Walrus & the Bear

Walrus & the Bear


Walrus will bring you compelling stories from Berlin, alternated with reflections on its controversial history. Because it is only after you understand Berlin’s central role in so many historic conflicts, that you can fully appreciate the unique situation Berlin is in today. A Viertausendhertz Production.


Jewish Community in Berlin (1/2)  

The Jewish community in Berlin knows a long but troubled history. From their expulsion in the 14th century to the influx of Soviet Jews after the fall of the wall, from German citizenship in 1871 to their annihilation under the Nazi-regime, this two-part episode tries to shed light on the difficult relationship between Berlin and its Jewish inhabitants. In this first part Wouter Bernhardt and Ysanne Choksey talk about the history of the Jewish community from the 13th century to 1945. In the second part they will be speaking with contemporary Jewish residents in Berlin.

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