Watching Westworld

Watching Westworld

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The morality of creating artificially-intelligent machines is tricky business. Maybe you want to indulge in thoughtful discussion or maybe you just want the answers handed to you on a silver platter. Either way, Jim and A.Ron have you covered with Watching Westworld, the officially unofficial podcast for the Westworld series on HBO.


103 – The Stray  

Jim and A.Ron try to round up Westworld's latest episode, "The Stray", but corralling the big ideas this show brings to the table is proving to be quite a challenge. We appreciate the focus on the "human" element of Westworld, getting much more backstory for Bernard and Dr. Ford. But how straight a shooter is Dr. Ford? How much of his tale is fact, and how much of it carefully curated legend, intended to deceive both Bernard and the audience? Wheels within wheels!

102 – “Chestnut”  

Jim and A.Ron have a lot to say about the second episode of HBO's new hit series, Westworld, entitled "Chestnut". We talk a lot about the developing characters and mysteries of the show, trying to figure out what Bernard and Dr. Ford are up to, while trying to understand the motives and mind of Dolores. Along the way, we find out surprising things about each other, like our true feelings about dusty old prospectors found lying in the street. It's quiet beautiful, really. And hey, we got lots of feedback, theories, and analysis by our dashing and witty listeners!

101 – “The Original”  

Jim and A.Ron are incredibly impressed with the first episode of HBO's new sci-fi western, Westworld. It was one of the best pilots we've ever seen, packing an amazing amount of mystery and world-building in just one hour, laying a great foundation for the rest of first season. We discuss our relative comfort with the co

Season 1 Preview  

Jim and A.Ron spend a bit of time talking about the upcoming season of HBO's new sci-fi/western, Westworld. We discuss the multiple reasons to be excited, from the creative and talent pedigree of the project, to the stellar advance reviews the series has enjoyed. Can the series live up to it's promise, and hype, to become HBO's next Game of Thrones sized megahit? Will the concept be able to sustain more than just one or two seasons? What does Westworld look like in four seasons? We'll find out together, but in the meantime, please send us any feedback or thoughts you have!

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