Weekly BS: Relationship-Centered Chiropractic Marketing

Weekly BS: Relationship-Centered Chiropractic Marketing


Weekly BS is the chiropractic podcast for DCs looking to build a successful practice by connecting with people and building relationships. If are a chiropractor who's wants to grow a profitable, relationship-centered practice, you have found the right podcast. Thanks for listening.


112 - How To Schedule Chiropractic Talks  

Community and corporate talks are very popular amongst chiropractors. Talks will help you build trust in your community. They can position you as a health expert. All around, talks are a great way for chiropractors to grow their practice. But getting the opportunity to talk is usually the first BIG step. Often the inability to get talks set up is the #1 problem that chiropractors face when trying to do talks.

In this episode, I discuss some of the myths surrounding community and corporate talks. I talk about the two ways that most chiropractors get talks scheduled. I discuss the pros and cons of each and give my recommendations on which of the 2 ways that chiropractors should use. Enjoy!

111 - Should I Use Care Plans?  

I get asked a lot about chiropractic care plans. Usually, it's either a chiropractic student or a young chiropractor hoping that I will just tell them what to do. Care plans can be confusing. Should you do 12-month care plans? Should you offer prepays? How many visits should you recommend? 

In this episode, I discuss what traditional care plans are and where they came from. I talk about what I don't like about them, and the BIG mistake that relationship-centered chiropractors make when trying to avoid care plans. I also talk about 5 things that every chiropractor should do instead of care plans. Enjoy!

110: Two BIG Chiropractic Business Mistakes  

It may not be sexy to talk about chiropractic business fundamentals, but it's the fundamentals that most often keep chiropractors from growing the practice of their dreams. 

In this episode, I discuss the 2 big chiropractic business mistakes that are crippling for chiropractors. I talk about the how to decide what you should work on in your practice and what you should wait on. I also discuss the #1 reason why members leave the Academy and what it really means for their success going forward. Enjoy!

109 - How Should I Spend My Money?  

Last week, I talked about 6 ways I wasted money while I was in practice. This week, I talk more about money but this time it's about how to spend it. So many chiropractors spend money on things they don't need and are cheap in areas that would make the biggest impact. That's completely backward.

In this episode, I talk about my one BIG rule when it comes to making big purchases. I talk about the difference between wants and needs. I also discuss the importance of understanding ROI and the questions chiropractors should ask themselves before pulling out their wallets. Enjoy!

108 - Six Things I Wasted Money On In Practice  

Chiropractors need to understand that money is oxygen. Without it...your practice will die, and you will be forced to bag groceries at Kroger. Unfortunately, many chiropractors will spend money on things they don't need, while being cheap in areas that will help their practice grow. That's crazy. 

But I'm not casting stones. I wasted money while I was in practice, too. None of us are immune to it. 

In this episode, I decide to keep it light. I share 6 of my biggest wastes of money while I was in practice. I also talk about what I was thinking when I made those decisions and why it was wrong. Hopefully, other chiropractors can learn from my mistakes. Spend your money wisely. Enjoy!

107 - Get More Chiropractic Referrals  

Everyone loves referrals, right? But not everyone gets them...or as many as they would like. Unfortunately, chiropractors often make some simple mistakes when it comes to referrals that virtually shut down the flow or referred new patients. 

In this episode, I talk about two simple keys to get more chiropractic referrals. I discuss why patients refer, what percentage of patients refer, and why expecting everyone to refer is an emotional killer. I also discuss why the language we use is important, and how many chiropractors over complicate things. Enjoy!

106 - Adapt Or Die  

Last week I talked about frustration and failure, this week I talk about the importance of adapting. Success is not a point at which you arrive. It's a process that you continue from the time you are born until the time you die. Are you committed to the process?

In this episode, I talk about what happens to businesses (big or small) that fail to adapt. I discuss why understanding the process is important to success. I also discuss why chiropractors have to continue to adapt no matter if they are just getting started or they are on top of the world. Enjoy!

105 -  How To Deal With Frustration  

Frustration is a part of life. It's normal. I realize that no one likes it, but frustration is made worse by the fact that people don't understand it. Chiropractors are no different. Yes, chiropractors are people, too. 

In this episode, I talk about frustration and the difference between good frustration and bad frustration. I also discuss why so many chiropractors get unnecessarily frustrated and the 3 things they can do to help minimize bad frustration. Enjoy!

104 - Where Do New Patients Come From?  

Chiropractors love new patients. Frankly, chiropractors need new patients. So why is it that they don't understand where they come from? So many chiropractors lump their new patients into a total. They don't stop to think about the different pathways that patients use to find them. That's a mistake.

In this episode I talk about the 6 avenues in which new patients find a chiropractor. I discuss some pros and cons of each avenue and I even tell you which one you should NEVER use. Enjoy!

103 - Do This Today. Double Your Practice.  

Many times, I have been asked, "What can I do TODAY that will take my practice to the next level?" It's one of those popular interview questions, and I used to try to give a really insightful answer. But the last time I was asked, "What can I do today that will take my practice to the next level?" my answer was simple...NOTHNG.

In this episode I talk about success and where it comes from. I talk about where "practice home run" myths come from and why chiropractors believe them. I also discuss what you CAN do today that will change your life for the better. Enjoy!

102 - Joe Rogan vs Chiropractic  

Recently, Joe Rogan decided to rant about chiropractic on his podcast. (Warning: strong language) Was he right? Was he wrong? I decided to talk it on my podcast this week. Here we go...

First thing…CALM DOWN. It doesn’t matter if Joe Rogan hates chiropractors. People have always hated chiropractors and they always will.

What happened: In the past, Joe Rogan has been skeptical of chiropractic, but recently lashed out against chiropractors proactively. He got all worked up after reading an article called “Chiropractors are Bullshit” and began repeating what he read on his podcast.

Two reactions from chiropractors

- Blindly defend chiropractic
- Attack Joe Rogan

Problem with that

- Chiropractic has problems. Blindly defending it minimizes legitimate concerns/problems.
- Often chiropractic doesn’t need to be defended because chiropractors are the problem.
- Joe Rogan shares his thoughts for a living. We are listening to a process, not a conclusion.
- Joe Rogan has shown to be an open minded person. He will listen to both sides.
- Attacking the person minimizes the concern

What really happened:

- Rogan had a bad experience with a chiropractor
- He felt mislead/duped and is upset about that - mad at chiropractic
- Went looking for confirmation that chiropractic sucks

What he said that was misinformed or wrong

- Chiropractors aren’t doctors
- No science to support it
- Inaccurate and irrelevant history of chiropractic
- They kill people

What he said that was right

- Just like popping your own neck (In some offices, that's true...sadly)
- Preventative maintenance most important
- He was mismanaged by a chiropractor

Final Thoughts

- It DOESN’T MATTER if one person doesn’t like chiropractors.|
- Chiropractors are typically our own worst enemy and we need to take responsibility.
- Joe Rogan should have a chiropractor on his show. There’s a problem with that. You never know what he’s going to get. It’s the same reason medical professionals don’t like referring to chiropractors. Too much of a gamble.

Something to consider: What if your next new patient was going to report to the world their experience in your office? Would you take care of them differently?


101 - This Is How We Do It  

For episode 101, we are getting back to the business basics. Whether you like it or not, you are a business owner. And assuming you want to be a successful business owner, it is extremely important that you establish how you do things.

In this episode I talk about the importance of having a systems manual in your practice. Why it's so important to have a specific system for everything from taking out the trash to the chiropractors duties...haha...I said duties!

Your systems don't have to be perfect to get started. Really, your systems are never going to be perfect. But if you write them down, it's a HUGE step to growing a successful chiropractic business. Enjoy.

100 - Thank YOU!  

Happy 100th episode! I'm excited to hit the century mark. I've had other podcasts before but this is a first for me. So in this episode I take some time to say THANKS and to reminisce a bit. I talk about 5 things that I have been reminded of over the course of my first 100 episodes.

I discuss the best place to start. I talk about timing miscues, the peanut gallery, the importance of doing and why there will always be setbacks. I also discuss the importance of being you...NOW...not later.

Thanks so much for listening to the podcast. I'm always blown away by the number of people who tune in. I genuinely appreciate it. Enjoy.

99 - Long Days. Short Years.  

So many chiropractors (and people in general) make the mistake of ONLY thinking short-term. What's going to benefit me now. What's quickest and easiest? How do I change my situation in the next 30 days?

Now there isn't anything wrong with short-term goals...unless they chop the legs out from under your long-term goals. Then...you have a problem. If you are ONLY ever thinking short-term, the future YOU will regret it.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about long-term vs short-term goal setting. I talk about a few things I have learned from my kids and how they apply to business. I also give you 2 simple tips to keep in mind when you are making decisions. I even drop some Gary V. wisdom at the end of the show. Enjoy.

98 - You Don't Need Accountability  

Many chiropractors value accountability. They think that it's the key to their success so they pay top dollar for coaches and groups that will help keep their feet to the fire. But is accountability really a good thing? Should you even need it?

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about the good bad and ugly when it comes to accountability. I discuss the context of accountability and the type of environments where it is needed. I also talk about how successful chiropractors talk about accountability differently than unsuccessful chiropractors. And I give you 3 simple tips to help you get more stuff done. Enjoy.

97 - Chiropractic Philosophy Doesn't Matter...Or Does It?  

Chiropractic philosophy...is there a hotter button in the chiropractic profession? I feel like the easiest way to get chiropractors worked up is to discuss philosophy. In fact...it's such an issue, I have a "no chiropractic philosophy" rule in the Academy members group. I don't want people fighting over things that don't matter. Or does it?

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about chiropractic philosophy. I discuss why both sides are right and wrong. I point out which philosophical beliefs make you crazy, why philosophy is more important to the chiropractic profession than it is to individual chiropractors. I also discuss when philosophy is important to patients and what you need to do to be successful. Enjoy.

96 - Get More Online Reviews  

Online reviews have become a necessary thing for chiropractors these days. Prospective patients are searching for their next chiropractor online and they care about what others are saying. Even your patients who were referred will most likely research you online before making an appointment. If they find no reviews or unfavorable reviews, they very well could go somewhere else. 

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about online reviews. I discuss 5 simple tips to getting more online reviews from your chiropractic patients. I talk about the best way to ask, ways to make it easy, the necessity of followup and the importance of gratitude. I also discuss how to create review opportunities. Enjoy.

95 - Ruling The Middle  

Some people like to start. Some people like to finish. Rarely will you hear someone say that they prefer the middle. But when you think about it, life is all about the middle. So let's talk about it..

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about the pesky middle. I discuss why people try to shorten it and why others will minimize it when looking back. I also give you the 6 keys to ruling the middle: attitude, knowledge, support troubleshooting, consistency and perspective. Enjoy.

94 - Chiropractic Websites: SEO & Content  

Chiropractic websites are awesome. Believe it or not, it wasn't that long ago when chiropractors didn't have websites. I was a year or two into practice before I had my first one. Now, it's common place. Every chiropractor has a website (or they should), but not every chiropractor is getting patients from the internet. In fact, most aren't. 

So in this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about some of the mistakes that chiropractors make when it comes to their websites. I talk about why it's important to pay attention to SEO. I discuss what patients should find when they get to your website and the type of content chiropractors should have on their website. I also discuss why chiropractic websites that are education based are often not good at attracting new patients. Enjoy.

93 - Positive Adaptability  

This weekend I heard a gentleman by the name of Dr. Jim Burns speak about relationships. So much of what he said is relatable to not only personal life but also business. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I decided to talk about the lessons I learned from him and how that relates to chiropractors. 

So in this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk positive adaptability and the 3 simple things that help create healthy relationships. I also challenge everyone to take 30 days to do a kindness challenge. See if it changes your relationships for the better. Enjoy.

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