We Study Billionaires - The Investors Podcast

We Study Billionaires - The Investors Podcast


First, we like to have fun. Second, we read and talk about the books that have influenced billionaires the most.


TIP 115 : Value Investing and Special Situations w/ Toby Carlisle (Investing Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn:

If the presidential election will have any impact on the stock market. An alternative approach to invest in an overvalued market. How to use options as a value investor. How Warren Buffett used a special investing strategy to achieve 29.5% over a 12 years period Ask the investor: How to start your career as a value investor
TIP 114 : Part II - Jim Rickards ~ The Road to Ruin (Business Podcast)  

In this episode you will learn about:

The history of how the FED makes interest rates decision  Where the FED is making mistakes by ignoring credit growth What the FED will do in DEC 2016 World taxation and how it could happen What Ben Bernanke and William Dudley personally told Jim about raising rates




TIP 113 : Jim Rickards and the Road to Ruin (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn:

Why we faced a crisis in 1998 and 2008, and why me might have an even bigger crisis in 2018. That the FED is leveraged 113-1, and why the IMF will be bailing out the FED during the next crisis. What “SDR money ” is and why it will become the new global currency anyone noticing it. Why the conventional economic models are wrong, and which type of science should be used to replace it.
TIP 112 : Billionaire Paul Allen - Idea Man (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn:

How Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft and why it couldn’t have happened without their complimentary skill sets. Why Bill Gates and Paul Allen had all the right external factors on their side to become billionaires. What you might do when you retire at age 30 and have more than a billion dollars. If Microsoft has the right business strategy for the future.
TIP 111 : Good to Great - (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you'll learn:

Why the best company leaders consider themselves lucky rather than skilled, and why you should do the same. How to find the right people for your organization by asking “why” multiple times. Why and when it pays to be a pessimist in life and in business. Why the great companies would rather use technology as an accelerator, but never as a creator for their concepts. Why success always looks to be happening overnight, but in reality is always a question of consistency.
TIP 110 : Jesse Felder and the Current Market Conditions  

In this episode, you'll learn:

Why margin debt might be a good indicator for future stock returns Why cash and real assets like gold are the least risk right now How Preston’s junk bond position has performed Which monetary policy Janet Yellen should execute Why Minsky’s theory is important for volatility trading Ask the Investors: How do I value goodwill?
TIP 109 : Questions from the Audience (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you will learn about the following ideas:

If Warren Buffet can achieve a 50% return on $1 Million dollars The importance of catalysts in value investing Preston and Stig’s thoughts on home ownerships and REITs as investments If you should invest in foreign bonds
TIP 108 : The Outsiders - 8 CEOs w/ Huge Returns (Investing podcast)  

In this episode, we read William Thorndike's book, The Outsiders.  The book talks about eight CEOs that had radically high returns and how they achieved such results. This episode covers the following topics. 

Why you want the CEO to think more like a capital allocator than a traditional CEO How the best capital allocators create arbitrage on their own stocks How to use debt intelligently when growing your company How and why the most profitable companies do not compete on price
TIP 107 : Jack Welch's book - Winning (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, you will learn about the following ideas.

How to rise to the top of the corporate world Why you should openly rank your employees and reward them accordingly How to provide feedback for your boss The one question you should ask to identify the best candidate for a job Why you should implement Lean Six Sigma Ask the investors: How much money do I need to start investing
TIP106 : Influence and Pre-Suasion w/ Dr. Robert Cialdini (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Preston and Stig interview the legendary Dr. Robert Cialdini.  Dr. Cialdini is a New York Times Best Selling Author and is one of the leading researchers in the world for psychology and influence.  In the interview, Dr. Cialdini talks about some of the new ideas found in his new book titled, Pre-Suasion.  

TIP 105 : Mastermind Group 2016 3rd Quarter (Business Podcast)  

In this episode the Mastermind Group discusses various topics during the 3rd quarter 2016.  Below are some of the ideas the group talks about.

How can the investor find a decent yield when so man assets classes are overvalued? Why special situations might provide the best investing approach right now If Humana is a profitable risk arbitrage investment right now How you can generate a steady cash flow by sell put options in great businesses If dollar cost averaging is a good investment strategy in the current market conditions If QE causes a roaring stock market




TIP 104 : Billionaire Carl Icahn - A Rare Look Behind the Scenes w/ Mark Stevens, author of King Icahn (Business Podcast)  

One of the most misunderstood celebrity investors in the world is Billionaire Carl Icahn. Luckily for our audience, our guest Mark Stevens was one of the few people to forge a relationship with the unique and un-empathetic investor.

In this episode you'll learn about:

-What “greenmail” is and how Icahn basically got paid for not taking over companies
-How to conduct an activist approach to investing
-Why Carl Icahn always wins in a negotiation
-If Carl Icahn is truly a bear in the current market conditions

TIP 103 : Life Inc. - Running your home finances like a business w/ Doug McCormick  

In this episode, Preston and Stig talk to private equity expect, Doug McCormick, about using business principals to invest your family income.  Doug provides some unique ways to think about spending one's time and treating it like an asset.

TIP 102 : Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits - A Discussion of Philip Fisher's Classic Book (Business Podcast)  

Billionaire Warren Buffett said his investing approach is 85% Graham and 15% Fisher. Because of this quote, Preston and Stig read Philip Fisher's famous book, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits.  The book provides an interesting background on qualitative investing.  Fisher's style is geared towards teaching the reader how to look for growth companies that promise expansion in their respective markets.   

TIP 101 : Creativity Inc - by Pixar's Ed Catmull (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Preston and Stig read the book, Creativity Inc., by Ed Catmull.  This was a fantastic book for anyone wanting to learn how to be more creative.  Additionally, the book goes into great detail describing the important aspects of designing a business that will have an enduring competitive advantage.  

TIP 100 : Cold-Calling Our Audience and what we Learned Studying Billionaires for 100 Shows (Investment Podcast)  

In Preston and Stig's 100th episode of The Investor's Podcast, they celebrate by cold calling a few members of their audience.  The members of the community can ask any question they want in an unscripted and open format.  Additionally, Preston and Stig talk about what their key take-aways were after studying billionaires and the market for 100 shows.

TIP 099 : Billionaire Jack Ma and Alibaba (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Preston and Stig learn about the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.  Jack is the founder of the internet company, Alibaba, which is the biggest internet company in Asia.  His company has over 407 million users and quickly growing.  Within the next five years, Alibaba may ship more packages per day than all the daily mail in the United States.  Preston and Stig learn about Jack by reading Duncan Clark's new book, Alibaba. 

TIP 098 : The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (Business Podcast)  

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Read reviews of, The Power of Habit, on Amazon


In this episode, Preston and Stig talk about the New York Times best selling book, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.  The book is an amazing opportunity to learn about your personal habits and how powerful they are at controlling your daily life.  Once an individual recognizes which habits they want to reform, Charlies provides methods for re-programming your life. 



TIP 097 : China and the History of the Dollar (Business Podcast)  

In this episode, Mr. Richard Duncan provides a detailed lesson about the history of the US dollar and the American trade deficit.  As the episode progresses, the listener will learn how the US defaulted on the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971 and how that drastically impacted the difficult situations we face today.  Click here to view the Show Notes


Links to Richard's books:

The New Depression – Read reviews of this book

The Dollar Crisis – Read reviews of this book




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