Episode 09 - Living on Leysey St (feat guest host Dave Gaukroger)  

Jeremy tracks down a random resident of Sussan Ley's very electorate in southern NSW to discuss the latest expenses scandal, one that has cost the PM a minister and one of his closest supporters in cabinet. In the as-yet-unnamed segment about how to deal with obnoxious relatives, in this case ones who refuse to grasp why Australia Day is problematic to celebrate, we find a ludicrous strawperson who helpfully keeps contradicting his own points, and Dave sets him straight. We (two white middle class men) discuss why whitewashing Australian history doesn't work even if you're selling meat products, whilst forgetting to acknowledge that we're possibly not the best people to be speaking about it. And, not hugely impressed by the LNP Coalition trying to brazen out the Centrelink attack, Lyndsey Jackson from NotMyDebt.com.au returns to tell us what's Stuck In Her Craw.

01:11 Dave plugs his podcast

02:39 When Rorting Becomes A Habit

31:55 Dave plugs his podcast

32:26 8 Simple Rules For Baiting My Racist Uncle

41:56 Do Indigenous People Dream Of Invaders' Sheep

55:17 Lyndsey Jackson tells us what's Stuck In Her Craw

01:10:20 Dave plugs his podcast

01:10:42 Dave plugs his podcast

01:12:28 Dave plugs his podcast

Episode 08 - Not My Debt (feat guest host Lyndsey Jackson)  

For the first (unexpectedly more bumper than ever) episode back after the holiday break, Jeremy is joined by Lyndsey Jackson of notmydebt.com.au to discuss this government's war on the poor, in particular its attack on anyone who's ever used Centrelink. In Australia vs Humanity we explore a system which encourages police and immigration staff to ignore pleas for medical assistance by refugees and indigenous people - with tragic consequences. Cam Smith returns to tell us what's Stuck in his Craw, and listener Kristin asks us to brainstorm approaches to deal with friends who claim there are totally non-racist well-thought-through reasons they supported Brexit.

1. Not My Debt: 1:30

2. Australia vs Humanity: 1:12:58

3. Stuck in My Craw: 1:50:17

4. How to Leftwing Friends and Affluent People: 2:07:21


Episode 07 - Maybe Trickle Down Will Work If We Try It A Bit Longer? (feat Guest Host Cam Smith)  

For this bumper episode (aren't they all?) Jeremy is joined by Cam Smith, from the beloved Gather Around Me podcast, to discuss:

- GDP falls by 0.5%: turns out all this sacrifice didn't even get us any growth;
- Libs vs energy policy that would save you money AND reduce emissions
- In Australia vs Humanity, we learn more of the details about what we did to the guy who died from a minor infection, and explore the viciousness of the federal Libs vs a council which scheduled some citizenship ceremonies for NOT January 26
- Ella Webb returns to tell us what's stuck in her craw
- And, as it happens, much more, because we're chatty people.

Oh - and if you wanted an article breaking down how the deficit is pretty much entirely the fault of Peter Costello's 2005 tax cuts, it's here.

Episode 6.5 - Oz Comments vs Humanity  

In this bonus episode, Damien O'Meara joins Jeremy to discuss the comments on the Oz's attempt to destroy one of the parliament house pro-refugee protesters. Insights are gleaned.

Episode 06 - Clown Counsel Has A Deal For You (feat. Ella Webb & a slightly dodgy mic)  

Ella Webb joins Jeremy for our sixth episode. George Brandis refuses to answer questions, including

did you tell the Solicitor General to run dead on WA's attempt to gazump $300m from the rest of us?did you deliberately sabotage Ella's mic?* anddo you support the use of the word gazump?

Also - Malcolm passes some legislation he can pretend is the same as what he said he'd pass; those desperate for the Liberals to succeed pronounce it a "win". Jeremy has some suggestions for how Labor should play this but they're not returning his calls. Brave young Australians protest for refugees, which is clearly an affront to democracy. You won't believe what Australia has been up to in Australia vs Humanity. And Tom Ballard returns to tell us what's stuck in his craw, which leads to a discussion of SBS's "First Contact" and the War on Invasion Day.

*We do apologise for the issues with Ella's mic. It has been ritually burned.

Episode 05 -  Use These Words (feat Guest Host Tom Ballard)  

Episode 5, and Jeremy is joined by Tom Ballard to discuss not letting the Right redefine away important words we might actually need ("elites", "racism" etc); Dutton vs third-generation Australians; why does anyone believe Dutton's cherry-picked nonsense statistics about anything, the latest monstrous mistreatment of refugees, and Carol Duncan returns to tell us what's Stuck In Her Craw.

Episode 04 - On Weirdness (feat Guest Host Carol Duncan)  

For our fourth episode we're joined by Carol Duncan. We discuss the war on welfare, the weirdness of Peter Dutton, the war on 18C plumbs new creepy depths, and in Australia vs Humanity we explore the US refugee swap and the "Ring Of Steel". And Ben Pobjie returns to tell us what's Stuck In His Craw.

Episode 3.5 - Something Awful Happens (feat guest host Andrew Tiedt)  

Andrew Tiedt joins Jeremy on US Election night to discuss what the hell just happened, and what we might be able to do to tackle the same thing happening here.

Episode 03 - Mr Squiggle Is Never Coming To Australia (feat Guest Host Ben Pobjie)  

For our third episode, we're joined by guest host Ben Pobjie. We discuss a bumper few weeks for the government (from voting against itself to appointing Pauline Hanson to the NBN committee), exciting times in the Senate for (likely former) senators Day and Culleton, and check out the very desperate Malcolm Turnbull. In Australia vs Humanity we wonder what viciousness the Libs will come up with next, and Dave Gaukroger returns to tell us what's Stuck In His Craw.

PS Brandis' signature

Episode 02 - Smash Those Avos (feat Guest Host Dave Gaukroger)  

For our second episode, we feature an obscure guest host very few listeners will have heard of, a Mr Dave Gaukroger formerly of a little podcast called SomethingWonky. The giving-up-smashed-avos totally realistic plan for home ownership; ACOSS reveals Australia's "National Shame", in Australia vs Humanity we discuss Amnesty's devastating "Island of Despair" report and Four Corners "The Forgotten Children" - turns out Australia has several national shames - and Erin Riley returns to tell us what's Stuck In Her Craw.

Episode 01 - Well May We Begin (feat Guest Host Erin Riley)  

Our very first episode, featuring guest host Erin Riley and a Stuck In My Craw by The Weekly Hour. The dead plebiscite, why is Malcolm still falling, just how far are they going to go in this war on the poor, Australia vs Humanity hits new depths, and the war on facts.

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