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Ep. 43 – “Episode 43 is on The List”  

It’s time for another round of Hall of Fame honors. Four nominations; four votes. Who makes it in this time? Vinnie and The OG lead the discussion for the latest class of B.S.B Hall of Fame nominees. Who will join inaugural members Black Flag in the only Hall of Fame that matters? Then, it’s back to the writers’ room as the insane progress on the about-to-be-hit sitcom “Heads in a Hell Basket” continues with new characters and new storylines and all kinds of new weirdness. Wacky neighbors, cryogenic hijinks… its got all the elements of sitcom brilliance. Later, the crew bangs out the usual gimmicks: word association, “Dear Vin,” Professor Pablo reads from the mailbag and the boys set youse up real nice with some recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: You’re only here to fill a void…

Ep. 42 – “Protect the Business”  

After some time off the BSB crew comes back to witness the aftermath of a Donald Trump presidency and the fallout from the contentious 2016 election is examined and discussed. As with life, politics can sometimes make for a volatile pidcast subject. In Biz talk there is no Biz talk… except when there IS Biz talk. The OG and Vinnie find something amidst the fall of the fall and while a Goldberg return means the drizzling shits, the genius of Broken Matt Hardy is enough to keep things moving. Is the Biz still on THE LIST? Later, the usual gimmicks return: word association, “Dear Vin,” and the strange world that is Pablo’s Cheapo Tip of the Week all make an appearance, Professor Pablo reads your emails, and, as always, the guys send you home with some stellar recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: There’s no justice, there’s just us…

Ep. 41 – “The Halloween Spectacular”  

Dust off your Samhain records, cue up The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and get ready ghouls and goblins and Gimmick Gangers: The BSB is bringing you a punk rock Halloween special South Philly style. Ghost stories abound as the Mistress of Darkness Jackie Brown sits in with the crew and tells one of the craziest haunted stories you’ll ever hear. It’ll have you shook. After that, the evil that is Jackie Brown leads the crew in an Ouija board session that sends Vinnie running for the hills. The Die-Vul is back, and he sits in for a very spooky edition of word association and he brings his full arsenal for this one. “Dear Vin” ramps up the crazy a few notches and delivers a frightful look into Vinnie’s world, where every day is Halloween when you’re reading some thoughts from some maniacs. Turns out the Die-Vul is just as cheap as his human counterpart, and just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t be frugal. Blood rituals and listener emails go hand in hand, and even the crew recommendations take a spooky slant. Everyone is costumed and ready to go, and make sure you check out our facebook page for pictures of everyone dressed up:  It’s The Broad Street Breakdown Halloween Spectacular: I feel like having a séance…

Ep. 40 – “What, Are We New to This Dance?”  

What is going on with the punk rock world? First the Bad Brains get nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now Rollins is a Calvin Klein model? It’s Thunderdome! A discussion of the newly released Don Letts documentary, "Skinhead," leads into talk about the controversial Rollins billboard in NYC and the topic of “selling out” comes back into play. What does the term mean? To whom does it apply? Later, questions arise about the parameters of THE LIST, and an entirely new dimension of criteria for listing is explored. Who is exempt from THE LIST? Who gets pit on THE LIST this episode? *tap tap tap* You might be surprised…  Professor Pablo brings back the Cheapo Tip for another round, word association comes back, Vinnie leads youse into the black pit of despair known as “Dear Vin,” Pablo dips into the mailbag and, as always, we line up some very excellent recommendations for everyone. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Do you remember in 1969 seeing all the skinheads standing in a line…

Ep. 39 – “How Long Am I Expected to Be in a Good Mood?”  

Back to the writers’ room! In another burst of creativity, Vinnie and The OG dive back into the script for The Heads show. More twists and turns; more absurd plotlines and character development take place as we watch this brilliant masterpiece evolve. Then, the punk rock topic that everyone’s been talking about gets aired out by the crew: The Bad Brains have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What does it mean? What does the BSB think of it? The discussion that ensues explores the ramifications of what happens when subculture is thrust into the mainstream and the end result is the creation of a new BSB institution. Later, the Biz talk returns with Vinnie and the OG devising a plan the will include some audience participation, so all youse marks better take heed. The regular gimmicks get their shine too, with a special “guest star” sitting in on word association. The OG delivers a verdict on the controversial Cheapo Tip of the Week. Will it return? Will it be banished forever? Vinnie relives the horror show that is “Dear Vin,’ The Professor reads from the mailbag, and we send you home with some succulent recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: This is the voice of a generation, of unemployment and aggravation…

Ep. 38 – “Respect the Shooters”  

The time-honored art of show flyers and band art is examined in this episode of the Breakdown, with The OG and Vinnie leading a discussion that encompasses the enduring art of the punk rock flyer. What makes a band logo “iconic?” The crew discusses the band art that has stuck with them the most and how it has impacted their lives. In Biz talk, Vinnie and The OG bring you another list, and this one ain’t as generous as the last one. As usual the favorite gimmicks make their regularly scheduled appearances: word association, the mail bag, That pit of unending horrors known as “Dear Vin,” and, like we always do, the BSB crew hooks you up with some recommendations to check out. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: My only wish, my one desire: set your fucking world on fire…

Ep. 37 – “It’s Us Just Trying to Get Through the Day, Man”  

Oh, you thought we were done with the whole “Head to the Future” TV show gimmick? Not even close. A listener’s social media comment sparks even more insight into the strange world of Vinnie and The OG’s cryogenic head saga, and the ensuing ruminations of a body-less existence get even more demented than last time. Re-writes to the script see Professor Pablo’s head pit onto a kangaroo’s body as he becomes a heavy for the heads. Did we lose you yet? No worries; it’ll all be explained in the pitch meeting. Also: The OG wants to punch out a horse. In Biz talk: Billy Pumpkins is suing EVERYBODY and once again Vinnie and the OG discuss the possible return of Goldberg. The OG continues to impose his embargo on the Professor’s Cheapo Tip, but the usual gimmicks all make an appearance. Everyone gets into a round of word association, Vinnie walks youse through the nonsense that is “Dear Vin,” Professor Pablo reads your emails and we wrap it all up with some recommendations for youse. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: ONE STEP BEYOND….

Ep. 36 – “Be on the Lookout When Hell Arises and the Tides of Pain Run the Streets”  

Get ready Gimmick Gang: this might be the strangest (and funniest) episode of the Breakdown yet. The topic: extending one’s life through cryogenics. The question: would you choose to live forever if given the opportunity. The catch? You can only be a head. Yep. A head. The conversation, as you can imagine, goes to some really strange places and, somehow, an idea for a sitcom is born. In Biz talk, Vinnie and the OG discuss Lucha Underground not being readily available in Philly and then talk about the Smashing Pumpkins du and the idea of Vince possibly buying TNA. Later, the usual gimmicks abound: Sad Sicko comes out for Word Association, Vinnie walks you down that scary path known as “Dear Vin,” Professor Pablo reads your emails, and we wrap it all up with some recommendations for everyone. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Payback is a bitch, you can’t afford the price…

Ep. 35 – “Maybe He Missed His Daily Meal of Dick-Flavored Alpo”  

It’s the birthday show! Broad Street Breakdown is all about family, and this week the crew and the Gavin family celebrate Vinnie’s recent birthday with cards, gifts and a Carvel ice cream keck. Then, it’s time for… THE LIST. And, trust us: you do NOT want to be on the list. Paz and OG unveil their newest gimmick: a book that records and keeps track of all transgressions and fuck ups. You fuck around? YOU’RE ON THE LIST. We don’t like you? ON THE LIST! Anybody can end up on the list, and you won’t believe who is the first entry. Later, a conversation begins about the origins of MTV, but quickly gets derailed and devolves into the crew remembering late-‘70s Philadelphia local TV shows like Larry Ferrari and dear old Captain Noah. Vinnie and The OG get into the Biz talk by discussing the potential return of Goldberg. Then, in a stunning turn of events, Professor Pablo puts an end to the Cheapo Tip after getting harassing messages from a listener who has now ruined it for EVERYONE. The OG even has to step in and set things straight. The usual, less controversial gimmicks get their go-round; Word Association, “Dear Vin,” the BSB Mailbag, and, of course, the crew puts it to bed with some more recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Everywhere we go they shout: “you got a chip on your shoulder”

Ep. 34- “That’s Not My Hardcore. That’s Not Punk Rock to Me”  

Where do all the hippies meet? You know how the song goes, and episode 34 takes the Broad Street Breakdown crew back to the Philadelphia street that was both an inspiration and a foundation for many shared stories. Vinnie and The OG lead a memory-laden trip down the fabled stretch of Philadelphia road known as South Street and give you some firsthand recollections of what it was like living and working there in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Riots, lunatics, rats, junkies, punk rock shows, and dogs in the hallway… it all happened. Later, after the Professor insists he has no Cheapo Tip for the week, Vinnie and The Sicko beg to differ as they watch one unfold right before their eyes. The usual gimmicks are out for another go-round; Word Association, “Dear Vin,” The BSB mailbag, and the crew sets you up with another serving of recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Everybody’s got something to hide, except for me and my monkey…

Ep. 33 – “The Heart of Darkness Needs to be Smooth”  

Somebody call Phil Amino, Vinnie may be needing his services after a “mishap” that leads to a discussion on personal grooming. After that: we got recommendations for youse. This episode finds the BSB crew digging even deeper into their collective obsessions and expanding the “recommendations” part of the show into something more intricate and involved; talking about some of their favorite rare records and songs that youse need to be hipped to.  Later, Vinnie and The OG break down more Biz talk. Professor Pablo hits you with what might be his most disturbing, disgusting, and horrifying Cheapo Tip yet. Sad Ian and Stupid Sicko continue their ridiculous exercise in absurdity. Word Association goes another round, Pablo reads your emails, Paz walks us through another chapter of “Dear Vin,” and we round out the show with even more recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I’ll kill myself, I’d rather die, if you could see the future, you’d know why…

Ep. 32 – “Oh, It’s Whatever… Unless it’s not Whatever. So, if it’s Not Fucking Whatever Let Me Know”  

Remember back in the day, like the ‘60s and ‘70s, when what was called “protest music” was also known as “pop” music, and some of the biggest artists charted high and had mass popularity with songs that tackled social issues? You don’t see much of that anymore, and it’s a topic that Vinnie, The OG, and the boys get into in this episode. Mrs. X joins the show for this episode to add her thoughts on the subject, and it makes for an interesting conversation. Later, The OG and Vinnie complete their countdown, revealing their top 5 workers right now and letting you know what’s what. The Professor comes back with another Cheapo Tip that will blow your mind. Stupid Sicko and Sad Ian continue their depressing dialogue. Everybody joins in for a round of Word Association and Vinnie takes you down that dark and deeply disturbing path known as “Dear Vin.” Pablo reads your emails and the gang sends you home with some more choice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar then it meant that you were a protest singer…

Ep. 31 – “I Would Love it if I Was Capable of Loving Things”  

When the Broad Street Breakdown crew goes out they always come back with stories, and this episode is no different. First up: Sicko and Mrs. X return fresh from a Morrissey concert in Philadelphia and, as expected, Sicko was miserable and tells you all about it. Afterwards, Vinnie, Gavin, The Professor, and the Sicko give you the rundown on their big Saturday night out at the 2300 Arena for House of Hardcore, and it’s a scene. Keeping it in the Biz; Paz and the OG take umbrage with the PWI top 500 list from last week’s episodes and come back with their own top 10 of workers right now. Numbers 10-6 are covered and their list is the law of the land, pals. The Professor calls an audible and shuts down the Cheapo Tip for this week after an unruly listener tries to shoot on the Professor’s way of life, and the crew ain’t having that. The usual gimmicks are there for your consumption: Word Association, “Dear Vin,” the listener mailbag, and, of course, a new round of recommendations for youse to enjoy. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: We will not be treated as property.

Ep. 30 – “Save the Genius for Me”  

Calling all vinyl heads! This episode celebrates the perfection of the crew’s favorite musical format: vinyl. Double LPs, ornate gatefolds, imports, picture discs, colored wax… vinyl is recalled and celebrated as Vinnie and The OG talk about records and why the format is still so stubbornly vibrant and important. From collectors to producers to being the head of an independent record label, Vinnie and the boys talk about why vinyl has meant so much to them. Then, in Biz talk, Vinnie and Gavin return to Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s top 500 list, counting down and commenting on numbers 10-1. How does PWI’s list compare to the BSB’s? Tune in and find out. As always, the gang steps up with your favorite gimmicks: Sad Ian and Stupid Sicko take their ongoing dialogue to more ridiculous places, the Word Association game goes another round, Paz takes you into the strange and frightening world that is “Dear Vin,” Professor Pablo reads your emails, and the squad sets you up with some choice recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: why do we constantly smile at people who we’d much rather kick in the eye?

Ep. 29 – “No Flowers Grow Here”  

An episode of “South Park” gets the conversation started, and Vinnie, OG, and the boys get into some political talk. As with most things in life, it all comes back to the Biz, and the Broad Street Breakdown is well-schooled in the art of the work. Remember kids: everything is a work, especially politics, and the BSB crew ain’t a bunch of marks. Later, a recent Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 500 list is dissected and commented on, with Paz and the OG taking on numbers 20-11 to start. Sad Ian and Stupid Sicko face off in another test of depressing wills. The Professor is back to serve youse with another Cheapo Tip, everyone plays a round of the Word Association gimmick, Vinnie delves into the darkness that is “Dear Vin,” Professor Pablo reads your emails and the gang presents you with another round of recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: We don’t like trendy cunts who pose…

Ep. 28 – “We’re Wired Differently than Some Other People”  

Vinnie has a barbershop encounter that leads to a heavy discussion about rage as The OG and Paz walk you through a blackout and try to find the elusive balance between anger and peace. It’s a conversation that leads to some heavy turns and a few “back-in-the-day” fight stories. Later, in Biz talk, Vinnie and The OG discuss CM Punk’s foray into the world of MMA and the art of the work and the worked shoot. They also set youse up for the upcoming House of Hardcore event about to jump off in Philly. Another round of all the gimmicks you love gets trotted out: Word Association, Professor Pablo’s Cheapo Tip of the Week, Listener email, “Dear Vin,” and, of course, the squad sends you home with some prime recommendations that you need to be checking for. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: It’s all just lies, what they said, just some shit to fill your head…

Ep. 27 – “Just Because I Don’t Care Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Understand”  

The Professor is back and he comes bearing gifts and fantastical stories about magical lands, Hulks and wizards, and Hogmeat. Vinnie and the OG grill Producer Pablo about his recent vacation and the stories are vintage Pablo. Afterwards, the crew breaks down the most recent Misfits reunion show, and their take on one of the most anticipated reunions in recent memory may surprise you. Later, Vinnie and Gavin take the Biz talk to the holy land, with word of a Holy Grail being found in the form of footage from the infamous “Battle of Atlanta.” Don’t worry, we trot out the usual gimmicks for youse: Word Association, the always-inspiring listener Mailbag, crew recommendations, and, of course, “Dear Vin.” It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Things seem so much different now, the scene has died away…

Ep. 26 – “I’m Not a Comedy Guy, Man. Nothing’s Funny”  

What happens when the mainstream gets its dirty mitts on subculture, and the filthy lucre begins to fly? Vinnie, The OG, and The Sicko examine the effects of culture vultures and what their impact has been on things like music scenes and tattoo culture. It’s a question of the squares, man, and how they fuck up everything we love. With The Professor on vacation, the crew heads back to where it all began: Found Sound Studios, with Scott Stallone back on the boards, and an old friend sitting in, all mystery-guest-like. Vinnie and The OG Gavin bring it all back to the Biz with your weekly rundown and, as usual, your favorite gimmicks make the rounds: Word Association, “Dear Vin,” and some Gimmick Gang emails. As always, the squad has a heavy list of recommendations for you, and everyone goes home with a smile. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: We’re fighting a war we can’t win… they hate us and we hate them.

Ep. 25 – “My Head Likes the Ghosts”  

So… What scares you? Fear is the face of our first Thursday episode, and Vinnie, The OG, The Professor, and the Sicko discuss their deepest, darkest fears, and you might be surprised by some of the paths they travel. Mental trauma, primordial fear, childhood phobias, C.H.U.D.s, “Small Wonder,” and tests of faith are all fodder for this episode’s discussion. Later, you know the deal: Biz all day, and Paz and the OG go into the Seth Rollins vs. Finn deal and examine the price of working stiff and snug, as well as discussing a common favorite: Heath Slater. Of course, no episode of the BSB would be complete without the standard gimmicks youse all love: Word Association, “Dear Vin,” listener email, and another round of recommendations. Does the Die-Vul make another appearance? What about our man, the ultra-heavy Phil Amino? All this, and more, on The Broad Street Breakdown: Hard times are coming your way.

Ep. 24 – “Look, Man: Nobody Tells Me Shit”  

It’s family night at the Macaroni Mansion. Broad Street Breakdown is all about family, and once again Ms. Kathleine joins the OG and Vinnie to help redefine the concept of family and examine the idea that it ain’t always blood that makes the people in your life fam. As usual, there is much to discuss about the Biz, and Paz and The OG take an in-depth look at the Orton vs Lesnar match and give youse marks and smarks a lesson in the art of the hardway. The usual gimmicks return: Word Association (with a special guest appearance from the devil), “Dear Vin,” and the Professor’s Cheapo Tip is a vacation masterpiece. More listener email is read, and the squad imparts some choice recommendations for youse to explore. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: They’re up there clutching their guns, man, and it makes you feel real small.

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