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Vince Russo: The Brand

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Former head writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, unleashes The Brand, with fresh content five days a week including: interviews with superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women), episode by episode reviews of the WWE Attitude Era RAW (most written by Vince himself), and his wildly popular Bucket Full of Chicken Necks! where he RANTS on everyone... including his own flesh and blood!


Angle On Leaving WWE For TNA, John Gaburic, Hulk Hogan  

ANGLE ON LEAVING WWE FOR TNA, JOHN GABURICK, HULK HOGAN Kurt Angle wraps up with Vince on today's show, discussing the move from WWE to TNA in 2006, why he thinks TNA has lost the majority of their audience, his thoughts on working with John Gaburick, and putting a match together with Sting that Hulk Hogan said "didn't work for him." Also, Jeff Lane discusses why he enjoyed this week's SmackDown Live and didn't enjoy the Gears of War 4 campaign.

Buff On WWE Firing, His Mom On A Forklift, Softcore Porn  

BUFF ON WWE FIRING, HIS MOM ON A FORKLIFT, SOFTCORE PORN Buff Bagwell returns to talk with Vince about main eventing RAW one week, and then getting fired the next. Buff also goes into detail about the final WCW Nitro, his fight with Shane Helms, if he believes he was blackballed from the business, appearing in softcore porn for Showtime, and much more including his thoughts on his mother Judy Bagwell on a forklift!

Goldberg Vs. Bret Hart, Benoit Vs. Malenko, Watermelon Breasts  

GOLDBERG VS. BRET HART, BENOIT VS. MALENKO, WATERMELON BREASTS Vince and Jeff discuss the 2nd half of the Russo/Ferrara WCW Monday Nitro episode from October 25, 1999! Vince gets into detail on how The Outsiders match slipped past Standards and Practices, the effort of The Filthy Animals who were all over the three hour episode, booking the Goldberg/Bret main event, and what was edited out of the WWE Network version!

Russo/Ferrara Nitro - Flair Buried In Desert, WCW Title Tournament, Hall/Nash  

RUSSO/FERRARA NITRO - FLAIR BURIED IN DESERT, WCW TITLE TOURNAMENT, HALL/NASH Vince and Jeff discuss part 1 of WCW Nitro 10/25/99 which features a scene people are still talking about to this day - Ric Flair buried in the desert by the Filthy Animals! Also, Sting opens the show without face paint, the WCW Title 32 man tournament begins, and Macho Man cuts an incredible promo. What are Vince's thoughts on his second nitro with Ed Ferrara, almost 18 years later?

Disco On Asexual Wrestling Fans, Josh Matthews, Emmalina  

Disco On Asexual Wrestling Fans, Josh Matthews, Emmalina Glenn Gilbertti joins Jeff Lane and gives an intersting theoryon what he calls the "asexual" wrestling fan base. Also, Glenn and Jeff discuss the Josh Mathews Twitter controversy and Shark Boy's Top 10 insults directed at Mathews, Kendall Jenner in an nWo shirt, the very strange Emmalina debut and much more!

Kurt Angle Talks WWE Release, Broken Necks, Trusting Creative  

KURT ANGLE TALKS WWE RELEASE, BROKEN NECKS, TRUSTING CREATIVE Vince Russo is joined by Kurt Angle in a special throwback conversation! Kurt explains why he asked for his release from WWE in 2006, his struggle with painkillers, wrestling in the Olympics with a broken freakin' neck, and why he was able to trust the writers he worked with. Also, Jeff Lane addresses fashion advice he received from Vince!

Buff Bagwell Talks Pills, Alcohol, & More WCW Demons  

BUFF BAGWELL TALKS PILLS, ALCOHOL, & MORE WCW DEMONS Buff Bagwell joins Vince on today's show with an unbelievably open and honest conversation dealing with his personal demons throughout his professional wrestling career. How did a straight-edge twenty-one year old end up on the path to rehab? From which wrestler gave him his first pill, to having heart complications, Buff walks Vince through the trials and tribulations of addiction during the height of his career in WCW and how he ended up back on the right path today.

Meeting The Diva's Boyfriend, Big Sloppy Boobs, Ugly Ducklings  

Meeting The Diva's Boyfriend, Big Sloppy Boobs, Ugly Ducklings On the final new show from Colorado, Vince has to deal with some Ugly Duckings in his pond. Plus, The Diva's boyfriend has been a mystery...until now! What did Vince think of his daughter's man? Also, Vince contemplates becoming a minimalist, discusses The Grammys, and gets smacked in the head by BIG SLOPPY BOOBS at Floyd's Barbershop!

This Ain't About An Elimination Chamber...This Is About Life  

THIS AIN'T ABOUT AN ELIMINATION CHAMBER . . . THIS IS ABOUT LIFE On this Special Edition of THE BRAND, Vince walks you through the integral and poignant chapters of his life, that has led him to his FINAL move to his Log Cabin in the Woods. From getting married, to buy a co-op, to starting a new career all at the rip age of 22, through his bouts with depression and stops at WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince walks you through his personal journey that has led him to where he is today. A MUST LISTEN to all, as Vince the Survivor talks candidly about not allowing life to beat him down. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Russo Rides Disco On His Falcons, Follow Up On Lazy Lane's Blue Balls & WWE Promotional Machine  

RUSSO RIDES DISCO ON HIS FALCONS, FOLLOW UP ON LAZY LANE'S BLUE BALLS & WWE PROMOTIONAL MACHINE On today's show, Vince and Disco discuss the monumental fall of Glenn's beloved Falcons, "Lazy" Jeff Lane gives an update on his 11 hour journey where he drove home through several states with BLUE BALLS, WWE TV Viewers vs. Subscribers to Network is discussed, Paige gets a MOVIE, why wasn't BROCK on TV, LU on Netflix and thoughts on Joe pinning Reigns. Was Borash REALLY reading a book on "How to Pick Up Girls" is discussed. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

How TNA Situation Is Exactly What Has Killed The Wrestling Business  

HOW TNA SITUATION IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS KILLED THE WRESTLING BUSINESS On today's episode, Vince brings on BRAND Correspondent, and TNA Specialist, Andre Corbeli, to discuss the change of leadership in TNA. In this insightful episode, Vince gives his strong opinions and explains why this "change"is exactly what's wrong with the wrestling business, and what has crippled the business over the past 17 years. Vince then discusses his relationship with Jeff Jarrett and explains his hurt and disappointment over the situation. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

When Creative Has "Nothing" For Talent  

WHEN CREATIVE HAS "NOTHING" FOR TALENT Dissecting a phrase that is used quite often in the wrestling biz, and one that Vince thinks is pure B***S***, the former Head Writer of the three major USA wrestling company's has an open and honest conversation with recently departed Marti Belle of TNA concerning the relationship between talent and writers. What does a talent do, when the person who is overseeing creative . . . isn't creative . . .and their career and future is in their hands? A very poignant and telling exclusive interview. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Tom Petty, Taking The Bloom Off The Rose And Where The WWE Lost Me As A Fan  

TOM PETTY, TAKING THE BLOOM OFF THE ROSE AND WHERE THE WWE LOST ME AS A FAN In today's episode, Vince dissects his entire night of television viewing, starting with a Tom Petty Documentary on Netflix, followed by Teen Mom 2, Monday Night RAW (On DVR during Teen Mom Commercials) and ending with Celebrity Apprentice. Vince tells Lazy Lane what worked for him, and what didn't as it pertains to all the shows he viewed. Vince also points out something extremely poignant about what a record producer first said when he saw Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. From there, Vince talks about the WWE forgetting what "Taking the Bloom of the Rose means, and then explains WHERE the WWE completely lost him as a fan.

Rise Up ATL, Props To Dixie, Tough Love 4 Lane  

RISE UP ATL, PROPS TO DIXIE, TOUGH LOVE 4 LANE On today's show, Vince EXPLODES over his absolute joy of the Falcons CHOKING in last night's Super Bowl. Vince then explains his STATE OF EUPHORIA through his history with the city of Atlanta over the years. From there Vince GIVES PROPS to Dixie Carter for keep a wrestling company afloat when many before her failed abd explains his TOUGH LOVE approach towards Jeff Lane over the past couple of weeks. RISE UP!!! Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Festivus In February As Grievances Fly  

FESTIVUS IN FEBRUARY AS GRIEVANCES FLY Not one ounce of Wrestling News is discussed as the fur flies between Vince, Lazy Lane, Disco and Special Great Konnan, as all GRIEVANCES are laid out on the table in 100% PURE AND UNADULTERATED ENTERTAINMENT. With Jeff taking much of the onslaught, the 2 year working relationship between him and Vince practically EXPLODES in front of your very eyes, and ears, as the Leader of the Brand unloads a barrage of built up frustration, being fueled by Jeff Driving 11 hours in lieu of SEX . . . but coming home with nothing but BLUE BALLS. The Legendary Konnan ads his expertise in an attempt to give the Puke Hat Wearing Sidekick some advice on life. And, once again, Disco is just well . . . Disco. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon!

Ryback Raw, Vince And Lazy Lane Relationship Blows Up  

RYBACK RAW, VINCE AND LAZY LANE RELATIONSHIP BLOWS UP On today's show, Vince concludes the 2nd part of his interview with "The Big Guy", Ryback, as the former WWE superstar opens up on such topics as;being a good soldier when the product sucks, money being no issue when VKM wants to !@#$ with you and WWE using people and him hating himself for believing Triple H. From there, Vince opens up about an EXPLOSIVE blow-up with Lazy Lane, which cause him to e-mail RELM/POD1 to inform them that Jeff was no longer part of the Brand. did he send the e-mail? Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Vince's Dad Returns, Is Shane A Pedophile, Fans w/ Brains Vs. Marks  

VINCE'S DAD RETURNS, IS SHANE A PEDOPHILE, FANS W/BRAINS VS. MARKS Vince's dad returns on today's episode, as Vince grills him over several topics including; was his boyhood hero, the Cowboy Shane, actually a pedophile, his creepy, new man caller and trying to pick up a 55 year-old at a grieving session. Vince also asks his Dad what he thinks about Lazy Lane driving 11 hours for NO SEX! From there Vince CLEARLY makes the distinction between casual wrestling fans and MARKS, and puts to bed the argument that the MARKS actually paid his salary. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Teen Mom Butanna, Conway Of La Resistance And Heat W/ Lazy Lane  

TEEN MOM BUTANNA, CONWAY OF LA RESISTANCE AND HEAT W/LAZY LANE on today's show, Vince discusses a tremendous documentary he watched on NetFlix disecting the history of National Lampoon. From there he rips one of the Teen Moms for being a 100% BUTANNA and follows that up with an interview with former WWE Superstar Rob Conway (La Resistance). Vince wraps the show by going off with REAL HEAT he has with FORMER sidekick Jeff "Lazy" Lane. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Rules To Booking The Rumble & Sound Advice To Al The Marks  

RULES TO BOOKING THE RUMBLE & SOUND ADVICE TO ALL THE MARKS On today's show, Vince gives an update on his moving, bury his wife's package and the Diva's FOOD STEALING along the way. Next, he goes over the principles of how a Royal Rumble should be booked, explaining all the philosophies that go into it. From there, he states who he would have put over in the Rumble, WHY he would have put them over and WHY WWE didn't. In the grand finale, Vince goes into a VICIOUS RANT on wrestling marks who are going to let the outcome of a FAKE FIGHT effect their everyday lives. Yes---more Podcast GOLD!!! Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Is AJ Brown Nosin' Trips, Is Road Dogg In Charge, Taxi Driver Heat, Is Lane Lazy  

IS AJ BROWN-NOSIN' TRIPS, IS ROAD DOG IN CHARGE, TAXI DRIVER HEAT, IS LANE LAZY On today's show, Vince, Disco and Jeff cover the "newsworthy" topics of the week in sports entertainment including; AJ Styles wishing he went through NXT, Road Dog being LEAD DOG on SmackDown, Sami Zayn's backstage heat, Comparing Brad Ellsworth to Judy Bagwell and Triple H/Stephanie not knowing their Marvel movies. From there the show takes a turn for the worst as Jeff takes Vince telling him that he's not using his time productively as calling him LAZY. Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

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