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Former head writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, unleashes The Brand, with fresh content five days a week including: interviews with superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women), episode by episode reviews of the WWE Attitude Era RAW (most written by Vince himself), and his wildly popular Bucket Full of Chicken Necks! where he RANTS on everyone... including his own flesh and blood!


Castrating - Meltzer Magoo Goes G1 Batty, Keller Compares WWE To North Korea, Alvarez Compares Himself To Corbin  

CASTRATING - MELTZER MAGOO GOES G1 BATTY, KELLER COMPARES WWE TO NORTH KOREA, ALVAREZ COMPARES HIMSELF TO BARON CORBIN AND RYAN SATIN PISSES SOMEBODY ELSE OFF On today's episode of CASTRATING THE MARKS, It's a FREAKIN' "MELTZERPALOOZA" as the Journalist of all Journalists just gets absolutely GIDDY when discussing the G1 tournament that recently took place in Japan. Comparing him to a dog who pees himself cause he's so excited that his master has come home from work, Vince is lost for words when it comes to Meltzer Magoo's TOTALLY MARKING OUT of Japanese wrestling. But wait---there's more! Wade Keller somehow, someway compares the WWE to North Korea, while Bryan Alcatraz compares his wrestling skills to those of Baron Corbin. Bro---THIS IS ALL MONEY!!!

WWE Raw/Smackdown Review - "Let's Not Get Crazy With Great"  

WWE RAW/SMACKDOWN REVIEW - "LET"S NOT GET CRAZY WITH GREAT" On today's show, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review the SummerSlam RAW/SMACKDOWN go home shows. Always saying, "When It's Good, I'll Say It's Good", Vince praises this week's RAW to the point of questioning Vince McMahon creatively even having anything to do with it. The boys then discuss the interesting finish to SMACKDOWN with Vince hammering Jeff over the use of the word "GREAT". Also--update on Lover Lane's Dating Scene.

What Ric Flair Did For Me That I'll Never Forget  

WHAT RIC FLAIR DID FOR ME THAT I'LL NEVER FORGET As Ric Flair fights for his life with his beloved family by his side, Vince dedicates this entire show to his history with Ric Flair first as a fan, then as a co-worker. Discussing certain experiences he's never touched on before, Vince gets quite emotional when he talks about the impact that the Nature Boy had on his life. From there Vince discusses the White Nationalist Rally over the weekend and asks the questions---"How can one man bring so much love into the world, while others revel in disgusting hate?"

"When Professional Wrestling Was King"  

"WHEN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING WAS KING" Vince Russo and "Big Vito" LoGrasso bring their new show 'Getting Color" to an all-time high when they discuss WHEN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING WAS KING from 1996-2000. Using their combined experiences working for the BIG THREE at the time, ECW, WWE and WCW, Vicious Vincent and Skull Von Krush bring you behind the scenes as they look at the framework of each company, ECW's "real" influence on Vinnie Ru, secret deal Paul Heyman had with Vince McMahon, "alleged" foreign substances in the ECW locker room and the class separation behind the scenes at WCW. This is PART 1 of what will be a MEMORABLE SERIES!!!

Disco Gets "Hot Girl" Heat, Joey Ryan's Ween, GFW Wrestlers To Hold Car Wash/Bake Sale, Bo Dallas & The Lizard People  

DISCO GETS "HOT GIRL" HEAT, JOEY RYAN'S WEEN, GFW WRESTLERS TO HOLD CAR WASH/BAKE SALE, BO DALLAS & THE LIZARD PEOPLE On today's episode of "Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, Glen explains how he got "heat" for asking marks to take pictures of "Hot Girls" on Indy Shows, Meltzer admits to guys getting "beat up" in G1, Vinnie Mac gets HOT at Nakamura, GFW to have a wrestlers car wash and bake sale, Joey Ryan's Ween downs Mick Foley and Bo Dallas discusses the "Lizard People" on Chris Jericho's podcast.

Castrating - CEO & President Of The "I Hate Meltzer Magoo Corporation" Joins Castrating The Marks  

CASTRATING - CEO & PRESIDENT OF THE "I HATE MELTZER MAGOO CORPORATION" JOINS CASTRATING THE MARKS On today's episode of "Castrating the Marks, Francesco Castano, CEO and President of the "I Hate Meltzer Magoo Corporation", joins Vince in celebrating over an hour of the insights, thoughts and wisdom of the GREAT MAGOO himself! Topics included: MAGOO on BAYLEY, MAGOO on SAMOA JOE, MAGOO on KICKS TO THE FACE, MAGOO on WWE BUSINESS, MAGOO on LEBRON/JORDAN of PRO WRESTLING and MAGOO on AJ BEING BETTER IN JAPAN THAN BRET/MICHAELS. It's a MAGICAL SHOW where you're brain will surely EXPAND and EXPLODE!!!

Big Vito Joins WWE Raw/Smackdown Review  

BIG VITO JOINS WWE RAW / SMACKDOWN REVIEW WWE/WCW/TNA Superstar BIG VITO joins Vince Russo and Jeff "Puke Hat" Lane, as they review their 5 hours of WWE programming for the week. The hits, the misses, what they would've, should've done by two guys who been there and done that and a guy with an incredible shrinking head. Topics discussed: 7-minute Brock, Bayley with her hair down, Rudy Charles' ever-growing gut and beating the GREAT "Ginger" Mahal! These fights ain't real---all in the name of entertainment!

"I Lost My Love For Wrestling Before I Ever Went To WCW"  

"I LOST MY LOVE FOR WRESTLING BEFORE I EVER WENT TO WCW" On today's one-man show, Vince goes into detail about losing his love for the wrestling business months before he ever went to WCW back in 1999. Using Sinatra's "That's Life" as his focal point, Vince preaches---and preaches hard--about being the GREATEST YOU CAN BE on an everyday basis, no matter where you are, or what you're doing in life. Vince explains that you are only going to be given more, when you show that you are ready to be given more. Wrestling fan, or not, this is a MUST LISTEN episode!

Vicious Vincent & Skull Von Krush Talk About Losing The Wrestling Genre They Loved To The Japanese  

VICIOUS VINCENT & SKULL VON KRUSH TALK ABOUT LOSING THE WRESTLING GENRE THEY LOVED TO THE JAPANESE After a 26 year hiatus, Vince Russo and Big Vito LoGrasso reunite from the days of Vicious Vincent's World of Wrestling to discuss how they lost their beloved brand of pro wrestling/sports entertainment to the "strong style" WWE version of Japanese wrestling today. Having worked many tours over in Japan during his career, Vito gives some insights as to when why, where and how the transition took place--while giving a STARTLING prediction of where it may all end up!

Turning Japanese, I Think I'm Turning Japanese, I Really Think So  

TURNING JAPANESE, I THINK I'M TURING JAPANESE, I REALLY THINK SO On this week's Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, Vince, Jeff and Glenn examine why wrestlers from the US have been working Japan for decades, but it wasn't until the last 10 years or so that the Japanese style had found its way into the states. From their, Glenn goes into detail on what caused Nakamura's botched move that almost broke John Cena's neck. Other topics--Karen Jarrett working the wrestling media, Enzo's backstage troubles and can you ever get out of the dog house in professional wrestling once you're in it and GFW viewership. Vince ends the show with some entertaining Dixie Carter stories that have never been shared before.

Castrating - "Piano Mark" Release Party, Magoo & The Birdman Influencing WWE TV, Marble Mouth Wants Great Khali Fired...  

CASTRATING - "PIANO MARK" RELEASE PARTY, MAGOO & THE BIRDMAN INFLUENCING WWE TV, MARBLE MOUTH WANTS GREAT KHALI FIRED & EVERYTHING ELSE STUPID MARKS SAY On todays Castrating the Marks, Vince Russo releases his new single Piano Mark, Magoo and the Birdman claim WWE is developing shows to combat them, Powell wants Khali fired, Keller ADMITS to using wrestling wives as sources, some guy calls Cass a big, tall, slug, and some SCHMO claims Vince HATES BREEZANGO. Another day in Markaritaville!!!

WWE Raw & SD Live - Jeff's Date And Amazing Shrinking Head, Animating Paul Heyman, WWE Raw/SD Review  

WWE RAW & SD Live - JEFF'S DATE AND AMAZING SHRINKING HEAD, ANIMATING PAUL HEYMAN, WWE RAW/SMACKDOWN REVIEW On today's show, the great Rue, from Rue TV, joins Vince and Jeff as they discuss various topics both inside and out the wrestling ring. For openers, Vince grills Jeff over both a recent date and his "incredible shrinking head", which he claims has gotten smaller since he lost weight. Next, WWE RAW is discussed as Vince suggest that the WWE CUT Paul Heyman and transform him into an animated character as part of their current cost cutting measures. In turning to Smackdown, Vince pleads to WWE writers to PLEASE not place Kevin Owens next to Shane McMahon in the same shot . . . for obvious reasons, and comments to the SD announcers stating that AJ Styles "takes great pride in his country" while wrestling in tights that are a homage to Japanese wrestling. More, FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Lane's Shrinking Head, Poison Ivy Ween, Trade Deadline, Meaning Of "Gay" As A Kid  

LANE'S SHRINKING HEAD, POISON IVY WEEN, TRADE DEADLINE, MEANING OF "GAY" AS A KID On today's episode of "Anything But Freakin' Rasslin'", Vince covers topics such as; Jeff Lane's Shrinking Head, Getting Poison Ivy on His Hey Nanny-Nanny for the Second Time, Who Won at the MLB Draft Deadline, the Meaning of "Gay" as a kid, and the steps to get out of your funk and get your life back on track!

New Show, "Getting Color"-Taboos Of Wrestling Discussed  

NEW SHOW, "GETTING COLOR"-TABOOS OF WRESTLING DISCUSSED On the premiere of his new show, "GETTING COLOR", Vince Russo and Big Vito discuss the TABOOS of professional wrestling---subject very care dare analyze. In this episode, the two discuss NEPOTISM, and how it is crippling both WWE and TNA from the inside-out. Talking from their own personal experiences and how the tradition has long carried on since they both departed the business, the GOOD OL' BOY NETWORK is exposed in order to demonstrate the internal breakdown of the business today.

LTB&D - Karen Jarrett Beats Strowman To His Knees (?), Ed Norton Wants To Be Famous, Disco Threatens To Leave Show & More  

LTB&D - KAREN JARRETT BEATS STROWMAN TO HIS KNEES (?), ED NORTON STILL WANTS TO BE FAMOUS, DISCO THREATENS TO LEAVE SHOW AND MORE VINCE & OJ On today's episode of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, a former WCW writer--who Vince doesn't even know--attempts to bury Vince over an 18 year OJ Simpson/PPV idea, a bizarre story is discussed that went down between Karen Jarrett and Braun Strowman, Ed Norton (GFW Boss) still wants to be famous, Road Dogg dealing with Haters, Del Rio going to GFW Court and Disco proposes a "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" with himself and Meltzer Magoo.

Castrating - Meltzer Magoo Turning Japanese, Helen Keller "Wrestling Writer", Vince Pens/Sings New Single--"Dave's Song"  

CASTRATING - MELTZER MAGOO TURNING JAPANESE, HELEN KELLER "WRESTLING WRITER", VINCE PENS/SINGS NEW SINGLE--"DAVE'S SONG" On this episode of Castrating the Marks, Vince cuts a new hit single entitled--"Dave's Song", Asks both WrestleZone and Wrestling Inc. how the tweets of a jilted girlfriend are NEWS, Offers to buy Meltzer and Alvarez ONE-WAY TICKETS to Japan, Defends the Honor of Billy Gunn, Advises Meltzer Magoo to find another profession after claiming that HBK is not in the Top 30 of the All-Time Best, Displays more Jinder Love and literally WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF by the shows end.

Smackdown - "If You Put A Steaming Pile Of Crap In The Ring For Two Hours, Marks Would Watch It."  

SMACKDOWN - "IF YOU PUT A STEAMING PILE OF CRAP IN THE MIDDLE OF A WRESTLING RING FOR TWO HOURS, THE MARKS WOULD WATCH IT". On today's show, Vince flips his lid after watching SmackDown claiming that the WWE knows that whatever they put on, their niche audience is going to watch no matter how bad, boring, meatless or illogical it is. Looking at the show as a casual TV viewer - a potential "customer" for the WWE to sway - Vince goes into detail of why millions of casual wrestling fans/TV viewers have stopped watching wrestling over the last decade and a half. He does mark out for Jinder, however.

Jeff Has A Date, Christmas Is Back, Simon Diamond, T-Swift Not Sexy, Meltzer Magoo Moving To Japan, & WWE Raw  

JEFF HAS A DATE, CHRISTMAS IS BACK, SIMON DIAMOND, TSWIFT NOT SEXY, MELTZER MAGOO MOVING TO JAPAN & WWE RAW So much to discuss on today's show as Jeff reveals to Vince that he went on a date last Friday--PUKE HAT AND ALL!!! After getting all the juicy details--and confirming that the woman didn't need the aid of a seeing eye dog, Vince applauds THE DONALD for bringing Christmas back, turns ECW's Simon Diamond's personal call into a public one, gives 101 reasons why Taylor Swift IS NOT sexy and lays out why the WWE will never grow it's audience until they understand that they are a TELEVISION SHOW. Vince also makes a PLEA to MELTZER MAGOO to move to Japan.

Vicious Vincent & Skull Von Krush Together Again As They Discuss WWE's Battleground  

VICIOUS VINCENT & SKULL VON KRUSH TOGETHER AGAIN AS THEY DISCUSS WWE'S BATTLEGROUND It started in a small studio in West Babylon, NY, back in 1991. The show as called "Vicious Vincent's World of Wrestling", and it was designed to ENTERTAIN the wrestling fans amidst all the "Dirt Sheet Show" that was exposing the business and taking it WAY too seriously. Along with the Mat Rat (Jim Monsees) and Skull Von Krush (Vito LoGrasso--aka "Big Vito"), Vince Russo would don his cape and hat on a weekly business and become part of the SPORTS-ENTERTAINMENT Circus. Well, after a TWENTY-SIX year hiatus, Vince and Vito reunited to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of BattleGround, and the WWE overall. Friendship is RARE---especially in the wrestling business. As Vince says, "You can count your true friends on two, maybe three fingers." Have fun folks--that's what we're here for!

GFW-No Money For Merch, Shane's Chopper Down, Ryback Attacked By Snowflakes  

GFW-NO MONEY FOR MERCH, SHANE'S CHOPPER DOWN, RYBACK ATTACKED BY SNOWFLAKES On today's edition of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, Jeff Lane, Vince Russo and the Disco Inferno cover the latest in the world of Sports Entertainment including; Structure of GFW contracts, Shane McMahon escapes Copter mishap, why the Snowflakes are now calling Ryback a sexist, was Angle/Jordan story line a rib on Kurt and why pyro is now absent from the WWE. Vince and Disco also get into it again when Disco labels Vince a "liar" for a mis-placed phone call.

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