Weird Adults With Little Esther

Weird Adults With Little Esther

United States

Little Esther Povitsky finds out what makes her fellow comedian friends Weird Adults with an irreplaceable quirk and charm not found anywhere else in podcasting.


125 - Solo Ep 4  

Dads are usually right about bugs. Instagram wants to know Little Esther’s take on holiday socks, growing up with an unusual name, and burning out on dim sum.

124 - Fahim Anwar  

Esther thanks g-d for platonic male friends, Fahim discusses comedy career milestones, and they both talk Judaism, duh.

123 - Nicole Byer  

Esther and Nicole explore the peaks and valleys of comedy television, dating, and water parks.

122 - Brent Forrester  

No hugging and no learning on this week’s episode of Weird Adults, where Esther is joined by Brent Forrester, showrunner of Netflix’s Love.

121 - Little Esther, Solo Episode 3  

Esther’s back on instagram, taking your questions and discussing soda, crying, and Anna Nicole Smith.

120 - Jackie Johnson  

Esther sits down with fan favorite, the Queen of Podcasting, and beauty expert -- Jackie Johnson. Have your notes app open to jot down tips!

119 - Solo Episode 2  

Esther records her second solo episode ever, and answers YOUR instagram questions!

118 - Gabrielle Ruiz  

Esther's kinda co-worker and broadway gal, Gabrielle Ruiz, stops by to chat (and a little bit sing) on this week's episode.

117 - Little Esther, Solo Episode 1  

Esther experiments with a solo episode, accidentally puns, opens up about some of her biggest projects, and answers YOUR questions!

116 - Annie Lederman, Part 1  

Part 1 of Annie and Esther’s emotional journey. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

115 - Molly McAleer  

Molly McAleer joins Esther for this week’s episode of Weird Adults.

114 - Justin Martindale  

Justin Martindale joins Esther this week.

113 - Caroline Goldfarb  

Comedian and Instagram Caroline Goldfarb is Little Esther's guest this week on Weird Adults.

112 - Jackie Johnson  

Jackie Johnson returns to discuss YouTuber conspiracy theories, freeganism, and Jackie's one true love: Shia LaBeouf.

111 - Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newel of Reductress  

Little Esther talks with Beth Newel and Sarah Pappalardo, the founders of the satirical website Reductress.

110 - Jackie Johnson  

Jackie Johnson stops by to talk about all of her and Esther's favorite things.

109 - Doughboys  

Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger chat into the night with Little Esther about their thoughts and feelings.

108 - Ali Waller Returns!  

Ali Waller returns to test Esther's (and Donut's) fate against a deck of Oracle cards!

107 - Andrée Vermeulen  

Esther gets a puppy and meets Andrée Vermeulen for the first time on mic.

106 - Khalyla  

Khalyla of The Tiger Belly podcast goes into her relationship with comic Bobby Lee and her taste in porn on Weird Adults!

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