far-right politics expert Matthew Goodwin, who explains why Trump is "just the trailer" for the rise of anti-immigration parties.

Is It Ok To Live Your Whole Life In Debt?  

Most of us don't worry about living in our overdraft. But is that sustainable? What happens if you end up living your whole adult life in debt? This week on the VICE UK Podcast we’re talking about money, inheritance and what we should call a generation of people who have no money but still take Ubers everywhere. We hear from a Wonga user about their relaxed attitude to debt and talk to broadcaster Miquita Oliver about what happens when bankruptcy becomes your only option. ‚Äč

Is There A Future In Which We Can All Take Drugs Safely?  

The term "harm reduction" is being used more and more by academics, politicians and pharmacists. It's encompasses everything from testing pills for purity to having festival councillors to talk people down from their trips. But what does it mean for the legalisation debate? And will it actually make your drug-taking experience any better? This week we kicks off series two of the VICE UK Podcast, with drug tester Guy Jones, government drugs advisor Professor Alex Stevens, and VICE staffers Matt Shea and Joe Bish.

Census (with VICE readers who write "below the line")  

This month we kicked off the VICELAND UK Census, collecting responses from 2,500 young people across the country. The Census asked what people thought about a range of topics, including, money, social policy and sex.

Music (with musician's Novelist, MIA and Laura Doggett)  

Is the music industry failing new musicians? The two biggest selling new artists this year (Jack Garrett and Zayn Malik) did not sell as many copies of their albums combined as this year's Rick Astley album. We speak to grime artist Novelist, plus superstar MIA and new musician Laura Doggett.

Summer (with Olympic Gold-winning hockey player Giselle Ansley)  

It might be the hottest September in living memory, but it's still time to accept that summer is pretty much over. This week we look back on the of the weirdest summers in memory. We speak to Team GB Hockey Player Giselle Ainsley about Britain's Olympic glory, hear from young teachers about explaining the Brexit vote to kids just back from their holidays and discuss the closure of the Fabric nightclub.

Labour (with London Young Labour leader Benjamin Butterworth)  

For the second time in a year, Jeremy Corbyn is contesting a Labour leadership election. But a lot has changed in that year. The hope and enthusiasm of Labour members has been tested, as Corbyn has suffered a number of high-profile controversies. Meanwhile in the party grassroots, lives have been changed, people who rose to the top in the New Labour years have found, not only their politics, but their social lives and careers threatened. We hear from them, as well as London Young Labour leader Benjamin Butterworth about what it’s been like in Labour.

VICE UK Podcast: Powerlessness  

There was this kind of depressing survey last month that revealed that 75% of women aged 17-21 felt powerless. In this episode, we spoke to young women about why that was, and heard stories of cat calls, dodgy sex ed and playground bitching. We also spoke with writer Sophie Heawood talks about how gender politics is changing in the UK, sort of. Plus: weird conspiracy theories and the confusing success of Mrs. Brown's Boys.

VICE UK Podcast: Students  

Is University Still Worth It? Tuition fees are rising, maintenance grants have been scrapped, and course sizes have ballooned, all as the average wages of graduates have tumbled. We speak to academic and journalist Richard Seymour about the future of higher education and head on campus to ask international students what they make of British student culture?

Vice UK Podcast: Pilot  

In this pilot episode we discuss some of the weirder stories from the past week including that vlogger that people thought had been kidnapped by ISIS and the guy who hid cocaine in his foreskin. Also, Joel Golby takes umbrage with his grandma and we take a look and generational resentment following the EU referendum.

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