Weekly BS: Chiropractic Marketing Without Selling

Weekly BS: Chiropractic Marketing Without Selling


The chiropractic podcast for chiropractors who want to increase referrals, improve retention and get more patients from the internet without selling chiropractic. If are a DC who's wants to grow a profitable, relationship-centered chiropractic practice, this is the podcast for you.


87 - There's Always a Derrick  

I was in the gym the other day and one of the trainers made a comment. She said, "there's always a Derrick." I realized she was right, and I decided to tell you why.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about Derrick. I talk about the mistakes we make when we compare ourselves to Derrick and what we need to do instead. Enjoy.

86 - Resetting Your Normal  

Chiropractor often talk about change. We want our practice to go to the next level, but do we really understand how change takes place? Chiropractors often find themselves relying on hope instead of being intention about change. That's not good.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about how real change happens. I talk about how good change and bad change are similar but also different. I discuss the importance of resetting your normal and why that's necessary if you want to reach new heights in practice. Enjoy.

85 - Practice Like a BOSS  

One of the things you will see amongst successful chiropractors is that the practice like a BOSS. Young chiropractors are thrown into the practice world without any business or marketing knowledge. They "just want to adjust patients" but that's NOT the reality for the vast majority of chiropractors. If you are going to be successful, you have to own the fact that you are in charge and then start acting like it.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about how most chiropractors have an employee mindset. i discuss why there is such a huge fail rate amongst chiropractors and what is even worse than failing. I then talk about why it's so important for chiropractors to practice like a BOSS and give a few quick tips on how to start that process. Enjoy.

84 - The Creed (Part 2)  

Last week, I talked about the Black Sheep DC Creed. I went through a few of the creed statements and elaborated about why they are important for relationship-centered chiropractors. Click here to listen to Part 1.

Like I said before...being relationship-centered is not a business strategy for making money...it's a way of being. It's about taking care of yourself and taking care of those around you. It has to be genuine. You can't fake it.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I finish up my talk about the Creed. I go through the different creed statements and why they are important for relationship-centered chiropractors. Enjoy.

83 - The Creed (Part 1)  

Recently, I was challenged to define what it means to be relationship-centered...to define what Black Sheep DC stands for. So that I did. I created the Black Sheep DC creed. 

Being relationship-centered is not a business strategy for making money...it's a way of being. It's about taking care of yourself and taking care of those around you. It has to be genuine. You can't fake it.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about the reason behind the creed. I went through a few of the creed statements and elaborated about why they are important for relationship-centered chiropractors. Part 2 will be coming next week. Enjoy.

82 - Strength In Numbers  

Isolation is one of the many problems that chiropractors face while growing their practice. Yes, you are around people all the time, but they can not relate to what you are going through. Being a chiropractor is unique. You have to run a business, market, handle the finances, train the staff, all while putting on a happy face for your patients. It can be mentally/emotionally draining which affects your growth. 

Not only that, but isolation is a killer when it comes to progress. If you are trying to do everything without looking to others for advice and inspiration, you will make a lot of mistakes and it may cost you a small fortune. No good. 

The way you combat isolation is to join a group. But where do you start? What makes a good group?

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about the importance of being a part of a group. I talk about the benefits of a good group and the best way to use one. I also discuss how NOT to use a group and the biggest mistakes chiropractors make when joining groups. Enjoy.

81 - Where's Your Focus...Philosophy, Profits or People?  

Chiropractic is amazing. It has helped so many people and in many cases it has completely changed lives. But after 100 years, chiropractic is still widely underutilized. Most people simply don't go to the chiropractor. WHY? 

I have some theories, but for the most part, I believe that chiropractors are guilty of a focus problem. We have historically either made philosophy or profits the most important thing in our practice and by doing that...we have put a wedge between chiropractors and the people. A huge mistake.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about the three primary areas that chiropractor can choose to focus. I discuss how many chiropractor put their philosophy above their patients and why that causes a problem. I also talk about how profits are important but should never be the primary focus of a chiropractic practice.

Lastly, I talk about people. I discuss how chiropractic is a people centered business and how prioritizing your patient's needs will not only help grow your practice but help chiropractic reach more people. Enjoy.

80 - Chiropractic Bridge Building  

There are a variety of skills that can help chiropractors grow a successful practice. One of them I call "chiropractic bridge building." It's the skill of effectively connecting what YOU do as a chiropractor to what the patient is concerned about. So instead of expecting people to adopt your point of view, you communicate how what you can do will help them.

In this episode of the Weekly BS chiropractic podcast, I talk about the importance of chiropractic bridge building. I discuss the importance of developing chiropractic bridge building skills when communicating to both patients and non-patients. I also talk about why it doesn't matter what technique or philosophy you choose to use, chiropractic bridge building is an important skill for every successful chiropractor. Enjoy.

79 -  My Experience with Practice Management  

The other day, one of my Academy members asked me if I had been involved with a particular practice management group. We talked a little about my history and some of my mistakes. After our conversation, I thought that the podcast listeners may also benefit from hearing about my chiropractic practice management experiences. It's good to know what others have gone through and maybe even learn from their mistakes...and by "their mistakes" I mean mine. 

So in this episode, I decided to talk about my personal experience with practice management. I name names and discuss the pros and cons of each experience. I talk about which group was a total disaster for me and what I did after I swore off chiropractic coaching for good. Enjoy.

78 - Distracted by Good Causes  

Most chiropractors have big hearts. They just want to help people and if possible...save the world. That's not a bad thing, but sometimes chiropractors let causes distract them from their business. They fight a good fight, but at the wrong time. This can be a killer to their practice growth. The chiropractors who make this mistake, often don't see it.

In this episode, I talk about the order in which you grow a successful practice. I talk about how to know what you should focus on first when growing your practice and how to do it. I also discuss how a good cause can be a bad distraction and give examples of common distractions for chiropractors. Enjoy.

77 - You Provide Value First  

Networking with other professionals and healthcare providers could prove to be a massive referral source for most chiropractors. But those connections come with time and the best network relationships are mutually beneficial. Unfortunately, many chiropractors are looking for shortcuts when it comes to networking and often think that a fancy script will help speed up the process. It won't.

In this episode, I talk about building networking partners by building relationships. I discuss why scripts and cold calls typically don't work and what chiropractors should do to connect. I also give several real-world examples of networking mistakes and talk about the importance of being the first to provide value. Enjoy.

76 - How To Have An Awesome Year  

I LOVE the start of a new year. It's exciting. Whether you are a chiropractor who wants to shake off a rough year or you are just looking to continue an awesome growth streak...the new year provides a time of hope. Unfortunately for many chiropractors, their hope begins to fade as the year goes on and little changes. The days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months and they find themselves no better off than they were the year before. Thankfully, this year doesn't have to be that way.

In this episode, I talk about the one simple thing that will ensure you have an awesome year. If you do this one thing, you will look back a year from now and be excited about your progress. But the question is, will you do it? Will you do what it takes to have an awesome year? Listen in to find out how. Enjoy.

75 - Before You Do Anything Else, Do This.  

I wish I had known this when I was first in practice. Heck...I wish I had known this when I was in practice period. The other day I heard someone say something that was so simple but so profound. I would have saved me thousands of dollars and TONS of practice headaches.

In this episode, I discuss the one thing you need to do before buying any chiropractic marketing products, paying for a coach or going to that exciting new chiropractic seminar. I discuss why you should and shouldn't hire a chiropractic mentor/coach and how to know when you are going down the wrong path. Enjoy.

74 - People VS Profits  

I talk a lot about building a relationship-centered chiropractic practice. I want chiropractors to have successful people focused practices NOT profits focused practices. Now that doesn't mean that you shouldn't focus on profits. You are running a business and you have to make money. But as soon as the profits become more important than the people, you are out of balance as a chiropractor.

In this episode, I discuss what it means to be people focused as a chiropractor. I also tell a story about my neighbor and why he left his chiropractor. I talk about what the chiropractor did wrong and what they could have done to save his patient relationship. I also tell a couple stories about how I screwed up when I was in practice and what I did about it. Enjoy.

73 - Does It Work?  

A lot of chiropractors value form over function when it comes to their marketing. They think that because something looks good, it is good. But that’s not true. In order to have a successful practice, you have to be able to honestly ask “Does it work?” and respond accordingly.

In this episode, I talk about why function should always take priority over form when it comes to chiropractic marketing. I discuss the importance of understanding the purpose of every marketing system you use in your practice and how chiropractors should use the intended purpose as the gauge to determine how well things are working. I also warned against chasing exceptions or taking advice from those to teach exceptions to the norm. Enjoy.


72 - Don't Be Sloppy  

It doesn't really matter the business. It could be a chiropractor, a pizza place or a gutter company...regardless...successful businesses are NOT sloppy. Sloppy businesses are NEVER successful. They always struggle.

In this episode, I talk about the danger of being a sloppy chiropractic business owner. I talk about why it's a mistake to believe your clinical skill is what will lead to your success. I discuss what sloppy looks like for a chiropractor and why it's so harmful. I also outline 3 ways to combat sloppy in the future. Enjoy.

71 - New, Successful or Frustrated?  

A lot of chiropractors have reached out to me in the last year. After a while, I noticed a pattern. Most chiropractors who are seeking help will fall into 1 of 3 categories: new, successful or frustrated.

In this episode, I talk about the 3 categories of chiropractors searching for help. I talk about new chiropractors and the things they need to be most aware of. I talk about successful chiropractors and why it's important for them to delegate. I also discuss the frustrated chiropractor. This is a much larger category than it should be and is the group of chiropractors who need the most help. Enjoy.

70 - 4 Things Successful Chiropractors Have in Common  

I have been thinking a lot about how to help chiropractors in the coming year. It's frustrating at times to see the junk that is sold to chiropractors all with the promise of a bigger and better practice. The vast majority of chiropractic gurus/coaches/services are happy embellishing the crap out of their results, some will outright lie, and others just serve as a distraction from the real problems facing struggling chiropractors. Unfortunately, the struggling chiropractor just gets further and further away from the successful practice they desire.

In this episode, I talk about 4 things that I have noticed that successful chiropractors have in common. I also talk about why things like technology, philosophy, marketing systems and skripts are NOT primary solution to your problem and why focusing on them will only serve as a distraction. Enjoy.

69 - Chiropractic Success Formula  

A while back I created a video talking about the chiropractic success formula. I explained how you can take your big patient visit goals and break them down into little digestible pieces. Well...since then, a lot of people have asked about the specifics. They want more details about how the formula works.

In this episode, I talked about the chiropractic success formula. I explained the importance of not only tracking numbers but breaking them down into small digestible pieces. I explained how the formula works and how it can be used to help you understand what areas you need to work on and what areas you don't. It's a bit nerdy but it's helpful. Enjoy.

68 - The Environment of Success  

In this episode, I talk about the environment of success. I talk about the difference between how successful and unsuccessful chiropractors react when facing tough times. I warn you EASY success and describe how you can know if you are focusing on the problem or the solution. I also give you a few simple tips about how to tackle the future regardless of outside circumstances. Enjoy.

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