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Former head writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, unleashes The Brand, with fresh content five days a week including: interviews with superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women), episode by episode reviews of the WWE Attitude Era RAW (most written by Vince himself), and his wildly popular Bucket Full of Chicken Necks! where he RANTS on everyone... including his own flesh and blood!


Vince Russo's The Brand - December 2 2016 Ep. 176  

VINCE'S FAVORITE VELVET IS IN THE HOUSE-DAMN THAT BUBBA RAY!!! Vince's favorite, and arguably his most beautiful and talented guest, Velvet Sky, returns to the Brand today after a lengthy absence. From from the day she was hired at TNA, Vince and Velvet cover many topics that many other would dare not touch---most noticeably her relationship with Bubba Ray. Vince ever goes as far as to say how Bubba called him prior to the convo to go over some "ground rules". Velvet also goes into detail of her career change, why she left TNA, is TNA in her future and her desire to someday work for ESPN. Also, talk of the "wrestling bubble" and her "reported" heat with Brooke Adams. Part 2 to follow next week. Remember--if you are listening to this podcast on, you see see it for FREE by signing up for your free month of THE BRAND that will last through December. 5 Video Podcast 5 days a week! Just go to, or RelmNetwork,com

Vince Russo's The Brand - December 1 2016 Ep. 175  

AFRICAN-AMERICAN FEMALE SPEAKS OUT TO VINCE ON CLAIMS OF RACISM & SEXISM In this special and important episode of the BRAND, Vince talks to an African-American woman, by the name of Francesca, who took great offense to Vince being labeled a racists and sexist by a wrestling "journalist". From her perspective, Francesca shares her thoughts on both of Vince's highly controversial podcasts. Also, with a Masters in Counseling and also serving as a College Career Counselor, Vince discusses with Francesca, the communication problems he has with his 21 year-old daughter and asks for advice. Vince also delves into what may be the cause for the love of "The Boob" from a psychological viewpoint. Vince Russo's The Brand-"Where There's More to Life than Just Wrestling!"

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 30 2016 Ep. 174  

BACK TO ATTITUDE ERA-RAW DURING TEEN MOM COMMERCIALS In today's show, Jeff and Vince go back to the ATTITUDE ERA and look at a show from December 14, 1998. Vince also comments of what he caught on RAW last night during the TEEN MOM commercials. Later in the show, Vince comments on African-American Woman who is going to come on the show tomorrow to discuss the recent claims made at Vince by a dirt sheet writer. being a psychologist she is also going to discuss Vince's love of boobies and his fear of enemas.

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 29 2016 Ep. 173  

VINCE READS MORE HATE COMMENTS, THROWS LOVE AT KANYE, COMMENTS ON RMP REVIEW On today's episode, Vince reads some hate comments that were directed his way through a recent interview he did on-line, talks about the Meltdown of Kanye West and How Money isn't the Key to Happiness, Rosie O'Donnell being condemned over Barron Trump Video that wasn't hers, and comments of a review of Rocky Mountain Pro that he took exceptionally personal based on WHO they came from and WHY.

Vince Russo's The Brand Throwback w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin pt 2  Ep. 172  

AUSTIN STRIKES!!! PART II WITH THE RATTLESNAKE!!! In the second part of their exclusive interview, Vince and Steve Austin wrap up "Stone Cold's" lone appearence on THE BRAND thus far. Having worked closely together during the GREATEST BOOM PERIOD in the history of wrestling, WWE's ATTITUDE ERA, Vince and Steve go behind the scenes and dictate what made wrestling WHIT HOT at that period in time. Vince also discusses his "Black Friday" experiences.

Vince Russo's The Brand Throwback w/ Stone Cold Steve Austin pt 1  Ep. 171  

VINCE DOWNS A FEW WITH "STONE COLD" As a special holiday treat, Vince goes to the archives and pulls out a RARE interview with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, that only a few loyal, Brand members have heard before. Vince, of course, asks questions that others wouldn't dare to ask the "Rattle Snake" as the two discuss their working relationship in the WWE Attitude Years. Part II of this dynamic GEM will air tomorrow on The Relm Network and Monday at PodcastOne! Vince also opens a new SURPRISE BOX from

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 24 2016  Ep. 170  

RUSSO CALLS OUT DIRT SHEET WRITER TO EXPOSE ENTIRE INDUSTRY In this once-in-a-lifetime, riveting expose, Vince Russo calls out former associate Ryan Satin, who sent out public tweets responding to an edited video put out by an individual who has been stalking and harassing VInce for months, that was defined to slander and defame Vince's name by painting a picture of him as a "racists". Vince lays out in detail, what dirt sheets writers will believe, or quite frankly "fall for" just to grab a sensational headline for their own self promotion---regardless of the TRUTH and the harm done to the person they're slandering. After Ryan tweeted with the felon, who calls himself the INSTIGATOR, and threatened to scream grab Vince's person DM exchange with him, Vince gladly reads the DM between himsself and Ryan Satin to let the listeners/viewers make the decision for themselves.

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 23 2016  Ep. 169  

GOLDBERG FOLLOW-UP, NIMRODS THREATENING TO UNSUBSCRIBE, VINCE'S TRUE FEELINGS ON JEFF On today's episode, Vince discusses WWE dropping the ball on the Goldberg follow-up, scoring a touchdown for your oppoents at the end of the game, liking Enzo being naked, nimrods threatening to unsubscribe to the BRAND, Marti Belle becoming a STAR and WHY he said the things he said about Jeff Lane. Yes---there's more to life than just RASSLIN'!

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 22 2016  Ep. 168  

VINCE'S TAKE ON SS FINISH, FAKE FRIENDS, JEFF LANE RETURNS . . . AND, LASHES OUT!!! In this HIGHLY entertaining episode, Vince talks about the finish of the Survivor Series and why it went the way it did. He also discusses FAKE FRIENDS are have been talking about him on social media rather than directly to his face. Jeff Lane returns to the show and has HID DAY IN COURT as he addresses Vince's rant directed at him a week ago. What a podcast SHOULD BE!!!

Vince Russo's The Brand - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco  Ep. 167  

DISCO COMPARES COMIC BOOKS TO COLORING BOOKS, UNDERRATED PROMO GUYS AND GIVING/RECEIVING POTATOES With little news this week, Vince and Disco cover various topics that Vince has been wanting to put on the table for awhile. For starters, Disco chimes in on grown, adult comic book readers, Vince looks into WWE vs. UFC using Madison Square Garden as a measuring stick, "Who, on the current WWE roster, is going to be returning to the WWE in their 50s to give the company a pop, most underrated promo guys in the business and wrestlers giving potatoes, getting potatoes and working with other wrestlers who may be "under the influence". Disco also chimes in on why he thinks Vince's comments about a woman leading our free world were sexist.

Vince Russo's The Brand w/ The Left Coast Gorillas  Ep. 166  

NEW "HEAT" WITH COMIC BOOK NERDS, LEFT COAST GORILLAS, FAKE FIGHTS BECOMING SHOOTS In Today's episode, Vince discusses the new "heat" he's created from stars of "Impractical Jokers" and "Comic Book Men" by stating that if you SMELL comic books you are NO DOUBT 100% NERD!. From there Vince interviews one of the best new tag teams on the scene, The Left Coast Gorillas, Hoodlum and Anaya, from Rocky Mountain Pro. Vince gets into a deep discussion with the two as they talk about the fake fight becoming a shoot, as Hoody was recently accused of "potatoing another wrestler during the course of a melee. An extremely interesting topic that isn't discussed often.

Vince Russo's The Brand - The Swerve w/ Dan Severn pt. 2  Ep. 165  

THE BEAST IS BACK AS VINCE TALKS MMA FIGHTERS IN THE WWE In the second part of his interview with :The Beast" Dan Severn, the two discuss Severn's path to the WWE, his time there, and finally his departure which had part to do with creative. Vince then talks about the influence that MMA fighters had in the WWE and discusses the the advantages that Ken Shamrock may have had over the legendary Severn when it came to the squared circle. Great interview from a very intelligent man . . . not Russo . . . Mr. Severn.

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 16 2016  Ep. 164  

VINCE HAS HEAT WITH HIS OWN STAFF/SETTING FOUNDATION AT WCW/GETTING JAW DISLOCATED BY WCW SUPERSTAR In this episode Vince talks about having heat with two members of his own staff based on recent comments he made. He then talks about the Joey Styles/Evolve situation and shoot on millennials who are "disappointed" in him. From there Vince goes into his first days at WCW and what the original plan was the he and Ed Ferrara was going to put in place. Vince also reveals which WCW Superstar dislocated his jaw.

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 15 2016  Ep. 163  

THANK GOD, JEFF LANE IS GONE!!!! In this EXTREMELY HIGH-OCTANED Episode, Vince goes in detail describing his FOUR DAY ORDEAL with co-host Jeff Lane perhaps over-staying his welcome as a house guest. Vince goes off on Jeff keeping him from having sex with his wife, maybe killing Yogi on his last stay, his ridiculous comic book buying habit and being a part of perhaps the WORST PRE-TAPE Vince ever produced in his career. From there Vince discusses the current political protests, being labeled a sexist and knowing when to give up your dream of professional wrestling. Vince also holds class in BELL RINGING 101!

Vince Russo's The Brand - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco  Ep. 162  

VINCE EDITS DISCO AS THE HOSTS CALLS OUT THE NOSE We Jeff Lane in route to Colorado for Rocky Mountain Pro, Vince goes solo with the Disco Inferno for the first time, and goes NOSE-to-NOSE with him as he explains why he had to edit some of his remarks from last week's show. Vince also accuses Disco of trying to sabotage THE BRAND, since he started working on Konnan's show. After burying Jeff Lane in his absence, Vince also discusses with Glenn; the election, comparing Trump/McMahon/Bischoff, XFL on ESPN, Old/New WWE--Pick a Direction, HBK working training facility, Charlotte getting destroyed by Scottish Crowd and Glenn's Heat with Titus Machiavelli.

Vince Russo's The Brand - The Swerve w/ Dan Severn  Ep. 161  

WHY PEOPLE RUN FROM RELIGION & THE WORLD ACCORDING TO "THE BEAST" In today's episode, Vince goes into detail of how his Rocky Mountain Pro was screwed by the Hunt Channel, and their network provider, Angel 2, TWO DAYS before they were to appear on National TV. Vince discloses, and reads, a letter he wrote to the President of Angel 2, to which he got no response. Again, talking about subject which many don't, Vince, a Christian Man himself, explains WHY people RUN AWAY from Religion and the Church. From there, Vince interviews MMA Legend, :The Beast" Dan Severn, and the two tackle many subject including; Dan working as a substitute teacher (as Vince once did), learning work ethic on a farm, Olympic qualifying controversy and his start in pro wrestling.

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 10 2016  Ep. 160  

COMPARING TRUMP'S WIN TO DECISION OF WRESTLING FANS On today's episode, Vince gives his final thoughts on the election results and why he is proud of the American Public in General. From there he absolutely buries Bill Maher, jabs his sister-in-law, explains how this decision can be related to decision wrestling fans are making and takes about the REAL Donald Trump, and why he feels good about the victory. From there Vince brings on "Sugar Free" Mario Vanjur, to talk about his Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling career and his X-Rated shenanigans as a part-time Uber driver.

Vince Russo's The Brand - November 9 2016  Ep. 159  

AN OPINION I WILL GET CRUCIFIED FOR!!! Vince is back in FULL FORM today, as he discusses; why he decided to leave, Life without RAW, Farrah being the GREATEST HEEL in television history, Official Launching of Rocky Mountain Pro, Toughest Guy in Wrestling, Wussies Wearing Cowboy Hats, His Dad, Old Crows in Florida and who he DIDN'T vote for.

Vince Russo's The Brand - GROWING THROUGH THE STORM  Ep. 158  

GROWING THROUGH THE STORM In this extremely special episode, Vince goes into detail of the enormous losses, both professional and personal, that he has had to endure over the last 6 weeks. With the passing of his mother a week ago, Vince was forced to take a long, hard look at his life, where he is now and where he needs to be, and puts life in its perspective for a-z. A podcast that everyone should listen to--young, old, male, female--the words from a man who has survived a battle and come out better for it.

Vince Russo's The Brand - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco  Ep. 157  

Lions, Tigers, Bears & Disco Disco Inferno, Jeff Lane and Titus Machiavelli discuss all the news of the week including Billy Corgan losing initial court ruling, Sasha Banks' comments on women's wrestling and much more!

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