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War Rocket Ajax is the world’s most destructive comic book and pop-culture podcast, featuring interviews with comics professionals, reviews and more.


Episode 369 - Listen for the Train f/ Walter Barber and Jason Piperberg  

For this week's episode, we're happy to welcome two of the creators behind the Champions of Hara board game and tie-in comics, game designer Walter Barber and artist Jason Piperberg! We talk about building a multimedia project, game mechanics, fleshing out game characters with comics, using bright colors, loud sirens, our optimal hybrid animal monsters, legacy games and much more! Plus, we add some new characters to the Panel President list!

Episode 368 - End of Summer Catch-Up  

Matt and Chris are catching up and answering a few listener questions on this chilled-out Labor Day episode!

Episode 367 - Vamp Crash (Panel President Special)  

Chris and Matt are back at it again this week, ranking characters submitted by listeners for the Panel President list! And we're going edit-free this week, so things are looser than they even normally are!

Every Story Ever Special: August 2017  

Just before Matt heads off on vacation, we're ranking as many comic book stories as we can manage!

Episode 366 - Perpetual Wheelies f/ Katie Skelly  

This week our guest is Katie Skelly, creator of My Pretty Vampire, Operation Margarine, Agent 9 and much more! We chat about movies from the 1970s, vampire fiction tropes, coloring and design, high culture vs. low, other types of undead creature, Abba, and much more! Plus, we add five ninjas to the Panel President list!

Episode 365 - Practicon f/ Jeremy Whitley  

We're happy to welcome Jeremy Whitley, writer of Princeless and The Unstoppable Wasp, back to the show this week! We talk with him about Princeless being in development for a movie at Sony, working at Blockbuster, movie recommendations, spotlighting real-life scientists, the best of the five deadly venoms, dealing with trolls, Transmorphers and a lot more! Plus, we answer what might not be an uncommon listener question!

Episode 364 - The Shiny Bits f/ Kelly Thompson  

Friend of the show Kelly Thompson drops by this week to talk about her new Ghostbusters: Answer the Call comic series, but before we get to that, we've got to gush about the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. On top of that, we discuss getting down character voices, Hawkeye, pitching, writing test scripts, being married to ideas, and a whole lot more! Plus we rank a few second-tier Batman characters for Panel President!

Episode 363 - Cereal Showdown  

It's been a little while since we used our interview segment to answer your listener questions, so we're doing it this week! Myriad topics are covered--a lot of food is discussed--and we even manage to get some comics in there.

Every Story Ever Special: July 2017  

Ready for some story rankings? We are, and we even go a little over two hours to make up for last month's shortened episode (we'll go over a little again next month).

Episode 362 - Cataloguing Power Moves f/ James D'Amato  

Our pal James D'Amato from the One Shot and Campaign podcasts drops by this week to talk about his new project, Dungeon Dome, which combines gaming with pro wrestling! We talk about whether James is a wrestling guy, wrestling storytelling, new audiences for tabletop games, audience participation, gladiatorial weapons and much more! Plus, we add some new characters to the Panel President list!

Episode 361 - Comics and Comics f/ Fred Van Lente  

Friend of the show Fred Van Lente returns this week to talk about branching out from comics with his brand new novel, Ten Dead Comedians! We talk about the difference between comics and prose writing, book recommendations, injecting real-world stuff into fictional worlds, basing characters on real-life famous people, death traps, nailing character voices, butt medicine and much more! Plus, we take one serious listener question and one silly listener question!

Episode 360 - More than a Mustache (Panel President Special)  

After a little sick break, we're back and ranking comic characters in this extra-sized episode! Among the rankings are Batman b-list villains, Superman analogues and comics royalty!

Every Story Ever Special: June 2017  

We're ranking stories in a slightly truncated episode this month! (We'll make up for it in July.)

Episode 359 - The Garfest Report f/ Daniel Kibblesmith  

What, did y'all think we were playin'? Well, we weren't. This past weekend, we joined up with the creator of Garfbert, Daniel Kibblesmith, to attend the 2017 Garfield Gathering Collectors Convention in Asheville, NC. Then we all got together at Matt's house afterward for our post-show report and to attempt to play a Garfield board game Daniel bought. Hear us break down all the ins and outs of the convention while trying to figure out this weird game from 1981!

Episode 358 - The Hotel Room Trivia Challenge f/ Gregg Schigiel  

The writer of Pix returns to quiz Matt, Chris and Chad Bowers at Heroes Con 2017! In addition to the "Name that Story" game we played last time Gregg was on, we also play a few fun warm-up games based on The Price is Right, $25,000 Pyramid and other shows! It's a fun time, even though Matt does get kinda mean.

Episode 357 - Werewolf Illuminati f/ Kel McDonald  

Our pal and editor of the new Can I Pet Your Werewolf anthology Kel McDonald comes by this week to talk about cuddly werewolves, a harrowing con experience, CapWolf (of course), John Jameson, whether it's possible to pet a turtle, preferring stories that are cute and/or fun, non-wolf were-creatures, Kickstarter and much more! Plus, we add some characters to the Panel President list!

Episode 356 - Hide the Rabbit f/ Kieran Shiach  

Our good pal Kieran Shiach, writer of the new all-ages comic series Mossy with artist Traci Shepard, drops by to chat with us this week about swamp monsters, trolls, pool floats, capybaras, apartment pet policies, Kickstarter, all-ages comics, dinosaurs, lettering and much more! Plus, we answer a listener question about one of our favorite guys, Spider-Man!

Every Story Ever Special: May 2017  

With only minutes left to spare, here's our story-ranking special for May!

Episode 355 - The Best Hulk (Panel President Special)  

While Matt moves into his new house, here's the second of our two-part series of specials ranking characters!

Episode 354 - Accidental Pat (Panel President Special)  

We're ranking comic book characters once again in the first part of a two-part special!

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