We Study Billionaires - The Investors Podcast

We Study Billionaires - The Investors Podcast


First, we like to have fun. Second, we read and talk about the books that have influenced billionaires the most.


TIP144: Billionaire Howard Schultz' book, Onward - A Story About Starbucks (Business Podcast)  

This week, Preston and Stig read Billionaire Howard Schultz' book titled, "Onward." Schultz was the CEO and founder of Starbucks. In the early 2000's, Schultz initially left the company only to return as the CEO in 2008. This book covers his first hand account of the return and why it happened.

In this episode, you'll learn:

·     The story behind Starbucks and how it got to where it is today

·     How Starbucks’ growth strategy failed and how it was fixed

·     Why successful leaders are obsessive about their businesses

·     If McDonald's truly makes better coffee than Starbucks

TIP143: Mastermind Discussion 2Q 2017 - Four Stock Picks to Beat the Market (Investing Podcast)  

During the 2Q, 2017 we assembled our mastermind group to have a discussion about the best stocks that could outperform the S&P 500. In this episode, you'll learn: • Which 4 stock picks that might outperform the S&P 500 • How to invest when real assets have never been cheaper compared to financial assets • Why you are only as smart as your dumbest competitor in a commodity business • How to validate your investment thesis • How Preston and Stig ended up in Bed Bath & Beyond for a guys’ night out

TIP142: The Startups of Uber and Airbnb w/ NY Times Best Selling Author Brad Stone (Business Podcast)  

This week we are very excited to talk to the New York Times bestselling author, Brad Stone. In Brad's new book, Upstarts, he talks about how companies like Uber, Airbnb, and other killer companies of Silicon Valley are changing the way the world works. In this episode, you'll learn: • How much skill and luck is behind the success of Uber and Airbnb • Why investors are currently paying close to $70B to own a company that loses $4B a year • Why the next generation of successful companies in Silicon Valley will master Artificial Intelligence • How and why Brad Stone’s previous book got a 1-star review from Jeff Bezos’ wife

TIP141: (Part II) Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting 2017 - (Business Podcast)  

This episode is the second part coverage of the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting. In this episode, you'll learn: • How Warren Buffett estimates the intrinsic value of Berkshire Hathaway • How artificial intelligence might impact Berkshire Hathaway • What Warren Buffett has learned about investing in the last decade • Warren Buffett and Charlie’s forecast about economic growth

TIP140: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting 2017 (Part 1) - (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Preston and Stig talk about their amazing experience from meeting up with the TIP community in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting. In this episode, you’ll also hear Warren Buffett’s answer to the best questions asked by the shareholders for the 2017 meeting, and Preston and Stig’s discussion of the responses. Pictures from the event are listed below. In this episode, you’ll learn: • Why Warren Buffett recently sold IBM stocks and bought Apple instead • How much Warren Buffett thinks the Berkshire stock will compound its intrinsic value over the next 10 years • Why Warren Buffett regrets not investing in Google • Why Warren Buffett is a great stock picker, but an even better business owner

TIP139: Jim Rogers - Macro, Gold, Junk Bonds, India, & Currencies (Stock Investing Podcast)  

In this episode, we talk to legendary investor Jim Rogers. Rogers was the co-founder of the Quantum Fund with George Soros in the 1970s. During his ownership of the Quantum Fund, Rogers captured a 4200% return while the S&P 500 only yielded 47%. In this episode you'll learn: • Jim Rogers’ positions in the market • Why he is holding gold, but does not add to his position. • If India is a good financial market to invest in • What happened when Preston followed Jim’s advice to short junk bonds in 2015

TIP138: Jim Rickards (Part II) - Currencies, the Euro, and Central Banking (Business Podcast)  

Jim Rickards is the New York Times Best Selling author of multiple books on finance and macroeconomics. In this episode, Jim shares his thoughts on various topics concerning investing around the world. In this episode, you'll learn: • Why Jim is a bull on the Euro and whether or not it can replace the Dollar • Why the world would be better off with a fixed exchange rate system • If a new currency that few have heard about will replace the monetary system as we know it • Why high economic growth won’t be happening in the US anytime soon

TIP137: Jim Rickards - Interest Rates and Central Bankers  

In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to the world renown economist and central banking expert, James Rickards. Jim is the New York Times Best Selling Author of books like Currency Wars, The Death of Money, and A New Case for Gold. During this episode, Jim describes the checklist he uses to identify whether the FED will raise or not raise the federal funds' interest rates. In this episode, you'll learn: How and if the FED could raise rates during the next 10 quarters like a clockwork Which model to use to accurately forecast central bankers decisions to move interest rates If and how you can position your portfolio for hikes Why negative rates don’t work in the United States (or the world)

TIP136: Joel Greenblatt - You Can Be A Stock Market Genius (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Preston and Stig read Columbia professor, Joel Greenblatt's book, You Can Be A Stock Market Genius. Greenblatt isn't your tyipcal professor with a net worth of 500 million dollars and an average annual hedgefund return of 50% during the decade his fund was operational. In this episode, you'll learn: • How to take positions in the market with a $5 upside and a $1 downside • How to make money in spin offs • How to make money in risk arbitrage and merger securities • How call options work

TIP135: Henry Ford & the Secrets of his Success w/ Christopher Whalen (Business Podcast)  

In this show, we talk to the brilliant Christopher Whalen about his new book titled, Ford Men. Whalen provides profound research into the ultimate success of the Ford Motor Company. In this episode, you'll learn: • How Henry Ford almost destroyed his company several times • How Henry Ford closed down the entire banking system in the US • Why the product launch of the Ford Edsel in 1958 is still considered the best marketing case today • Two takeaways from Ford Motor Company that all business owners should know

TIP134: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins (Business Podcast)  

One of the biggest names in self-help is Tony Robbins. Since the 2008 financial crisis, Robbins has been on a mission to educate the world about the stock market and the best ways to protect yourself against substantial loss. In 2014, Robbins' wrote the book, Money Master the Game. Today, he has a new book titled, Unshakeable, and it's the #1 investing book on Amazon. In this episode, Preston and Stig discuss what they learned from reading Robbins' newest book, Unshakeable. In this episode, you'll learn: • What you can and can’t control in the financial markets • The truth about diversification • Why private equity funds are not worth their high fees • Why you should write down your personal rules before you invest

TIP133: Alan Greenspan & Richard Duncan - Macro Economics (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn: • About Richard Duncan’s recent conversation with former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan • How $10T was suddenly created out of thin air and the impact of the world economy • How the Chinese trade surplus with the US impacts the global economy • How and why China is building out new infrastructure equivalent to 10 US highway systems • How the US should invest in infrastructure

TIP132: Raoul Pal - Macro Investing & New Opportunities (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn: • Why Tesla might be one of the worst stock picks right now • Why the real investors are bears on oil, while speculators are bulls • Why the dollar will strengthen, and why a recession might even accelerate it • Why the Iranian economy might be one of the best places to put your money • Why India’s ban on cash is a smart move for a developing economy

TIP131: Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg (Business Podcast)  

Recently, we heard an interview where Billionaire Ray Dalio mentioned he purchased a copy of Charles Duhigg's book for everyone in his company to read. As a result, we were captivated by the comment and decided to see what the buzz was about. In this episode, we read Duhigg's newest book, Smarter, Faster, Better, and learn all about productivity. In this episode, you'll learn: Why control is the key to motivating people How to form the best teams? Why GE is setting both SMART goals and strength goals How to statistically make the best decisions Ask the Investors: How diversified should I be when my portfolio is my net worth?

TIP130: Mastermind Discussion 1Q 2017 (Investing Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn: • If Charlie Munger thinks it’s better to invest in China than the US • If Warren Buffett is winning his $1M cash bet against hedge funds • Why Warren Buffett’s is holding $86B in cash • Why index funds are mispricing individual stocks • Why Bill Miller thinks the stock market could easily go higher

TIP129: Bill Gates' Book Recommendation - Mindset by Carol Dweck (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn: • Why and how you should evolve from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset • How ego stops your personal development and humility makes it grow • Ask the investors: What would happen in the financial markets if everyone followed a value investing approach? • Ask the investors: How does Stanley Druckenmiller use momentum investing to beat the market?

TIP128: Edward Thorp - Investing Legend, Math Genius (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to renown author, mathematician, and investor, Dr. Edward Thorp. Thorp's personal net worth is $800M, and he has achieved a 20% annual return for 30 years in the stock market. Before becoming one of the best hedge fund managers on the planet, Dr. Thorp literally wrote the book on card-counting for blackjack. The name of the book was, Beat the Dealer, and the techniques taught in the book went on the create an entire culture around card counting in Casinos. You won't want to miss this conversation as the hosts uncover some fascinating ideas from one of the smartest mathematical minds on the planet.

TIP 127 : Living In Space and What's Next w/ NASA Astronaut Tim Kopra  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

What it's like to get shot into space What it's like to live in the International Space Station What it's like to re-enter the earth's atmosphere Why billionaire Elon Musk thought it was easier to start up a space company than making the cut to become an astronaut at NASA How it literally feels to walk around in space and why it’s very different from what you see in the movies. Why big goals are empowering and how to model your behavior to achieve them. Which impact billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have had on the space industry and if we’ll ever colonize Mars.
TIP 126 : The Third Wave - A Review of Billionaire Steve Case's Book (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn:

Why the story of AOL is really a story about the Internet. How to negotiate with Microsoft when Bill Gates really wants to crush you. Why and how the Internet will be enabled in all devices in the future. Why the biggest merger in the field of technology failed and what we can learn from it.
TIP 125 : Billionaire Reid Hoffman & The Start-Up of You (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn:
• How to build a professional network, so you don’t have to apply for a job the traditional way.
• How you develop a competitive advantage as an employee in today’s market
• How to take intelligent risks in your business and on your job.
• Ask the investors: What are the biggest biases new investors have?

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