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Episode 34 - An urgent message for "Yes" (feat guest host Denise Pirko)  

A thoroughly devastating week in Australian politics, and we're only up for discussing the awful consequences of the High Court's decision on Thursday, what it means, and what the hell the Yes side needs to do about it.

Also in a fortnight of crazed anti-vaxxer antics, Dutton briefly does something right. And then a lot wrong.

01:26 A terrible day, a depressing week
03:40 A pyrrhic victory as the executive gains the ability to do whatever it likes whether parliament approves or not
08:55 What hideous "religious protections" are they going to gain to make life worse for LGBTI people?
09:28 John Howard rises from the crypt to reveal what the "no" side is fighting for: maintaining the "authority" of their religion over the rest of us
11:35 The "Yes" side needs to resist being boxed into the corner of pretending equality for LGBTI people is just about marriage - if we let them push us into denying we want full equality, and into insisting all we want is marriage, then that's all we'll get, and we'll go backwards elsewhere
14:20 Everything the "No" side is fighting against and fighting for
21:44 Come on, "Yes" side, OWN THAT YOU WANT FULL EQUALITY. Don't act like it's something you're ashamed to stand for.
24:56 What if we end up with a "yes" vote win, but a dodgy "SSM" bill with new discriminatory powers that make life worse for LGBTI people.
29:30 We weren't even ever offered a real plebiscite; also, people are selling their surveys.
30:30 What else we can do to help
33:31 Dutton's brief moment
39:17 But remember, still the worst person in Australia

Episode 33(b) - bonus Stuck In My Craw from Ben Pobjie  

Ben Pobjie reveals what he really thinks about Tony Abbott getting away with drunkenly failing to do his job. How close did Cam and Jeremy get in the main episode to guessing his position in advance? Do they really know him at all?

Episode 33 - When Bad Governments Panic (feat Cam Smith)  

Cam Smith from Gather Around Me joins Jeremy to discuss

01:25 Does winding back negative gearing or family trust rorts really feel all that much like East Germany, really Matthias?
03:47 reductio ad absurdem: any kind of tax increase is "socialism".
04:24 if you must broadcast Lyle Shelton constantly bloody do better at pinning down what he's saying
24:31 drug testing - it's this month's way for right-wingers to get their jollies in kicking the poor
32:56 Tony's not feeling up to work today
40:48 Australia vs humanity: starving some very poor refugees in the community here, and the Daily Telegraph lying about it; PNG telling Australia they can't stay there; Nauru stopping refugees getting medical treatment; ACT welcomes them
52:07 Canavan and Roberts in the High Court with shiny new stories
56:24 more stupid statue nonsense 

Episode 32 - "The Something Wonky Effect" (feat Ben Pobjie)  

Sure, we didn't get to Joyce, and Nash came after we recorded, and for god sake Xenophon too? Seriously? So it'll be a giant episode next week.

But in the meantime we covered:

05:15 Unleashing craziness against LGBTI people
15:25 The "Coalition for Marriage"'s top three arguments
27:20 What the "no" side really want and what we need to be shouting from the rooftops
35:18 What the "yes" side needs to be reminding somehow-undecided voters about the dangers of the "no" side
57:29 Stuck In My Craw - punishing Yarra Council for questioning the date of Australia Day - Denise Pirko
01:24:32 Australia Vs Humanity
01:24:34 BREAKING NEWS INTERRUPTION! Courier Mail's scumbag attempt to portray Manus Island as a paradise bc they got a photo of a refugee LOOKING NOT MISERABLE FOR A MOMENT
01:29:09 LNP politician reads David Marr column and realises that actually what we're doing to refugees is indefensible
01:33:04 So, Ben, what have we learned?
01:35:00 How to Reach That Person who somehow still can't see LGBTI people as equal to them, but also doesn't want to live under a theocracy

Ben's new book "Aussie Aussie Aussie": http://affirmpress.com.au/publishing/aussie-aussie-aussie/

Ben's other podcast, Gather Around Me: http://gatheraround.me

Episode 31 - How to deal with a cruel, rigged postal survey, and the lies that are already accompanying it (feat guest host Denise Pirko)  

01:16 surprisingly we talk about that $122m non-binding postal survey conducted by the ABS, including ABC trying to force staff to use the bigots' terminology, some of the dodgy lies being spread already, the vicious homophobia of the guy in charge of it, and basically everything else
39:12 Malcolm: "This postal ballot is going to push to the margins of our society those people who are already on the margins"
41:20 Australia won't let lesbian woman divorce; UNHCR says that's contrary to her human rights
48:17 Malcolm inviting us to a nuclear war
57:05 Martin Place tent city community torn down
58:37 Oh *that's* why the Libs are giving $30m of your money to Fox Sports
1:03:27 Victorian state Liberal leader Guy (no that's his name) and his meeting with an alleged mobster over lobster
1:07:09 Bruce Billson, minister in charge of franchising receiving an undisclosed salary from their lobby group
1:08:11 Australia Vs Humanity - the foreshadowed death of refugee Hamed Shamshiripour, and the utter silence from Labor and the Liberals

Episode 30 - Dodgy Bastards Yes, Nobel Prize Winners No (feat guest host Denise Pirko)  

01:12 Malcolm & Donald - a phone call in which our PM tells Trump he doesn't have to take any refugees, that we'll take anyone he wants us to take, that we'd prefer their worst people to "Nobel Peace Prize" winners; in which he makes up "economic refugees" as if they are a real thing, and cynically sets off the refugees to go through a brutal vetting process knowing the Americans will never take them. Or, as the Oz puts it, "his finest moment".
20:24 Malcolm about to sell out LGBTI Australians again, with a whole new plan to brutalise them. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MP BY MONDAY MORNING - http://www.equalitycampaign.org.au/home
35:07 Liberals in NSW vs homeless people in the Sydney CBD
42:07 Still no explanation for the $30m to Foxtel
44:26 Sam Dastyari
46:01 Stuck In My Craw - Cam Smith
51:10 Australia vs Humanity - taking drinking water and power away from vulnerable refugees on Manus Island, after machete attacks, the Melbourne family facing deportation after failing the English test. After ten years.

Episode 29 - Something Shiny Amongst The Coal (feat Cam Smith)  

01:23 SECRET DUAL CITIZENS EVERYWHERE but also, seriously, this is a stupid provision that needs fixing. Bonus suggestions for how this could be fixed.
21:36 Idiotic pleibscite ideas - the anti-LGBTI postal plebiscite, and Shorten's republic brainfart
35:52 Shorten's four year fixed terms idea
42:07 Utterly shameless $30m gift to Foxtel
43:26 Greens' plan to fix housing
54:23 ALP's plan to wind back some trusts
01:00:04 Stuck in my Craw - Denise Pirko - the privilege of being able to tune out
01:13:07 Australia Vs Humanity - could we stop imprisoning poor people who owe fines, the US deal is falling apart, and we farewell the wonderful Gillian Triggs.

Episode 28 - Canadian sleeper agents (feat Denise Pirko)  

01:14 The absurdity of the anti-dual citizenship provisions; Australia loses two of its best senators - and where to now for the Greems?
20:53 Getting in first and taking your opponents' critiques before they make them.
29:54 Tudge's latest attack on the poor
35:18 Internships: an attack on everyone's wages
45:00 Stuck in My Craw - Lyndsey Jackson vs Turnbull vs maths
51:00 Australia Vs Humanity - 4 years, $4.9bn later, Dutton is throwing people in our Manus facility out into PNG. 
59:23 An especially racist week for The Australian media

Episode 27 - How Renters Having Decent Rights Helps Us All (Guest Host Mark O'Brien, CEO of the Tenants Union Victoria)  


01:24 What's going to happen to our country and why housing policy makes one of the biggest differences to how we turn out in 20 years
04:50 The demographic/social security time bomb being created by locking a generation out of housing
06:49 How improving renters' rights could help with housing affordability generally
13:54 Transience - what taking away security of tenure does to a community
15:00 More Australians discovering the unfairness of living without housing stability
16:43 The Victorian review of the Residential Tenancies Act
18:50 The competing proposals for changes
20:08 The real estate lobby's ideas to make the present situation even worse, starting with making it easier to evict people - more grounds, faster, and easier
24:32 Is the aim just to reinforce the idea of renters as a peasant class who survive at the whim of landlords?
25:05 The real estate lobby wanting *even more* than "no reason" evictions - they want "any reason" evictions. Making it even easier to discriminate against people and punish tenants for daring to exercise a right
27:56 Why it's important to get rid of the "no reason" eviction power
29:24 Jeremy derails discussion to put his proposal to require landlords evicting at their own convenience to pay the tenants' reasonable removal costs and release the bond sooner
32:19 Would such renters' rights deter people from investing in housing? Only the speculators who are the problem
34:16 The Dickensian system we're presently moving towards instead
36:25 Stopping tenants enforcing their rights
37:00 Tenants Union fighting to improve tenancy stability, and what will happen  to the state if it leaves it as is or makes it worse
38:22 They don't think it's your home - landlords' powers to invade your home for inspections or selling the property - and their ideas to make it worse
43:30 Pets - a basic right enjoyed by non-renting Australians, but which some landlords seem to think they should have the power to deny
49:20 Tenancy databases, unenforceable protections
50:25 The extraordinary, poorly regulated power of agents
54:12 Better privacy protections
55:22 Rent bidding and AirBnB
57:28 Fighting the idea that landlords should have the right to control what tenants do in their homes
59:36 Getting people fired up to fight for these rights - and overcoming idea there's something shameful about renting long-term
01:01:36 How creating a power then turns it into a requirement - giving agents the power to come through homes every 6 months has turned it into something they have to do for their clients
01:03:58 Doing something about it - Make Renting Fair http://www.makerentingfair.org
01:07:07 Renters being treated as - and then thinking of themselves as - second-class citizens
01:09:34 How can someone have more rights leasing a car than a tenant has in their home?

Episode 26 - Another Department Gone Rogue (feat Lyndsey Jackson)  

(We apologise for the parts where Lyndsey's mic created some noise)

01:06 Robodebt/Notmydebt inquiry comes down
03:20 Another department goes rogue & declares war on the people it deals with
05:28 Another department that crushes whistleblowers
08:50 Another department burning institutional knowledge
15:25 Another department announcing figures it can't explain
18:17 Another department claiming it's too hard to do basic things (in this case, calculate how much they overstated debts)
20:17 Is Centrelink's plan to discourage anyone who can avoid it from dealing with it?
28:49 Other new awful changes to social security: doubling the time someone has to wait for Centrelink if any liquid assets (ie any buffer)
33:05 Lib response "it was political" as if there's something else they do in parliament beyond political things
35:31 Porter contemplating idea that social security not so much a transfer from rich to poor
38:30 Admitting that drug tests haven't worked overseas, but refusing to back down.
38:56 What's wrong with "welfare cards"? And is the drug trial actually an attempt to justify them?
44:58 The fraud of the NT intervention (New Matilda article referred to: https://newmatilda.com/2017/06/28/a-decade-on-the-fraud-of-the-nt-intervention-is-exposed/)
51:47 Pyne vs Abbott and LNP far-right
58:10 Greens vs Rhiannon
01:15:46 Stuck in my Craw - Denise Pirko (content warning: discussion of failures of criminal law addressing recent rape cases)
01:32:13 Australia vs Humanity - shutting down Manus wasn't meant to just mean turning off the lights and leaving refugees in the dark. But that's what's happening.

25 supplementary - developments in contempt  

In which the Supreme Court of Victoria decides not to proceed with contempt charges against Hunt, Tudge and Sukkar, and increases the sentences in which they'd intervened.

Episode 25 - Contempt (feat Guest Host Denise Pirko)  

02:18 Hunt, Tudge and Sukkar's contempt (along with Hinch and Latham)
12:28 Brandis doesn't grasp the difference between sharing your information, and having it taken
15:10 Grenfell here: more likely to die from dangerous towers due to inadequate regulation
21:10 LNP and News Corp working hand in hand to (misleadingly and unfairly) bash the very poor
24:30 Finkel and LET: Malcolm's headache
27:00 Insane citizenship testing
31:58 Some compensation to victims of Manus Island regime
35:54 New powers for Peter Dutton, cartoonish super villain
41:25 "Fixing" native title for Adani
42:20 Gallery hacks offended at the leaking of Trumble joking about Trump

Episode 24 - Does Brandis Ever Get Anything Right? (feat guest host Brandon Selic)  

1:10 Murder in Brighton; stupidity and dishonesty in Canberra
21:21 Stuck In My Craw (Denise Pirko) - the oblivious use of abusive language for maligned people
27:24 Born after 1966? No retirement for you
37:22 Centrelink - trying to get through, and trying to make any sense of the system when you do
43:07 News Corp tantrum over GetUp! member on Press Council board
48:11 Liberals inviting Margaret Court to fundraising event
52:53 Australia vs the parts of humanity that don't want to be consumed in nuclear fire
59:36 Trying to bring it all together

Episode 23 - Spite and Bloody-mindedness (feat guest host Denise Pirko)  

01:10 Treaty not fluff
05:32 The actual Uluru Statement of the Heart
12:18 Racist macho bullshit - Tony Abbott & One Nation want you to think, although it's not true, that refugees increase the risk of terrorism; Barnaby has a new pitch for the ADF; Barnaby has noticed a much stronger link between terrorists
24:20 NSW has a plan to tackle housing affordability that the Premier herself says won't work
31:45 "Welfare" drug testing - revelations from Estimates; politics of spite
38:54 Public facilities shouldn't be named after people who fight for the law to discriminate against fellow citizens
44:43 What's stuck in Greg Jericho's claw - polling on policy
51:05 Australia vs Humanity - forcing LGBTI refugees to countries that oppress them; Dutton's office as arrogant as you'd expect

Episode 22 Greg Knows Budgets (feat guest host Greg Jericho)  

01:32 The 2017 budget a week later, now we know it better
51:35 Stuck In My Craw (Denise Pirko)
01:10:10 Australia Vs Humanity

Episode 21 - Stop Pretending The Budget Wasn't Monstrous (feat guest host Denise Pirko)  

01:22 Budget 2017 episode
01:49 It's not a "Labor Light" or "fair" budget
03:40 company tax cut up $15bn
07:50 making the lives of the very poor much worse
15:19 drug testing, at unspecified cost, the very poor
16:00 kicking people off DSP if they can blame past drug use
16:30 #ScattMorrison
22:27 the politics of spite
26:30 50% of Australian adults on $40k or less
29:30 grinding poor graduates into poverty
32:38 Hack media propaganda "Hip to be Fair"
36:40 Shazam This Code To Sing Along With ScoMo
40:35 The budget's selling points, according to the Daily Tele
41:05 the banks
42:37 How pissweak is ScoMo's response to the housing affordability crisis? So pissweak that the real estate lobby haven't complained
52:38 Stuck in my Craw - NSW refuses to decriminalise abortion;
56:10 Australia vs Humanity - 25 years of mandatory detention, and how it happened
01:02:08 ALP response live
01:05:54 fundamentalist christian homophobic extremists armed with pies

Episode 20 - A shaggy dog podcast (feat guest host Denise Pirko)  

A difficult week for tying a podcast together neatly. A bad week for tying a podcast together neatly. But Jeremy and guest host Denise give it a red-hot go.

02:28 Look admittedly this bit lacked structure, because there's no real way of tying these things together: 457s and the arts; 457s being inadequately racist for some English immigrants' tastes; tiny bump for Malcolm's nationalism; work for the dole a terrible policy, but "red meat for conservatives"; AFP accessing journalists' metadata without warrant; The Oz trying to sell Trump to Australians; "Save our Super" vs Kelly O'Dwyer; and oh yes we were threatened with a nuclear strike this week.
30:30 Apparently the ANZACs fought to silence criticism of government policy? Particularly by Aboriginal Australians like Katrina Ngaitlyala Power or muslim Australians like Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
55:55 Housing developments including rent bidding, Serco maybe running public housing in NSW, Grace Collier has some very silly things to say (and access to a very silly paper which will publish them) and Jeremy has an idea to tackle affordability whilst also protecting people
01:19:52 Stuck In My Craw - "Hydro" and coal - Corrine
01:23:00 Oops we forgot Australia vs Humanity - Dutton Won't Apologise But Would Like An Apology Himself


Episode 19 - The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel (feat guest host Corrine)  

Jeremy is joined by Corrine, returning from episode 12 to discuss Malcolm's nationalist distraction, energy, and housing. And then, before we even get to Erin Riley's stuck in my craw, we have bonus returning former guest hosts, Denise Pirko (to discuss 457s) and Karl Fitzgerald (to discuss even more depressing developments in the housing disaster).

01:40 In the bin: NSW scraps safe schools based on nonsense furphy that it replaced anti-bullying programs; sending the APS to the remote country; the "national tragedy" of what the Libs did to the NBN; a terrible time for journos at Fairfax and photographers/subeditors at News; the Victorian Opposition's idiotic mandatory sentencing plan to endanger us all at great expense; half Centrelink cases sent to private debt collectors; One third of Australians underpaid superannatuion.
08:00 People being harmed by Turnbull's 457 changes - featuring guest appearance by Canaustralian Denise Pirko
12:44 Citizenship lunacy
23:39 Energy policy - the gas pipeline
29:47 Housing affordability - starting with Karl Fitzgerald on what's been happening
50:56 Australia Vs Humanity - Refugees on Manus Island shot at; smeared by Dutton; stones thrown at them by guards...
01:00:25 Stuck In My Craw - Erin Riley

Episode 18 - The Ratchet Returns (feat guest host Erin Riley)  

Jeremy is joined by Erin Riley to discuss the Libs' most recent effort to destroy the revenue base with corporate tax cuts, Xenophon, Women's AFL, Latham, The Oz vs Sally McManus and union advocates being in unions. Also:

53:28 Australia vs Humanity
1:04:40 Stuck In My Craw by Damien O'Meara

Episode 17 - Believe Me, This Episode Has Some Good News In It (feat guest host Damien O'Meara)  

Jeremy is joined by Damien O'Meara to discuss things Malcolm would rather just went away

14:00 18C seriously it's back
24:00 The PM praising Leak at his memorial and calling him a "uniter"
32:21 Marriage Equality
32:35 postal plebiscite
39:37 "Marriage Equality" not "same sex marriage" or "gay marriage"
52:45 It's about equality before the law, not marriage
55:26 Dutton: "stick to your knitting"
1:00:19 "Gender X" VCAL option and the Herald Sun's vicious attack on trans people

Australia vs Humanity
01:12:07 Don Dale
01:17:20 "denying people smugglers a product"
01:33:19 World Meteorological Organisation: climate out of control

Good News Corner
01:35:20 Abortion rights in the NT

And Tom Ballard returns to tell us what's
01:39:09 Stuck In My (his) Craw - the remaining states where the "gay panic" defence is still in place

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