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Welcome to Wellness Women Radio. For the women with big dreams, who dare to be different, and who want to thrive in health, work and play. Dr Ashleigh Bond and Dr Andrea Huddleston host this informative and entertaining podcast to help you master true health, and create an exceptional life. Join these women’s health experts every Tuesday.


WWR 66: Functional Medicine & Healing Leaky Gut  

We’ve mentioned leaky gut on the show countless times and now it’s time to give this syndrome the episode it deserves! On this episode of Wellness Women Radio, Dr Ashleigh and Dr Andrea explain in detail exactly what leaky gut is, how it happens and the best strategies to begin healing as well as the […]

WWR 65: The Power of Placebo  

The placebo effect used to be brushed off as a ‘fake’ phenomenon experienced by people who were easily susceptible to suggestion. However, we now know that our mind is one of the most powerful healing tools that we can tap into! Tune in now to hear The Wellness Women discuss some of the most profound […]

WWR 64: Migraine Solutions  

There is nothing more agonising and debilitating than a migraine headache, for those who suffer them. Migraines can be triggered by a whole host of foods, toxins, stressors and even hormonal changes but can force women to lose days, if not weeks each month! Please remember that there is no such thing as a ‘normal […]

WWR 63: Antibiotic Resistance  

Antibiotic Resistance is a serious public health issue that has been exaggerated over the last 30 years of antibiotic overuse and over-prescription! Join Dr Andrea & Dr Ashleigh as they journey through how this came about and what you can do to naturally protect yourself and your family from antimicrobial resistance. Tune in now!

WWR 62: An Introduction to Methylation  

On this episode of Wellness Women Radio we need you to put your NERD hat on and come for a little ride with us inside your body to understand the basics of methylation! Never heard of methylation? Don’t worry we’re trying to keep it super simple today so you can get a handle on this […]

WWR 61: Rebooting and Restoring Your Adrenals  

Did you make it out of the holidays with your adrenal glands in tact? Or, like many of us, did you find yourself and your immune system crashing as soon as you had some down time? This is a sign that your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (big fancy term for your adrenal feedback system) is not functioning […]

WWR 60: Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work & The Wellness Women’s Guide to Your Healthiest Year Yet  

New Years resolutions don’t work! Does this come as a surprise to anyone? In the first episode of Wellness Women Radio for 2017 Dr Ashleigh & Dr Andrea are welcoming you into the New Year with a BANG and helping you to start the year right, despite previous failed attempts at resolutions that don’t work. […]

WWR 59: The Mindset of Champions  How to make 2017 your best year yet with Dr Laurence Tham  

This time of year we all too often reflect on the time that we’ve wasted, the missed opportunities and the ‘should haves’, then we make unrealistic New Years resolutions that don’t serve us! On this week’s episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re helping you to change that! We have a superstar special guest on the […]

WWR 58: A Big Announcement & Who is Dr Ashleigh Bond?  

Our Wellness Women family is growing! We have a HUGE announcement on the show today that you can’t miss. We are also introducing you to and interviewing one half of the Wellness Women, Dr Ashleigh Bond! Tune in now to hear more about her journey and the big news we’re telling you first!

WWR 57: Your Natural Contraception Options  

By popular demand this episode has been requested by multiple listeners! On this weeks episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re diving into your contraceptive choices and specifically looking at natural fertility practices. This is also referred to as the Billings Method or Rhythm Method where women can tap into the signs and symptoms their body […]

WWR 56: Practical Paleo Living with Dr Brett Hill  

This guy needs no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway! On this episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re chatting with the incredible Dr Brett Hill, the barefoot ‘caveman’ himself, from The Wellness Guys and That Paleo Show. Brett is the embodiment of the paleo lifestyle and we’re grilling him what a paleo lifestyle looks […]

WWR 55: Heal Your Gut with Kale Brock  

On this episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re teaming up with the brilliant Kale Brock to talk all things gut health! The microbiome and gut health is so trendy now but it’s also incredibly complicated! What is beneficial for one person may be detrimental for the next and there are so many conflicting opinions, no […]

WWR 54: Optimising Your Fertility By Growing Healthy Eggs  

On this episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re getting really specific and we’re talking to the women who are trying to conceive. Today we are talking about how to naturally improve your ovarian reserve or enhance your egg quality! As we get older the number of eggs we have declines dramatically, but the quality of […]

WWR 53: Cellulite  

On this weeks episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re chatting about something that affect 90% of women, and only 10% of men. Something that most of us think is completely unsightly and can be the cause of huge self esteem issues! Would you believe we’re talking about cellulite? The thing that gossip magazines love to […]

WWR  52: Celebrating 52 Episodes of WWR & Your Questions Answered  

Today we are celebrating 52 episodes of Wellness Women Radio! What a feat! It has certainly been more than 12 months but we are celebrating anyway. On this extra special episode of the podcast we’re answering some of your questions about anything from pubic hair and it’s purpose to the best type of protein powder! […]

WWR 51: Magnesium Deficiency  

Muscle spasms, cramping, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, poor memory, anxiety, weakness and brain fog are just a few of the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals that every organ in your body needs, especially your bones, heart and brain! It is also a cofactor to over 300 different functions […]

WWR 50: Women and Anxiety  

On this weeks episode of Wellness Women Radio we’re diving into a topic that affects all women at some stage of their life and can be terrifying and frustrating. We’re talking about anxiety: the feelings of fear and uneasiness that are usually accompanied with a tightening of the chest, racing heart, shortness of breath, catastrophising […]

WWR 49: Holistic Breast Care  

This week on Wellness Women Radio we’re talking all things breasts, boobs, jugs, knockers…whatever you call them we can all agree that women treat their breasts with such trepidation as if they are just waiting for them to grow disease. The monthly breast exam, if we do it at all, is done with a ‘search […]

WWR 48: Period Pain  

Tune into to hear ‘The Period Whisperer’ herself, aka Dr Andrea, explain the reason why some women have worse period pain than others and the best holistic solutions to combat the pain! In this weeks episode of Wellness Women Radio we delve into a subject that affects 90% of women, which can be completely crippling […]

WWR 47: Fasting, Cleansing and Longevity with Guest Tyler Tolman  

Tyler Tolman gives an exclusive interview to the Wellness Women just before launching his nationwide Longevity Tour! Once again, Dr Ashleigh & Dr Andrea are hanging out in another hotel room with another strange man to learn ancient secrets of wellness and the profound benefits of fasting and cleansing! Tyler Tolman is a holistic nutritionist, […]

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