We Was Robbed

We Was Robbed


We Was Robbed is Kinderling’s family sports show hosted by two of the quickest wits in the game, HG Nelson and Chris Taylor. Celebrating the rite of passage that is kids’ weekend sport, the guys serve up a live show full of big names, little legends, news, topical talk and off-side humour. Check out: https://www.kinderling.com.au/we-was-robbed


#42 Sports wrap for 2016: The year of the outsider  

In this final episode of We Was Robbed for 2016, HG Nelson and Chris Taylor reflect on the year that was in sport. Plus are wicket keepers the drummers on the field keeping the band in time? 

# 41 Cricket Woes, Shane Warne, Greg Norman  

This week Chris and HG look at  all the big sporting issues - What's troubling the Austrailian cricket team, Is Shane Warne  Australia's number 1 party boy? and Greg Norman's Political contacts.

#40 Shane Warne and Wayne Bennett  

HG Nelson and Chris Taylor tackle the big questions in sports like: what would Shane Warne's coaching style be like? Why is Wayne Bennett so glum? And could Usain Bolt beat the horses at Flemington?

#39 Warnie biopic, rugby and AFL around the world  

This week HG and Chris ask all the big questions including who will play Warnie in the upcoming TV series based on the leg spinner's life? What impact will the AFL have in China? and how can we fix rugby?

#38 Slow Soccer & Fast Golf  

This week Chris and H.G  Continue to look at the twenty20fication of other sports as well as looking at some interesting world record tilts. 

#37 The Great Thong Race and the Million Dollar Barramundi  

HG Nelson and Chris Taylor cast their nets wide for this week's fishing themed episode of We Was Robbed featuring a million dollar barramundi, dodgy shark apps and the Great Thong Race.

#36 A-League and the Budgie 9 at Bathurst  

Footy might be over for the year, but HG Nelson and Chris Taylor are still asking the big questions from last weekend. Plus A-League is back, the 'Budgie 9' at Bathurst 1000 and cloning Mundine.

#35 Grand Final Special  

This week  Chris and H.G are joined by special correspondent Rampaging Roy Slaven to delve into all aspects of the weekends big games. Plus the boy's look at what it takes to be a sporting ambassador.

#34 Jousting,Town Criers and Sharks  

In the ring this week H.G and Chris examine the growing poularity of Ye Olde sports and activities such as jousting and town criers.As well as looking at how Cronulla gets behind the Sharks.

#33 Paralympics, rugby league finals preparation and Nick Kyrgios  

This week the boys look at some of the interesting results from the Paralympics, could  Nick Kyrgios be off to basketball? and  how  NRL teams prepare for the finals.

#32  footy themed meat, fly fishing and gold coast gold rush  

This week the boys look at showing your support for your team through the colour of your snag , the remaking of classic Australian movies for the small screen and a look at fly fishing in the Canberra area.

# 31 Finals entertainment, Wests Tigers in Hawaii and  Mountain climbing.  

This week the boys take an in depth look at the AFL's grand final entertainment plans , the West Tigers expansion into the Pacific and Everest scandal.

#30 Alicia Quirk, Big Nuggets and AFL Hogwarts.  

This week Chris and HG are joined at the card table by Olympic rugby 7's gold medalist Alicia Quirk. Plus they tackle  all the big issues- gold nuggets, fly fishing and AFL high schools.

#29 The Megalathon and the BMX track  

It's the final week of the Rio wrap with HG Nelson and Chris Taylor and the guys ask this week: can Australia save money by inventing a 'Megalathon' where one athlete competes in all the sports? Plus the many colours of BMX racing and much more!

#28 Rio wrap up, green pools & the nation of Phelps  

This week Chris Taylor and H.G Nelson chat all things Rio. Including the state of the aquatic facilities, how to commemorate winning gold and what it would take for Michael Phelps to be his own nation?

#27 The Olympic Games opening ceremony  

Chris Taylor is back in the chair with HG Nelson this week and just in time for the Rio Olympics opening ceremony. You'll find out about Australian Olympians to watch out for, capybaras on the golf course plus relive the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Rio - goon bags and all!

#26 Jonathan Thurston,Rio countdown, NSW  women's origin Success.  

Roy & HG chat to rugby league legend Jonathan Thurston Plus, Could Aussie tradies save Rio? Football themed hotels and Boomer Harvey's big day.

#25 Hayne In Rio, Weetbix in China and Women's Origin.  

Roy and HG Tackle all the big issues. Where will the Hayne plane land in Rio? who's teaching numeracy to our refs and could Weetbix open the door to rugby league in China.

#24 Roy and HG: the symphony and the State of Origin highlights  

Rampaging Roy Slaven is back and wreaking havoc with HG Nelson on We Was Robbed, asking the big questions around the State of Origin, Australia's Olympic medal quota plus the grand final symphony

#23 We Was Robbed Highlights: Anthony Mundine and the Qatar cat open  

The guys have a bye weekend so they've picked some favourites just for you this week, you'll hear about wave pools, model airplane racing and the 2016 grass height controversy

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