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Vince Russo: The Brand

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Former head writer of WWE, WCW and TNA, Vince Russo, unleashes The Brand, with fresh content five days a week including: interviews with superstars in wrestling and entertainment (especially HOT women), episode by episode reviews of the WWE Attitude Era RAW (most written by Vince himself), and his wildly popular Bucket Full of Chicken Necks! where he RANTS on everyone... including his own flesh and blood!


More On WWE Being Ignorant Towards Concussions & Well Being Of Their Performers  

MORE ON WWE BEING IGNORANT TOWARDS CONCUSSIONS & WELL BEING OF THEIR PERFORMERS On this week's episode of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, Glenn Gilbertti (Disco) continues to examine the unprecedented rash of concussions that is continuing in the world of wrestling. Some of the most insightful information from somebody who actually been there--done that. Also, Sheamus gets BURIED stating that today's WWE roster is comprised of better athletes than that of the Attitude Era, Bray Wyatt on The Rock, TNA/AAA partnership, WWE looking to settle with Mauro, Booker T. on Bullying and is Paige working towards getting FIRED by the WWE? I hope so--so that great, great talent can finally flourish. MUST LISTEN!!! NOTHING HELD BACK!!! POLITICALLY FREE!!! NOBODY LOOKING FOR SPOT ON TABLE FOR 3!!!

Castrating The Marks - "That K.O.  B.O. Is Really Startin' To Boil  

CASTRATING THE MARKS - "THAT K.O. B.O. IS REALLY STARTIN' TO BOIL" Yes, it's FINALLY HERE! The one that has turned the wrestling world upside down and has infuriated the Dirt Sheet Marks to the point of calling Vince bad names!!! Not even a ROOT CANAL can touch a nerve like this as it relates to the Nimrods! On this episode, Vince adds new lyrics to his hit song "Markaritaville", listens as those who have never been in an athletic contest in their lives teach Braun Strowman how to deliver a drop kick, and gets insights from the MARKAMACS on WHO is a part of the WWE Bullying Committee! Gold, Jerry, Gold!!!

Sean Waltman On The Kliq, Substance Abuse, Chyna, And Much More  

SEAN WALTMAN ON THE KLIQ, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, CHYNA AND MUCH MORE Sean Waltman appears on THE BRAND for the first time as he tackles many issues with former co-worker Vince Russo. Honest , informative and sincere about his life both in and out of wrestling, Sean discusses; current breakthroughs through therapy, transitioning from 1-2-3 Kid to X-Pac, his relationship with Scott Hall, the inner-workings of The Kliq, dealing with his physical pain leading to the overuse of prescription meds and the begining of his relationship with Chyna. Part 2 drops next week.

Raw - Ring Explosion, Kurt Disappears, Sasha In Doghouse?  

RAW - RING EXPLOSION, KURT DISAPPEARS, SASHA IN DOGHOUSE? Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review this Mondays WWE RAW featuring Big Show and Braun Strowman destroying the ring, a short night for Kurt Angle, a Miz/Ambrose rerun, plus Vince explains why he thinks Sasha Banks may be in the doghouse!

Stone Cold Brings His Whoop Ass To The Brand  

STONE COLD BRINGS HIS WHOOP ASS TO THE BRAND Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to THE BRAND, as he and Vince discuss such topics as; getting HIMSELF over, getting today's talent "out of the box", talent needing to form a relationship with WWE Brass, thoughts on AJ Styles, the ONE GUY he's chose to mentor in the WWE and the booking of Braun Strowman. Telling it like it is, with no limits and no agenda, this is simply Steve Austin being Steve Austin! Can't miss!

Disco On Concussions, Vince Worried About Charlotte, More On False Dirt Sheet News  

- DISCO ON CONCUSSIONS, VINCE WORRIED ABOUT CHARLOTTE, MORE ON FALSE DIRT SHEET NEWS On this episode of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, Vince, Jeff and Disco cover such topics as; Kevin Owens' New Look, JBL/Mauro Update, Balor's Concussion, Charlotte's Moonsaults Putting Her in Danger, Enzo Getting Rag dolled, Alberto Rips "The Nose", Gotch Lies to Vince (?) and Jinder Mahal Reacting to Steroid Accusations. Vince and Jeff also analyze the reasons why WWE Talent are not being protected from head injury/trauma.

Castrating The Marks--Round 2  

CASTRATING THE MARKS--ROUND 2 Vince introduces his new theme song for his new show, "Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets", called MARK-A-RITAVILLE. From there he once again exposes the half-truths and the mis-truths provide on a weekly basis by the "so-called" experts who never spent ONE MINUTE in the legitimate wrestling business. On today's show, Vince actually plays a discussion between two dirt sheet "experts" explaining the various ways to get their WRESTLEMANIA CHAIRS home. From their the Guru, discusses AJ Styles going to RAW--which of course never happened, while another "expert" takes a shot at Vince for owning a Soft Pretzel Franchise. THIS IS GOLD!!!

Vince Welcomes The Founder Of #BoycottReigns  

VINCE WELCOMES THE FOUNDER OF #BOYCOTTREIGNS A fan, and supporter of Roman Reigns, Vince interviews who would appear to be his "adversary" the founder of the current #BOYCOTT REIGNS Social Media Movement, UK's Jeremy Walker. Hell bent on having a "civil" conversation, Vince gets into the mind of the serious Reigns detractor, in order to understand the complete thought process behind him. Vince also talks in detail to Jeremy about the disrespectful and disruptive fans, who seem to share his same sediment. Great debate---must listen---why VINCE is VINCE.

Raw - Superstar Shakeup, Ambulance Attack, & Vince Falls Asleep!  

RAW - SUPERSTAR SHAKEUP, AMBULANCE ATTACK, & VINCE FALLS ASLEEP! Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review this Monday's WWE RAW in full detail. Vince explains why he saw effort from the writing, why Charlotte is a danger to herself, which superstar is growing on him, his thoughts on Braun Strowman this week, and why he fell asleep while watching the show!

Simon Gotch Speaks!!!  

SIMON GOTCH SPEAKS!!! On today's show, Vince sits down with Seth Lesser, aka SIMON GOTCH, who was just recently released from the WWE last week. In this very candid interview, Seth discusses how he made it to NXT, the process once he got their, the inception of the VaudeVillians, their WWE run, what worked/didn't, his fight with Sin Cara, what lead to his release and false reports concerning him! Vince also discusses his WCW debut 17 years ago today and the Dirt Sheet HACKS response to his new show. Hot of the wire---enjoy!!!

You Could Have Become Rich Banking On WWE Predictability  

YOU COULD HAVE BECOME RICH BANKING ON WWE PREDICTABILITY On today's edition of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, WrestleMania gets a further look as Vince and Disco talk about the overseas betting on the event and the FORTUNE you could have made based on the predictability of the WWE. From there the three discuss, AJ Lee's comments on the booking of her character, how the Hardy's will be handled in the WWE, future of Damian Sandow, Drew Galloway going to NXT, Big Show kicking WWE writers out of the locker room, the Goldberg promo NOT on TV Monday and the TRUTH about Simon Gotch.

Vince Breaks Out New Show-Castrating The Marks & Their Dirt Sheets  

VINCE BREAKS OUT NEW SHOW-CASTRATING THE MARKS & THEIR DIRT SHEETS As promised, the REAL Vince Russo is going FULL BOAR, as he introduces a new show today that totally EXPOSES and CUTS OF THE GONADS of every wrestling mark with a wrestling show, who somehow, someway have convinced themselves that they're "EXPERTS" in their field. By using AUDIO CLIPS from their shows, Vince clearly illustrates the lack of knowledge and experience these NIMRODS have simply because NONE of them have ever BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT. Vince also shares his beliefs of the motivation behind the "This is Awesome" fanboy base.

Papa Russo Live in The Studio!!!  

PAPA RUSSO LIVE IN THE STUDIO!!! In this--what is to be an unforgettable episode--Vince's father joins him LIVE in the cabin to discuss some wrestling news amd his experience spending the last week with his son. Now, you know how Vince feels about the MARKS---wait until you hear an 86 year-old man give his thoughts on 20-30 years old losers chanting "This is Awesome" during fake fights. Papa Russo also discusses his large prostrate, his impure thoughts of Kate Upton, going on a double date with a 200 pounder and his problem with "gas". It's all RIGHT HERE in this one of a kind episode!!!

Raw - Good Lord, What Is It Good For  

RAW--GOOD LORD, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR Vince is back BETTER THAN EVER reviewing the FULL THREE HOURS of RAW that aired Monday night. And, just as he promised---nothing is off limits including how he REALLY feels about the Orlando MARKS, guys that should STILL BE in NXT and Brock Lesnar's mouthpiece---the Paul Heyman Parody. You don't want to miss this one! You want FLUFF--go eat a !@#$%^ MARSHMALLOW!!!

Wrestlemania - What Worked - What Didn't  

WRESTLEMANIA--WHAT WORKED--WHAT DIDN'T On the newly-retooled BRAND, Vince hears his fans loud and clear and returns to watching and critiquing the WWE. As the most successful head writer in the history of the wrestling business, who better to honestly review the show---especially being that he has NO DESIRE to return to his own stomping grounds. What better place to start then WRESTLEMANIA. From the best, to the worst, Vince breaks down the show in its entirety, and pulls no punches in giving you an unbiased look at the event. Vince also defines the "normal" wrestling fan compared to the "obsessed " mark.

Vince Takes Disco's Advice - Say What?!  

VINCE TAKES DISCO'S ADVICE - SAY WHAT?! Vince announces there are changes coming to The Brand fueled by Glenn's comments on last week's LTB&D! Also, Jeff throws a few recent Triple H quotes towards Vince and Glenn to get their reactions, and Glenn gets Vince to watch a match from Impact Wrestling! Is this Bizarro World?

Bobby Roode - TNA, Pre-WWE Career, Working With Russo  

BOBBY ROODE - TNA, PRE-WWE CAREER, WORKING WITH RUSSO We flashback to an extremely insightful conversation as Vince talks to his good friend and current NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Vince and the Champ discuss many things that happened backstage that changed the course of Bobby's career in and out of TNA. Also, Jeff Lane discusses how 24: Legacy has killed their own gimmick and more.

Jillian Hall - Mole, Singing, & Dr. Vince  

JILLIAN HALL - MOLE ,SINGING, & DR. VINCE Former WWE Superstar Jillian Hall visits with Vince today discussing how she was brought into WWE with the mole on her face, developing her singing gimmick, why she was different than the other WWE Divas, what she thinks of the current product, and if she is making a comeback. Vince then puts on his Dr. Phil hat to give Jillian advice he thinks she needs to hear. A very emotional episode!

Wrestlemania X - Vince's First As WWE Employee  

WRESTLEMANIA X - VINCE'S FIRST AS WWE EMPLOYEE Vince Russo and Jeff Lane discuss WrestleMania X, with many behind the scenes stories from Vince's first WM as a full-time WWF employee including getting scolded by Linda McMahon, Jennie Garth's easy and bothersome payday, Owen vs. Bret, and a possible change to the planned finish. Full show review including Vince's thoughts on the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels!

King Mo Stops By Before Bellator 175  

KING MO STOPS BY BEFORE BELLATOR 175 Bellator MMA fighter and former TNA superstar King Mo chats with Vince prior to his rematch with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson this coming Friday at Bellator 175. Mo discusses why he thinks pro wrestling is harder than MMA, turning down a WWE contract, the controversy in his Olympic Trials loss, juggling MMA and pro wrestling at the same time and much more!

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