WLIL - EP09 - Mom and Me  

On this week's episode of We Like It Loud Kellin is joined by a very special guest, his mom! They go over his history with music, what that music was like growing up and some of his old bands, his mom's work work with Anime Expo, Halloween costumes, and Kellin's trying to kiss girls when he was in high school youth group.

WLIL - EP08 - Ryan Phillips  

This week on We Like It Loud Kellin talks with Story of the Year and Greek Fire guitarist Ryan Phillips about the differences between the two bands, the love of playing guitar, not signing to big labels, working with Phil Sneed in both bands, and being a dad. You can follow Ryan on twitter @ryanphillips and @greekfire and on Instagram @ryan_t_phillips. Then Kellin gets the word on the street from Mr. Jake Willard which is, "warts". Or maybe it's "P.O.D." You'll just have to listen and find out!

WLIL - EP07 - Breathe Carolina  

On a brand new We Like It Loud Kellin talks to the guys from the band Breathe Carolina, but not before we talk to Jake Willard about the word on the street which is "daddy". Does he, in fact, have a sugar daddy? Then we catch up with Tommy and Dave from Breathe Carolina about why it's so difficult to get a song on the radio, the problem with the music industry today, their residency in Vegas, and their current songwriting process. There may even be a special appearance by Copeland who refuses to say hi to the guys. Then the show wraps up with a very special segment, "what kind of cereal do you have in your closet?"

WLIL - EP06 - Top Five  

This week We Like It Loud has Kellin and Jake Willard, aka worst dude hip hop, talking about the top 5 songs that changed their lives. If we told you what they were here then we'd be giving them away! Give a listen to see what songs have influenced Kellin over the years and also to get Jake's word on the street, which is "no fear".

WLIL - EP05 - The Word Alive  

This week Kellin talks to Telle Smith from the band The Word Alive about their new album "Real", his favorite songs to play live, and the future of the band. Then we get an educational word on the street from Jake aka worst dude hip hop and it's "salt". And this week's artist spotlight is shining on Palaye Royale as they talk about their upcoming record contract, touring, and what it means to sign with a major label.

WLIL - EP04 - Working Class  

This week Kellin puts the listeners behind the scenes of how Sleeping With Sirens' tours work. He chats with Lisa Brownlee their tour manager, Chris Martin their photographer, Christian their guitar tech, and Bagel the merch manager. We also get the word on the street from Jake aka "worst dude hiphop" and get to know the artist of the week "Ras" who also worked on SWS' "Kick Me" and "November". We're also premiering 30 seconds of his newest single "Doesn't Get Better"!

WLIL - EP03 - We Like It Quiet  

This week on We Like It Loud Kellin gets the word on street from Jake Willard, aka worst dude hip hop, and it's "suckondis". Then Kellin chats with Nick Santino formerly of the band "A Rocket to the Moon" about his solo career and with Brian Dales of the band "The Summer Set" about their new album, the joys of song writing, and what you'd do if you were a velociraptor. Then Kellin talks with the artists of the week Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, Nick Martin, and Jack Fowler of a little band called Sleeping with Sirens about their upcoming "We Like it Quiet" tour!

WLIL - EP02 - Issues  

Kellin introduces "the word on the street" segment with Sleeping With Sirens' assistant Jake and learns about what Griblets are. He also chats with the artist of the week, Mount Tyrant, about their new EP "Young Blood". Then Kellin gets into his main interview with Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn from the band Issues about their new album, buying a boat, and what bands they'd like to tour with. And there may even be a special appearance by We Like It Loud's birthday girl herself, Copeland!

WLIL - EP01 - Avion Roe  

"We Like It Loud with Kellin Quinn" debuts as Kellin talks with the guys from Avion Roe about their new record, the struggles and victories of Warped Tour, and answer fan questions. Kellin also talks about Sleeping With Sirens' new video for "Strays" and the process of writing their new album "Madness" in Malibu.

WLIL - We Like It Loud with Kellin Quinn Promo  

"We Like It Loud with Kellin Quinn" debuts Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

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