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Former head writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, unleashes The Brand, with fresh content five days a week including: interviews with superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women), episode by episode reviews of the WWE Attitude Era RAW (most written by Vince himself), and his wildly popular Bucket Full of Chicken Necks! where he RANTS on everyone... including his own flesh and blood!


Vince Russo's The Brand - October 27 2016 Ep. 150  

VINCE RUSSO KILLED WCW----BITE ME On a HISTORICAL edition of THE BRAND, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review the VERY FIRST WCW NITRO written by Ed Ferrara and Vince Russo from 10/18/99. Watching this for the VERY FIRST TIME since it aired, VINCE GOES OFF on where the wrestling business was then, and where it is today. He also DESTROYS THE MYTH of him killing WCW, Vince McMahon being his filter and 'you can't have an entertaining THREE-HOUR SHOW!" Don't Miss this one!!!

Vince Russo's The Brand - October 26 2016 Ep. 149  

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE "BURIED ALIVE" MATCH Just as promised, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review the 1998 PPV, RockBottom, which featured the first ever BURIED ALIVE MATCH between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the Undertaker. In detail, Vince explains how the "magic" was created to make Kane appear from the grave, and the Undertaker buried beneath the dirt below. A Major PHO-PA is always discussed that should have NO DOUBT been edited out of the version now showing on the WWE Network.

Vince Russo's The Brand - October 25 2016 Ep. 148  

VINCE FINALLY REVEALS INCIDENT WITH TSA ATLANTA & THE CARE DOESN'T FIT THROUGH THE DOOR On this episode, Vince finally reveals the incident that took place with TSA Atlanta as he returned from his son's wedding last week. High drama over a freakin' can of Chicken and Dumplings. From there, Vince brings on Rocky Mountain Pro's, Matt Yadin, who discusses this past weekends show and the story behind the steel cage that was specially built for the show---not fitting through the arena doors. Vince then buries the person responsible for not measuring---LIVE ON THE SHOW---"Zero Cool" Tony Martin.

Vince Russo's The Brand - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco Ep. 147  

DIXIE CARTER IN ORANGE JUMPSUIT, GABURICK BACK TO TNA, POOR, POOR BILLY DIsco Inferno is BACK today to review all the latest news in the sports-entertainment world with Vince Russo and Jeff Lane. On today's broadcast further insights are discussed concerning what may actually be going on behind the scenes at TNA, WWE bringing back superstars to both the main stage and NXT to pop some numbers, trolls costing a talent their job and opportunity and Vince reads an e-mail that a troll wrote to the Hunt Channel as a protest to Rocky Mountain Pro airing on their network.

Vince Russo's The Brand - October 21 2016 Ep. 146  

VINCE GRILLS MAGNUS, MICKIE JAMES DOES RUN-IN, MODERATORS ARE WUSSIES AND BUFFALO 66 On today's show, Vince grills Nick Aldis (Magnus) about the marketing for his upcoming UK tour that has Vince stereotyped as a CONVICT! Luckily, for Vince, Nick's wife--the lovely, beautiful, vibrant, vivacious, kind, loving Mickie James, comes to Vince's support. Vince goes on to then RIP the moderators of all three presidential debates, talks Sam Kennison and preaisese independant film--Buffalo 66'.

Vince Russo's The Brand - October 20 2016 Ep. 145  

VINCE BADGERS SON ON HONEYMOON, TALKS WHY BILLY MAY HAVE SUED TNA, TALKS ELEPHANT VAGINE In his new, AND MUCH FREER format, Vince badgers his son on his honeymoon, goes into detail on why Billy Corgan may have sued TNA, questions being marketed as a "convict" on his upcoming England tour, buries Roku and talks in detail about Elephant Vagine and Pachyderm Love Juice.

Vince Russo's The Brand w/ Guest Goldylocks Ep. 144  

GOLDYLOCKS DISCUSSES PRINCE,HOLLYWOOD PROPOSITIONS, DATING WRESTLERS AND HER "PEPPERONIS" On today's show, Vince talks to old friend, former TNA personality and current rocker, Goldylocks, about their close relationship during the early years of TNA. Candid and open as ever, Goldy shares some entertaining stories including stealing from Prince in her early days in Minnesota, taking her top off in a Nashville Bar, touring with the likes of Bret Michaels, Rick Springfield and Marilyn Manson and VINCE "throwing her under the bus". Two friends, good laughs, good talk. Goldy also pees LIVE on the broadcast.

Vince Russo - Anything But Freakin' Rasslin Ep. 142  

VINCE DISCUSSES HIS LIFE CHANGE OVER THE LAST 2 WEEKS In this poignant episode, Vince Russo discusses the change in his life over the last two weeks, and how things for him are going to dramatically change going forward. From the passing of his dog, to losing the national TV deal with Rocky Mountain Pro, to the suffering of his father and his son "officially" leaving the nest, Vince looks both ahead and back in a very emotional look at his journey. Towards the end, Vince makes an announcement that is going to shock a lot of people.

Vince Russo - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco Ep. 141  

VINCE FREE-BALLIN' IN FRONT OF DIXIE CARTER In today's episode, Vince, Jeff and Disco discuss various topics including; Donald Trump's "Locker Room" Banter, Glenn's Call to Dave Meltzer, Paige's 2nd suspension, the Hit Man's burial of the FreeBirds, the ULTIMATE DELETION at the Hardy Compound , the future of Rocky Mountain Pro and Vince FREE-BALLIN' in front of his former boss, Dixie Carter.

Vince Russo - The Swerve w/ King Kong Bundy Ep. 140  

KING KONG BUNDY SHOOTS ON EVERYBODY With Vince in Atlanta for his son Will's wedding--which cost him over 4 GRAND--the Fearless Leader of the BRAND wanted to share with you one of his all-time classic interviews with one of the greatest wrestling icons of all-time!! In this episode of "WHEN WRESTLERS RULED THE EARTH", Vince has a one-on-one with the reclusive and outspoken King Kong Bundy. Far and away one of Vince's favorite interviews of all-time! You will be talking about this one for DAYS!

Vince Russo - Bucket Full of Chicken Necks Ep. 139  

MISSING YOGI, WILL'S WEDDING, EATING ON AIR AND WHAT HAPPENED TO ROCKY MOUNTAIN PRO Much, much to cover on today's episode, as Vince goes into dealing with the loss of Yogi, having to shell out money for a suit that he'll never wear again, just not caring about anything any more, Pink Floyd Animals and the reason behind WHY Rocky Mountain Pro didn't air this week. Vince ends the show in a rant calling out his Christian brothers.

Vince Russo - Raw: Now & Then Ep. 138  

OUTLAWS TURN, AUSTIN HUNG ON "SYMBOL", NICKI'S BEAUTIFUL BOOBAGE On today's show, Vince points out the art of making "something" out of "nothing" but laying out the New Age Outlaw's HEEL TURN, that was never going to take place to begin with. Vince also looks at the heat the Undertaker "symbol" generated at the time it aired. Then, digressing since once again nothing happened on this week's RAW, Vince turns to the beautiful boobage of Nicki Bella, on Totally Bellas, that has stuck with him for two days now.

Vince Russo - Anthing But Freakin' Rasslin Ep. 137  

Anything But Freakin' Rasslin' In a very emotional episode, Vince says goodbye to his friend and companion of eleven years, his dog Yogi.

Vince Russo - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco Ep. 136  

Glenn Gilbertti, Jeff Lane, and special guest Titus Machiavelli (RMP C.E.O.) discuss the rumor of Sasha/Charlotte in Hell in a Cell, more false TNA news, Goldberg/Brock, and more. Also, Glenn and Titus discuss the punching rule change in Rocky Mountain Pro.

Vince Russo - The Swerve w/ Sam Roberts Ep. 135  

VINCE HAS TO WATCH RAW?, SAM ROBERTS BACK ON THE SWERVE! He thought he was out, but they dragged him back in! After relishing in the fact that he no longer was going to watch RAW, Vince has had to pull a 180 and explains why he still needs to suffer on Mondays. Also, Sam Roberts from Opie Radio on Sirius XM returns to conclude his Swerve conversation with Vince!

Vince Russo - Bucket Full Of Chicken Necks Ep. 134  

VINCE PUTS A PET DOWN, TALKS TNA DEAL, ROCKY MOUNTAIN PRO TV AND WHY HE DECIDED TO STOP WATCHING RAW . . . OR SO . . . HE THOUGHT! In this heartfelt episode, Vince discusses having to put one of his pets down today, the win-win TNA Deal that is being reported, being back on the Giants' BandWagon, this past weekend's Rocky Mountain Pro's first TV tapings, Bachman Turner Overdrive and how---for a couple of hours---he thought he was done watching RAW FORVEVER!!!

Vince Russo - Raw: Now & Then Ep. 133  

RUSSO FINALLY DONE WITH RAW, WRESTLERS "WRESTLING" AGAIN AND PAUL BEARER IN A SEWER In this episode, Vince announces that he's DONE watching and reviewing RAW for The Brand, simply stating that he just doesn't enjoy the show on any level. From there he discusses how keeping the match "in the ring" could help prevent serious and unnecessary injury to the talent. Next---numerous stories going on at once, as Vince and Jeff look at an of the Attitude Era from November 30, 1998. episode.

Vince Russo - Vixens Who Rule w/ Nikita LeFleur Ep. 132  

FORMER OVW, WWE STAR NIKITA LEFLEUR VISITS VINCE AT HOME Wrestling legend, Nikita LeFleur, dropped by Vince's Office to discuss the transition from old school, psychology based women's wrestling, to the much faster paced style presented on today's stage. Schooled by some of the best in the business including Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman, Nikita talks about her 17 years in the business discussing--who was the toughest, who had the best psychology and why she has a love/hate relationship with wrestling. Nikita also talks about being at the first Rocky Mountain Pro National TV Tapings this weekend, as she has been a part of the organization for the past 4 years.

Vince Russo - Lions, Tigers, Bears, & Disco Ep. 131  

FUTURE OF TNA, VINCE'S NEW WRESTLING RULES, DISCO'S ROCKY MOUNTAIN PRO REVIEW On this episode, Vince, Disco and Jeff discuss the future of TNA--does it make sense for a company to invest even MORE MONEY into the struggling brand, Vince's NEW SET of wrestling rules for 2016, and Disco's review of Rocky Mountain Pro as the heat between the former writer and glorified jobber continues to EXPLODE!!!

Vince Russo - The Swerve w/ Kevin Sullivan pt. 2 Ep. 130  

TASKMASTER ON PILLMAN, BENOIT , VINCE ON DIXIE/BILLY/TNA On this episode, Vince wrsps up his interview with the GREAT "TaskMaster" Kevin Sullivan, as Kevin discusses who came up with the Brian Pillman/Booker Man idea, putting the belt on Chris Benoit and him then walking out, his real-life angle with Woman/Benoit, why wrestling fans have left for UFC and how he would change wrestling business today. From there, Vince gibes his final thoughts on the Dixie/Billy/TNA situation.

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