Well, Nobody's Perfect...

Well, Nobody's Perfect...


A weekly roundup of news, ideas, facts and arguments from the world of film hosted by the Toronto International Film Festival's resident film nerds Rob Kraszewski and Geoff MacNaughton featuring special guests from filmmakers to critics and talent from the film world.


Ep. 36: I Screen Dead People: Talking Horror and Halloween with Colin Geddes  

It's an extra spooky/scary week on WNP as Rob and Geoff are joined by Ultra 8 Pictures Founder, and TIFF Midnight Madness Programmer, Colin Geddes. Colin talks about how he got the best job in the world (2:00), his favourite Midnight Madness moments from the last 25 years (13:30), and then gives the guys a short masterclass in horror, giving them a shortlist of the best Halloween films (24:30), as well as some gateway films for those who don't quite 'get' the horror genre (29:15). The three also talk about the difference between 'horror' and 'terror' (31:30), and wonder how to find great films following the extinction of the video store (42:00).

Ep. 35: Getting Dark with Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker  

You want it darker? You got it. This week Rob and Geoff venture into the shadows, discussing Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco's new heroin drama (1:30), Michelle Williams' upcoming turn as Janis Joplin (5:00), and the Coen brothers' exploration of the 'Dark Web'. Then, BLACK MIRROR creator and show-runner Charlie Brooker drops by to chat with Rob about the show's much anticipated third season (out this Friday on Netflix). The two also get into the differences between British and North American TV (15:45), the creepiness of predicting the future (25:40), and why, with all the advances in technology, we're still stuck sitting on the toilet (37:25).

Ep. 34: A Conversation with Jonathan Demme  

This week Rob and Geoff talk discuss glorious trailer for Jordan Peele's new horror adventure GET OUT (2:05), and wonder how a Guy Richie helmed ALADDIN could possibly work (5:10). Then, acclaimed director Jonathan Demme (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, STOP MAKING SENSE, RACHEL GETTING MARRIED) drops by for a conversation with Rob (10:50). The two talk about the the art of the concert film, bringing a documentary approach to narrative filmmaking, and the making of Jonathan's excellent new concert film JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE + THE TENNESSEE KIDS (out now on Netflix).

Ep. 33: Paul Schrader  

Fresh from the great outdoors, Rob and Geoff search for optimism in the 42nd SNL season premier (2:05), evaluate the cast of Kenneth Branagh's MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS remake (6:15), and get excited about an upcoming collaboration between Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling (10:15). Then, legendary filmmaker Paul Schrader (TAXI DRIVER, RAGING BULL, AMERICAN GIGILO) drops by to talk about his new film DOG EAT DOG (16:30), not seeing a movie until he was 17 (19:25), creating Travis Bickle (23:00), and why his partnership with Martin Scorsese had to come to an end (25:15).

Ep. 32: How to Dress Well: A Conversation with Bill Nighy  

With the Emmy's in our rearview, Rob and Geoff take a look at some of the best new TV shows debuting this Fall, including: ATLANTA (8:00), EASY (11:40), DESIGNATED SURVIVOR (13:35), and INSECURE (18:05). Then, star of the screen and British icon, Bill Nighy (LOVE ACTUALLY, STATE OF PLAY, UNDERWORLD) drops by for a chat with Rob (26:30). The two discuss the joys of playing a vampire (33:30), Bill's favourite Sci-fi novels (35:20), and even get into a little style advice (38:00). NO TRAINERS WITH YOUR SUIT, LADS!

Ep. 31: A Conversation with Steve James  

With another TIFF in the books, Rob and Geoff sit down to discuss some of their highlights from the second half of this year's festival including Damien Chazelle's LA LA LAND (2:20), THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (4:15), and masterclassing with the brilliant Jill Soloway (7:45). Then WNP producer Kyle Fulton sits down with renowned documentarian Steve James (HOOP DREAMS, LIFE ITSELF) to talk about the appeal of Allen Iverson (15:30), spending 8 years on HOOP DREAMS (20:15), and the process of making his excellent new film ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL (25:20).

Ep. 30: A Conversation with James Gunn and Greg McLean  

Rob and Geoff meet up mid-festival to dicuss some of their favourite films thus far including: Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL(1:50), Barry Jenkin's MOONLIGHT (3:10), and Werner Herzog's INTO THE INFERNO (6:40). Then Geoff welcomes filmmakers James Gunn (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK) into the studio (17:05) to talk about their outrageously enjoyable new film THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, the pros and cons of working with your friends, and the things they'd rather be doing than writing scripts.

Ep. 29: Mo Money Mo Skyfalls  

This week, a very sleep deprived Rob and Geoff discuss Richard Linklater's pseudo-sequel to THE LAST DETAIL (1:20), and offer their love and guidance to Daniel Craig in the midst of his £150 million dilemma (5:15). They also take a look at some of the more buzzed about films looking for buyers at this year's TIFF (9:00), question the totally unnecessary revival of the 'SHANGHAI' franchise (16:45), and following the news that FOX is developing an "X-Files Type Comedy", pitch what dramatic TV shows they would like to see reworked as sitcoms (19:50).

Ep. 28: The 'What If' Episode  

This week Rob and Geoff discuss Dan Harmon script doctoring DOCTOR STRANGE (1:35), Doug Liman swapping Marvel for DC (3:40), and the Alicia Silverstone comeback we've all been praying for (10:20). Then, inspired by the news that David Schwimmer narrowly missed out on MEN IN BLACK, the two count down some of greatest 'What Ifs' in film history (16:20).

Ep. 27: Summer Films Don't Stick Around: A Lament for the Blockbuster  

After taking a moment to bid farewell to The Hip, Rob and Geoff analyze Lin Manuel Miranda's post-HAMILTON career plans (2:20), question the demand for yet another SHERLOCK HOLMES franchise (6:30), and wonder if Tom Cruise still deserves that 'Tom Cruise money' (9:15). The two then take a deep dive into this year's mediocre crop of Summer films (15:25), talk about some of their all-time great movie going Summers (20:05), and make bets on which upcoming films might end the slump (27:10).

Ep. 26: Céline Dreams & Keanu Cheese (A TIFF CanCon Preview with Magali Simard)  

This week Rob and Geoff discuss the ceiling for a David Fincher helmed sequel to WORLD WAR Z (1:35), and break down the bananas cast for OCEAN'S EIGHT (5:00). Then TIFF Programmer Magali Simard drops by the pod to talk about the excellent slate of Canadian films at this year's festival (12:00). The three chat about great new films from old favourites (Anne Émond's NELLY, Deepa Mehta's ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE), promising debuts (Kevin Funk's HELLO DESTROYER), and the demand for a Céline Dion biopic.

Ep. 25: Children of a Lesser Squad  

Fresh off his run in with the streetcar tracks, Geoff joins Rob to talk about the extremely flawed SUICIDE SQUAD (2:00), Brie Larson's directorial debut (7:55), and the dangers that come with reinterpreting Steve McQueen (9:50). The two also discuss Robert De Niro's upcoming move to television (12:30), take a closer look at John Turturro's brilliant performance in THE NIGHT OF (13:40), and try to make sense of the puzzling SNL cast shake-up (16:40).

Ep. 24: Mel Gibson's Beaver Sized Baggage  

This week, following the announcement of Tom Clancy's THE DIVISION, Rob and Geoff wonder if a 'prestige video game movie' could be possible (1:20), talk about THE ROCKETEER sequel everyone was clamouring for (wait, what?) (5:30), and marvel over Channing Tatum's rebirth as a Merman in the SPLASH reboot (9:50). They also wonder if Mel Gibson deserves another chance after watching the trailer for HACKSAW RIDGE (11:20), debate the potential of SUICIDE SQUAD (17:15), and close by discussing the qualities of a good biopic following some cast additions to RICHARD PRYOR (22:55).

Ep. 23: Festival Express (Featuring TIFF's Michael Lerman)  

This week Rob and Geoff start by recapping the highs and lows from this year's Comicon, including the surprisingly good KONG: SKULL ISLAND trailer, the incredibly dope BLACK PANTHER cast unveiling, and the glory that is the bearded Batman. Then TIFF's Acting Head of Programming, Michael Lerman, drops buy to talk with Rob about this year's festival slate. Michael offers his take on some of the most anticipated films in this year's festival (Damien Chazelle's LA LA LAND, Feng Xiaogang's I AM NOT MADAME BOVARY, and Jeff Nichols' LOVING), and points to some excellent movies from new directors (Onur Tukel's CATFIGHT, Vikram Ghandi's BARRY, and Katherine Dieckmann's STRANGE WEATHER). The two also celebrate the unlikely union of Jonathan Demme and Justin Timberlake, and discuss who they would pick 1st overall in a 'Concert Film' fantasy draft.

Ep. 22: Stiller Crazy After All These Years  

Following a busy week in Hollywood casting Rob and Geoff look ahead to Ben Stiller's latest mid life crisis (1:30), get excited for Jack Black's turn as the "Prince of Polka" (6:00), and wonder what's next for their favourite perennially discouraged genius, Charlie Kaufman (8:20). They also break down the Emmy nominations - including well deserved nods for Tatiana Maslany, Aziz Ansari, and Tracee Ellis Ross (13:20) - and close things out by pitching what they would like to see from Quentin Tarantino's (supposed) final act (28:05)

Ep. 21: Whaaaaat? Hot American Summer  

This week Rob and Geoff celebrate the triumphant return of Steven Soderbergh (1:35), debate the untapped potential of the 'circus genre' following the announcement of a P.T. Barnum biopic (4:00), and discuss George Takei's somewhat surprising opposition to the recent "gay Sulu" revelation (11:50). The guys also take some time to analyze the A.V. Club's excellent '50 Best Comedies since 2000' list, and pitch what they consider to be a few indefensible omissions (21:30).

Ep: 20. While My VR Gently Weeps (featuring The Verge's Adi Robertson)  

This week Rob and Geoff walk you through the Academy's latest steps to increase diversity (1:45), marvel at Aaron Eckharts Oscar worthy hairline in the upcoming BLEED FOR THIS (4:25), and introduce you to your new favourite adjunct professor...Matthew McConaughey?!? (12:50) The boys are then joined by journalist, and Virtual Reality aficionado, Adi Robertson (The Verge) to talk about how VR is currently changing the filmmaking and storytelling landscape, and why this technology is more than just a passing fad (16:30).

Ep. 19: Vinyl, We Hardly Knew Ye  

This week Rob and Geoff wonder if James Earl Jones' appearance in Rogue One might kickstart the Singularity (1:20), debate the potential of the second Spiderman reboot following some surprisingly strong casting choices (6:10), and prognosticate who will win the Agatha Christie Bowl between Alicia Vikander and Emma Stone (13:50). They also weigh in on the (somewhat) surprising cancellation of HBO's Vinyl (20:30), and pitch a few film directors that they would like to see make the leap to television (29:10).

Ep. 18: Do Androids Dream of Electric Development Deals?  

Following up a busy week in Hollywood, Rob and Geoff debate whether they should short Bradley Cooper stock (5:00), wonder if Anthony Mackie has leading man potential ahead of his Johnnie Cochran biopic (12:20), and try to remember what the hell happened at the end of PROMETHEUS as they get excited for ALIEN: COVENANT, aka 'Danny McBride goes to Space' (16:10). They also look to a future where AI's named Benjamin win film festivals (19:00), and, after the announcement of a possible PASSION OF THE CHRIST II (24:45), pitch each other totally unnecessary sequels.

Ep. 17: Gary Oldman in "The Worst Trailer Ever Made"  

The guys kick things off with some POPSTAR: NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING talk, and then discuss why the new Warcraft movie may be China’s CITIZEN KANE despite barely registering in North America. On the superhero (/villain) front, SUICIDE SQUAD is rated PG-13; after DEADPOOL took over the world with an R rating, what might this mean? And in casting news, Donald Glover is in the new Spider-Man movie as… Something. Meanwhile, J-Law will star in Adam McKay’s followup to THE BIG SHORT. Spoiler: Rob and Geoff are both on board. Then, the inexplicable MONSTER TRUCKS spot leads our heroes on a search for… The Worst Trailer Ever Made. Hint: it's a for a film starring multiple Academy Award winners. And you need to see it to believe it. Finally, we enter the world of television to talk Mindy, Aziz, Tina, and more, and then the TV-inspired pitch-off: what show should be brought back from the dead, and in what way? Cheers. And get Lost.

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