Weekly BS: Chiropractic Marketing Without Selling

Weekly BS: Chiropractic Marketing Without Selling


The chiropractic podcast for chiropractors who want to increase referrals, improve retention and get more patients from the internet without selling chiropractic. If are a DC who's wants to grow a profitable, relationship-centered chiropractic practice, this is the podcast for you.


65 - Be the BEST  

If you want to build your chiropractic practice through relationships, the greatest contribution you can give to any relationship is the BEST version of YOU. When you are at your best you will attract the right people. You will attract the right opportunity. Frankly you will be more successful and enjoy your life more. I know that sounds fluffy, but it's true!

In this episode, I talk about the importance of committing to be the best version of you. I talk about how personal and business relationships can start well but still fail. I discuss what it looks like to be at your best and why you should make it a priority. Enjoy.

64 - Small Things Done Well  

Success in both your personal life and practice life comes from doing small things well. It doesn't happen all at once. Success doesn't happen by accident. Unfortunately, people often tell themselves "When I get BLANK, I will do BLANK." but that's not how it works. Success happens as the result of practicing success habits on a consistent basis.

In this episode, I talk about the power of small things done well and success habits relate to your overall success. I talk about the importance of starting with a vision and breaking it down into small habits that you can start doing today. Enjoy.

63 - The Power of "NO"  

The life of a practicing chiropractic can be hectic. In your work life, you have to balance the responsibilities of providing the best care for your patients with growing a profitable business. In your personal life, you have to find time to be a great spouse, an amazing parent and a juggle the million other things that can and will take up your time. It can be super stressful at times. 

In this episode, I talk about the power of the word "NO." I talk about why it's important to say "no" mroe often and how to know what things you should say "no" to. I also share some of my own failures because I said "yes" to too many things and I share a little nugget of life wisdom that I learned from my dad that will help you out if you apply it. Enjoy.

62 - Reaching The Next Level  

Chiropractors all like to talk about the NEXT LEVEL. It doesn't seem to matter if they are struggling or killing it, there is always a next level they are trying to reach. More new patients. More referrals. More income. More. More. More. 

In this episode, I talk about the importance of enjoying the journey. I talk about some of the mistakes that young chiropractors make as they try to reach their goals. I talk about what doesn't work and give a few tips to help chiropractors reach their goals and get to their next level. Enjoy.

61 - "We are ALL in sales"  

There are a lot of chiropractors who get all bent out of shape when I say that there's no place for selling in chiropractic. They say things like, "We are all in sales" or "Even your kids are selling..." But I disagree. Yes, we are all in business. NO, we aren't all in sales. They aren't the same things. I know there are plenty of people who think I'm splitting hairs, but I'm not. Words have meaning and the words you use will ultimately determine how you act.

In this episode, I talk about how chiropractic business and chiropractic selling are NOT the same thing. i talk about the best situation to sell and why selling doesn't work well in chiropractic. I also ask you to consider how patients would react to hearing you discuss your business (would it help or hurt you?) and give you a few tips about building a profitable relationship centered chiropractic practice. Enjoy.

60 - Are DCs Quitters?  

Seems like a lot of chiropractors quit. They say they are going to implement things but they don't. They say they are going to start a new marketing program but they don't follow through. They start a new business/marketing program but bail on it before they even give it a chance.

In this episode, I talk about some of the good and bad reasons that chiropractors quit. I talk about the difficult position that a lot of chiropractors find themselves in. I talk about the types of marketing companies and chiropractic gurus that you want to avoid, the good situations you are most likely to quit and how to set up your business so you are have the best chance of following through. Enjoy.

59 - Tell YOUR story...  

Telling YOUR story is different than telling the chiropractic story. Every chiropractor has their own unique story...and there is a time and place to share it.

In this episode, I talk when, where and why each chiropractor should share their story. I also give a few tips to help clean-up the About page on your chiropractic website . Enjoy.

58 - Get MORE from Facebook  

Pretty much EVERY chiropractor is on FB, but most chiropractors DO NOT benefit from it. Organic reach is way down and only getting worse. Facebook ads are a great way to get exposure, but they can be complicated if you don't know what you are doing. Is there any good way for chiropractors to benefit from FB without it costing you an arm and a leg? Yes...I believe there still is.

In this episode, I talk about how chiropractors can get more out of Facebook without spending money. I talk about how to use your FB page to connect with local businesses/people and why you should do that. Enjoy.

57 - Done Is Better Than Perfect  

One of the biggest problems that chiropractors struggle with is implementation. Chiropractors are busy. Chiropractors get bogged down with perfection. Chiropractors get overwhelmed with all that is involved with owning and operating a chiropractic business. It is super frustrating at times.

In this episode, I talk about why done is better than perfect. I talk about 4 tips that will make it easier for chiropractors to implement new business and marketing tools, and I discuss 3 things you can do if you are simply TOO BUSY. Enjoy.

56 - There is NO secret...  

Often times we look at successful people and wonder what's the secret to their success. But the secret is, THERE IS NO SECRET! Successful people have better habits than unsuccessful people. Successful chiropractors have better habits than unsuccessful chiropractors.

In this episode, I talk about the danger of trying to find a secret to success. I let you know why gurus set such lofty goals. And I discuss what you will do if something is really important to you. Enjoy.

55 - The Secret to REAL Chiropractic Success  

There are so many things that will pull at your attention as a chiropractor. There is always work to do. There is always someone to help. Often times chiropractors struggle with prioritizing their time and their activities and it undermines their success.

In this episode, I talk about what it really means to be a successful chiropractor. I share a few skills that every chiropractor needs to develop if they are going to learn to maximize their time and maintain balance in their life. Enjoy.

54 - 99 Problems...  

Patients have all kinds of problems. Many of them will show up with 99 problems and in desperate need of a good chiropractor. But don't make the mistake of thinking that all those problems carry the same weight. They don't. Patients have 1 or 2 primary concerns...that's it! If you ignore that, you will probably lose them.

In this episode, I talk about the importance of knowing your patient's primary concern and what question to ask them that will make your life easier. I also talk about the dangers of making their care about the chiropractor instead of about the patient. Simple stuff, but critical for long-term patient retention. Enjoy.

53 - Staying In Touch  

We know that the average person needs 5-8 interactions with a business before they are likely to become a buyer. 5-8! Most businesses quit after just 1-2 and they wonder why no one takes action. Chiropractors are no different. Many chiropractors spend their entire career fighting over the small number of people who are hot and ready instead of connecting with the much larger number of future patients who just aren't ready right now. 

In this episode, I talk about the importance of staying in touch. I talk about tools any chiropractor can use to stay in touch with their perspective patients, existing patients and their referral network. Enjoy.

52 - Make It Easy  

An often overlooked aspect of running a successful chiropractic practice is the art of making things easy for people. You want people to refer? Make it easy. You want people to sign up for your newsletter? Make it easy. You want people to start care? Make it easy. Starting to see a pattern?

In this podcast episode, I talk why it's important to make things easy for your patients and non-patients. I give examples of how you can make referring easier, and how you can make starting care easier too. Enjoy.

51 - Providing Value  

If you are going to be a chiropractor who is a relationships builder, you have to commit to being a person of value. Providing value to your patients and the people in your community is an essential element of relationship marketing. You can NOT succeed without it.

In this episode, I talk why providing value is so important and how to provide value to your prospective patients, existing patients, wellness patients and networking partners. Enjoy.

50 - Breaking the Ice  

Last episode, I talked about the 4 steps that simplify relationship marketing. The first one was the importance of breaking the ice with your people.

In this episode, I talk more in depth about breaking the ice online, offline and with referrals. Enjoy.

49 - The Idiots Guide to Relationship Marketing  

So many chiropractors put WAY too much pressure on themselves when it comes to marketing. What should I say? What should I do? The truth is that most chiropractors are never going to be great at business and marketing. It's not what you do. You are a chiropractor.

Nothing wrong with that. I have a solution.

In this episode, I talk about the simplicity of relationship-marketing, why the chiropractic profession so desperately needs it and the 4 steps to building relationships. Enjoy.


48 - Life Is Too Short...  

Life is too short to deal with certain nonsense. This week, I am podcasting with a heavy heart. After the unexpected lose of a childhood friend, I have found myself reflecting about the things in life that are really important. 

In this episode, I take a side-step from the normal chiropractic business and marketing talk to discuss 10 things that life is too short for. Enjoy.

47 - Should I Do It Myself or Hire Someone?  

Everything from answering the phones to designing a website are possible jobs for the average chiropractor. DCs often find themselves trying to figure out what they should do themselves and what they should hire someone to do for them.

In this episode, I talk about the pros and cons of both DIY and done-for-you. I also talk about the two things you need to consider when you decide to do it yourself vs hire someone else. 

46 - ATTN Chiropractors: Do This or Fail  

So many chiropractors want to "just see patients" but that's not our reality. If you want to make a good living as a chiropractor and help a lot of people, you have to learn how to run a successful chiropractic business. In order to do that, you have to be committed to the process of success.

In this episode, I talk about the 4 simple steps that make up the success process: Learn, Implement, Troubleshoot and Repeat

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