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Vince Russo: The Brand

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Former head writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, unleashes The Brand, with fresh content five days a week including: interviews with superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women), episode by episode reviews of the WWE Attitude Era RAW (most written by Vince himself), and his wildly popular Bucket Full of Chicken Necks! where he RANTS on everyone... including his own flesh and blood!


Mr. Wonderful Interview Deeply Affects Vince  

MR. WONDERFUL INTERVIEW DEEPLY AFFECTS VINCE In part 2 of his interview with "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorf, Vince gets emotionally affected when he sees a man he didn't expect. After Paul discusses his thoughts of wrestlers today "not looking the part", the PRIDE he put into his work, wanting to wrestle for the fans, and wanting his fans children to know who he is, Vince discusses what deeply touched him AFTER the interview ended. If you are currently lacing up a pair of boots---YOU MUST WATCH THIS INTERVIEW!!!

I Wasn't Dreaming-Ken Shamrock Did Take Down The Big Show  

I WASN'T DREAMING-SHAMROCK DID TAKE DOWN THE BIG SHOW In the second part of his interview with "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock, Vince finally confirms that he was present in catering when Shamrock DID INDEED take down the Big Show and make him whimper like a girlee man. Other topics covered: is there ANYTHING Shamrock is afraid of, his turbulent relationship with Dan Severn, what he learned from Bret Hart, WWE locker room first response to him, helping make The Rock and what he substitutes for fighting these days.

More Brand Building-The Onslaught Continues  

MORE BRAND BUILDING-THE ONSLAUGHT CONTINUES In part II of his Brand Building exercise, Vince brings Andre and Jeff back for a return tongue-lashing, as Vince gets into tweets that Andre just posted over the weekend. After dissecting Andre's ridiculously stupid comments. Vince attempts to get in Andre's head by trying to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND why a 42 year-old man covers a fake sport as if it were real. If you like confrontation--you'll love this!!!

War-What Is It Good For--Andre, Jeff, Vince Go At It  

WAR-WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR--ANDRE, JEFF, VINCE GO AT IT In an effort to team build, Vince invites his two Brand Correspondents, Jeff Lane and Andre Corbeil, to come on the show and file their list of grievances with each other---as well as the show host. Fur flies, as it is all brought out in the open--no holds barred---if you will--as the 3 speak their minds with ZERO limitations. Will this conversation be HEALTHY, or, HARM FULL? Watch/listen and you shall see/hear!!!

Ed Norton Takes Shot At Hardy's, Does POPTV Care About TNA's YouTube Numbers, Double J - Best Worker In The Business  

ED NORTON TAKES SHOT AT HARDY'S, DOES POPTV CARE ABOUT TNA'S YOUTUBE NUMBERS, DOUBLE J-BEST WORKER IN THE BUSINESS On today's edition of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt, TNA is the main focus as Vince and Jeff look at Anthem Head Honcho, Ed Norton's, blatant shot at the Hardy Boys, Talent reportedly upset for new TNA regime bury the old one, does POPTV really give a @!#$% about TNA's YOUTUBE #s and Double J . . . STILL the best worker in the business!!!

Snoop Dogg's Trump, Papa Jim's Thyroid, Vince Rips Andre & Wonders If He's Alive  

SNOOP DOGG'S TRUMP, PAPA JIM'S THYROID, VINCE RIPS ANDRE & WONDERS IF HE'S ALIVE On today's show, Vince looks at Snoop Dogg's Trump video and discusses how social media has given us the freedom to say, and do anything without any ramifications, gives an update on Papa Russo's health--while ripping Quack doctors in FL, talks difference before a 60W light bulb and a 40W light bulb and rips and exposes Andre Corbeli who canceled on him 20 minutes before the show aired due to an "emergency".

Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff  

"MR" WONDERFUL" PAUL ORNDORFF Today, a true, legend, WWE Hall of Famer, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, joins Vince on THE BRAND. Truly one of those man's man in sports entertainment, Orndorff was ahead of his time even before he headlined the first eve WrestleMania. A standout on the football at the University of Tampa, Orndorff parlayed his great physique, natural ability and GIFT OF GAB to help make the wrestling business what it is today. Some topics covered in part 1--staring in the business with "The King" Jerry Lawler, favorite wrestlers to travel up and down the road with, the very first WrestleMania, thoughts on Hogan and Piper, generating HEAT, being in a real fight club and running WCW's Power Plant. This interview really emotionally affected the host, and if you watch/listen you'll see why.

Papa Russo On Puttanas, His Sperm Going Backwards, & Key To Happiness  

PAPA RUSSO ON PUTTANAS, HIS SPERM GOING BACKWARDS & KEY TO HAPPINESS Vince's 86 year-old dad, Jim Russo, returns to the show, as father and son have a conversation for the AGES! From finding a puttana, to his male caller, bum thyroid, backwards sperm and love of BOOBS, Papa Russo tells all, as Vince grills him like a suspect under a hot lamp! At interviews end, Papa Russo gives some advice on life, which will be the most important thing we hear all week!

Ken Shamrock In The House-Part 1  

KEN SHAMROCK IN THE HOUSE-PART 1 On today's very special edition of THE BRAND, Vince interviews one of the founding fathers of UFC, and former WWE Great, KEN SHAMROCK. Having worked with Ken during the Attitude Era, the mutual respect between the two former co-workers, leaves the door open for Vince to ask, "The World's Most Dangerous Man", some questions that others wouldn't even DARE! Topics include: his father leaving at a young age, controlling his anger and rage, being stabbed while committing a robbery at the age of 13, passing on the NFL, thoughts on steroids and starting Pancrase. Riveting interview from a riveting personality! Subscribe FREE! Help Support Our Sponsors! Click Our Killer Deals Link for Amazon! SIGN-UP!

Taking Care of Legends In The Business & Why I'd Rather Feed My Fish Than Watch Wrestling  

TAKING CARE OF LEGENDS IN THE BUSINESS & WHY I'D RATHER FEED MY FISH THAN WATCH WRESTLING Another week of Lions, Tigers and Disco, and another week of Vince and Glenn wanting to strangle each other. On this episode, Vince opens up the show on a serious note, discussing his recent discussion with "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorf and his helpless feeling of what many wrestling legends experience once their careers are over. From there Glenn rips into Vince, telling him that his decision not not thoroughly cover wrestling is costing him money. Vince fires back by saying that we only have so much time on this planet, and he'd much rather do something more productive like---feed his catfish for instance. Other topics covered: Sami Zayne's dilussional comments about facing Goldberg, the last on Matt Hardy, wrestling numbers in podcasting and does anybody really care about Big Show vs. Shaq?

Shawn Stasiak Makes A Rare Appearance-What Really Happened With Taperecordergate  

SHAWN STASIAK MAKES RARE APPEARANCE-WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WITH TAPERECORDERGATE On today's episode, former WWE and WCW Superstar, and son of the legendary Stan "The Man" Stasiak, Shawn Stasiak, makes a rare public appearence on the show. Since his former days as "Meat", Stasiak left the wrestling business some 15 years ago as is now a brominates Chiropractor and Motivational Speaker in the Dallas, Texas are. In this exclusive interview, Shawn talks in detail about his father, following in his footsteps, mistakes he made early on in his WWE career and the infamous situation where he taped a private conversation between Davey Boy Smith and Steve Blackman, that ultimately led to his demise. A great interview from somebody Vince once labeled a "Can't Miss Blue Chipper".

Bob The Contractor, Poison Ivy, Sami Zayn Delusional, And TNA Back To Spike  

BOB THE CONTRACTOR, POISION IVY, SAMI ZANE DELUSIONAL AND TNA BACK TO SPIKE Bucket Full of Chicken Necks IS BACK, as Vince invites "Lazy" Jeff Lane and Scott Casey Gale to join him on the show. On this episode Vince discusses the fear of getting poison ivy on his NUT SACK, 90 year-old Bob the Contractor, the rumors of Spike TV and TNA doing business together again, and the twisted, demented mind of Sami Zain who believes that ONE PERSON would care about a match between him and GOLDBERG!

Andre Is Back-Topics-TNA, Jim Cornette's Fantasyland, Inspiring Teenagers To Be Ring Announcers & Premature Pubic Hair  

ANDRE IS BACK-TOPICS-TNA, JIM CORNETTE'S FANTASYLAND, INSPIRING TEENAGERS TO BE RING ANNOUNCERS & PRE-MATURE PUBIC HAIR With his NEW CRYSTAL CLEAR INTERNET SIGNAL, Vince is back to his old self as he tortures Brand Correspondent, Andre Corbeil, of the Andre Corbeil Show, over the "reboot" of TNA. Andre goes behind all the latest TNA news at their recent TV tapings, while Vince schools the Corny Canadian on their not SPOILERS if they took place in front of living, breathing people. Andre also talk about being an inspiration to teenagers who want to become ring announcers, while Vince describes the hair on Andre's face to pubes of a 12 year-old. Great family fun!!!

Going Back To TNA, Exchange With Double J, & Rene Dupree  

GOING BACK TO TNA, EXCHANGE WITH DOUBLE J, & RENE DUPREE On today's podcast, Vince discusses last night's Goldberg/Kevin Owens match, him going back to TNA, a recent exchange with Double J, catching catfish, World Baseball Classic, HughesNet LYING to him and people in general being dishonest. From there, Vince brings on Rene DuPree of WWE's La Resistance for the first time, and the two discuss life behind the wrestling "curtain"!

Disco And Vince Get Into A Heated Discussion  

DISCO AND VINCE GET INTO A HEATED DISCUSSION Amongst all the current changes in TNA, Vince and Disco get in a heated discussion about where the wrestling business currently stands, and where it needs to go. Stick to what he has now said for years, Vince states that the wrestling model as it pertains to 2017 Television is BROKEN, and putting the same people back in the same spots of the same model isn't going to improve anything. Disco, on the other hand, believes that the wrestling business has totally given up on trying to interest the casual Television viewers, and should now concentrate on the niche market that the wrestling business has created. There is no "working" here, as you can clearly see Vince getting his full of the SMUG Inferno.

Hughes Net Beware, Nobody's Shill, What's In Your Box  

HUGHES NET BEWARE, NOBODY'S SHILL, WHAT'S IN YOUR BOX On today's show, Vince LETS LOOSE on HughesNet, who promised him an Internet service of which he is NOT being provided in his new log cabin. From there he talks about a recent exchange with Jeff Jarrett and how he is sick and tired of everybody using everybody in the wrestling business. Vince also looks into his future in NON-WRESTLING podcasting and asks the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION---what's in your box.

Democrats Sore Losers, TNA Losing Talent, Twigs & Direct TV  

DEMOCRATS SORE LOSERS, TNA LOSING TALENT, TWIGS & DIRECT TV On today's podcast, Vince looks at Donald Trump addressing Congress last night through the eyes of the "common man". What are we all seeing on the surface covering all the BS underneath? From there he discusses TNA losing some major talent, but why it makes sense for them from a "business" standpoint. And, let their be RANTS! Today Direct TV and PayPal get theirs!!!

Obesity, Wasps, & The Rock  

OBESITY, WASPS & THE ROCK On today's show, Vince further talks about his new digs in Indiana including topics such as: wasp infestation, obesity and the disciplined use of toilet paper. From there Vince discusses what happened in the world of sports-entertainment in his absence--covering, Josh Mathews, Emmalina, The Rock and the Hardy's current situation at TNA.

From A Log Cabin In The Woods On Lake Yogi  

FROM A LOG CABIN IN THE WOODS ON LAKE YOGI Vince returns today after nearly a two week adventure of moving from Colorado to the place where it all begin for him, his college "home town" of Evansville, Indiana. In "Russoesque" Fashion, Vince first puts over the city--well mainly his log cabin--then rips into all the reason he forgot---WHY HE LEFT IN THE FIRST PLACE! From the language barrier, to VERY slow moving people, to having to take a FREAKING DRIVER'S TEST, Vince lets loose on his "new hometown"! Certainly an episode not to be missed!

Disco Vs Shark Boy, Update On Vince, Rock/CM Punk  

DISCO VS SHARK BOY, UPDATE ON VINCE, ROCK/CM PUNK Shark Boy joins Glenn Gilbertti and Jeff Lane after Glenn was not amused by the tweets that the deep sea predator has been sending to Josh Mathews! Also, Jeff updates everyone on Vince's move to the log cabin, and Glenn and Jeff discuss the news of the week including The Rock calling C.M. Punk from the middle of a WWE ring.

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