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We Fact Up was born out of the notion that before the internet existed people would have to actually try and work things out for themselves when asked a question. Like, “why did the CIA put batteries into cats during the 1960’s” or “how long would you survive in space for”. Hosted by Dave Zwolenski, Matthew "Redd" Peterson and Hannah Schuback come with us as we embark on a journey to understand life's hidden mysteries, one stupid conversation at a time. No fact will ever be the same.


Ep 44: Why was Winston Churchill prescribed unlimited alcohol? (with Ryan Shelton)  

He's a comedian/writer/producer/performer/actor? and now he can add podcaster to his resume - the hilarious Ryan Shelton is here to amuse, bemuse and confuse you as we wade through the mess that those blasted Nazi's left behind and try to uncover the truth about Churchill's drinking requirements.

Ep 43: Why does God hate forks? (with Cam Neill)  

In what is definitely our most sacrilegious episode yet, we dissect God’s predilection to arancini balls, how he was the original Oprah and missing his own son’s crucifixion cause he was in the ‘can’. Welcome to the church of We Fact Up. If you’re religious in any way, shape or form, maybe sit this one out. You may end up in hell purely by association.

Ep 42: How do we know monkeys love porn? (with Michelle Nussey)  

What better way to find out if Monkey’s love Porn than to get resident animal expert and zoo-worker Michelle Nussey on the show to talk Monkey butts and juice privileges.

Ep 41: Why would a group of people bite each other's eyelashes off? (with Matt Saraceni)  

Guess who’s in the hot seat this week – it’s Matt Saraceni come to reclaim his reptilian crown. In this one we talk PokemonGO, why Redd can never go too deep and how to live forever! Seriously, don’t miss this one, you will regret it.

Ep 40: Why are cows fed magnets? (with Reb Mery)  

In our latest episode we’re joined by Reb Mery who explains why she’s a Reb and not a Bec and how she broke a girl’s arm when she was a kid purely to prove, ah, something. Plus the gang try doing impersonations and... well... you'll see.

Ep 39: Why do classical statues of men always have small penises? (with Dan Anstey)  

Remember that time we got a commercial radio host to come onto our show and immediately regretted it.... well this is that time. Dan Anstey brings the "boing" the "boos" and of course Ginuwine's Pony to what would otherwise be a nice, intimate episode. Oh and we also talk about penises... a lot.

Ep 38: Why did NZ Farmer's pants explode in the 1930s? (with Tegan Higginbotham)  

This week the delightful Tegan Marie Higginbotham from “Whose Line Is It Anyway” tries to help us figure out why New Zealander’s pants would spontaneously explode. Also we start some shit with Cal Wilson that will most likely end very badly for us. Sorry Cal.

Ep 37: Why are frogs getting married in Bangladesh? (with Deano)  

This week we're joined by 25% of the Nova Melbourne Breakfast team, Deano Thomas, to discuss Bangladeshi wedding rituals and the inevitable demise of the human race due to its own stupidity. Lot of fun.

Ep 36: Why did the British use semen as ink? (with Millar Jukes)  

Well, we can safely say we covered all the relevant current affairs in this one – from the occupy protests to Article 50 of the Brexit saga we went very deep and came out very sore. Sometimes we actually amaze ourselves with our problem solving abilities. With special guest the musical genius MILLAR JUKES! Warning: EXPLICIT CONTENT!

Ep 36: Why did the English use semen as ink?  

Well, we can safely say we covered all the relevant topics in this one – from the occupy jizz protest march to Article 50 of the Brexit saga written in ejaculate. Sometimes we amaze ourselves with our problem solving abilities. We're also joined by musical genius, Millar Jukes.

Ep 35: Where does the term 'Kettle of Fish' originate?  

As etymology goes this one's about as weird as any of them, but what's weirder is Dave's "moments of fitness inspiration" in the toilets. Plus we create a new saying "to take a shit in Adelaide". Find out what it means in our latest ep.

Ep 34: Why did a pigeon receive a medal of honour in 1919?  

When it comes to bravery the pigeon or "rat of the sky" as Hannah calls it, seems like an unlikely candidate. But that all changed one fateful day in 1919 when the pigeon stared the God of Death (and possibly Nazis) in the face and said not today Mr. Death. Not today.

Ep 33: Why is popcorn the default movie food?  

Ain't nothin better than the feeling of popcorn, coke and a choc top while you watch your favourite flick. In this ep we try to work out how popcorn become synonymous with movies and why Dave can't handle stupid people.

Ep 32: Why is there a unicorn on the British pound coin?  

The Lion may be King of the Jungle, but the Unicorn is Queen of the Rainbows and, apparently, Britain's currency. Find out why in this episode filled with rainbows, lollipops and human hatred.

Ep 31: Why did animators add a fifth finger to Bob the Builder for Japanese TV?  

Cartoons and the construction business don't go hand in hand in Japan it seems. Especially when that hand only has four fingers. Find out why Bob's missing digit caused concern in the land of the rising sun. Plus Redd shows us his distaste for Bieber fever.

Ep 30: Can you outrun a fart?  

This is one the guys are determined to get to the BOTTOM of once and for all.

Ep 29: What's the difference between pheromones & body odour? (with Dr. Karl)  

Australia's brightest-shirt-wearing scientist is back to help us back onto the path to enlightment, and maybe work up a bit of a sweat along the way. 

Ep 28: Why is U.S. money green?  

Ever been drunk in New york at 1am trying to hand over cash to a cabbie and realised you just spent your life savings. Hannah has. In this one we get a little annoyed at the yanks for sticking to tradition and making life difficult for the rest of the world... as usual.

Ep 27: Why is Friday the 13th considered spooky?  

In the spookiest episode yet, Redd finds a mysterious note on his car left by a stranger, Hannah terrorises some children and Dave makes the worst choice of his life. 

Ep 26: Where did the term 'done and dusted' originate?  

This week we talk Apocalypse parties, Redd's mum ruining a police bust and what it would be like if Jason Statham played Mary Poppins... plus we answer a question, eventually.

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