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War Rocket Ajax is the world’s most destructive comic book and pop-culture podcast, featuring interviews with comics professionals, reviews and more.


Episode 342 - Laser Season f/ Cap Blackard, Doug Banks and Tony Baldini  

A handful of personalities behind The Nerdy Show and the creative team of the maybe soon-to-be animated series Lightning Dogs join us this week! We talk to Cap, Doug and Tony about stumbling into the idea for the show, why animation is preferable in this case to comics, documenting the entire creative process, cartoon series from the '90s, David Bowie, animation distribution and so much more! Plus, we add a few new characters to the Panel President list!

Episode 341 - Hella Arbitrary f/ Daniel Kibblesmith  

Daniel Kibblesmith is a good friend of the show and writer of the upcoming Valiant High digital-first series from Valiant and ComiXology, so we're more than happy to have him back this week! We talk with him about high-school AUs in general, making the Valiant characters fit in a high-school setting, whether there's a world outside the school, and, of course, the Garfield convention we're all planning to attend later this year. Plus, we answer an oddly relevant listener question!

Episode 340 - Name that Comic f/ Gregg Schigiel  

We're happy to welcome back Gregg Schigiel, writer of the Image Comics all-ages series Pix, to come on the show and talk about that series, but we're also very interested to ask him to recreate a trivia contest he did with Chris at a con a few years ago! We also discuss the market for all-ages comics, pitching comics to kids vs. adults, the inspiration for a superhero/Disney princess combo, and much more! Plus, we add a few grizzled characters to the Panel President list!

Episode 339 - Gross Muscle Baby f/ Einar Masson and Matt Harding  

On this week's episode, we're welcoming the two editors--one from San Francisco, one from Iceland--of the new Not Forgotten anthology, which features public doman, Golden Age superheroes! We talk about the weirdest, most obscure characters from that period; working with creators all over the globe; being confused for people with the same (or similar names); Iceland's love of licorice, and much more! Plus, we take a pair of TV-focused listener questions!

Every Story Ever Special: January 2017  

It's a new year, and we're adding as many new stories as we can to the Ever Story Ever list as we can in two hours!

Episode 338 - Garfield Ranks Big (Panel President Special)  

Chris is back from the high seas and we're ranking some characters! At least one big fat cat makes the list after lots of uncertainty, and several other favorites come up, too. Plus, hear about the Fan2Sea cruise from a cruiser himself!

Episode 337 - Space Jasons vs. Space Dench f/ Becky Cloonan  

With Chris away on the high seas, Matt has welcomed special guest host Matt Fisher of the Life Leave Me Alone podcast to come aboard and talk with none other than Becky Cloonan about her work on Southern Cross, The Punisher and Gotham Academy! We also talk a bunch about metal and hardcore music, artist Andy Belanger's wrestling alter-ego, the intersection of all the different books she writes and a bunch more! Plus, we take a financially focused listener question!

Episode 336 - How KRS-One is Like Wonder Woman f/ Afua Richardson  

Afua Richardson joins us for this week's show, and while you may know her as the cover artist of Black Panther: World of Wakanda and artist of Genius from Image Comics among other comics projects, she's also worn many, many other hats including singer, voice actress, beatboxer, floutist, and the list goes on. Also, she's on a first-name basis with KRS-One, which obviously makes her one of our favorite guests. In addition to all that, we also talk about taking breaks from work, adding symbolism to art, her X-Men '92 variant cover, and much more! Plus, we take a listener question that relates to Every Story Ever!

Episode 335 - The 69,420th Annual Gordie Awards  

From the Matt D. Wilson Memorial Auditorium, our annual award show, the Flash Gordon Memorial Awards, kicks off 2017 on War Rocket Ajax! Listeners submit the categories, we choose the winners!

Every Story Ever Special: December 2016  

We're finishing out the year by adding more stories to our list of every comic book story ever published!

Episode 334.5 - Gift Exchange 2016  

We're trading gifts and jamming out to Christmas music in this special minisode!

Episode 334 - Xmas with the Gremlins f/ Matt Fraction  

It's time for the 8th(!) annual War Rocket Ajax War on Christmas Special, and we're back with another movie commentary! This time out, Matt Fraction joins us to watch the 1984 classic Gremlins, a movie Chris was too scared to watch back in his youth. What will he think now? Stay tuned to find out!

Episode 333 - Long, Sustained Dong f/ RJ and Ian from HARK!  

With the holidays just around the corner, we asked the hosts of the HARK! podcast, RJ and Ian, to come on the show to talk about their ever-growing list of Christmas, holiday and winter songs! Plus, we requested that they go over Pitchfork's list of the "50 best holiday songs of all time" with us, to see just how wrong they got it. Also, we take a listener question that adds a little comics content to the show!

Episode 332 - Holly v. Gingerbread: Dawn of Christmas Smells  

We're ranking more characters in our last Panel President special of the year!

Every Story Ever Special: November 2016  

November's almost over, so we're back ranking stories for our ever-growing list of comics yarns!

Episode 331.5 - Thanks  

We more or less took the week off for Thanksgiving, but we couldn't just leave you hanging, so here's a bite-sized episode with some thanks, some announcements and some possible plans for 2017!

Episode 331 - Garish Sea Wagon f/ Karla Pacheco  

The writer of the Inspector Pancakes series, Dreadful Sirens and the upcoming Project Tingler, Karla Pacheco, joins us once again! We talk with her at length about boat living, tragic phone loss, cross-country adventures, working with the enigmatic Chuck Tingle, irony, hotel fires, Joey Ryan, and eventually, her upcoming story in the Gwenpool Holiday Special! Plus, we take a couple listener questions!

Episode 330 - Listing Lanterns (Panel President Special)  

We thought about renaming our character-ranking segment after the events of last week, but, well, we're not the ones who suck, so we're back this week with a Panel President special! We get through a whole big list of Green Lanterns, take aim at some retcon characters and determine whether some characters really are overrated.

Episode 329 - Supernatural Wackiness f/ Chris Roberson  

After a long absence from the show, Edison Rex writer Chris Roberson makes his triumphant return to War Rocket Ajax to talk with us about moving Edison Rex to webcomics, coming on to co-write Hellboy, working with dream artists, his new novel Firewalk, Superman S-shields, the iZombie TV show and so much more! Plus, we take a listener question about event tie-ins!

Episode 328 - The Mummy-Scorpion King Pendulum f/ Benito Cereno  

It's Halloween, and that can only mean one thing: Benito Cereno joins us once again (or does he?)! He talks with us about the webcomic he launched this year with artist Joel Priddy, The Mummy's Sabbatical, as well as mummies in general, monster categories, spooky movie recommendations, the worst candy, the history of zombies and much more! Plus, we add five more killer characters to the Panel President list!

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